All over North America right now everyone is gearing up for Black Friday sales. So are we. The difference is that most ‘sales’ are about gadgets of one kind or another, which will eventually get broken and discarded. We like gadgets as much as anyone else, but we are offering something far more valuable and fulfilling long term.

Special Offer: Private Sessions With Kris

Single Session: 2 For 1!

For many years now we’ve offered a 2-for-1 Holiday sale for private sessions with Kris. We’re once again offering this great sale!

Package Specials!

The package involves either 6 or 12 sessions geared at accelerating your growth in awareness and consciousness exploration. This level of interaction with Kris can be life changing (as mentioned by someone enjoying just such mentoring).

These mentoring sessions can be held no more than once every other week (2 X month), depending on availability (I can’t stretch myself too thin) or at other times.

There are 2 Packages: (you can also do a split, buy it in two 6 packs):

Save $1,000 off regular price!

Save $500 off regular price!

Conversations With Kris Special!

Learn more about our Wednesday "Conversations With Kris" Here.

  • Our online workshops with Kris are conducted on Zoom (free from www.zoom.us)
  • All sessions are recorded as MP3s and provided for free.
  • In order to participate in the workshop, you will need a headset and microphone