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Conscious Creation Is Man’s Next Evolutionary Stage

Transcribed by Mark C. Bukator
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on February 10, 2003.

Topics include: Origins of the Bible and Man’s next evolutionary stage.

Mark’s Notes: At first it appeared that no one was going to show up on this particular Monday night. Rosemary arrived a little late. After chatting a little Serge decided NOT to have a session. We started to say our goodbyes and to give Rosemary our apologies when Kris started ringing that internal doorbell that he and Serge (Joseph) have in place. I am truly grateful that we DID have this session.

8:05 PM Session Starts

KRIS: You must keep in mind that what you now call the Israelis were actually a very diverse people, small clans, often at war with each other, often seeking to take over each other’s territories and if you take apart the word ISRAEL, you will find some very interesting root words.

For instance, the first two letters are derived immediately from the ancient cult of Isis. The second combination, RA is also Egyptian and so is EL which is another word or name for RA, or Amman Ra. Do you understand?

Yet indeed, many did spend time in Egypt. Some were enslaved but many were actually well treated because of their specialties and their abilities to manage properties, manage accounts and so on and so forth. And yes many also spent time in ancient Syria with the Syrians and the Babylonians and the Sumerians.

When these ancient groups finally found it within themselves to regroup so to speak, they needed something to bind them together and give them an identity that was separate from their conquerors and their neighbors, many of which were their conquerors. In order to do that they needed a deeper spiritual glue, so to speak and since many had traveled, over time, from Egypt and Babylon, their mythos became a combination of many of the stories their own scrollers [scribes] and myth-makers brought back with them.

So you find the story of Noah’s Flood which is actually plagiarized from an earlier Babylonian story. You find many of the stories in the Old and New Testament extracted, sometimes quite verbatim from Ancient Egyptian myths and the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Sumerians. The Egyptians did not pick on the Israelis because the Israeli God was superior and they felt threatened but because the Israelis were often considered usurpers and pests, seeking to instill their small Gods as superior to larger nations. So you have a great deal of politics at play here and often a need to curb the Israeli enthusiasm. This is often easily done by extraction and assimilation.

With the Jewish customs being what they are, they maintained the captives beliefs as separate from their neighbors to a certain degree but then also allowed the assimilation of the captors’ own belief structures to be integrated and modified and eventually the mythmakers, writers of ancient books would often change the scenario to make it appear that the captors eventually succumbed to the higher power of the Israeli God and they would then become that new God’s prophet or mouthpiece in the fictional writings. Do you understand?

ROSEMARY: Not quite the last part.

KRIS: Myth-making is not unlike the writing of fiction. Science fiction, fantasy books, and their authors use some of the same methods that were used thousands of years ago to create myths. With the passage of time then what were often stories trying to convey morals and certain teachings and worldviews began to be considered as factual.

So the process is most fascinating if scholars were to understand the psychology behind myth-making. Even many psychologists and researchers in those areas do not quite grasp the importance of myth-making.

The kind of myth-making that is being propagated today is missing vital elements. That is one reason why the collective unconscious is seeking to redefine the boundaries of what is and what is not. You have now, people who firmly believe in a coming new age where either alien beings or highly involved beings will emerge and save mankind from itself.

Much like in the days of old you have the coming of the new gods to save the oppressed people. But the new myths are incomplete and many of them actually take the human element completely out of context, as if the human element itself is a thing to be outgrown, as if it is somehow or other undesirable, no longer sufficient and trying to create super beings in a way that has been done over and over for countless millennium. Now it is time to change the process but it is not yet complete and nor will you all be saved by flying saucers and pointy eared green people.

MARK: Romulans!

KRIS: The premise is still tied in with the ancient myths of your societies where many super beings come to the rescue of the population. What the new reality necessitates is that humanity understands that not only is it responsible for its own dilemmas but since humanity can acknowledge responsibility for its own dilemmas it must, by the same token also acknowledge and recognize its collective and individual abilities to take matters into its own hands and redefine its so-called destiny. Not as if a higher power has designed it but instead man and womankind should understand that they have the ability to redesign their own path and be responsible for that design. Do you follow?

ROSEMARY: Are you talking about women, for example, moving out of the home and redefining women? Is that part of it? Which is also changing man’s roles by changing women’s roles because those two roles are intertwined?

KRIS: In part the difficulties with that is that in an attempt to be themselves women often fall into the trap of trying to emulate men and you still do not get the end result and men are themselves not themselves when they hold steadfast to the idea that they have only one role and must play out that role until the very end. Both camps must establish far more flexibility and drop gender barriers not by trying to emulate each other but by being who they are. You will never have a genderless society. You will always have different genders but their roles, their perceptions, and interactions must be allowed to evolve in that sense of the word.

ROSEMARY: So will that be called creating a new myth, the hero going off to save the world or going off in search of adventure to find himself?

KRIS: These will find their way into the collective storytelling machinery but it will still take time. You will know a more liberated society when men are no longer seen as aggressors and women seen as victims but each as an equal partner in the adventure of life.

ROSEMARY: Have men always been the aggressors and women the victims in the history of the earth?

KRIS: A long time ago you had an ancient culture who felt and were physically weaker than your understanding of your ancestors. Science gives you the idea that your ancestors were little less than Gorillas with all of the attitudes but nothing could be more false from the truth. But here for our purposes, this civilization was less physically able than yourselves but mentally far superior and generally subscribed to a belief in a very powerful Deity who would protect them Over many millennia these people either were assimilated into new societies or entire branches of these families eventually disappeared. But their Deity, the idea of a protector God, the vengeful retribution God was carried over into what you now-a-day would understand as Jehovah. In fact, what is presently understood as the creation myths, in the Old Testament and Genesis, which speak about powerful and easily angered Deity, is a reflection of that ancient Deity.

Those stories and myths were handed down and often taken out of context, re-written into a mythos where another people who believed themselves to be the victims of aggressor nations, thus weak, adhered more strongly to such a deity that was so powerful that it would protect them.

Those ancient memories were re-worked and eventually integrated into what you now call the stories of Genesis, which is a very poor rendition of the creation myths. With the passage of time, it is embellished. These victim people also remembered the elements of their captors’ gods and deities and demonized them while they took their versions of those stories and turned them into something more meaningful to themselves. For the writers of the books, if you read carefully, always demonize the deities of their neighbors.

You can say that eventually, the whole idea caught on and it sold like hotcakes, especially when blown out of proportion by the almost constant invasions of the Land of Israel by one nation or another including the Greeks, including the Romans. All it took was eventually, very careful political manipulations and a political climate that needed the kind of deity offered by the Jewish people especially in a world overrun with Roman idealisms and oppression. So the climate, the psychological climate was indeed ripe for such a conversion and with the fall of the Roman Empire per say and the rise of the Roman Church, you had a small transition from a powerful military force and occupation to a powerful religious force and occupation. Simply the dress changed but the footnotes remained the same.

It is not a mere coincidence that it is called the Roman Church because it continued where the Roman Army failed. It provided that unifying factor that the Roman military force was unable to sustain and after several hundred years, by directly playing into the psychology of religion and most of it induced by fear, guilt, and shame.

What is even more interesting is that the Roman Church, for nearly 1,900 years held most of the ancient known world in its grip of fear, now itself must experience what it suffered unto others, as it were. Just as many European cultures suffered a conversion often by fear of death, so now, to some degree or another the Roman Church must fear for its own life because of what it brought about.

ROSEMARY: So the New Testament is also a rehashing just like the Old Testament.

Indeed, why do you think that many of the stories in the New Testament appear in the Old Testament? Is it because the Old Testament prophesied these would happen in the future or is it that the people who wrote the New Testament took stories from the Old and said, “See here it was prophesied thousands of years before.”? Clever is it not? Now all you have to do is tell your congregation that if you oppose this written word of God, if you question it you will suffer forever.

ROSEMARY: It is like MASS psychology, isn’t it?

KRIS: Indeed, in fact, if you were to read translations of Ancient Egyptian text, you would see that the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ is almost a word for word translation of the sermon by Horus, son of Isis and Osiris.

ROSEMARY: Is there a written documentation of this in the Vatican or somewhere?

KRIS: Many of these ancient texts are there. It will take some time before these things are made known because otherwise, it would mean the immediate downfall of the Roman Church, but it will come to pass.

ROSEMARY: I read in the newspaper that Bush has said the game is over with Iraq that he is tired of playing footsies with Iraq and they say that history repeats itself. Is this just going to start another “rise and fall” such as in the Roman Empire except this time it’s the States?

KRIS: That world power will not fall so easily but at the same time if you have anything at all it will be small, we believe what you call skirmishes. There are more people all over the world including Americans that are strongly opposed to this action and just as you have fanatical anti-abortionists who will shoot Doctors who perform abortions, so you may have anti-Bush people who may seek to assassinate Mr. Bush, but many now have had their eyes opened and do not condone that the only way to have peace is to start a war. Do you have other questions?

ROSEMARY: No. Not at this time.

KRIS: If you look at the New Testament’s story of the Jesus figure in the desert on a quest and you were to read about the path of enlightenment by Horus, son of Isis and Osiris you will find that this personality also went to the desert and was apparently tested as the book said, tempted by so-called worldly goods. Do you understand?

ROSEMARY: Actually I do have a question. You are saying that the flood, Noah and the flood didn’t happen yet that mythology is in all cultures around the world.

KRIS: Indeed, it was slightly modified, places altered and giving it an Israeli flare. There was approximately 9,500 or so years ago the melting of the last ice age which raised sea levels tremendously, as much as 400 meters than what it used to be. So many coastal cultures and civilizations have disappeared.

There used to be an even larger inland sea. You now call it the Red Sea. There used to be an even larger one called the Mediterranean. Eventually, where the waters of the Mediterranean meet the Atlantic Ocean, this used to be separated. There used to be a massive land bridge and wall. With the rise of sea levels, this was breached and flooded the area that used to be much smaller. The Mediterranean raised its water levels, which changed the course of the Red Sea and altered the course of the Nile and when it receded again many cultures from that part of the world had been obliterated. The survivors told the story to their children who told it to their children and their children and so on.

Now when another culture of an apparent superior military force had a similar but slightly better story it was incorporated into the lesser story to give it more pizzazz lest your children bide by the story of the conquerors. By embellishments in this way things eventually changed, the meanings are forgotten. Then the story of the flood is found in an older writing called The Epic of Gilgamesh, pre-dating it by at least 2,000 years if not more. And that story is not the original but each one adds its own touch. Does that help you?

ROSEMARY: Yes it does and what about science or geologists I guess who are predicting the polar shift where the North and South Poles will shift or reverse? They said it happened about 2,000 years ago or something. Is that what happens?

If it does then is that what happens? Does the Earth change…

KRIS: The earth does go in cycles of approximately 10 to 12 thousand years but it is not necessarily constant. There may be periods of a longer wait but the Earth itself is a living organism and it goes through its own evolutionary changes. So do not be too much of in a rush to stock up on your supplies and you need not try to learn how to build an igloo too fast.

ROSEMARY: Are there sacred areas on this earth? People talk about ley lines, actual sacred places where you can feel energy coming from the earth. They are in between the ley lines. If the ley lines are the travel routes or something from ancient times and they lead to centers and in those centers, there are sacred uhmm…I’ve read about them and there was a place I felt some in Barcelona in a Gowdi Cathedral. I don’t know why it was unfinished (The Cathedral) but it wasn’t….. Am I imagining things?

KRIS: Ley lines have an important role to play in the electromagnet field properties that surround your planet. [One of our foreign students was being rather rude at this point and was creating a disturbance in the kitchen and hallway. Kris asked Mark to set up the folding screen to divide the room off from the other parts of the house and eliminate such distractions] There are constant flows of magnetic fields that all over the surface of the planet as well as around the planet itself that has to do with many principals involving the radioactive materials in your planet, the kinds of metals, the flow of water currents both above and below ground. It also has to do with, you would call them
meridians that not only exist in living things but on the planet itself, specifically because the planet is a living thing, something that you do not [quite] understand.

So it too is constantly in a state of being as you are, and it maintains a certain equilibrium with all the life forms that are on the planet. There are more than your scientists can conceive of including the planet itself.

If you were to suddenly become very much aware of all of the thoughts that populate your mind at any given time you would feel as if there are many worlds alive in your mind, would you not? How would you categorize that?

ROSEMARY: It would be a very strange feeling. I would feel enormous.

KRIS: Now you live in a world that for your intents and purposes appears made up of solid physical matter that you call reality and the truth is that this entire world is a metaphor. You live therefore in a metaphorical world and the planet itself could easily be considered an entity in its own right and everything that is of it and on it is a metaphor for its own experiences and adventures.

You are in part, your race, your species and all the rests of the races and species and life forms on the planet, including the planet itself could be considered a metaphor for all of the thoughts and the ideas that are found within the mind on one or more entities. Not that this would invalidate or diminish whom and what you are because the planet would also be part of the metaphors for your own inner world all tied into these other images. So that changes the feelings that you may or may not have for the Earth and the planet itself and well it should.

ROSEMARY: What that says to me is that I should respect everything from this book, this chair, and this table because they have a consciousness of their own?

KRIS: It does not mean that you should offer obeisance to a book but it does mean that you should take into consideration the possibility that all of this is a projection of a part of your images and that it is indeed a part of you.

Therefore when it is said, “Thou shall not do harm to another” it truly means that thou shall not do harm to yourself. When it says, “Thou shall love another as you would want to be loved”, it truly means that thou should love yourself because then all others are loved. Do you follow?

Now of course if you tried to walk through the wall it would be a different matter because to your senses it is interpreted as solid physical reality. But there is something else behind that solid appearance that is the metaphorical world.

ROSEMARY: And we create that?

KRIS: You indeed do just, as surely as you create the events and circumstances in your lives, the so-called happenstances. So do you also singularly and collectively create the world of physical matter.

It is the materialization of parts of your own energy so that you can interact with it much in the same way that a troupe of actors create props to set the scene for the play to come. So do you as a human being and all human beings create your props to set the scenes for your experiences and you do that out of a co-operative venture with the energies of other entities and you create as a result the physical world. But the physical world that you see is not necessarily the entire reality that is the one you see and experience.

There is another reality that may not even be interpreted by your senses and brain because it does not meet the parameters that you have set about for props, and by that we mean the following example: During one of the very first World Fairs in the 1880’s or perhaps even earlier in Paris, Giraffes were seen for the first time by many Europeans. Do you understand? They were brought from Africa to be seen by Europeans and many of them could not believe that such a creature could possibly exist. So there usually was one of two reactions that were adverse. Some saw giraffes, some fainted and others would simply not see them. They would psychologically block what their eyes were telling them.

This is perhaps a crude and simplistic example but it is enough to explain that there are things that exist that are not perceived by your senses. You perceive what you see but there are other things that you do not see. That is what exists behind the props in your reality.

ROSEMARY: And we are not meant to see them? They aren’t supposed to be part of the Earthly experience?

KRIS: Eventually your species will but it takes a certain amount of self-awareness and your understanding that thoughts make things so you see the thoughts that are then going to be making the things. Do you follow? That is what is truly going to be happening with what you call your New Age.

ROSEMARY: And that is already started?

KRIS: Slowly, people tend to bring back the old, give it a new dress and claim it as a new thing but eventually the process is meant for individuals to understand they are responsible for the thoughts that they entertain and the thoughts that they focus upon because the thoughts that they focus upon will give them the things that make up their lives, both in a metaphorical psychological fashion as well as truly in a concrete fashion.

ROSEMARY: So we think too much and we talk too much.

KRIS: You do not think too much but you may not think properly. You are not mindful. Mindful, thoughtful creations are the next evolutionary step. You might actually wish to write this down.

MARK: You are reading my mind.

KRIS: In order to do so, you must have a mind to read.


That means that your species is reasonably becoming more and more aware that you are responsible for your thoughts and as a result, you are also responsible for their consequences. If you do not like the consequences it means that you may change the thoughts that change the consequences. That is the true meaning of Karma.

You are responsible for the events and circumstances in your life because they come from your thoughts so if the events and circumstances in your life are not pleasant then you can make changes. You have the tools and the machinery, the biological machinery to affect changes at deep levels, which will produce entirely new events and circumstances or conditions into your life.

Now if you are both in agreement we will leave you now to your own mindful thoughts.

Mark and Rosemary: Thank you, Kris.

You are most welcome and you see even as a small group these sessions can still be meaningful.

Session ends at approximately 9:00 PM

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Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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