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Conscious creation

Conscious Creation: Kris Talks To Abraham Study Group

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on March 18, 2003

Recorded at an Abraham ‘Deliberate Creation’ study group in Toronto.

Roll call: Serge (Joseph), Mark (Philip), 28 other individuals in attendance.

KRIS: We thank each and every one of you for having taken the time to come here and share in this experience, as well as experiment.

Now the topic is Reality Creation, and this is a wide-ranging issue reaching into all aspects of your human existence. And though the topic may be somewhat esoteric to some, it is a subject matter that you are unable to avoid regardless of your views or perspectives or beliefs in the matter. And one of the first things you should be asking in any investigation of this nature is what is reality?

Such a question should never be taken for granted, neither should any assumptions about reality be taken for granted. For reality is a highly individualized experience, and though each of you participate in a consensus experience of reality, you still have your own personal and quite unique perspective on what it is and is not.

It becomes important to ask this question in-depth, especially if you wish to understand how reality is created or constructed and where is it constructed or created from. Where does it originate? How is it manufactured, manifested? What is its purpose?

If we asked one of you what reality is, how would you answer?

PARTICIPANT: One definition I’ve heard is that reality is that part of the imagination that most people agree upon.

KRIS: Indeed. That is definitely part of the answer. Does anyone else wish to offer an interpretation or a definition of reality?

PARTICIPANT: How about consciousness and energy is actually reality?

KRIS: That is also a good answer and part of the overall view.

PARTICIPANT: A projection of my thoughts? My mind being the projector?

KRIS: Indeed. Someone else wish to offer one or two grains of thought?

PARTICIPANT: What is happening right this second, which is always changing?

KRIS: Indeed. Now what if you consider the following question: What is reality NOT?

PARTICIPANT: Generally what we cannot perceive with our physical senses.

KRIS: Others?

PARTICIPANT: I would say what reality is NOT is what is outside people’s personal beliefs.

KRIS: Anyone else?

PARTICIPANT: What doesn’t exist yet.

KRIS: Perhaps we can synthesize for you. We are taking our own liberties here.

As you understand reality in its conventional terms, it is that place where you find yourselves entranced in bodily experiences. It is that part of your existence where from moment to moment your thoughts are projected outwards and interpreted by your senses to give you feedback about the nature or concerning the nature of the events that occur within you.

For the most part it is accepted that physical reality is a solid rock bed creation. It is that place where time and space intersect, where you have your daily living. It is the world that is related to the senses. Do you follow? Does that make sense to you?

That is the generally recognized view as it is understood by most of your sciences and the general portion of the population.

There is still another perspective that is not often considered by the general population, but it is an area that you are starting to explore, that you are striving to understand and make sense of. And that is that the entire scope of the reality experience has its source within your own being. In other words there are parts of yourself that you may not fully understand but within which the physical world takes its birth, the world of your thoughts, your imagination, your feelings, your attitudes, expectations and beliefs: the psychological world within which you truly have your existence.

And from that world the physical experience takes its shape, takes its birth and is manifested from. And from within that part of yourself you may refer to it as the unconscious, subconscious, imagination, and so many other labels, from that place within you somehow or other your thoughts are projected and made manifest so that you may interact and experience them in 3-dimensional manifestations. Does that also make sense to you?

Now since your physical experience actually has its birth in another realm, the realm of thoughts and imagination, it certainly sounds like an excellent place to do some experimentation, to set about those conditions that will be made manifest in an advantageous way for yourselves and your fellow co-creators. And this process that you have begun to explore, the process of conscious, loving and mindful co-creation, is truly your next evolutionary stage. And that also means that you must become aware of this deeper or lesser known dimension within you, the realms of the imagination, the realms of the unconscious, for you are certainly more than the thoughts that you entertain at the conscious level.

So it is our hope that the brief time we share with you this evening will assist you in tapping into that vest reservoir of abilities and talents that are innate to your own nature and perhaps prompt you to use those tools to enhance the daily moments of your lives.

So before we proceed, do you have any questions along those lines?

QUESTION: You may cover this later, but the tendency right now for me to use my imagination is mostly for fear and doubt, that’s my initial reaction to use my imagination for?

KRIS: It is not premature at all for it is something that is very common to most people, considering what you have been told about the imagination. Do you follow?


Indeed. So we will delve more deeply into that as the evening unfolds. Are there other questions?

QUESTION: Are you going to teach us how to manipulate reality this evening?

KRIS: At least within certain boundaries.

QUESTION: Will you be talking about how conscious, subconscious and unconscious tools might be used?

KRIS: We will try to give you a much clearer definition of what the unconscious is and is not as we have tried to give you a better understanding of what reality is and is not, and we will return to that in a moment.

QUESTION: Are you going to explain the difference between the subconscious and the unconscious? Or is there is difference?

KRIS: Keep that question in mind please. Any other questions?

QUESTION: What would be the first step in going in that direction for a person who feels bombarded? It seems like it would take a lifetime to get to that level. What would be the first step in that direction? Meditation, for example?

KRIS: This is an excellent premise – learning to relax, calm and clear the mind so that you can identify what it is that you are telling yourself on a continual basis. Now there are many different types of meditations, many different schools of thought. To make this issue very clear, you can easily be mystified with the connotations attached to the word ‘meditation’. If you understand that meditation also means ‘focus’ or the act of focusing that will give you an advantage and a better working tool. Does that make sense to you?


Now as we suggested earlier, consensus reality is one thing and it is the by-product of a realm far more diverse, far more flexible and much richer in experiences than the consensus reality seems to allow you. And it is by learning to listen to what is being said in your own mind is a most important step. And it is a process that is rather simple in learning to calm your mind so that you can identify the conversations that you hold on an almost continual basis whether you are awake or asleep.

Many people assume that, for instance, their beliefs are what they hold in terms of religious interpretations. But we would suggest strongly that your beliefs or your expectations are those strong thoughts filled with a deep emotional charge where you store particular views about yourself, your family, your community perhaps, your government, other individuals or even the world in general. And learning to listen to the conversations you hold with yourself, which many people are oblivious to, you can learn a great deal about what it is that you do during the day that programs your behavior and the experiences of life. By identifying those inner conversations, those streams of thoughts that you generate, you will also learn to identify to a great degree the resultant events and conditions of your lives.

Lest we be labeled as speaking too much in general terms, we can be very specific. Some people like to think of themselves as ineffective, unable to truly make any changes in their lives. The rules and the laws in society are too difficult to deal with. People they meet tend to end up as being untrustworthy. My parents did not love me. My family cares little for whom and what I am. My lovers never cared for whom and what I am. I get up in the morning; go to my small or even stinking job. Woe is me. I am poor. I am unhealthy.

Now many of these people like to think of themselves as happy-go-lucky and give the presentation of being somewhat Irish and will never pay attention to those thoughts or conversations they hold during their day and their sleep and wonder why with their best faces on they still encounter adversity on a daily basis. They are continuously struggling with money issues; continuously struggling with health issues, relationship issues, and so on and so forth. And they insist they are being positive about life. They insist they are being positive about the apparent fact that they are ill. They are being positive about the apparent fact that they are poor. They are being positive about the apparent fact that relationships crumble around them. But [they] are [often] unwilling to look into the very cause of their dilemmas. Do you follow?


We hope such examples have been clear enough.

Now it is within the realm of each and every one of you to change any of the conditions of your present experience, and that is why most of you come to such groups. You have an intuitive understanding that traditional methods of keeping a positive face in light of all comprehensible advantages is the way to go and you do not buy that. Most of you are sincerely seeking answers to life’s biggest questions. How do I change my life? And some of you will even pay big bucks to learn eventually that the guru does not help you except to drain your bank account.

Your religions seem to offer you pat answers, if they even make an attempt. Your friends and relatives shun you because you wish to change the status quo. And at times you fall into despair because it seems you do not know where to turn to find the tools. And you have read and heard that somehow the tools might be within you. So, short of going to the surgeon to open you up and look for tools, you somehow or other have become convinced that there are ways to learn how to use innate psychological tools.

You have read and heard of such disembodied intelligences like Seth and Abraham and Bashar and Ra and many others. And you believe that they can give you some of the answers that you seek. But many of you still wish that these disembodied intelligences would do it for you, and fortunately we have the perfect excuse. We do not have bodies, so we cannot do it for you. But we will make a serious attempt to lay out a most sumptuous buffet before your very eyes so that you can then feast and thus learn to use those tools yourselves so that your own lives may change.

And still many of you believe that it works for her, it works for him, but it will not work for me. As soon as you can get over that hurdle you will see magnificent changes as long as you are willing to make compromise, and that is a trade-off. If you learn of these things, then you should use them. That means that you should be ready for change. If you ask the universe to help you change [certain] aspects of your lives, do not think that the universe will think ‘Ha, Mary Jane is only kidding”: for the universe will call your bluff and it will visit those changes in your lives.

Then herein is the difficulty: when the changes come, what do you do? You fight, you set up resistances and you run under the bed! Did you not think that the changes would occur? They do occur because those changes come from within your source. In fact, your attempts to learn how to be a creator should be reworded because you already are. What you are attempting to do is to become a more conscious and thoughtful and loving co-creator.

You already create, but most of you create by default. You create what you do not want because that is what you concentrate upon. “I do not want a relationship that will hurt me.” “I do not want to be poor.” And some of you may even think you do not want too much joy and happiness because you do not know when it will bottom out. Is that not correct? (Yes).

We are glad that you can recognize yourselves a little bit. The nature of that power to change your lives is not something so foreign that it cannot be used. It is not something esoteric or even erotic, it is a powerful force that you have full and complete control of, and only you determine what its outcome will be. And what we have jokingly pointed out earlier, most of you end up with what you do not want because that is what you concentrate upon. You sometimes think, “I do not want my partner or husband or wife to leave me.” Because that is all of what you visualize. Do you follow?

So now, how do you get to the nitty-gritty? That we will explore after a brief break.


KRIS: Now that you are all back we would like to try an experiment with you and we will make it simple. Many of you learn about reality creation, deliberate creation, mindful, thoughtful creation, and immediately you wish to transform your one bedroom bungalow unto a 50-room mansion. And then you get frustrated because you can only manage an extra bedroom. Now if you would keep things simple to begin with you will have far more success than trying to immediately change the whole world to meet your expectations of how reality should be.

Now we will play a game, The Creation Game. The idea is this. One half of this room will focus upon an particular issue, and the other half on another issue, and after a few moments you will each side come out of that issue to then switch sides. Now this is tricky. We did say simple, but we also mean tricky.

The idea is this. That this one side of the room will focus very strongly upon creating the most miserable, despairing set of thoughts that they can possibly produce, and the other side will concentrate upon producing the liveliest most enlightening and joyous set of thoughts that they can muster up. And during this time we ask each one of you on both sides to pay attention to both the thoughts you will dredge up as well as the state of your body, what is your physical body experiencing during that process. And you will observe your body in its various states and feelings during those few moments.

Now this needs one understanding, that you are not your feelings, you are not your emotions, and since you still generate random levels of thoughts on a daily basis in both fields, we are hoping to assist you to better grasp the process involved, how it affects your body, and how to quickly divert, change, alter, stop, modify any sets of thoughts you catch yourself creating when they are not to your advantage. So whether you create on this side the most awful things you can think of, do it as in a laboratory experiment. No one will be harmed and no thoughts will be harmed during the process!

The purpose of the experiment will prove potent and powerful for each and every one of you because it will be real. This is not wishful thinking. This is giving you the opportunity to test the process of creation firsthand. You do not have to go home and wonder exactly how to interpret what was said. You will have definite interpretation here and now. Are you all in agreement?

Indeed. So we suggest that you start now. You may all sides close your eyes and we will close ours as well lest you think we are looking at any one of you. And those on this side of the room, dig deep in your being. Bring up those issues you find distasteful. Bring up those issues that may even cause you a mild mental or emotional discomfort, knowing full well that in a moment you will experience how to dissolve such processes. Allow yourselves to sink into the feelings, and in doing so pay attention to your body. How is it breathing differently? Are your shoulders sinking? And so on and so forth.

And the other side of the room will now also begin to dig deep into themselves. Each one of you latch onto those thoughts, those memories, those feelings that make you feel like kicking up your heels, that bring a light and a joy and a bounce in your step each and every second that you are focusing upon those thoughts. And you also pay attention and observe how your bodies are reacting. What are your shoulders doing? What is your heart rate doing? How does your mind even feel? Get to know exactly how all parts of your body are reacting to whatever set of thoughts you are deliberately generating right now.

Now both sides take one deep breath and immediately come out of that state to be back in this room, free of all thoughts, clear of mind.

Now everyone knows exactly how you reacted to your own thoughts. Therefore we are going to ask everyone to switch sides physically. Everyone on this side get up and sit there and vice versa.

Now that you are comfortable we will ask each side to go within and everyone on this side of the room will start focusing on the most despairing and dastardly thought they can dredge up and pay attention to their bodies, their heart rate, their breathing, how their muscles are reacting. And everyone on the other side of the room will latch on and bring up all of those thoughts and feelings that uplift them, that bring them boundless joy and light and peace and also pay attention to your heart rate, to your breathing, to your shoulders, to your backs, to the muscles in your body.

Now everyone take a deep breath and snap out of your state. And for one moment everyone return to the state of joy that you have created overriding and overlapping anything else, that only joy be what remains within you on all sides of the room. Connect yourselves now back to that state of joy so that there is a union, a joyous union here of light and peace that will follow you into your sleep tonight, into your day and weeks and months to come.

Now do you wish to stay where you are or do you wish to return to your original chairs?

(Stay where we are.)

Now perhaps someone may describe in their own words what each experiment felt like.

PARTICIPANT: Well, to begin with, heaviness versus lightness in the body and in the mind. It was very obvious which the heavy was and which was the light [state].

KRIS: It is as if on the one hand you are being disconnected and on the other you are being reconnected. Correct?

PARTICIPANT: Yes, but what’s interesting is that no matter which place you are in, the dark side or the light side, you want to stay there for some reason. It’s like when you’re pissed off and you don’t want someone to tell you a joke and make you laugh. You just want to stay pissed off and stay there and be left alone. The same happens on the joy side, you just want to keep going.

KRIS: Why do you think that is?

PARTICIPANT: Status quo? Focus? Fear of change?

KRIS: Each one answer is good, but it’s mainly that whatever the self, whether conscious or unconscious self, focuses upon, it attaches or acquires a portion of its own, which is one of the reason that some people are often unable to shake off certain illnesses whether physical or psychological because the self is woe to let the change occur, thinking a part of itself may be cut off. Thus with such a simple perception, it might prove to be advantageous to attach to the self states of joy and peace and build upon such a foundation.

Any other observations?

PARTICIPANT: When I was in the pleasant state I was completely relaxed, and then at certain points when I was in the not so pleasant state my heart rate did increase, although it did go back down again.

PARTICIPANT: When I was in the negative place I was focusing on one or two really bad things and I wanted to stay there, but on the joyous side it kept multiplying, great things, better, more, keep on going, you vibrate faster. In the negative place it slowed down.

KRIS: Indeed because when you put yourselves in a place of despair or in some of your terms, a vibration of despair, you actually cut yourselves off from a free-flowing natural state of energy, of consciousness. The flow of consciousness is hampered, blocked and you stay in a state of self-pity when you are reluctant to release your fears.

But when you move into a place of joy and loving abandon, you automatically once again permit a free-flowing exchange of consciousness, which is the true source of life. The other aspect, the state of despair or darkness, does not feed you but causes you to hunger. And when you hunger in that state you only feed on similar states. If you reverse that state you will feed but you will feed on life-giving energies. Do you follow?


Any other questions or observations?

PARTICIPANT: I found it difficult to go to the dark part. I had such an enjoyable time in the light part. I had to really coach myself and remind myself of the grumpy, angry parts of me. I’m not sure that is normal because I was on a higher plane it was difficult to switch to a lower plane. The experience wasn’t as intense. It was difficult to go into the deepest, darkest part of myself.

KRIS: It is all right. We left that part open so that it would be acceptable to each and every one of you, and indeed for all of you there was difficulty to consciously create a state of despair. Was it not? You had to struggle with it.

Now imagine when you give the orders for your own conscious mind to deliberately dig its heels in and block the flow of consciousness because you might be in a pissed off mood, how much reluctance is expressed and how much you fear being cut off from the flow of life. And how much easier it was for each and very one of you to naturally glide into those states where joy is created consciously.

Now which one would you choose on a daily basis? Would you allow yourselves now to deliberately stay in a state of remorse and despair, hatefulness, grudge, so on and so forth, knowing that it starves you for what is naturally yours? We believe that each and every one of you would rather effortlessly glide into joy and fulfilling states. Correct? You do not seem too certain.


KRIS: Good. Now what is the time?

MARK: 8:45.

KRIS: Are there questions?

PARTICIPANT: Is there a difference between the subconscious and unconscious mind?

KRIS: Conscious, unconscious, subconscious and so many other terms. These are definitions for your own references. Other than that what you consider the unconscious or subconscious mind is actually more conscious than your most conscious thoughts. So it is that area that consciousness that you are not focusing upon at that moment. Your conscious experience is that place of consciousness you are focusing upon at that moment. Does that make sense to you?


As an example, if you are in a room without lights on, let’s say the power goes out and you have your flashlight and you point your flashlight in a direction so that the beam of light illuminates that particular area of the room, you could say that where the beam of light hits the wall or the objects is your conscious experience. Everything else in the whole still exists, but it is not lit at that time. Do you understand?

So you know that the entire room has not disappeared. You know it still exists, but you are not focused upon that segment at that time. That is what could be said to be the difference between the conscious and the unconscious or subconscious mind. You are not focused there. And many of you are truly uncomfortable shining the light in all areas of the room at once, in those terms, because of what you have been told about the so-called unconscious from your scientific quarters.

Other questions?

PARTICIPANT: I’m a little confused. Earlier you mentioned that being a student of positive thinking here we can even train ourselves to be happy about our misery.

KRIS: Indeed.

PARTICIPANT: On the other hand we did the exercise here now and I don’t get it. Does that mean there is no such thing as inherently miserable things? It’s just up to me to find agreement?

KRIS: What we meant in what you felt in this experiment was to assure you, all of you that it is far more natural to the self to generate states of joy than it is to generate states where misery is the status quo. Some people may find this an enjoyable experience because they may know little else or fear going into a state of joy, but for the most part you are born into this life innately able to create unlimited states of joy, health, wealth, abundance, love and compassion. Anything else you do outside of those boundaries is not natural to your being. They are in a way, violations of your innate loving nature. Do you follow?

PARTICIPANT: I understand that. How do I behave in case of misery, misfortune, because things happen?

KRIS: Indeed.

PARTICIPANT: Right now I have a whole plateful of consequences of my miserable thoughts of the past and then I go home from here they are waiting for me.

MARK: Move.. (laughter).

PARTICIPANT: Actually, if anyone knows how to have my name taken out of the Revenue collection list, let me know.

KRIS: Now. Knowing that you are a conscious, deliberate co-creator gives you leverage, and everyone knows what that means. It means you have advantage. When situations seem overwhelming, you can take a moment out of the place, so to speak, step back, regenerate those states of joy so that you do not feel overwhelmed by emotions that do not belong to you and that are NOT you. Does that make sense so far? Yes.

So regardless of what seems to be on your plate, you have still the ability to choose exactly how you will feel concerning the apparent negative state. Any state of joy that you generate must eventually show itself in your life. That is the nature of the thing. It is a gentle and loving beast that you create, not one that eats at you day in and day out.

So by generating, deliberately generating states of joy in spite of all adversity you set up, those conditions where the states of joy must shine forth must come through. And every time or as often as possible when you see that you are slipping back, falling back into your old patterns, you have the means to deliberately stop what you are doing, regenerate those deeper, more powerful joyous sensations, and at the same time understand that you are responsible for both states. What you need to do is to define which one you will stay in.

Out of all of this, what could you possibly learn? You learn that one part of your being dealt with states and powerful energies that work to your disadvantage. We are perhaps being a little simplistic here, but you each set up the conditions in order to learn. You have chosen to learn rather in a difficult way. Some have chosen to learn in even more difficult ways, some in less difficult ways, in a way that they are best able to handle. So do understand that you have those conditions before you because intuitively, you understand that you can deal with the situation. Do you follow?


So you have advantages now. Use them wisely and accordingly.

PARTICIPANT: And you used a key word there. You said ‘apparent’. And that was a big clue. Thank you.

KRIS: Indeed we are hoping that more of you clued into that because the state that you generate at those psychological or inner or imaginative or pretending levels, those are the true conditions of your existence. That is reality. The world of your physical existence is where you then enact certain portions of those inner conditions you have set up. So the realm of the inner self, those inner dimensions, they are reality.

PARTICIPANT: Is it actually quite literal? Like if I say to myself, ‘I am stupid. I am stupid. I am stupid.’ Then reality is going to turn around and my ex-husband is going to say, ‘Are you ever stupid!’ Is it that literal? Is it a literal reflection of that thought?

KRIS: Only to the degree that you actually allow it. But fortunately for all of you, your inner selves are smarter and love you more than you love them, and will see to it that you do not become too stupid (laughter)!

PARTICIPANT: Does reality actually reflect that? Is it the hard copy of what we are thinking? Is it an actual reflection?

KRIS: To the degree that if someone keeps berating themselves in such a manner, it may come to the point where it seems they only do stupid things. They are not stupid. They are as crafty a deliberate creator as anyone is. But they are not creating in a fashion that is advantageous. Do you follow?

Regardless of what you create, you are all good creators. Some of you have just a little bit more trouble than others.

Now are there other questions?

PARTICIPANT: Yes, I have a question. I imagine that there are many people who systematically go about buying lottery tickets thinking that they are going to win, trying to create the situation in which they can win. And there are many, many people doing it and some of them are better creators than others. I’m wondering if there is ever any coincidence as to someone winning randomly, or does it depend on how well someone is creating. What determines who wins out if there are competing people trying to create the same thing?

KRIS: Now, on the one hand we could say how would we know? We have never won the Lotto. In truth there are many more factors at work than simply someone meditating and getting the right lottery numbers.

What occurs since you all live in a consensus reality, means that if you for instance, or anyone else were to sit and concentrate how they are going to win the lottery so that they can run away or be greedy or any of those conditions, they are less likely to win than someone who sincerely establishes deliberate creation processes in the hopes of not only enriching their own lives but the lives of those around them, their loved ones and friends or other organizations, or creating conditions of employment for others, setting up industry, making a powerful positive impact upon their community and their world they might have a greater advantage, in a manner of speaking. Do you understand? You are all co-creators. There may be many other factors at play that we would not have time to get into at this point.

PARTICIPANT: I have a question concerning what Diane was saying about the mirror effect. If a person is being persecuted or bullied or picked on, and we could take two examples: Is the person creating that? And two, if the person was peaceful, how could you say the person was creating that?

KRIS: There are definitely multiple factors going into each example. An individual may very well have set up conditions in what you call another lifetime where they were the aggressor, where they were unrecognizing of other people’s feelings or states of mind or emotions, and in this lifetime they may have agreed to experience the flip side of the coin under such conditions in the hopes of learning what the recipient of bullying experiences. Do you follow?

Another example you gave is someone who truly is peaceful. Such an individual may have accepted to play that role in the hopes of teaching others about using their creative abilities in a manner better than bullying upon someone else. And there may again be many issues involved in such a scenario. Do you follow?

So sometimes it is not only a simple quick answer that will provide a deep understanding. There may be conditions set up over many lifetimes. It is also possible that the one being bullied also needs to understand to what degree they may let other walk all over them, when they will draw the line, when they will accept responsibility and no longer be a victim. So, all types of scenarios are possible here. Does that answer?


Now what is the time?

MARK: 9:05

KRIS: Indeed we wish to send you all on a journey that can only increase your abilities to create joyous mindful and loving states for yourselves, for your loved ones, for your friends, for all of those whom you meet on your travels. So to each and every one of you we offer many joyous blessings. May you be showered with blessings and may you create all of those blessing that we do not have to give at this time. So be blessed and be joyous.

Kris returns at 9:50

KRIS: Your question arises from a literal and limited perspective, how you understand thoughts in itself…(a lot of loud talking in the background makes it difficult to understand a portion of this sentence)……you are seeking to define and understand what thoughts are according to rules and definitions in boxes that cannot all not be understandable.

Thoughts, as you experience them, are literally the tail end of a comet, and you can tell that comet went through because of the comet tail. And your experiences of thoughts are much like the comet’s tail, identifying that you have experienced the process, but the full body of the process is unknown to you. You can only identify it by the residue, the leftovers; the things you identify as thoughts. In themselves the true nature of a thought has no boundaries. It is the universe and there are multitudes of universes. Therefore there are multitudes and unlimited quantities of thoughts which are themselves quite living things, but on a different order than what you label as a living thing.

To you a living thing must breathe, reproduce, produce, birth and die. And that is how you identify by these five major criteria what is living compared to what you assume is nonliving, like rock, for instance. But in actuality these are merely some of the by products of consciousness. Thoughts contain entire universes within themselves and cannot be locked into a small definition.

So it is literally as impossible to identify a thinker, in those terms, as it is impossible to identify an original thought because consciousness is never-ending. Consciousness is not the product of matter. It is very much the other way around, where matter is produced by consciousness.

Thus thought and thoughts abound in what you may refer to as the ether or space. Wherever you think there is nothing between one object and another object is only the perception you interpret through your physical senses, in this case, your eyes. The reality is that this apparent space is filled with consciousness that is not interpreted as matter by your senses because it has not yet formed as such.

You earlier were also discussing how you attract thoughts. You do so in the same way that your astronomers and astrophysicists have identified as black holes in the far corners of the galaxy where certain conditions exist where matter appears to be more and more condensed. The reality is that black holes actually dismantle certain aspects of matter back into its original components, meaning consciousness in a manner that can be identified by your senses. And your physical organism, the physical body itself acts as a type of localized personalized black hole where matter is the result of consciousness being concentrated at one point in time and space: this point where flesh and space join together.

Thus you do not have to look deep in space for localized phenomenon of black holes where there are immense transformations of energy. And in your cases you take energy, consciousness and transform it into what you then call solid matter, but it only appears that way to you. To other life forms there are perhaps no solid objects in front of them such as this table, because they do not form them at the consensus level.

So there are dimensions or planes of existence within each other and still all of these things are truly not the complete picture because consciousness, thought, is ever creating, ever-expanding. And if you were to study a thought, you might be surprised. For instance, when you sleep and you enter the dream state, you usually find yourself in the midst of events and circumstances that seem to have pre-existed before your appearance in this dream. Correct?

And the same process occurs with your thoughts. If you were to take the time to create the awareness to study thoughts, you would uncover that there are conditions, events, circumstances, phenomena that came before and that will come after the thought that you suddenly discover in your mind. Use your imagination to follow a thought. Try and see how it evolves once it leaves the sphere of your mind. Pursue it. See how it evolves and you will indeed uncover how the universe itself comes into being. Now have you all been confused enough?

So the thoughts are not necessarily yours, but you do give them a unique slant, a perspective that no other individual in all the universe can give them. That is how All That Is seeks to understand itself and its vast, unlimited parameters of creativity. It creates through you. You are then the conscious portion of the earth in this time and space. And as stewards of the earth, you are responsible for how you generate and transform thought energies that are made available to you.

Do you have questions?

PARTICIPANT: If I attract a thought, and I change it, does that changed thought have a life of its own and does the original thought still continue to be broadcast?

KRIS: The original consciousness will still flow through time and space until it deems it necessary to continue beyond the boundaries of your time and space and enter into another plane where it will be further transformed and further transformed still when it encounters beings in those planes which give it their own personalized interpretation and so on and so forth. And the thoughts that you generate, interpret and give life to will themselves evolve in their own way. And that is the process of creation.

That is why your galaxy, your universe, cannot end as some sciences like to predict, because it will always be in the process of creation. You cannot destroy or kill thought, and you cannot destroy the universe. Does that answer you? And you, by the same token, cannot prevent yourselves from thinking in any way, shape or form. Even if you were to kill your physical body, you would still be thinking because you are thinking beings. It is as natural to think as it for the beaver to build a dam or the bee to produce honey. That is your instinctive aspect. Does that make sense to you?


So thoughts are truly wonderful things, even more wonderful than Tiggers. Because they continuously evolve, change, transform and are themselves transformed and in return transform the personalities who transform them. So the process of transformation is a never-ending process.

Now we assume that you have many things to think and many thoughts to transform so we will leave you to your glorious pleasure of thinking about things and take our leave of you.

End of evening.

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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