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Rose-Coloured Glasses

Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses

Transcribed by Ellen Gilbert (Kwaa’Ji)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on August 1, 2005

[MARK’S NOTES: Prior to Kris’ grand entrance, Janie was talking about a Lazarus concept involving the ‘negative ego’. As you will soon see, Kris was eaves dropping and began his conversation on this topic.]

(Session begins at 8:19 PM.)

KRIS: We trust you are all comfortable.

ALL: (Greetings)

KRIS: We are intrigued by some of your definitions of the ego. You have pointed out that there is a negative ego and that brought our attention. Would you care to define the negative ego, and where it resides?

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People Problems

How To Deal With Problem People

Transcribed by Marcy Singer
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on September 8, 2003

KRIS: We do thank you and we welcome our new friend. We hope that you will feel comfortable and we will ask all of you to speak later on. So you will have your chance to ask any questions.

Your previous inquiry is one that has much merit, as most people who work in a modern office environment of almost any kind in almost any commerce or venture are bound to be surrounded by coworkers, and therefore have to deal with a number of people on a daily basis. This means that you have to deal also from time to time with the personal issues that issue forth from their private lives into their careers or professional environments, often affecting their coworkers. Continue reading

We Create Illness And Healing – Both For Good Reason

Recorded in Toronto, Canada on Monday August 11, 2003
Transcribed by Mark C. Bukator

Start 7:35 PM

KRIS: We are pleased that you have brought yourselves here. I see that you were earlier wishing to continue the exploration of things ancient and more ancient still as well as exploring some issues concerning human health. Perhaps we can begin by combining the discussions.

The issue of human consciousness, human perceptions and human health have also evolved parallel developments in the sense that some very [early] on in terms of manifesting the physical body in this dimension, men and women, human beings of various ilks and various beliefs have, for the longest time struggled with maintaining a good ratio of balances all around in terms of their connection with their inner self and ego, as well as trying to establish precedence and new discoveries by exploring the physical dimension of the dream state. Our statements for the next little while will be very LOADED. Continue reading

High Expectations

Creating Reality Through Your Expectations

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on July 07, 2003

KRIS: Now we trust that your curiosity has been stirred with last week’s discussions. And that you are inquisitive, not only about so-called past lives but possibly you might become more and more curious about how things happen, why things happen, what makes things happen and so on.

In other words, what is the nature of existence? These are not the types of questions that would necessarily be answered in five minutes or less because there is a difference between life in general and your particular experience of that life, your private, personal, subjective experience of life in and of itself. Continue reading

Secrets Of The Universe

Unlocking The Secrets Of The Universe

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on May 4, 2003

(Mark’s Notes: This conference was an event that people paid to attend. There were four presenters, with Kris being the Grand Finale. Anne Morse and ‘The Transeekers’ spoke first, followed by James Wells who gave everyone an introductory and interactive lesson on how to read the tarot. Danielle Daoust from then gave a wonderful presentation on the ‘Art of Noticing’ which was followed by Serge and Kris.)

KRIS: Now just as Joseph is most happy to see all of you here, so we are glad that you have brought the sunshine out to complement this most auspicious day. And it is auspicious because you may very well indeed stumble upon some secrets, some marvelous tidbits of information that may indeed lead you, each and every one, to understand that there is something truly marvelous and beyond the ordinariness that you experience on a daily basis that is truly beyond any simple understandings that you attribute to your lives at any given time. And so far today you actually have been given many pearls of wisdom and if you have been practicing the art of noticing, as you are so recently introduced to, you will have noticed that each theme presented today have threads that bind them together, and this presentation will be no different. It is our hope that you will practice the art of noticing a bit more and come to your own realizations, which is somewhat more than simple insight, that leads you into a deeper recognition of what you are all about, above and beyond the intellectual perceptions that you have already gathered from the day.Continue reading

Conscious creation

Conscious Creation: Kris Talks To Abraham Study Group

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on March 18, 2003

Recorded at an Abraham ‘Deliberate Creation’ study group in Toronto.

Roll call: Serge (Joseph), Mark (Philip), 28 other individuals in attendance.

KRIS: We thank each and every one of you for having taken the time to come here and share in this experience, as well as experiment.

Now the topic is Reality Creation, and this is a wide-ranging issue reaching into all aspects of your human existence. And though the topic may be somewhat esoteric to some, it is a subject matter that you are unable to avoid regardless of your views or perspectives or beliefs in the matter. And one of the first things you should be asking in any investigation of this nature is what is reality?

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Are You Limited To What You Know Personally?

Transcribed by Ellen Gilbert (Kwaa’Ji)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on Monday, March 10, 2003

KRIS: Welcome old friends, new friends, and very old friends. We hope that you are all comfortable. Your preliminary discussion leads to the need for some IMPORTANT and basic understandings. It is often customary to want spiritual understanding and enlightenment almost in the same manner that you habitually consume products and services in your modern society.

Since you are a consumer-driven culture, it is often very difficult to grasp the underlying intent and meanings behind words and concepts, simply because you have been trained from early on to believe that everything must be customized for you and that all of what you need to truly understand a thing or a concept is to read a few key lines of sentences and off you go expecting that this is sufficient.   Continue reading

Do You Remember Deciding To Be Born?

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on March 3, 2003

KRIS: We are to understand that you are persuaded that you still have apes for ancestors. Indeed we do understand the notion can be most difficult to abandon. But overall you have convinced yourselves of the apparent fact of the matter that somewhere along the genetic lines some of these far removed ancestors started to walk differently, come down from the trees and stand out amongst their brethren so that they could assign a committee and discuss the possibility of evolving so that eventually in the far flung future they could sit at a Board of Directors meeting and dress up in suits, monkey or otherwise, and continue making decisions along the same lines.

And it seems to you that since your scientists can show you bones from the ape or skull no bigger than the end of the pinky and can so easily convince that this is the remnant of a distant ancestor and that you are related to this ancestor, you resign yourselves to the apparent authority of that entire class of knowledge that says that they have answers that solve the puzzle of your ancestry and genetic lines.

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Conscious Creation Is Man’s Next Evolutionary Stage

Transcribed by Mark C. Bukator
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on February 10, 2003.

Topics include: Origins of the Bible and Man’s next evolutionary stage.

Mark’s Notes: At first it appeared that no one was going to show up on this particular Monday night. Rosemary arrived a little late. After chatting a little Serge decided NOT to have a session. We started to say our goodbyes and to give Rosemary our apologies when Kris started ringing that internal doorbell that he and Serge (Joseph) have in place. I am truly grateful that we DID have this session.

8:05 PM Session Starts

KRIS: You must keep in mind that what you now call the Israelis were actually a very diverse people, small clans, often at war with each other, often seeking to take over each other’s territories and if you take apart the word ISRAEL, you will find some very interesting root words.

For instance, the first two letters are derived immediately from the ancient cult of Isis. The second combination, RA is also Egyptian and so is EL which is another word or name for RA, or Amman Ra. Do you understand?Continue reading