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Describing "Magical Self 2"

"And we certainly do not care for the standard term ‘akashic records’, but there is an entire system that crosses over into the neurological processes of the brain. And it is stored partially in certain areas of the brain as well as within the subconscious and consciousness itself.  And you all determine, to quite a degree, what composes your identity based upon the notions and beliefs that you entertain and your memories of events, conditions, and circumstances which are based upon the foundations of your beliefs about yourselves.

This can be observed when there are events or situations that bring up memories from similar, or sometimes barely relatable events through the memories and how these may knock the wind out of your sails or enhance the events of your days. Now many people seem to gravitate more towards the ‘knocking the wind out of their sails’ types of memories and very rarely gravitate towards those that brighten, and enliven, and enlighten, their days. But they are both equally accessible. It all depends on what you are focusing upon and what you will bring up from those banks, the withdrawals that you make from those memory banks.

Because everything, even from prior to your birth till your leaving the body, is mentally, subconsciously, psychologically and even genetically imprinted. Your scientists, neurologists and others, are just barely scratching the surface of studies that seem to indicate that certain traits and characteristics derive from memories. Which are derived from memories and circumstances of your own genetic, or blood line which can be passed on as imprints. They are little hand notes that you pass down from generation to generation. These make up the larger banks of your identity.

There are processes that we will share with you during the next set of discussions on how to make withdrawals from the memory banks, how to make deposits to the memory banks, how to open up the vaults of those memories, and even make changes to the perceptions of events and conditions that you have stored in those memory banks. Because your sense of identity is cultivated or cultured from those particular elements."

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WORKSHOP BEGINS: Monday, May 14, 2018 at 7:30 PM (EST)

Continues Every Monday for 8 Consecutive Weeks.

  • Our online workshops with Kris are conducted on Skype (free from
  • All sessions are recorded as MP3s and transcribed as PDFs. After the workshop, you'll receive both for free.
  • In order to participate in the workshop, you will need a headset and microphone

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