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Ancient Structures Have Modern Meaning

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on July 28, 2003

KRIS: We are glad that you have taken the time to visit.

Indeed if you were to see many of the structural wonders of the ancient world that still pepper your modern world, you would see that the theories and the fabricated history of the world do not match with the evidence that still abounds all over your planet. And much of it is yet to be discovered. 

Mankind is supposed to have discovered tools that would enable him to work stone and similar hard substances at a particular point in historical time as your planet is said to be. However, there are many structures still in existence today that apparently could not be built without the aid of iron and steel tools or even harder substances, and yet they, the structures, have been in existence for greater antiquity than those times when man was supposed to have invented the tools necessary to carve and work these objects and structures. How can that be?

Has no one ever stopped to consider or are your researchers and archaeologists gullible enough to believe that the entire population will accept the excuse that obviously these structures cannot be that ancient because you are told by the so-called experts that the tools to build them could not possibly have existed at those times? That no one seems willing to venture and actually express the possibility that tools capable of carving stone to that degree have actually been in existence far longer than the consensus acceptance.

Why the discrepancies? Why the reluctance? Why the cover-ups?

Indeed there are many such structures. There is in Malta the Hypogeum, an underground stone temple known as far back in antiquity as the Bronze Age or even beyond, and yet it is of such craftsmanship that even modern tools could not produce this work of art.

The main sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid is of a unique stone type that even and only modern diamond bit tools can cut, yet it is almost as smooth as glass on the inside. And it is in one piece. No one questions how it got there.

You have seen the ancient stone walls built by the Incas. Correct? There are yet other wonders yet to be discovered in that part of the world that will astound even more than and baffle your scientists and researchers even more than the structures you have seen. There are still unexplored entrances to underground chambers that hold many yet to be discovered artifacts hidden away from the Spaniards lest they be destroyed as they had seen many of their other golden artifacts taken and melted into gold bricks and sent back to Spain/Portugal. That whole portion of the world is still an anomaly as far as many researchers are concerned, and archaeologists.

You have throughout the world pyramid-like structures by the Incas, by the Mayans, and by many similar sub cultures, by the Olmecs and the Toltecs. You have throughout Egypt, even countries south of Egypt have those structures. There are remnants of these structures that traveled throughout the Orient. Many still in India that are covered by huge mounds. There are in China innumerable yet to be discovered pyramid structures covered with mounds of earth.

Even in the Americas there are still in Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, and many other states, large earth mounds covering other pyramid-like structures and entrances to what you would call sacred sites, some burial sites, others astronomical observatories, others yet to be discovered. And still the history books do not change and man does not question his origins, his sources, nor his ancestors.

Now there are many political reasons for this. There are politics within scientific disciplines also, within governments, all of which are thought to be so delicate that one must take many precautions not to upset the balance of the present status quo because if to one degree or another much of the truth about your global history were known, many of your religions would lose their hold, many of the scientific assertions and theories would dissipate, much of the present political world orders would also be upset.

But slowly these things will come. More and more discoveries will be made and more introspection and revision will be needed and more blatantly obvious discoveries that challenge the established views will be made. And the more you are ready for such information at the psychological level, the more of the discoveries will take place.

It is believed that present homo sapients originated out of central Africa because anthropologists have found a few old bones, most of which are more monkey-like than they would care to admit. So they believe they must fabricate the ideas that you descend from apes, and yet both central and south America have also been the sites of ancient discoveries and there will be more to be made. Many of the modernization and urbanization of the east coast of the United States has damaged many of the findings but more will be made.

MARK: How were they damaged?

KRIS: Through urbanization, destroying huge tracts of land, often knowing what they were doing, but then the developers had a deadline to meet and they have money to make, so be it for a few scraps of old bones. More and more discoveries will be made where it will be realized that even in ancient times the idea that there could have been some kind of commerce between European and Mediterranean countries and the New World will no longer be a cute idea, but eventually will be realized to be an established fact.

LIDA: At what time will that be happening?

KRIS: Between 12 to 15 years from now sufficient evident will be amassed that will be brought forth and an established view will be pronounced.

MARK: In what area was the commerce?

KRIS: The ancient Romans had commerce in America. The Iberians, which are now Spain and Portugal. The Phoenicians, which we believe now is Libya. Correct? And Lebanon. The ancient Egyptians.

MARK: Scandinavians

KRIS: Prior to them. Even the ancient Egyptians had commerce.

LIDA: So that was about two thousand years ago?

KRIS: With the fall of the Roman Empire much of this was lost and those that swarmed ancient Rome and Italy, the Barbarian Hordes that invaded Rome repeated this and then the establishing the new order by Christian factions also helped to dramatically destroy evidence. Papers.

LIDA: Is there some evidence that is held by the Vatican?

KRIS: Indeed. There are also occasional materials that surface that could not be from any other source than ancient Rome. In fact the founder of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, or the Mormons, Mr. Smith is reputed to have found tablets, which provided him with a divine message. We do not know if you are at all familiar with that background. What he claimed the tablets were and what the tablets were, were two different things.

LIDA: What kind of language were these?

KRIS: An Ancient mixture of Aramaic with local dialects. What he found was basically what could be called a historical manifesto of many Middle Eastern people leaving their ancient homeland because of persecutions for very much the same reasons the Quakers left England for the New World.

LIDA: That was religious persecution?

KRIS: But you must understand the kind of religious persecution. The Quakers were religious bigots. They offended others claiming that their particular sect of Christianity was the purest form. Do you understand? It was a kind of reverse discrimination. When they found they were not well received in their own homeland they set out for the New World.

You have the stone tablets that were originally found by John Smith to contain a certain similar message. What he chose to interpret was more fantasy, and to make certain he damaged and broke the tablets, keeping only certain portions of them to show and eventually those had to be remanufactured. Do you understand?

So you have throughout the known world different experiences of history, different interpretations. And on the one hand though many people would stay by the modern interpretation of history, you still have a phenomenon that there is a collective memory of the rest still kept coded within mythologies, within mythological structures and storytelling that draw people, that cause them to ponder, to reflect, and resonate with them in ways that cold, hard and chemical evidence would never be able to do because there is still a part of mankind, of humankind that has an echo of those ancient historical truths.

And these ancient historical perspectives can never truly be erased from the memory of humankind because to some degree or another your ancestors still lived and breathed, experiencing the world through you and your bodies, whether it is through the form of the main genetic structures or through collective unconscious or even through the very cells of your body that are composed of the matter that comes from the earth that includes your collective ancestry.

It is to some degree a sad thing when the theories about the world must be upheld at all costs, in spite of all the evidence that will contradict the theories, to the point where often the evidence is silenced and time loses a voice, where the language or history is no longer heard. And though some would profess that you must progress and build for the future. In many ways, you cannot build for the future if your histories are unimagined.

There are many ancient discoveries yet to be believed. There are still works of great ancient inventors, yet to be made real. Archimedes, which was an ancient Greek inventor, had made many great things that even to this day are thought impossible both for the times he lived in and because of such use no one today takes the time to try out. Archimedes is credited with saving his ancient Greek city from foreign invaders from the sea by creating a solar weapon with the use of mirrors. That is considered to be mythological, so while the ancient city of Troy is considered mythological and yet Archimedes found a way to harness the powerful energies of the sun to make a weapon to save his city. It could just as easily be reconstructed and altered to create a solar device or engine that would blow your little solar panels out of the water. But because it is considered ancient Greek mythology it is not worth putting to pen and paper. Do you understand?

LIDA: Is there anything in writing about it?

KRIS: Indeed. Many of his inventions in that regard are in the ancient Greek texts, in ancient books spoken of by yet other ancient inventors and philosophers of ancient Greek times.

LIDA: Are there any translations?

KRIS: Indeed. Many students of ancient Greek have come across this, but the idea that it is ancient Greek myth, old stories, prevents people today from testing out such ideas.

Look at Leonardo Da Vinci. Barely over 100 years ago the idea that he would have drawn out and designed a flying machine was pure fantasy, or was it? Many of his inventions still will see the light of day.

Earlier we suggested that ancient man had tools to carve out even the most difficult, hard stone the likes of which can barely be matched with modern diamond-tipped tools. Do you recall? There have been artifacts in those ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and many other parts of the Mediterranean world, as well as many parts of ancient Meso-America that are also quite removed from modern times, very ancient indeed, such as quartz and crystal goblets and goose-necked vases nearly impossible to carve out of quartz crystal with the most advanced modern technologies, that still exist today, hollowed out, out of pure quartz.

There are lenses, lenses ground from clear quartz to aid the eye. Other lenses ground out of colored precious stones including rubies and emeralds to give a particular spectrum of vision to correct certain deficiencies that date upwards of two thousand five hundred years BC. And yet the modern lens for eyeglasses and eyewear is apparently no more than 275 years old. And because of that thinking, such lenses are neglected and not considered for what they were but instead considered sacred religious objects, the standard for an answer when anthropologists know nothing.

There have been many discoveries of artifacts of such craftsmanship, knife handles, for instance, belt buckles, toys, broaches, delicately carved out of either ivory or other bones or sometimes even out of crystals and emeralds and other substances so difficult to carve out that even modern artists find it difficult. Some of them dated 4, 5, 6, 7 thousand years old that can only be appreciated under a large magnifying glass.

What would that mean? What is the importance of such a discovery? If you can only see the craftsmanship by utilizing a magnifying glass, what does it mean?

MARK: They were much more valuable and creative to what we are than what we think we are.

KRIS: It also means that if you can only see it with a large magnifier, what would the artist have used to create it? The same thing at a time when it was supposedly impossible, the artist would also have had to use similar type of magnification that you use in today’s time to view his artwork or her artwork. Correct? Why do people not see this? Pardon the pun.

So you still have so much more to learn about the power of your ancient world, and it is far more ancient than you are led to believe.

What is the time?

MARK: 8:10

KRIS: It is indeed an ancient time. We will leave you to have a small break and ponder what it is you do not see yet.

Break begins at 8:10

Session resumes at 8:15

KRIS: Because the Egyptologists have such a strong hold upon most things Egyptian they collectively believe they are the only ones capable of exploring the ancient Egyptian civilization, even though they might know nothing about geology or any other of the ancient sciences or even modern sciences. There have been many discoveries of ornately decorated but unknown types of boxes, containers, many of them lined with various types of precious metals. As such they are usually classified as religious object, origin unknown. Their true purpose will never be understood by Egyptologists because they have no clue about engineering, but electrical engineering in specific.

MARK: Batteries.

KRIS: Indeed there are many of them from the ancient world, some that may even go as far back as seven, eight, nine, ten, or twelve thousand years old. There have been some of these discovered in ancient Sumeria and Babylonia.

MARK: What was the usage of the batteries?

KRIS: They were of many uses, none particular because they were not the same type of batteries that you would nowadays use, though some were, but some had a slightly different purpose, their usage tied to the changing or the slight alteration of phasing into the molecule structure of objects, with a type of electrical current generated by that type of science.

This purpose was to use in conjunction with sound because the specialized electrical current that would phase into the object would also generate another sound frequency that would enable a small group of people to move very large objects, thus easily moving stone blocks weighing several to several hundred tons of regular weight because it is phased out. As you often say on your Star Trek commercial, television, phasing in and out of time, temporal phasing.

So you have molecular phasing. This alters the gravitational properties of the object so that it may be moved about more easily. Do you follow?

MARK: Is that technology going to be rediscovered?

KRIS: It will take time for your physicists with their new explorations in quantum sciences to come to terms with this. But they are not far off.

LIDA: Who is leading this research?

KRIS: At this point to that end, no one. But it will take some time, and such technologies will quickly be acquired by governments, thinking that some day it might be a useful weapon.

MARK: Of course.

KRIS: And indeed it could be used as such.

These objects are not properly understood and thus lie on forgotten shelves in dusty corridors of museum basements.

MARK: What of the pharaoh’s helmet. Were those battery charged?

KRIS: They can be, those others were charged through another process we cannot describe at this point. Many of these technologies were not necessarily handed down but used by the surviving civilizations, and not often understood.

There are still unexplained answers as to how the ancients could also navigate the world and the oceans. Because of that, your scientific community is unable to recognize that they have facts and evidence and proof that they did such. Do you understand that reasoning as well?

MARK: Yes.

KRIS: For instance, there are several places in Australia where there are caves with hieroglyphs and clear depictions of cartouches and carvings etched in the stone in Egyptian style, but in more ancient Egyptian style, not the style known from Greek and Roman times in ancient Egypt, but prior to that. This is often kept secret. Why? Because it would upset the political status quo.

MARK: What about the hieroglyphs with the astronauts and rockets sitting upside down or sideways as they do facing upward? Where was that one? I’m not sure of the era.

KRIS: There are many such carvings stylized by the Mayans and the Incas on the tomb sarcophagus cover. We believe in Pacal is one such. It is a map to ancient knowledge. There are many artifacts in South American from the Mayans and other ancient cultures that show you that the world truly is more ancient than you can possibly imagine, that there have been waves of humankind over and over again that come flourish after global disasters of one type or another, that pick up the pieces and the remnants of the ancient knowledge and culture and traditions and sciences and develop them eventually into their own ways, sometimes at their own peril and sometimes to their benefit.

Do keep in mind also that after the last Ice Age the water levels around the planet rose sometimes by as much as four and five hundred feet, so many seaside cultures and civilizations have disappeared. Some of their remnants are found just recently in the last twenty-odd years thanks to your satellite and infrared satellite technologies, such imaging shows you that in part your views of human history are distorted.

Why could it even be important to consider as we have briefly explained, you cannot travel into the future if you have not been able to imagine the past because you still remember the past in one form or another. Eventually, some of these things will come about. Some may not, but overall a great deal of the gaps in your knowledge will be filled to the point where you will dispense, do not look for that tomorrow, but you eventually will dispense with such gross theories as Darwinism, for you do not come from monkeys nor do you come from other lesser cellulose complexities.

LIDA: I guess the religious people will be quite happy to hear that.

KRIS: They will also not like that for you are not made by an infantile, temperamental, paranoid schizophrenic type of divinity that would fry you the moment you ruffle one of his days. Your perceptions of divinity are still infantile and immature. You will eventually discover that you have been on this planet for many more millions of years than you care to even count. And the long history means that you have been here a long time and you have done many things collectively and hopefully you will learn from your mistakes that way because some of you also originate from somewhere other than this planet. That is a long and involved process. We are speaking here close to four hundred million years back where some of your own came back to this planet because of a mess they made elsewhere.

ANDREA: So they came back to this planet meaning that this planet is how old?

KRIS: Your mathematics may not hold the types of zeroes involved. Your solar system was not created a few billion years back out of some cosmic hiccup because physical reality does not function in that way. When this is understood you will realize that in more ways than one you, your species and other species participate in the creation of the entire spectrum of reality as you experience it and then some in the same way that your physical body is not truly physical but a projection of your thoughts and your convictions and your emotions and your energies that manipulate consciousness to a certain degree and give it form so that you can express yourself in three-dimensional terms so your entire dimension is the result of the combined thoughts and convictions and energies of all of those who inhabit this dimension as well as those who live outside of it. And at that point ultimately time is irrelevant, history is also irrelevant, and what matters most is that you understand the creative processes involved because you create your histories, you imagine them. They are the myths expressed by your souls that which is the deepest part of your being. Do you understand?

MARK: As much as we can.

KRIS: Now what is the time?

MARK: 8:30

KRIS: Indeed. Take a small break.

Break begins at 8:30

Sessions resumes at 8:40

KRIS: Indeed now certain unavoidable complications in that there are concepts that exist that you are completely unaware because you wear psychological and mental blinders to anything but the immediate expression of your physical reality. For instance, it is difficult to imagine that there are other sexes than male and female, though you might contain that there might be a mix with the hermaphrodite. And to you or your reality anything about this is almost unimaginable, and yet such things do exist.

You find it difficult to conceive of the idea that you can experience your physical surroundings in any way other than through the auspices of your physical senses as you know them. You do not think for a moment that it is possible to do anything with your eyes but to see, or with your ears but to hear, or your nose but to smell, tongue but to taste, your skin but to touch. You also are very convinced that thinking and awareness and ‘I’ or self-awareness is a product of your brain.

And yet the truth can be very different indeed, for it is possible, even in this reality, to extend the parameters of what your physical senses can be. You could hear with your skin, for instance. It is possible. In fact, it is inherently possible that your physical senses to one degree or another might be able to do each other’s jobs, albeit briefly. But your ego has to be trained in that manner.

You cannot imagine that you could actually see sounds or hear colors, but it is possible that your physical senses can expand their capabilities. Your physical bodies, for instance, are marvelous receptors of everything that occurs in their environment and beyond. Biologically you are physically aware of almost everything that occurs on your planet, but psychologically you cannot go there yet.

We say this because you are composed, your physical form is composed, of the very matter that also composes the rest of the world and through that specific resonance there is a connection with all life forms on your planet, and it is not limited to living forms but life forms including minimal gases, plants, vegetables, humans, animals and otherwise. Biologically you are connected to all living forms on your planet.

MARK: Is there anything that is considered non-living?

KRIS: Why would there be such a concept? All is life. Everything is composed of consciousness. It is aware-ized. Just because it is not aware-ized in your definitions does not mean it is not viable. Do you understand?

MARK: Yes, I do.

KRIS: Thus you are connected to all life form on the world. Now you do well to protect yourselves from such an awareness, to a degree, because it would be overwhelming since you are barely able to cope with the information received through your own senses. But it is conceivably possible that you could sit or stand still at any place and open your awareness to your surroundings and beyond and feel the far… and as much as you are imaginatively capable of, feel the extension of your senses as they reach in all directions. Do not expect telepathic messages, but instead simply recognize an awareness that extends beyond your own and play with this and see how far you go.

It is by the same token also possible to do the same thing, sit or stand in a particular place at a particular time and actually allow yourself, we will use the word oscillate, to another time, whether in the past or the future. And perhaps standing before you is an empty parking lot, as an example. And see where in time future this empty parking lot might become a house or the space occupied by a building or a skyscraper. Or travel mentally through time backward in your terms and see what was there before. Was it a family dwelling? Was it a garage? What was there?

So you have some leeway with your own consciousness, regardless of the ideas you hold about your ego and rather rigid structures imposed upon you. You can take such adventures and explore the phenomenon of reality, for indeed consciousness is truly like a museum in a manner of speaking, for it contains all traces of old times, all the impressions of the individuals who have expressed themselves within it, and so on and so forth.

Your psychological atmosphere is filled with thoughts and impressions of the worldviews of all that have come before you and those who are here with you, including those who will come after you, and in the same way that your atmosphere is filled with radio, satellite, cell phone and other wavelengths. Do you understand? There is nothing, absolutely nothing that cannot take expression in one way or another; either in this reality or another reality, all thoughts take form.

Luckily for you, not all of your thoughts take form in this reality. But enough does to let you understand that one of the reasons you take these forms, that you express your personalities this way, is to learn how to manage and direct our energies. What are you doing with your thoughts? And what kind of thoughts are you generating? And until you learn some of the basic lessons, you will keep coming here in one way or another before you are actually allowed to go anywhere else. Because if you cannot manage thought and energy, what kind of havoc will you wreak elsewhere when you can barely be proper and kindly stewards of this reality?

Now we are speaking to your species collectively, not to you individually, though it also applies. Do you have any questions before we all disperse into another dimension?

ANDREA: So we come here specifically to teach ourselves how to better utilize the energy through thought or however in our daily lives.

KRIS: Give yourselves unfettered, loving care. Abandon yourselves to the joys of loving yourselves in the highest sense of the word, then you will have no difficulties in sharing yourselves with your fellow creatures. If you go about trying to change the world, you will be reprimanded for it. But if you allow yourselves to exude loving attention to life, your life specifically, then others will surely benefit by being near you. Do you understand?

There is a great exuberance that exists in each and every one of you. It is a literal ocean of loving capabilities that most in your collective withhold because of fears. However, since you have heard of on and on for several months now, you are familiar with the notion that you can take a risk, learn to love yourselves, and therefore that loving capacity naturally flows out to others. We suggested but few moments ago the biologically every cellular structure in your body is aware of the very complex nature of every life form on your planet. Correct?

What would that mean? Pay attention. We asked you earlier about something similar. Do you remember? We suggested that if an ancient artifact can only be appreciated for its beautiful carvings through a magnifying glass it would mean that the author also used a magnifying glass. So if you are biologically though unconsciously but still biologically aware of every form of life on this planet it means that every other form of life on this planet is also aware of you. Correct?

Now if you start loving yourselves with great abandon, what happens to the rest of the world?

ANDREA: They will start loving themselves as well?

KRIS: Indeed. You may not see that directly. Do not expect someone in Australia to suddenly send you an email saying, ‘Andrea, I started loving myself.’ The true impact, the Butterfly Effect, starts in your mind because the whole nature of the world starts in the mind. Thus give yourselves sufficient love and other will start feeling it. Do you understand?

That is a resonance that no one can escape. Does that make some sense to you? Now we implore you to go and resonate and we may take our leave of your most charming presences.


About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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