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Channeling Kris
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High Expectations

Creating Reality Through Your Expectations

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on July 07, 2003

KRIS: Now we trust that your curiosity has been stirred with last week’s discussions. And that you are inquisitive, not only about so-called past lives but possibly you might become more and more curious about how things happen, why things happen, what makes things happen and so on.

In other words, what is the nature of existence? These are not the types of questions that would necessarily be answered in five minutes or less because there is a difference between life in general and your particular experience of that life, your private, personal, subjective experience of life in and of itself. 

And that is where we hope that individuals who want it clear will find their thoughts in the space of questions of that nature. Do you understand?

QUESTION: That individuals will find themselves?

KRIS: They will find themselves in that kind of space, of mental space where they will start asking questions. And indeed there truly are no quick answers to these things, but by carefully listening, questioning, and by introspection it is indeed possible to have a clearer understanding of what life is about, above and beyond the information you have generally been handed down by your parents, by your environments and systems and education and sciences as they stand. Because all of these attempt to give you an interpretation of life in their own terms, which really may not fulfill your need to understand what life is about.

And in so many words we could surmise it as follows: Life is a projection, the manifestation and the physical replication of your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations, your expectations, your attitudes, your beliefs, your moods, your feelings, your emotions into 3-dimensionsl events, conditions, and circumstances.

All of these factors that make 3-dimensional reality are entirely subjective experiences. They have to do with the individual from within and these items are then used to create the circumstances and the conditions of your life as you know it. In other words, your thoughts make things. Existence begins from within here, deep within the mind, and are transformed. You create your particular conditions in minute detail and you do that with more than merely the conscious ego perceptions of yourself. You use the vast reservoirs of the personal subconscious powers at your disposal.

And the key ingredient is what you expect out of this life. Your expectations more than anything else actually filter and color reality in your terms.

QUESTION: How is it that I’m thinking positive and getting negative sometimes?

KRIS: It has to do with what you expect out of life, out of yourself and out of YOUR life. Undoubtedly, for example, many people will set up everything for a smooth move from one location to another. And then once they arrive at their new destination they suddenly experience that the telephone and the cable ordering are somehow or other conveniently messed up. And then they will say, ‘that is to be expected. I fully expected that cable and phone were going to be screwed up.’ And you might think it is merely a pattern of speech or a manner of speaking, but it is not. Do you understand that?

You might go shopping expecting that what you need the most will not be on the shelf. You call it Murphy’s Law. “Of course I needed this item and they are out of it.” These may seem very small things, but we are merely using them as an example and perhaps they are crude at that. But it is an important factor to grasp that what you expect, not what you think when you expect, because what you expect has far more power, it is deeply rooted into your being than what you think. Because if everything that you ever thought came about, you would be in a mess, would you not?

Thank goodness for that! What is important is what you expect because it contains additional qualities. There is a significant charge to what you expect and in so many ways your entire world structures itself, all the systems established in your world somehow or other are structured in the hopes that they will be able to influence your expectations. And this is not consciously acknowledged. But the power is still there.

And when you expect that life will be a ridiculous set of challenges over and over again, and each time you encounter more and more difficult levels of challenges as you grow older, the more it seems to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Does it not? Because you expect that next week’s events will only bring more challenges.

Why not instead expect that next week’s events will bring you peace of mind, joy, creativity or any other item you choose of a positive nature?

On a grander scale, mankind fully expects that somehow or other there is a flaw in humankind of such a magnitude that it may very well bring about the annihilation of the human race. And that indeed is a far horrific expectation to hold because what you expect, the nature itself of your expectations literally acts as a filter and magnifier, simultaneously filtering out all other things and magnifying the very thing that you expect from yourself or your human brothers and sisters.

Thus what you expect truly has an influence on what your life is like. And some people have a choice here. They can decide that indeed this is an insurmountable challenge, so they resign themselves to a life of negative expectations and results by default. Others suddenly realize, the light bulb goes on, and they say, “well, if my life as I know it and that will be known is a result of what I expect from it, then indeed I change the nature of my expectations and my life as I will know it will be changed accordingly.”

And that is also an expectation. “I expect that my existence will be enriched in many ways because it will be reflected afterward and it will show the results of my expectations.”

QUESTION: I always thought it was what you thought that manifests, but it’s what you expect.

KRIS: Indeed. Some people interpret that in a very different light. They become afraid even of the slightest so-called negative thought or negative feeling that they constantly monitor themselves for fear that they will experience ruination and chaos if they are not always happy. And life is not meant for such extremes.

Again this is the result of their expectations that the most minute apparent negative situation will overwhelm and suffocate them and destroy them because they expect negativity to be so powerful that they must guard themselves against it at all costs. Thus they set themselves up for failure and what else can they experience than what they have already expected?

However, if you set up expectations of joy, love, friendship, enrichment, creativity, resourcefulness, peace within yourself…….

QUESTION: Very interesting.

KRIS: Indeed. So everyone would greatly benefit by creating in their own minds the ‘room of expectations’. It is a mental playground where instead of gladiators they have other games, games where they test out their various expectations so that they acquire a good feel for the possible outcome of one particular expectation or another. And then focus upon it.

For example, “I expect to be recognized and my self-worth and by abilities to be acknowledged in my work environment. And I will act accordingly.” That is a marvelous expectation.

All you have to do is focus on that expectation. Expectations and beliefs are the same. “I expect that beginning tomorrow even if I only experience five minutes of joy, it will color my entire day. That is what I expect.” Feel it in here.

QUESTION: Thank you. I definitely needed that.

KRIS: Indeed. Therefore, you do not need to expect that other people in your life will continue to be sniveling backstabbers, but instead that your developing friendships will enhance each other’s lives. What an expectation to have?

And whenever you grab hold and actually root that expectation within you, you may hear contesting voices that try to convince you otherwise. They are the echoes of all your other rather more feeble and negative expectations, and all you have to do is tell them, “I no longer believe that you are necessarily any part of my existence now. I choose to focus on my new expectation, and I expect that my new expectation will grow like a seedling into an oak tree.”

QUESTION: Thank you.

KRIS: Indeed. When expectations take root in the individual, the personality redirects its energies and then seeks to transform reality itself into a reflection of your expectations. You think, for instance, that reality is actually made up of walls and ceilings and floors. These are merely the amalgamation, the marriage of atoms and molecules that have conformed to the ideas, the expectations of the original owners of the house with the architects and designers and all the people involved to create a semi-permanent impression in time and space.

QUESTION: So they had an expectation.

KRIS: Indeed. And because of the telepathic nature of reality you also pick up that resonance, that expectation, unconsciously and you also agree that yes, energy has formulated itself into these walls that appear as substantial, as solid, whilst in reality there are merely moving atoms and molecules put together into the form of a wall or a carpet or a table. It is energy formed into a substance. But first and foremost it is consciousness, energy.

Your eyes and your physical senses interpret it in those terms, though its original reality might be entirely different. The rods and the cones in your eyes give it a particular interpretation, though in its true form it might be entirely different. And that is why human experience in a way is so invaluable because it is not only and merely a castle, it is much more than that.

But it is a place, a dimension where you as an eternal and immortal individual come here with others and you learn how to use the powers of creation, the powers of thought to make form BEFORE you can progress to any other reality. Because in some other dimensions there is no lag between the time that you think and organize your expectations and when its materialization occurs.

Consider the dream state, for example. In your dreams, you could be on the other side of the planet in less than the twinkling of an eye. You could be flying; you could be anything and anywhere because the power of your emotion and your thought is immediate. So this physical existence is in part a learning space where you experiment with the nature of your thoughts and your expectations. Thus you learn how to manipulate consciousness into one form or another.

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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