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The Practice Of Perspectives

Transcribed by Marcy Singer
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on Monday, November 15, 2004

Session begins at 7:59 pm

KRIS: Now we are glad that you are all enjoying a most beautiful day.

CASTAIC: Hi Kris, hello.

KRIS: Indeed. We trust that you feel as close to us here as we feel to you. Indeed if you extend your subjective awareness you might find that geographical distances are not a problem for energy, personal energy structures. What do you feel at your end of the telephone line in this moment?
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Multi-dimensional Self

The Amazing Multi-Dimensional Nature of Self

Recorded in Toronto, Canada on March 8, 2004
Transcribed by Mark C. Bukator

7:34 PM Session Starts

KRIS: Now we thank you for your kindness and your presence. We thought that perhaps to pause and to give somewhat of a break from the present line of discussion that we could talk about something a bit different.

Throughout your civilization’s history there have always been individuals who have provided guidance and assistance in one form or another, and of course depending on the cultural background and the times themselves, the specific era, there will be various colorations and depictions of those individuals who give assistance.

In many different older cultures, those for example who have maintained and developed ties to nature and the natural world and of course you have the development of what is referred to as ‘Nature States”, you have the development of “Animal Guides” and an entire culture that centers around the essence of nature, that makes itself into form to communicate with those that are attuned to those energies.

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