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New Pyramids Emerging

A New Viewpoint On Ancient Civilizations


Transcribed by Marcy Singer
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on May 26, 2003

(Transcriber’s note: First section of session was lost due to tape recorder not being turned on. Transcript begins in the middle of the discussion.)

KRIS: Think of it this way. You wish to see a very popular and acclaimed basketball team play, so you buy your ticket through TicketMaster or whatever agency is appropriate, as do hundreds if not thousands of people. And at the appointed time you show up at the coordinates wherever the game will be played, whether it is at the Air Canada Center or anywhere else, and you show up in the lines, you present your tickets, you go take your seat along with thousands of people who may fill the stadium to the very rafters so that you can concentrate on the game that will be played. Do you follow so far?


KRIS: When mass events are going to be played out, the type of events whose nature may be several hundred people who will die in a plane crash or six million people who will die in an event such as a World War, you still have a similar process. The needs of the individual and the personality are basically communicated through the entire network of life forms on this planet. And when there is sufficient mental energy and psychological momentum and it appears that all of the needs of those who wish to participate in an event are to be met, you congregate in deep dream levels. You congregate in massive dream locations specifically detailed to carry out the discussions and the possibilities of all of these things to unfold in the physical reality. 

JOSHUA: Just like those mass suicide cults. It’s a variation of that.

KRIS: Indeed. Thus all of the needs of the individuals in question have to be worked out. Imagine the logistics alone to make certain that the needs, the psychological and mental needs of the individuals and their personalities are met first of all.

Secondly, then comes the type of event that should best accommodate this crowd, whether it be a few dozen, a few hundred or several millions. And then it must be carried out as well as the understanding of the ability of all those left living to carry out their functions and their individual lessons. So the referee has an enormous task in such a scenario. It would ot be one individual but many of them whose basic task is to help organize such an event. And this enables the release of massive amounts of psychic energy to create the situation best needed to carry out all of those needs. Again the logistics would blow most of your most advanced computer systems.

JOSHUA: What about good events, such as someone winning the lottery? Is that also mass consciousness that decided for that to occur?

KRIS: To a certain degree, but a smaller circle of individuals are needed and necessary. But all of those participating in such an event have a specific say for the things which they wish to gather from life with that event.

JOSHUA: So is it chance or is it not chance for one to win the lottery?

KRIS: There are no coincidences and no chances. Everything is carefully organized. For those who think that the Universe is nothing but a chaotic assemblage of atoms and molecules and chemical soups, they are very wrong indeed. For everything is thought out, even if it appears that the world is merely a chaotic jumble of events and circumstances, unrelated one to another. They ARE related one to another, but not in terms that may make sense or no sense to the ego and rational mind until you start expanding your repertoire of what is possible in terms of world events at any level.

This brings us back to your previous inquiry about pyramid-shaped structures that can be found mostly around your planet at the Equator. There indeed was an ancient culture and there were long distance travels even across oceans before your last Ice Age. And they had a vast traveling system. It is now for instance being considered that there were communications from ancient Chinese cultures into Meso-America, which may have helped to set up the ancient Olmec civilization.

In spite of certain archaeologists who would refute such notions to their dying breath, there is more and more evidence coming to light that the ancient Olmec writing, and if you are not aware, the ancient Olmec civilization is considered the root civilization for the Mayans and the Incas and many other civilizations in this part of the world. It now is being considered that they had THEIR roots in the ancient Chinese civilization or the ancient Shang civilization of remote Chinese antiquity. And they themselves were part of a larger culture since you will find pyramid structures in China and in many other cultures along the way right up to Egypt, ancient Babylonia, Sumeria. You will find some in America and South America, literally on every continent, even what you call Antarctic Continent.

And there are many other things that will come to light over the next one hundred years as your civilization realizes that your own roots in ancient cultures are older and older still than what you have surmised so far. Already there are changes being made to the so-called dates by which early homo sapiens first walked. It is no longer 500,000 years but much older, maybe 6 and 7 hundred thousand, and you will soon find that it will be pushed to one million, 1.5 million, and so on as more and more evidence is being found.

We have said, sometime back, that your planet has undergone upheavals and calamities that have resulted from many sources such as tectonic plate shifting and slippage from catastrophes that come from meteor impacts. We have said at one point that in the area that is now the Gulf of Mexico and slightly beyond, there was an ancient culture that was completely wiped out by the impact of a meter in that area approximately 65 million years back. Your archaeologists and researchers usually completely ignore the fact that your previous Ice Age and the subsequent melting of this Ice Age has wiped out cultures along coastal lines. Entire civilizations were and are now buried under the sea all along the coast of the Indus Peninsula, along the shores of Western Africa, Madagascar. There are ancient structures being discovered in depths of water almost too difficult to go to.

Prior to your last Ice Age, sea level was much lower. When it rose many of these cultures were exterminated. Such things are not taken into consideration. Infrared light technology has already determined that, for instance, ancient rivers in India that were for hundreds of years if not thousands merely considered legend have now been found to be exactly where the ancient myths have described them. Some cities that go back 5 to 8 or more thousand years ago have been discovered along the coastlines. These will take time to be completely examined, most specifically because it challenges present-day assumptions about when Man became civilized, establish his cultures and civilizations.

There are still pyramids to be discovered, and not only in the sense of archaeological digs but as you collectively become more and more aware of your own ancestries and the antiquities of the human race, structures will seem to be found where there were none before, quite literally materialized, showing themselves from other planes into this one, confusing the historians and the archaeologists.

JOSHUA: Could you please clarify that last part? They were in another reality and now they are in this one?

KRIS: They were in THIS reality but they have been forgotten and they will materialize because now they are in Framework Two or Level Two of reality if you wish.

JOSHUA: So they were then invisible.

KRIS: They were visible. Then they became invisible. Now they will return, they will become visible again because it will be in the field of your beliefs.

LIDA: Are you talking about ancient cities?

KRIS: Yes, there are ancient cities and there are also structures, some of them will be discovered, so to speak in far away places. Others will appear in areas where none were thought to exist before. We believe that in some areas not far from the present Great Pyramids of Egypt, at least two other pyramids will seem to be discovered where everyone was certain there were no such things. It is not as if they will pop out of the air, but there may very well be storms that will push sand away to reveal a structure underneath where there should not have been before buried deep within the sands that will cause Egyptologists no end of meetings to see how they can keep such a discovery within the timelines they have established for the Egyptian civilization, which is off by approximately 1500 years for now. And they will keep having to push the time back further and further, and if they have some good sense, they will abandon their tactics. Do you understand?

ROSEMARY: What do you mean they will abandon their tactics? Their way of thinking?

KRIS: Egyptologists keep a tight grip upon all things Egyptian, even if they have NO expertise in any other area. They do not let any other expert in any other field actually make comments about anything Egyptian, only Egyptologists, even if they are wrong.

In ancient Sumeria, for instance, several box-shaped containers were found. They were very ancient, close to 5 or 6 thousand years old, and of course the archaeologists debated whether these objects were once in temples, used in the worship of ancient gods, used in the sacrifices to the gods, and they speculated on this for decades until a specialized electrical engineer happened to see one of them up front and upon examination realized they were not religious objects in that sense but instead they were batteries. Filled with the proper fluids, he proved his point. They were 5 thousand-year-old batteries, not unlike your modern day car battery.

JOSHUA: And what did they use those batteries for?

KRIS: That is another matter altogether. There are sciences that do not fit the category of sciences as you understand them in this present day and time. They would have been used either in battle or for healing. You understand about electrocution. It is also necessary to understand the term ‘electrification’, which is a different use of electrical energy, usually in terms of healing. Do you understand?


KRIS: They were often used in that capacity.

JOSHUA: To recharge the body.

KRIS: To resettle the physical apparatus, if you wish, and remove illnesses.

ROSEMARY: Why is this information from archaeologists and Egyptologists hidden from us?

KRIS: Usually because there are large amounts of funds involved. And such discoveries would necessitate revising the entire thread of human antiquities, changing the history books. For instance, it is quite evident that there are far more ancient structures than those attributed to the last several ancient dynasties of Egypt, but because it would necessitate too much study and possibly reclassifying the entire thread of ancient Egyptian history, those structures are thrown in with the others and ignored. Do you understand?


KRIS: The ancient Egyptian structure called the Osirium, which was built to honor the god Osiris at one time had an addition put on. And the pharaoh who ordered the addition did so in the style of his time, quite different from the more ancient style used in the original construction of the Osirium. Do you follow?

Then the Egyptians, in hiring their Egyptologists, decided to consider the entire structure was built by the more modern pharaoh because his cartouche was found. Do you understand? Even though the two styles are quite different and the older style is quite evident. They do not want to have questions. Do you understand?

When something is found that does not fit the prescribed theories about history, then it is either discarded and forgotten or made to fit the theory instead of changing the theories to fit the facts. Do you understand? This occurs in almost any discipline. You have the same in the sciences, more specifically with the study of Darwinism and his theories, even though no facts have ever come about to actually support the theory, and even though more modern sciences are even disproving and seriously challenging the theory, it still holds great sway.

What is the time?

ROSEMARY: So basically there are certain people in the world who are controlling the evolution of ideas, in a sense.

KRIS: Indeed, because it is easier to maintain the status quo, especially the status quo of funds flowing in.

However, eventually, things will come to light. Now with the return, however, slow it is, of peace in Europe, there will be found because archaeologists will be eventually able to return to the ancient digs, there will be found over the next 15 years things that will change the way your ancestors’ civilizations actually were organized. This will also take time. There are processes involved. The archaeologists must write their papers. Their papers must be reviewed by their peers. Their reviews are then submitted to academic journals, all of which can take more than a lifetime. And by that time everything is forgotten.

ANDREA: Kris can I ask a question?

KRIS: Indeed.

ANDREA: How were the pyramids actually constructed and how were the monoliths put up because they are very, very large structures?

KRIS: Some engineers and Egyptologists would have you believe that people used skids and rollers and ropes and sand to build ramps and bring the stone blocks into position. And they say this is all provable because we have it here the ancient villages of the workers and the slaves with some of their tools. But none of what they have found actually explains how blocks of massive tonnage were actually brought into position.

The pyramids themselves were built in three stages. The lower stages will be identified to be close to the age of the original Sphinx, between ten and twelve thousand years old. The second stage, approximately eight to seven thousand years ago. And the last stage approximately four thousand years old.

JOSHUA: So it took that long to build one pyramid?

KRIS: Many times it had to be restored and modifications brought in, additions created, and especially the original builders of the foundation on the Giza plateau were not Egyptians that you think you knew. They were not the people who eventually evolved in historical terms. They were a much more ancient people. Many of them were also flooded out.

At that time ancient Egypt was actually lush and green and did not have the sand that it does now, and it was a thriving center. And when the waters rose as the last Ice Age receded many of them were wiped out in the floods that occurred when the Mediterranean Basin and catastrophic flooding destroyed millions of lives in that part of the world, and it eventually receded on its own.

Their descendants from another culture further to the south came in, had some of their basic teachings, and tried to reestablish the once great culture of that part of the world. It took them a long time to use the knowledge and the materials left there. And thus they were gradually able to bring that civilization to a semblance of the greatness established in the past, but never fully so. Does that help?

ANDREA: Yes, but I still don’t understand how they actually physically put the stones into place.

KRIS: Indeed. Now comes the juicy part. These methods were also used in many other parts of the world because there were different types of sciences and what you understand today as science is quite different from what your own ancestors understood and used as sciences.

There are different types of sounds in the universe. Sounds you hear. Sounds you do not hear. As we suggested earlier, you do not hear the sound of your own heartbeat. Correct? You do not hear the sounds that occur when you think nor do you hear many other types of sounds. There are sounds that are created when you speak and when you do not speak. Your entire body emits particular sounds frequencies that you do not hear.

In more remote times there were sciences that understood the use of such sounds to actually move objects. The ancients at Tiahuanacan and many other large South American Inca cities and Mayan cities understood the use of that sound. The sound is not entirely vocal; it is not only made by the vocal cords, but by a combination of mental frequencies. And in some cases the devices we described earlier as batteries were sometimes also used to change the molecular density on a temporary basis of an object, especially a large object, to enable the ease of transportation on short distances until it was put in place.

Some of your modern archaeologists will take a small block, carve it and pull it and say this is how it was done. They cannot take a block that weighs many tons and do the same thing. But in using the combined energy of many people to generate a frequency of sound that would alter the molecular density of an object and transport it is far easier. Thus they were able to move large objects, weighty object, almost effortlessly.

JOSHUA: So almost like the power of thought produces that particular sound?

KRIS: Something akin to that. The power of thought might not be a sufficient explanation, but at the same time, since you do not have such technologies and sciences in your present day, the descriptions of such devices and their uses is rather difficult. But using the combined energy of mind, sound, and certain devices enabled these cultures to move large objects most easily.

JOSHUA: And did the pyramid have a function other than burial?

KRIS: That is not a burial chamber. There are no bodies buried in it. There never were. You could say that they were constructed in an attempt to minimize disastrous pole shifts and excessive tectonic slippage much in the same way that such a simple object as a lead weight on your tire brings about a better balance of the rotation of the tire when you drive. Do you understand?


KRIS: This is perhaps a crude analogy, but it was built to try to bring a greater flow of energy to create equilibrium with the entire planet.

JOSHUA: So just one structure can influence the energy?

KRIS: It was not one structure only. There were many built around the world. Some WERE used as burial tombs. Some were not.

JOSHUA: Where did that knowledge come from? Those people or from another source?

KRIS: There were civilizations on your planet that existed long before. Some of them are remembered in stories. There was the Raman civilization.

JOSHUA: Where did THEY get their knowledge, those ancient civilizations?

KRIS: Many of them got them from their predecessors.

JOSHUA: Where did the first one get it from?

KRIS: That is rather difficult to explain because you have always had human civilizations on your planet for many millions and millions of years ago. There have always been humans. You do not come from monkeys.

JOSHUA: Did we come from another planet maybe? Another galaxy? Another star?

KRIS: Some of you did, but we do not wish to get into that discussion at this time as it is already late an hour. But some of your ancestors do come from other worlds.

Now, we hope we have also been able to answer your question to a certain degree.

JOSHUA: Just one more question before you go. Speaking of sound when I had a private session with you I told you I have a ringing in my ear, a sound in my ear all the time.

KRIS: Indeed.

JOSHUA: And you suggested that to heal that I should take tonic water. Now I consulted with one of the herb stores, and they say that the material in tonic water is called quinine and it comes from the cinchona tree from Peru. Correct?

KRIS: We believe that this is correct.

JOSHUA: And they say that it is quite a poisonous one and they actually use it to treat cholera because it is quite poisonous and kills the bacteria of cholera.

KRIS: Malaria

JOSHUA: Malaria. Sorry. Thank you. And so I was wondering that instead of getting the tonic water, can I just take this cinchona herb?

KRIS: In small quantities.

JOSHUA: In a tea form or a capsule or what?

KRIS: Is it available to you?

JOSHUA: I think so. But I was not sure how much to take because it’s quite poisonous.

KRIS: It should be taken in very small quantities. The quantity found in tonic water is actually relatively small and you should not be drinking three or four bottles a day.

JOSHUA: Like maybe two or three glasses a day?

KRIS: Start with one and then build up to two, but no more.

JOSHUA: For a few months.

KRIS: Indeed, a slow process so that your system acclimatizes to the quinine.

JOSHUA: And what is it actually doing mechanically to restore, to get rid of the ringing in the ear? What happens?

KRIS: There is a property to quinine that enables part of your ringing; it’s caused by a very small, almost like an infection. Do you understand?


KRIS: Taking antibiotics for that, because it is so small, would damage your system far more than what the antibiotics can bring you. The quinine will act as a method to clear that up.

JOSHUA: So ringing in the ears is actually an infection.

KRIS: Very small, but because the inner ear is such a delicate mechanism, you have to be careful.

Now you can also seek out, you may have to make several inquiries from traditional Chinese medical practitioners, preferably older Chinese doctors, and find a way to ask them how to use acupuncture to settle that area because it can also be done that way.

JOSHUA: So the quinine or the cinchona can be taken actually as a cure, not as a tonic, right?

KRIS: In very small quantities.

JOSHUA: Do you know what the quantities are or what is the best way to take it?

KRIS: If you take it in a capsule, one capsule in a glass or cup of hot water, strained so that you only get the liquid, and sip in the morning.

JOSHUA: Once a day.

KRIS: That is all

JOSHUA: So that is the ground leaves of the cinchona.

KRIS: Indeed. The acupuncture might also work as easily and with less risk. But try to find, there are likely many in this city, an older Chinese doctor. They will be more apt to know how to do this than the more modern acupuncturist who deals more exclusively with sore elbows and knees. Do you understand?


KRIS: Now what is the time?

LIDA: 9:10.

KRIS: Then indeed we will return you to your most pleasant ancient and new selves and may the rest of your week be filled with all the new joys alike.

Kris returns

KRIS: As far as your bodies resonating and creating sound, we do not necessarily refer to when you eat too many beans. The body that you have, you think it is a finished complete construction. You think it is solid and permanent, at least to a certain degree, fixed in time and space, and in reality a realistic expression of yourself. And in all of the above, you are mistaken to a large degree. All of the above are your perceptions only.

The reality is that the atoms and molecules that compose your apparently solid body actually flash in and out at such a rapid rate that you do not perceive and it goes unnoticed. We have at some time described that the being and individual you are to be found in all times and spaces. This is part of your extended body. You flash in this dimension at a particular rate and in others at other rates with no contradictions whatsoever, because you are to be found in all times and spaces.

That action even though it goes by unnoticed, is still quite a powerful mechanism which unleashes large amounts of psychic energy at all levels to enable you to maintain the appearance of solidity here and there and there and there and there simultaneously. That energy itself causes particular frequencies that you do not hear with your ears, just like you do not hear the silent dog whistle. And there are sounds made in the earth and there are sounds made on the earth that you do not hear.

And that sound that is created by the particular frequency of the atoms and molecules as they appear stable in this reality can be different from the frequency of an other of yourselves as IT appears in another time and space. So you as a being emit sound frequencies that vibrate and transfer itself through what you would simply call the ether, not only the air but the ether into many dimension simultaneously. The brain itself emits again a slightly different frequency, so together the body, the brain, even the cells, create a specific compounded frequency that is interlaced with other types of sound frequencies, so you are very noisy beings!

The stars and the celestial bodies in the heavens also make sounds that you do not hear. Were your ears attuned to all of these things you would be taking Texas-sized headache pills.

JOSHUA: So what you were talking about before, those ancient civilizations are happening right now then.

KRIS: Indeed. They did not disappear in your sense of the word, but they did, we will simply say, vibrate away from your present civilization. Do you understand?


KRIS: They no longer maintain the same frequencies that enable them to stay in the same reality as you. They are in others. They will return.

JOSHUA: But are they happening now?

KRIS: Indeed, but not in YOUR reality at this point.

ROSEMARY: You mean not on this plane.

KRIS: Indeed.

ROSEMARY: I have a question.

JOSHUA: So it’s not really happening right now then.

KRIS: Yes, but not in YOUR terms. Your ‘right now’ being different from another ‘right now.’

JOSHUA: But if it’s not the same reality then it’s not the same time.

KRIS: It is in a different ‘right now.’ And still all of these ‘right nows’ occurring right now: what is called simultaneous time. You had a question.

ROSEMARY: Yes. When someone dies slowly and you see their, the only way I can describe it is that you can see their body, their spirit getting weaker, or whether it’s that or the loss of the will to live, is that the sound translating into a different plane?

KRIS: It is the individual gradually removing themselves, their energy, from this plane into another. Thus they will again in due time take on another birth of their choosing. So they are slowly transferring energy.

ROSEMARY: Into a different plane

KRIS: Indeed.

ROSEMARY: So then if it’s an accident where someone dies more quickly….

KRIS: The transfer is more rapid. And they may themselves have already started the transfer of energy and this simply capped off the event. Do you understand?


KRIS: Now that we have confused you all with sound, that you know that you are extremely noisy beings, you can go about your week making all the noise you like.

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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