"Kris, Who Are You?"

Brief Background

The Introduction of Kris

After doing trance work in a manner similar to Edgar Cayce for a few years back in the early ’80’s, Serge began to experience something completely outside his references. Something that today is quite common in the channeling world: spontaneous trance. 

An intuitive portrait of Kris painted by Reed Chappel

An intuitive portrait of Kris painted by Reed Chappel.

After concluding that this phenomenon was more practical on all levels, Serge decided he would prefer to continue exploring this new adventure and has since stayed the course.

Eventually, the Energy Personality Gestalt now known as Kris began to interact with people through Serge and thus a deep bond was formed. It was many years later that Kris explained that it had always been his Energies that had interacted through Serge, but because Serge had no experience or references other than Edgar Cayce and others who channelled in a similar manner, Serge had to be gently introduced to and made comfortable with this new development, so Kris had simply coached from a loving perspective till that day when Serge would run with it in comfort.

Over 35 Years of Kris Teachings

Since his appearance on the scene, Kris has gently, compassionately and lovingly guided many people into discovering their own potentials, coaching them into using their own innate Reality Creation tools and resources.

For nearly 35 years, Kris has produced much material, most of which has been transcribed. On our old website Kris’ material had been nearly all made available, and it will again make it ways in this website.

Kris has demonstrated on numerous occasions an ability to take complex subject matters and present it in a way that makes sense to the rational-intellectual perspective, as well as the intuitive-emotional side of our personalities. This in addition to Kris being a most personable and friendly, gentle Being. He can also wax poetical in such a way as to inspire deep knowing that transcends our physical limitations, opening doors to higher understandings out the nature of reality and the Self, profoundly enriching the listeners’ experiences and life.

Thus, welcome to our humble site and may the information you find open new venues of awareness and consciousness to one and all.

Serge J Grandbois

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