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Are You Limited To What You Know Personally?

Transcribed by Ellen Gilbert (Kwaa’Ji)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on Monday, March 10, 2003

KRIS: Welcome old friends, new friends, and very old friends. We hope that you are all comfortable. Your preliminary discussion leads to the need for some IMPORTANT and basic understandings. It is often customary to want spiritual understanding and enlightenment almost in the same manner that you habitually consume products and services in your modern society.

Since you are a consumer-driven culture, it is often very difficult to grasp the underlying intent and meanings behind words and concepts, simply because you have been trained from early on to believe that everything must be customized for you and that all of what you need to truly understand a thing or a concept is to read a few key lines of sentences and off you go expecting that this is sufficient.   

You believe for instance, that you may have a Higher Self (pause) and the same HABITS ingrained within you by your religious institutions — many of which you have shunned by now — many of those habits developed in that environment, are easily transferred over because it may be the only point of reference that you have in dealing with concepts of the larger definition of the self or what you call “Divinity.”

Thus, some people go through such processes, busy with their everyday lives, tagging onto the new concepts all of the old habits and then struggling and wondering why these new concepts and understandings do not bear any fruit. “Why do these new techniques, why do these meditations not work for me?” is and often-asked question.

And unfortunately, though the answer may not be as pleasant, it is rather simple because the tendency is to transfer all of the old hindrances and negative habits into the new concepts thereby eliminating the need to truly understand what is involved and reducing to a great degree the effectiveness of the new pet psychology of the moment.

It is our understanding that rather difficult as it may seem, you truly have WONDROUS potentials within each and every one of you, but potential is often masked or hidden behind what you think is your immediate need or desire of the moment, without truly tapping deeper into yourselves for the rich veins of knowledge and wisdom that truly exists within what you call your Being. You believe overall that there may be more to you — each and every one of you — than you may perceive or sense at any given time. You may not yet understand the depth of what you sense nor its impact if you were to truly delve into it.

Perhaps this evening we might be able to help you dig a little deeper and perhaps by the time that you leave, you will be thoroughly confused (chuckling from the group) and more than willing thereby to search and welcome the answers that can only come from deeper within your own being.

The first type necessary for you is an understanding that you truly are more than what your senses perceive. Then you may say, “If I am truly more than what I see when I pluck my eyebrows or shave in the morning, what else can I be?” You are definitely aware that you have a physical body, and that within that physical body you experience various states of emotion and feeling forms, and furthermore, that you engage sometimes in a multitude of conversations that you are very aware are going on at any time. All of which exert a certain influence upon your relationship with your body, and at the same time — can’t you understand that you are not your physical body, but that you are somehow much more than this collection of bones, and veins and blood and brain?

This may then lead you to the following: that since you are more than your physical body, your definitions of selfhood may not suffice. Your syntax, your dictionaries, your languages may not have the proper definitions at those levels. So you may search other alternative philosophies, thought processes, and in your search, you may discover that in spite of all of these definitions none may truly suffice, at least not in this present time. So you have to come to terms with [the fact] that you are so much more, that it cannot adequately be defined and this self that you may think has at its disposal talents and abilities yet to be examined in all of its ramifications by you, since it may be new territory for you.

If you examine clearly your thought processes, you will see that – unlike many philosophies that subscribe to the notion that you must abandon all sense of ego, that you must abandon all critical thinking processes, that you must abandon rational, intellectual perceptions of the world – and that instead, you must replace all of these with your feelings… (Pause)… and you will see on your own that these views are often very lopsided. There are equations missing so that the end product itself will be most unstable, because you have sufficient tools within the structure of the psychological convention of the ego as well as the rational and intellectual aspects of your minds.

But given half a chance, these aspects of your persona can truly be formidable stepping stones or gateways to a much richer matrix of characteristics than you ever thought possible for your own living experience.

We have suggested several Mondays back that you have at your disposal a tremendous array of tools and resources and though we gave small descriptions we have not delved too deeply into the process.

Now it is our perception and understanding that since you are more than the selves that are sitting in those chairs at this very moment, since the personalities that you think you are now are but one fragment of many other personalities, it would mean on the one hand that you would also have many more intelligences. The term “intelligence” as you utilize it in your everyday lives does not take into account anything other than the intellect and the rational faculties you have developed in this lifetime. And because of a certain understanding, your egos tend to limit information and knowledge to those known parameters only within the confines of what it [the ego] thinks is supposed to be valid.

We have also mentioned that you are multidimensional selves; meaning that you can be, and you are, in many dimensions at once. That one physical body that you have now, the one personality that you are expressing now, are but a fraction, mere… (Pause)… bits and bytes of information infinitely more complex and varied than what you assume at this time. That you have, through the auspices of the so-called “higher self” or “inner self” a number of other lives that you can call “reincarnational lives”, that you CAN also find yourselves in other times and places, historical or otherwise, though you might not be consciously aware of these beings.

Through the wonderful auspices of this “higher” or “inner” self, you can have access to all of the other intelligences — rational and intellectual minds — that you have cultivated in all of these other lives. That indeed you are NOT limited to the factors that you know existed before you but exist on all different types of levels.

Thus, through the auspices of this inner self — sometimes that you call the unconscious or the subconscious — you can tap into vast banks of knowledge and accumulated wisdom from many ages of lifetimes. And this knowledge you [still] benefit from marginally when you literally force yourselves to NOT see it.

But — WHEN you change the equation, WHEN you dig in, cultivating an awareness of a greater or larger definition of yourselves — it becomes much easier and extremely rewarding to start tapping into this larger body of wisdom and knowledge that may be spread through many lifetimes altogether.

Think of it in this way: before networks were commonplace, a computer was a fascinating tool, but it only went so far. When networks were put in place, then the one computer station could go well beyond its previous capability and actually take advantage of the multitudes of resources provided by the entire network of computers. Do you understand?

Now you have the internet, which has increased your computer’s capabilities a thousand-fold from when they originally came out in the early ’80′s. And there will be in time further developments which will actually extend the processing power itself through entire networks so that the processing power of one computer is not restrained to its C.P.U. but will actually be spread over an entire network, thereby increasing each computer’s capabilities to a tremendous level.

And to transfer that analogy, though a bit crude, to the capabilities that exist within the unconscious or inner self, you tap into a variety of other lives and their collective intelligences, giving you tremendous leverage in understanding your place within the world and never having to feel as if you are cut off from the rest of existence because your intelligence factor is FAR HIGHER than any of you suspect!

But you do not see because you are accustomed to thinking that your intelligence, your intellectual capacities, your rational perceptions, even your emotional, imaginative capabilities are all limited by the parameters of your present existence.

You may chuckle, or even laugh when you hear that a mere 500 years ago people still believed that the Earth was flat and if you traveled too close to its edges, you would fall off the Earth. You even find it humorous that people actually believed such a silly thing, but in those days those beliefs were very serious indeed.

And in so many words, the way many people utilize their intelligence is very much like those who believed that if they traveled too close to the edge of the world, they would fall off. Many of you still believe that if you travel too close to the edges of your present intelligence, you will lose yourselves; you will fall off the edge of your rational minds! And that experience itself couldn’t be further from the truth.

You have so much more at your disposal, and it is not the hardest, laborious process to tap into. Those banks of knowledge and wisdom available to each of you, but it does need that you pay attention. It needs that you open your mind to all of the possibilities. And many people the idea of opening the mind is similar to navigating too close to the edge of the world, thinking that minds must have strict boundaries. It MUST be controlled by ethics and values and morals and the reins must be tightly held at all times.

So our idea behind this presentation to you is to help you open up that mind and consider the possibilities that you have within you, a system whereby information, wisdom, and knowledge is exchanged, perhaps in a manner similar to how you exchange information files and downloads over the internet, but in a much more sophisticated level. In a way, this information that you exchange in downloads and sometimes uploads, is actually a LIFE FORCE, a LIVING intelligence, LIVING knowledge.

Unlike your internet, where much of the information is sometimes quite useless, this information has the potential of changing the individual, of helping you modify and even expand your comprehension of what reality is all about and whom you are within said reality.

Now, all that said and done, we will give you a small break for now. Hopefully, you will take advantage of it and when we will return perhaps we will guide you in a meditation to begin tapping into this BIG information in the sky! (Group laughter)

So do enjoy your break.

(Break starts)

[MARK’S NOTES: During break we talked about different things, one of which was the Power of Prayer. There have been some extensive studies done on this topic, all of which validate that prayers DO work.]

(Session Resumes)

KRIS: In there you have one of the main reasons why religious bodies and orthodox teachings have developed themselves sometimes from merely small groups to some of the larger religious institutions that you have in your world presently. [It is] because they have recognized this principle that you just spoke of.

Thus it is to their benefit to indoctrinate the individual and then harness the believing power from dozens, or hundreds, or thousands, or hundreds of thousands, and MILLIONS of minds, all of which are trained in a particular direction, thus harvesting the products of hundreds of millions of minds, focused in one direction. Do you understand?


And the key to understanding this is NOT that the deities of one group are more valid or real, and those of another less or unreal, but that instead, with the minds that are harnessed are focused with one intent. THAT is where the real power lies. As to all of the superficiality that has to deal with the flotsam of religiosity — this is all meant to harness the minds of the very religious. Do you follow?

MALE: Yes.

KRIS: Does that make some sense to you all as well?


KRIS: So indeed, the power of prayer, the power of concentration, the power of focusing has demonstrated itself time and again. And even now as we speak this moment, it is active all over the globe. Now you have warmongers harnessing the powers of many minds, bringing THEM online, or at least attempting to. Do you also understand?

GROUP: Mmhmm, yes.

KRIS: Thus, by opting out of the status quo, many people find themselves temporarily disoriented because they have to redefine for themselves now, their sense of self. They have sidestepped out of the collective and into the singular, rediscovering themselves, their world and their universe on completely different terms.

And that is why eventually all of the standard approaches to religiosity as you know them will eventually fail because they are harnessing all of this mental grid-work for power, but for THEIR own purposes, which are usually based upon greed, avarice, and so on and so forth. They are not directed to the development, the enhancement and the betterment of the individual, but of the group that controls the individual.

Thus all such processes will eventually fail because you have an innate sense of yourselves. You have an innate THRUST, impulse or drive towards goodness, towards acts of loving and compassion towards yourself and others.

And when all of these innate blueprints are super-imposed with other notions eventually there is a sense of hollowness, a sense of emptiness because you are beings separated from your own Source Selves.

So when you begin the trek back home, so to speak, to the original source of your power, your Being, we understand it might even be frightening at times because it is unfamiliar, but, as soon as the sense of unfamiliarity dissipates, as soon as the fog lifts from your consciousness and you see the light that you are, you are no longer afraid of love, goodness and compassion — then all other definitions of yourself fall by the wayside like so much dead skin, in the same way that a snake leaves behind his skin that is too small.

That is one of the many reasons why many of the ancient Earth religions and cults revered the serpent because they saw within it the never-ending cycle of growth, death, and rebirth. They saw that it mimicked in a way, the cycles of the evolution of the individual.

As the individual grows, he sheds his old beliefs, his old habits. As the snake grows, it sheds its old skin that is too tight and confines him overly. When your own concepts are too tight, confine you overly, you do not shed them! You take pills, you visit psychiatrists, and you think there is something wrong with you because you have lost touch with the POWER that is within you that allows you to evolve. That notion has nothing to do with monkeys to man. Leave that to Darwin and his descendants.

(Group shuffling and movement. Several people begin to speak)

FEMALE: Um…A question…

KRIS: Indeed, since you refuse to take your break…

(Group laughter)

FEMALE: Um…(unclear)…about beliefs and what you are touching on now…um…we’re shedding — if we have certain beliefs that confine us, then we shed those and meet new beliefs, and new concepts…I’m having a hard time! My mind is telling me that that’s a belief in itself…it’s getting a little confusing for me. I just wondered if you could clarify for me…

KRIS: Regardless of WHAT you believe, you still need beliefs. You cannot escape them. Even when you leave this body, you will still believe that. It is not that you ARE a belief, but that you are a belief-generating power, so to speak. So you will always believe this. WHAT you believe is an entirely different issue. HOW you apply those beliefs is also another issue. Some people believe that if they demonstrate too much LOVE, something will befall them.

FEMALE: Something will what?

KRIS: Befall them. You hear such notions every day on the radio, on the television, especially in the music industry – how the heart is broken, love is filled with treachery, love HURTS. There are some artists who are some artists, who are perceptive and sing about the glorious joy of loving, but they are few and far between because it seems to make more sense that love hurts, love cheats, love kills.

So it is at an early age that you begin to protect your heart from love, thinking that if you love too much you will be hurt. You love others, so they must have some great power. Your expectations of them suddenly soar high and they seem to disappoint you. So then that love CRUSHES and the cycle repeats. These are all false notions of love. They are manufactured and are directly related to your collective fears about love.

But you are unable to express those because of undue problems. So if you accept that your actions and your thoughts are the result of what you believe. Then it makes sense that obviously when there are too many challenges in your life, the source is to be found in what you believe.

What you believe is not mysterious. It does not need to take 20 years on the shrink’s couch, though the shrink will make you believe that. It certainly keeps his Mistress happy.

(Group laughter)

Now, since beliefs are not cause-effect and remember that everything occurs in the mind, so your beliefs are actually quite reasonable and directly related to the actions which are problematic. Correct?


KRIS: Thus, if for instance, your relationships prove troublesome and problematic, then all you need do is examine, become conscious, use that stuffing within the ears (Group laughter) and listen to what you tell yourself about relationships. It is a very simple matter. The trick is to listen. Most of you do not listen to the conversations you have with your OWN self on a daily basis and your worst expectations are reflected in the things that you surround yourself with, especially all of the media, the news, the papers, the television, the radio, the music, and everything else. Pay attention to that. They will be signposts. Do you follow?


KRIS: They will reflect what you believe. You will even have signs that seem to emphasize over and over again the dangers of loving, the traps it represents, the pain that will follow, the broken hearts, all of these will reflect the beliefs that you hold. Short, sweet, and simple. What is one to do then? Do you mean to lop off all their heads?

Indeed not, but you can begin first by acknowledging, not suppressing, but acknowledging those inner conversations and conflicts that you hold. And then, having recognized them, you can do one of two things: write them down, or become very aware of them and then start to change into the opposite belief. The process will not manifest instantly, but you will quickly begin to flow into that other tap if you will.

FEMALE: Why doesn’t it happen instantly?

KRIS: Because in YOUR dimension there is a certain period of lag from the way your thoughts are processed into the manifestation of events, conditions, and circumstances. Some of the more innocuous ones MAY have an immediate effect, but the BIGGER requests may take a little more time and the more realistic and down to Earth your examination is, the easier it becomes. As we discussed the other week, if you suddenly wish to fall in love with a tall, green, thin, purple-haired Martian, you’ll wait a long time. Do you understand?


KRIS: What many people forget is that there is indeed a difference between what they want and what they need. Learn to identify the two. You may want a bright red Lamborghini whilst very little may be just as good for you. Do you understand?

FEMALE: Is that a belief too? (Group laughter)

KRIS: There are certain immutable, we will call them “absolutes”, not absolute truths, but absolutes within the parameters of YOUR reality. For instance, you cannot grow another pair of arms and be a four-armed deity. Do you understand? You leave that to the Hindus. (Pause) You can make better use of your own two arms.

So the basic principle is to recognize the beliefs. That is [done] by listening to the conversations and the conflicts that occur within your mind. Then you start the transformation process. [It is] Relatively simple. And it may take more than one dose of change. Sometimes it may take more than one coat of paint to decorate the room. If you are sufficiently patient to do two or three coats in the room, you should be sufficiently patient to understand if a long-standing belief that has never produced positive changes is going to be transformed, then a small amount of patience will be necessary, so that the transformation can take effect. Do you follow?


KRIS: Indeed. Now after all that is said and done, go about your daily lives and enjoy yourselves. Otherwise, you will putz and fuss around the house and nothing will get done. So the key thing is action. To bemoan the fact that you have negative or limiting beliefs and sit around and say “Woe is me, oh dear,” will bring about no change. In fact, it will OVER emphasize the problem. So action towards a new belief is absolutely necessary, a simple enough recipe. And once you taste the product, you will want to cook other recipes. Now, what is the time?

MARK: 8:25

KRIS: Then we strongly suggest that you take a small break and we will return helping to cook more recipes.

(Group laughter)

(Break begins at 8:25 PM and the session resumes shortly afterward.)

[The break was not recorded, but there must have been a conversation regarding global peace.]

KRIS: Since you are so strongly focused on peace, since you are all completely at peace, it would behoove each and every one of you to teach others how to be calm and focused, and peace-generating individuals. Since you are so free from inner conflict, it would benefit the rest of mankind to bask in your peace-giving lives. Do forgive a hint of sarcasm.

(Group laughter)

MALE: We noticed. (laughter)

KRIS: But indeed, (pause) the only thing that will generate peace upon your planet – and do not look for it tomorrow – but the only thing that will generate what you often call “Global Peace” is when you create loving and peaceful atmosphere within your own existence, each and every one of you.

And that term is more difficult than working sometimes for years for the total disarmament of one nation, never mind three hundred, because it means that you should and need to become aware of the conflicts and the opposing camps and even often the wars that occur within YOUR BEING and within your minds at various times.

Now it does not mean on the other hand that you must paste a look of stupor on your face like a deer in the headlights – devoid of emotion, devoid of critical faculties, but it means that the easier part or path to obtain the peace you want is to eliminate those conflicts and wars that you engage in on a daily basis with your own selves. And the faster you accomplish that task, then the easier it is for each and every one of you to start opening your hearts to others without even explaining what you do, but simply let it be demonstrated by your actions. Thus you will sow seeds whose fruits will feed the nations. Do you follow?

Earlier we suggested the possibility of a meditation that will allow you to access this higher level of intelligences that are also yours to tap into. Do you recall?

MALE: Yes.

KRIS: If you are so disposed, perhaps we can do this at this time. It would require that you sit comfortably – not a slouch – and at best with both your feet on the floor (sounds of shuffling and rearranging of bodies in the room), your back supported as best as possible and that you relax your arms upon your laps. You may even close your hands, but relax the arms and hands on the lap…and take a nice deep abdominal breath, and when you exhale, release the tensions of the day.

[Kris’ voice begins to take on a hypnotic, rhythmic, rolling cadence.]

Take another breath and allow all of the day’s conflicts to be gathered together and to leave your body, your mind, your thoughts as you exhale. This enables your shoulders to drop, the muscles in your upper, mid, and lower back to soften. Your abdominal muscles loosen up so you can take an even deeper breath…and as you continue to focus upon the sound of our voice, you feel the rhythmic breathing bring you into a state of deep and soulful relaxation so that your body attains the rhythm which recognizes when you are in a state of deep, loving sleep and that your minds are sharp…clear…active.

Through the energy in our voice and in the room, and as your body continuously relaxes…and as your minds become sharper still…imagine in your mind’s eye, pretend that at the back of your head, there is actually a small pyramid-shaped structure that you find yourself drawn towards.

And as the sound of our voice continues to relax you and you use any other ambient sound in the room to deepen your relaxation, you find yourself actually entering the pyramid-like structure… so that you marvel at the grandeur and the shapes you find inside…and as you become even more relaxed…using the sound of our voice combined with any other ambient sounds…you feel yourself rise and be drawn towards the top of the pyramid, the pinnacle of this pyramid…and you realize that within the moment you will actually pass through the opening at the very apex of the pyramid.

Once you pass through this opening you find yourself in a loving, gentle environment, where everything in it comforts and loves…and as you get accustomed to your new environment, you see before you a large bowl of water…it is not necessarily a deep bowl, but it is one whose surface water is as still as a mirror…and as you approach it, you may see your reflection in the still, silvery mirror-like surface of the water…and as you admire your reflection, ask the water to show you many of the other lives that you have spread throughout the known and unknown times, past, present, and future.

You may or may not see changes, be it as it may…but observe what is occurring…and once you see any kind of change, ask the surface of the water to make available to you in your dreams, through your sleep, through your attentiveness, and through your intuitions…that wisdom, that knowledge that you may have cultivated in these other times and places and lives, so that you too may benefit from the additional wisdom and knowledge just as easily as the individual or individuals whose reflections you see in the water may also benefit from the experiences and the knowledge and the wisdom you have gathered in this lifetime…(long pause)…

And now… thank the water…Give it your blessings…and feel yourself leaving this room, this space…so that you gently head back toward the opening in the pyramid-like structure to find yourself back within the pyramid. Give your inner self thanks for the experience you have had…and feel yourself leaving the pyramid structure within your brain…and feel your breath once more, feel the breathing of your body, the lungs expanding and contracting, the blood coursing through your veins and your heart, the muscles in your back and your face, your legs, your feet.

On the count of three, you will open your eyes, you will feel refreshed. One: take a deep breath now! Wiggle the fingers and toes. Two: you are returning fully aware and conscious to the room, and three: you can open your eyes. Take another deep breath, move your legs and your arms. Move your head and your body and return fully conscious to this room and to the self that you know you are now.

So, you are all returned now. What is the time?

MARK: 11:00

KRIS: Then, make good use of this meditation. You may practice it every once in a while. A good time is in the evening if possible, perhaps half an hour before you go to sleep so that you have something afterward to think about as you drift off to sleep, meaning the possibility of information being shared with you in the dream state.

Whether you recall it or not is actually irrelevant. If you do, that is a good thing, but do not fret if you do not immediately. Many suggestions were offered that the information be shared through your dreams, through your intuitions, through your attentiveness, so that you have many areas of availability for uses for entire blocks of material to be given to you. This also means that your other lives may have as much access to YOUR experiences, so you would want definitely to share with them those fun and loving experiences.

With that in mind, we offer you all many loving blessings, and may your next week be filled with joy and wisdom.

MALE: And spring weather.

KRIS: It will come soon enough. Now then, enjoy your week.

(Session ends.)

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Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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