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The Nine Sisters Of Consciousness

Divinity, Creator and Love – 3 Sisters of Consciousness

The Nine Sisters – Part 3

Transcribed by Andrea Klubal
Recorded in Toronto. Canada on October 06, 2003

7:45 PM Session starts but microphone is NOT turned on. Mark catches this rather quickly after a minute or so.

Missing audio: Kris is talking about “Life’s Mistakes” probably prompted by something that was said prior to his entrance into the room. He began by using an analogy of a chef.

KRIS: In the same manner, and just as easily as the chef may put one pinch too much of salt, he or she can decide that the entire dish is ruined, if they do not know more than that. But with a more complete knowledge of the culinary arts, then the chef would know that, if there is a pinch too much salt, you can balance that out with either a pinch of sweet or sour ingredient to bring about a slightly different, but still very acceptable mixture. Do you understand? 

So, though in your lives you may think that some of the decisions of the past may have been in error, gross mistakes, or even catastrophic to one degree or another – you made that choice. And it may only appear disastrous or even catastrophic from the perspective of a much narrow ego construct. An ego and personality structure that believes it is bereft, devoid of sufficient knowledge and tools and resources and thus the individual decides, then, to play the role of the victim, “Woe is me…a catastrophe has befallen me and my life, and I am a poor fellow of mind and matter. I am poor of health, and I am poor in finances…”.

But if the personality takes the time to understand that you do not make mistakes as they are understood, that there is another dimension or level to the capacity of the individual to understand and learn from his so-called mistakes – then what appears as a mistake, on the one hand, can easily be a rectification, something that will harmonize and balance other decisions that do not bring the best situations to the individual.

Thus, other steps are taken in order to balance and harmonize the events and the situation and bring about a more advantageous conclusion to those strings of events. And this is something that is not often thought of, or if it crosses the mind, it is often considered mere good luck, without acknowledging that, behind the scenes you have been looking at possibilities, different ways to redress, so that you can learn that much more about your own talents and abilities to transform energy into matter. Thus, you set up an entire chain of events that keeps about the very things that you need, and that develops and enhances those tools and resources to bring you to the advantages and the potentials that you have. And if you take the time to look back upon your existence, you will see that what we have said, in that light, casts your tasks into a different context altogether.

You might even deliberately set up situations that, to the untrained eye and mind, appear to be foolhardy. But after the passage of time, and in hindsight, looking back at the steps that you took, you might realize that you discover that you had more talents, resources, abilities, perceptions, strength, gumption and a host of other items that came out of the challenges you had just set up for yourself. So do not consider that situations in your life have been nothing but one string of mistakes or another, as if you were stringing together a pearl necklace made up of past mistakes. And that instead you are stringing together knowledge, experiences, understanding, awareness, compassion and so many other qualities. Does that make sense to you? Now we have so far described six sisters, correct?

Do understand that we are identifying primarily nine, and that each of those are completely open-ended, with total freedom to access each other, in a manner of speaking, so that you the full range of aspects to your personality that work in tandem, as opposed to the popular misconception that you have, in different corners of the arena: the intellect, the intuition. In the other corner, you have the rational mind and the emotional self, all ready to do battle and try to conquer each other so one or two are proclaimed victors and one or two are proclaimed the conquered.

These are total misconceptions because you – though you may not realize it – you and all the aspects of your personality work hand in hand, molecule in molecule, synergistically flowing in and out of each other, so that you can navigate the waters of life, the river of existence, as best as possible with the intentions you focused upon for this particular lifetime.

So it is important to also understand, though you might have an accepted interpretation already established for Balance and Harmony or any other such aspect – Grace and so on – it is important to understand that your preconceived definitions may not apply, because you are basing those on some of the qualities that may appear, here and there, in the human personality make-up. You see traits, hints, shadows, a vague impression, the tip of the iceberg – and, as you well know, the tip of the iceberg is not all there is to the iceberg. The shadow that you may see on the ground or the wall is not the individual and, in fact, can be a highly distorted image of the individual. There is far more to these aspects than you can possibly understand immediately and we are not saying this to demean your levels of intelligence, but rather to encourage you to transcend the ordinary explanations, interpretations and ideas you have concerning the words. Do you follow?

So whom would like to name the six so far identified?

Answer: Balance, Harmony, Helper, Grace, Joy and Creativity

Indeed. Now, we have explained somewhat in a small way how, you might be able to use and understand Balance and Harmony, for example. By examining the words we have used on those aspects, the intentions we have described, you can easily surmise that it goes well beyond – in other words, transcends – the ordinary dictionary definition, even though the definition captures the essence, it still goes well beyond the usual rational linear views of those words. Do you understand? This will apply to all described and this will also help you to understand that you do not need to only call upon the aspects of Creativity if you find yourself in front of a blank tableau with a palette and brush, not knowing how to be an artist. That would be somewhat of a gross misinterpretation of the word ‘creativity’. Do you follow that? You are also most welcome to take that home. Who knows what Degas, Monet, or Picasso lurks behind the eyes looking at the canvas.

Now, this aspect – and we are going to start moving into much deeper comprehension of the human personality – this particular aspect is like all others, also in use, but it is not one that is easily recognized, certainly, not in the terms that we are going to use it in, nor of its description.

This one we have named Divinity. And, just as Harmony and Balance, and all of the others, the name or label, hides deeper meanings than you would initially surmise. In fact, it hides many meanings. This aspect of the human personality, as the others, always functions whether you know it is there or not. It is, in essence, one of the reasons why you create all of the divine beings in your various civilizations and their various stages and off-shoots. And why all cultures in the world, including the ones who consider themselves atheistic – why you always sense that there is a stage over and above your comprehension of existence. Why you caricaturist, why you mold and forge…not in the sense of a forgery…but forge the various divine representations of beings throughout your whole human adventure. Why your species does this specifically and why no other species on your planet does. You do not see cats going to cat church, praying to a cat god. They are far more preoccupied with chasing vermin and rodents.

This aspect has roots that dig deep into the human psyche. Divinity has many functions and purposes, and you will understand even more if you were but to take a small sampling of the various cultures in your civilization, since time immemorial, and how they have created divine beings, for instance. Investing those divine beings with very human characteristics to the point of saying that, in actuality, the human being is cast in the image of the divine being. Humans mythologize their own greater selves. You all sense within your being – within the depths of your being – that there is truly a state of transcendence where you reach beyond what you figure are the limitations of the human being and reach into the perceptions of another, unlimited state of being.

Divinity contains traits that feed into all other aspects as well. And from there, various cultures have made into gods and goddesses, those characteristics upon which help raise ordinary human assumptions beyond the levels that they know them to be, and use that as a means to be able to objectify and objectively try to learn of their own selves.

Now, the trying and the lessons and the learning, unfortunately, stopped sometime back and you actually treat your own projections as if they have power over you. That will be like saying that the canvasses painted by Degas or Picasso or Da Vinci, created the author…the artist. And though there is a small inkling of truth in that as well, the reverse is what you need to look at. How, both nations and societies, as well as individuals within those societies use their own characteristics, their own aspects and project them outwards. And even for those societies who consider themselves or those individuals who consider themselves atheists, they will still find ways to deify and mythologize one thing or another. If it is not money, it is fast cars, or even other ingredients which permeate the recipe book of human enjoyment to one degree or another. Do you understand? Now, here we will give you a small break. What is the time? (8:10 PM) So we will give you a small break and return.

8:10 PM Break Starts

8:20 Session Resumes


Now do understand that when we address you and your aspects, understand that, initially, you will perceive and you will think that the you that we address and speak to is the one you think is yourself, the one that reflects back in the mirror. That is not the case. So be aware of that.

You also have transcendent qualities. At times you do not pay attention and you may even deny it. Just as there are times when you will deny that you are in a state of grace, but that does not mean that you are not in that state nonetheless. Even if you are in the most foul mood, a tempestuous frame of mind, you do not automatically assume that the sun stops shining on you and others. You’re always in sunlight in one way or another. Do you understand? So you are always far more than you think yourselves to be, however you look at that equation. You are gestalts of consciousness. You are always more than the sum of all your parts. And the more and the earlier you begin to identify with that description of yourselves, the easier it becomes to access and tap into those other aspects that we have been labeling, short of a better word, for you. And as we have said, each aspect we have described is indeed multi-faceted. It is not limited to the strict and often narrow definitions that you are accustomed to give to the word.

Divinity stands for much more than some repressed mental identification with the mythological beings that stand in the pantheons of your gods and goddesses – the great halls of the myths of mankind – that directly represent, sometimes in extreme proportions, but at either end of the scale, those traits within yourself. And if you can singularly or collectively project those qualities outside the sphere of your being, and realize you are doing this, then indeed those magical, godly qualities surely have their source in you since you are projecting them outwardly. Does that make sense?

Now this next aspect is somewhat more difficult to identify because, even more so than all the others up till now, has a double-edged meaning, and it is truly a double-edged sword. It too feeds into Divinity and we will call it ‘Creator’. And we will make a distinction between Creator and Divinity. Without Creator, you cannot display, in divine terms, many of the attributes, traits, and characteristics that are yours.

Creator as we have suggested is double-edged. It enables you a range of feeling tones, emotions that can swing the pendulum in directions you would either call negative or positive and enables the displays of both of these extremes and everything in between, some of which will even feed into Divinity. And one of the best descriptors in terms of mythologies is the ancient deities that are found in Hindu mythology. One represents certain masculine characteristics and one represents certain feminine characteristics. And yet they are both intricately weaved into each other, even though they appear separately at times. The masculine aspect is called Shivan or Shiva. And the feminine is called Dhurga, sometimes Kali Dhurga. And together they represent both the creation of and destruction of – in a perpetual dance – the manifestation of consciousness into matter into consciousness into matter into consciousness into matter again; but always the primary source is consciousness and how it is constantly transformed by the full range of your convictions which includes: your beliefs, your expectations, your attitudes, your feelings, your thoughts and so on. As we described a short while ago, more than any other so far, it has the sharpest double edges because it encompasses that very aspect of your being that transforms consciousness into the materialization of physical objects, events, circumstances and conditions of human life, transforms them again and again. Do you follow?

Q. So consciousness will bring a physical manifestation and a physical manifestation will just bring some more consciousness? Mark: It has to come back…its recycled…as a good example, when you die the body is returned to the earth, it becomes matter….

In other words, everything that you see as physical reality eventually is destroyed and recreated through the auspices of consciousness again and again on a scale of time that escapes your imagination.

Question: It happens throughout a long time, or right away?

Both. From moment to moment, you are not the same molecularly composed individual. And at the same time, your entire physical impression into the world may last sixty, seventy or eighty years of your time. Do you understand? Now, what is the time? (8:30 PM) We will take a short break, and let you ponder these last two.

8:30 Break Begins

8:45 PM Return from Break

KRIS: Now, in case you get thoroughly confused, understand that these are aspects of the personality, of the human personality, inherently contained within every single individual that has ever taken birth, that is presently on your planet and that ever will be. These aspects can easily be recognized. They can be used. They can be worked in tandem with each other, as a great creative dance and it needs no special expertise. It needs no specific understanding of laws, or legal ramblings. It needs, however, that you permit yourself the exploration of the traits and qualities of those aspects, because they flow out of your existence. The very fact that you are automatically engages all of them in various ways, and they are tremendous tools if understood, applied, because you are their engineer. Without the Creator aspect, you would not be here as you know yourselves to be – and we do not mean here in this living room. You would not be whom you think you are in this world.

And when it will be time to deconstruct your specific form in this lifetime, and to create another, you will do so as effortlessly and as naturally as a child suckles and feeds at his mother’s breast. Your egos may protest vehemently at the idea of what it has come to identify as the self – meaning the body – being deconstructed, returned to the earth. But that struggle is momentary. As soon as it realizes that it is not specifically part of the physical construction, it will adapt, adjust and rejoice in its newfound form. And it will be transformed.

If, as such, you decide that you do not take another physical incarnation for a set period of moments or times, then those ego characteristics become part of the whole self; and all of the experiences that you have gathered throughout one lifetime; all of the creations you have engineered and everything you have created, generated, constructed in your lifetime becomes knowledge – and not like the dry dusty tome on the shelf in the library – but living essence knowledge that is shared with all of the other personalities belonging to the whole self – enriching, nourishing the entire complex. And in return, all of the other personality structures in the complex of self share of themselves. Each one enriching the other in ways you cannot even begin to imagine because knowledge – living essence knowledge – is not emailed. It is not something you read in a book. But the entire life of one individual becomes part of the lives of all others in full bloom, three-dimensional format, as you understand it, and that much more. Not a single iota of that individual life is missed, glossed over, or skipped – each a vital component in the construction of that lifetime.

At those levels of existence, reality takes on completely different hues. Comprehensions cannot be adequately described using syntax. Therefore, comprehensions, sharing of lives, transcend any descriptive you have, simply because you do not have the words to describe this. Do you follow?

The ninth aspect and we only say it is the ninth because we can give you more, but at this point you barely understand the last four. To describe more at this point in time would not necessarily clarify the issue. This one, the ninth aspect, we’ll use a word that you are all very familiar with, but that you should not be fooled by. You have in your syntax and on your world various understandings for the word, and none of them, even taken together, put in the same room, can adequately describe the qualities of LOVE. The whole range of that aspect knows no boundaries. You experience this aspect only according to the syntactical context you are able to establish with it, in terms derived from your experiences from moment to moment. But still, at best, you are like flat stones skipping on the surface of a body of water, three, four, five times, only to realize that at one point, you will stop skipping, and you will be fully immersed in the body of water. The body of water represents this ‘ocean of love’. Do you understand?

The idea of the skipping stones, then, merely represents that your experiences and interpretations of love only skim over the surface of something much larger. But at least it conveys the point that you have various facets and interpretations of love and you have from the sublime to the ordinary, examples of it in your civilization, and still this barely gives a full description.

This love naturally will encompass these other descriptives such as mercy, compassion, including the erotic; the sensual; the love of a mother for child, child for mother; the love of one human being for another, regardless of gender. These are reflections, and merely at that level should let you understand that if the reflections through your daily lives touch and affect your lives so profoundly at times, then imagine what dipping your toes into the source must be like – at least for that toe. And you easily forget that you are surrounded by this all the time.

Now, it does not mean that you must instantly become California tree-huggers. But, by exploring those nine main aspects, using the boundaries, and even transcending the boundaries of your ordinary imaginations, you will find new ways to structure the composition of your world, your realities, your experiences therein. And give yourselves even some new meanings as easily as the knowledge that the molecules that compose the forms you see in your dreams might themselves be dreaming of the dreamer.

So we have a small challenge for you. During this coming week, you play with different aspects we have described, and see how you use them. Expand your understanding even beyond what we have described. And then bring back your information. What is the time? (9:00) Indeed.

Isabel: I was speaking the words in my mind – Grace, Helper -and I’m wondering if we have to speak the words, or bring them to mind…?

Whether you speak or use your thoughts, each will generate some divisions, if you like, that include various emotions and feelings, visions, expectations. And through these, the industry of the world sees to the manufacturing of what you need and what you call for. Do you understand?

Isabel: Regarding knowledge, Kris – is it an aspect as well…or a resource…?

Resources are all contained within a vast bank, if you wish, a vast pool that is filled with experiences gained through many lifetimes. When you ask, you are answered. For instance, do you need to know exactly how an engine is first of all conceived in blueprint, and then its parts created in patterns, and then brought together and assembled, and then made to work together as a unit to drive you around. You do not have to know about all the background mechanics involved. You sit in the car, turn the key and the car starts. You put it in drive and go – correct? So you have a certain base of information now that you can use and the idea of giving this to you is for you to now experiment with and see what you can get as a result, by tapping into those deep aspects of your personality, which are already functioning. You cannot be without them. So, if you are all in the company of good sisters, then we will take our leave of you.

9:05 PM Session Ends (Yeah, right)

We begin to discuss the aspect of LOVE amongst ourselves.

Kris makes a quick comeback at 9:06 PM

It is a good thing that you are already creatively trying to deal with the concepts. As far as love is concerned, first of all, you easily imagine that love can only come from another individual, without first considering that it can only come from within you. If you cannot learn to love yourself, you will not be able to show that same love to another and not be able to appreciate when the other reciprocates. Also, by narrowing your focus in such a way, you are literally wearing blinders like a horse to keep the horse from being distracted whilst he is pulling the buggy. Do you understand? Love does literally abound all around you. And with very little amount of determination and observation, you can detect that as you walk down the tree-lined street, the trees will return love, the animals will return love – though we do not suggest you walk into a cage with a tiger.

The birds will return love, in each their capacity, and you can detect this. Furthermore, you are also very conditioned to think that love can only come from something that has form, and more specifically a two-legged humanoid form. But, in reality, the very air that supports you can also be filled – this space where you think nothing exists between one object and another is truly filled with consciousness that your eyes are unable to transform into form, to give form to that empty space. Because it is filled with units of consciousness, what we call quantum particles. So you could easily be IN love without having a specific object of affection. But when there is the manifestation of an object of affection, then your loving can go much deeper.Do you understand?

And love, as you understand it, and as we have tried to describe, encompasses very many other facets, such as compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and so on and so forth and all of the other small attributes. Once you begin to take swimming lessons in this ocean, you will realize many things, one of which is the idea of transgressions, which come pre-packaged with salvations and atonements, is truly an unnatural form of love. Because when you begin immersion into this vast ocean of love, would you truly need to be offended? And then need to forgive? Indeed not. You would love. Do you understand that? Now we may not be using the highest, deepest interpretations in your languages, but that is what we have to work with. But we believe that the idea is understood by all of you. Does that make sense? Now then, go and swim.

9:15 PM Session Truly Ends

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Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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