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Job Hunting, Saint Chrodora, Probable Realities, Teleportation, and More

(PREFACE: Mark is unemployed and is looking for work. Mark and Serge have been invited to help form a business venture group, which didn’t pan out as planned.

SERGE’S NOTE: the information from Kris on Saint Chrodora stemmed from something I had read back in late 1997 or early 1998, concerning a small archeological dig in Belgium during road construction. A sarcophagus was discovered in an underground chamber, and archeologists easily determined that the effigy of the individual on the coffin lid was a bishop, from the bishop’s crosier and mitre (hat). However they were apparently perplexed as the individual depicted was that of a woman. It was determined that she was a female bishop from the old Irish Christian Church from before when the Vatican annexed the Irish Church, somewhere before the end of the ‘Dark Ages’ and her name Saint Chrodora was inscribed on the lid. In those days the old Irish Church apparently allowed women to not only participate but to even hold high office in the church. The Irish Church abandoned the practice of ordaining women as a condition to being taken over by the Vatican, or else they would have perished.

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