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Do You Remember Deciding To Be Born?

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on March 3, 2003

KRIS: We are to understand that you are persuaded that you still have apes for ancestors. Indeed we do understand the notion can be most difficult to abandon. But overall you have convinced yourselves of the apparent fact of the matter that somewhere along the genetic lines some of these far removed ancestors started to walk differently, come down from the trees and stand out amongst their brethren so that they could assign a committee and discuss the possibility of evolving so that eventually in the far flung future they could sit at a Board of Directors meeting and dress up in suits, monkey or otherwise, and continue making decisions along the same lines.

And it seems to you that since your scientists can show you bones from the ape or skull no bigger than the end of the pinky and can so easily convince that this is the remnant of a distant ancestor and that you are related to this ancestor, you resign yourselves to the apparent authority of that entire class of knowledge that says that they have answers that solve the puzzle of your ancestry and genetic lines.

And even though there are certain similarities between a few of the chromosomes in your DNA structure with apes that it necessarily means that you have to accept that one notion perhaps amongst others that are NOT presented to you. You are told that these are the facts, cold and hard as they may be, but these are facts indeed. And because there is so little opposition to the idea and it seems that all of the facts support the notion, there must be only one conclusion – that you are all descendants of Bozo the Ape.

Yet there are other variances in your chromosomes and your DNA proteins that could just as easily link you up to other life forms on your planet. And these others are not mentioned. Nor is it discussed, for as it is the case that in only a few closed circles at this time that your DNA structure can just as easily demonstrate that your species has always been as it is now known and that you never truly had ancestors from the apes. And that as apes have their own lines of development, so human beings have their own lines of development, that humans with very little variations, have always been humans.

In a cave anthropologists may find an ancient humanoid bone and an ancient ape bone. They may conclude they are part of the same creature, even when there is no concrete evidence to truly tie them together except that they were both in the same burial pit. Therefore they are of the same creature. And such so-called evidence is not questioned, of course, because no one wants to take on the entire established theories. That would make far too much ruckus and you might lose your career, even when there is sufficient evidence to show that at some levels of the ground which would indicate over 350 million years ago human man-made artifacts can be found. But since that does not fit in with the accepted theory, then it cannot be brought to light or discussed, and either it is thrown out or reworked to fit in with the acceptable concepts. This is done far more often than is suspected.

The Sierra Mountain Range along the western American and Canadian seaboard, you call the Rocky Mountains further south are relatively new. But deep within their mounds there are remnants of ancient cultures, and some of these remnants were uncovered during the Gold Rush in the United States. And many of these remnants were eventually relegated to the depths of drawers and cabinets in research laboratories until they were forgotten. But many such remnants were already upon their discovery dated to millions of years before the so-called acceptable age for modern man. And they were found in mine shafts at great depths because when the Rockies and the Sierra Mountain Ranges rose up because of shifts in the crust many cultures and peoples living in those areas were buried deep beneath the mountain ranges. Do you follow?

Now if all of such evidence were properly examined with open minds, yes you can laugh here, it would change, radically change the history of mankind. That may mean that many grants will be dropped, that many research labs will be closed, many notions about evolution will have to be changed and the general public’s trust in many of these investigative sciences and anthropological research, that trust will be lost.

So instead of upsetting the status quo, it is best to forget these things. But your history as human beings reaches far back into time as you know it and not a single one of you has a monkey for an uncle, though some of you may think that some of your uncles are monkeys.

And certainly we understand that if this is discussed with just about anybody, you would be laughed at because all of the evidence they say from the books support that Darwin’s theory of evolution is irrefutable. Yet if it is such hard cold fact, why is it still considered a theory? Why do you not have half-human/half-monkey skeletons? Why do your mothers and other women not occasionally give birth to a monkey?

Now we understand that such statements hardly constitute scientific fact, but our wish is simply to try and get you to use your brain above and beyond the limitations of your apish ancestors.

MARK: How does the first of any species manifest?

KRIS: Interestingly, even in your own continent new species have been found. How do they come about? Since everything originates in the mind, from your smallest symptoms of disease or illness to the most complex and severe displays of crippling and often fatal diseases to the smallest moments of joy and everything else in between, everything originates in the mind. So to you, it appears that things follow a very specific path for coming into being. And you do not yet understand your own personalities and how they evolve. So we understand that it is difficult to understand.

But literally, new species versus the old species appear in your dimension. Some may do this with a certain degree of cross breeding, but new species are also discovered that are not necessarily related to one another. Yet there seems to be no indication that they existed at some point in the past. And others have been around that have not yet been discovered. So you have various means for life forms to appear on your planet.

But if you were to see in action how forms appear in your world, it would shake you to the very core of your being because you literally appear here and elsewhere. It seems to you, for example, that your bodies are a constant, permanent, static things, that it is fixed in time and space as a permanent structure until such structure no longer furnishes the necessary functions to keep you within it. That is how it appears to your physical senses, your eyes and so on and so forth. But in actuality your physical bodies are composed of atoms and molecules and these you can say vibrate at a very specific frequency. Thus it is possible to say that your bodies appear and disappear at such a rapid rate that the eye cannot detect it.

For instance, your television screens and your computer monitors do not display a constant image but rather have a refresh rate. They flicker at such a rate that it is undetected to the human eye. Do you follow?

Now there is another level at which the atoms and the molecules that compose the cells that compose the organs and the form of your body also does the same thing. It flickers at such a rate that it is not detectable. But it is NOT a constant solid form. You may think that it is, but it is not. As easily as this table, these walls, this floor and ceiling and the chairs and the couches you are sitting on, including your bodies also vibrate and flicker at such a rate that you cannot detect it. Thus you assume that it is solid. And were you to try to walk through the wall or this stone table, you would indeed be surprised, because your assumptions about reality create a specific charge, so to speak, that makes it so that to you it appears as solid. Indeed it does because it is what you assume.

Were you to assume that you could be consciously in more than one place at one time, were this part of your own psychological makeup, then you could experience being in more than once place at one time. For the time being you have to do this through the auspices of your unconsciousness mind and you call these other selves of yours in these other places and times as reincarnational selves. You say you have past lives. You may consider the possibility that you have future lives. And you may have probable lives. And you think that this individual life expression that you have now is the measure of all things. But you simply forget that you are definitely also the past life of a future self of yours.

So you are not necessarily the self that you think you are. You are definitely much more.

QUESTION: Are we also the future self of a past self? What if you become aware of someone living on the planet at the same time as you’re living, who could potentially be a parallel self? What would happen if you decided that you wanted to interact with that person?

KRIS: Now the interactions are presently being done through the auspices of your unconscious as if your unconscious is a superbly perfected matrix of communications and connections to an unlimited variety of selves, most of which is kept out of your conscious awareness for obvious reasons so that you can still enjoy your meal in one piece.

Now the arrangements would be made at an unconscious level, and if you did encounter you might find specific resonance with that individual, or you may find the opposite. Remember that you each would still be quite individualized personalities and that you MAY even dislike each other because you are still physical beings.

QUESTION: I became aware of this person, going back 14 or 15 years ago, just by accident. It was about 8 or 9 years since I had been through that area, and at the time I had been through that area I was going through a transition in my life, and I have just wondered it in some way or other, at some level I would have shed a personality aspect that basically decided to manifest there from now on?

KRIS: It is quite conceivable in those terms. There are many portions of your own individual personalities that you may find unsuitable. Where do you put them? Do you hang them up in your personality closet? Do you file them under ‘unwanted personality traits’? What happens to them?

Indeed because just as you are created of unlimited energy, they may very well continue their development even though you have shunned them. These traits or characteristics, some may represent more of your negativity or more of your positivity. They may continue hopefully evolving and understanding as their own paths and this does not diminish in any aspect the individualized personality that you are. So the concept is a valid one, and you do that more than you realize.

So you do have relatives far beyond the scope of your genetic lines. They are psychic offshoots. Do you follow?


And many of these personalities do not necessarily always follow the same gender even as when they were associated with you. So we hope we have blown a few fuses with this.

What is the time?

MARK: 8:50

KRIS: So do you have other questions?

QUESTION: Was there ever a time on earth when there was peace? Was there ever a civilization that was able to achieve peace for a long period of time or permanently?

KRIS: There were many cultures that did live a peaceful and productive existence. Many were agricultural based. Many disappeared, many evolved, many lost their peacefulness, each trying a new experiment in consciousness. But overall in spite of all appearances throughout time, in the many times and lives that your planet has exhibited, we hope you understand that statement, overall there have been more cultures and civilizations whose focus were peaceful cohabitation. Does that answer your question?

QUESTION: For what reason did the civilizations disappear?

KRIS: They may have disappeared from your collective focus, but that does not mean that they have disappeared entirely from the cosmos. You could say they transferred into a reality that best suited their overall needs and to not participate in other experimentations of consciousness where some individuals and groups and collectives of beings deemed it necessary to explore the dichotomies and the polarities between extremes, such as you have in your civilization presently. Do you follow?

But overall we would have to say that the majority of experiments have been peaceful.

QUESTION: So when some people say that there are people in prison who are unable to be rehabilitated, I’m thinking of Paul Bernardo, could he actually become a non-murderer? Have we just not found a way to rehabilitate such people?

KRIS: There are aspects of that personality that never pursued the path as demonstrated here in your world. He has also what you would call past lives where even the thoughts of such acts are unimaginable. You have to consider all the individuals involved in that event. That includes individuals like yourself. Not as direct participants, not even as indirect participants, but where perhaps you might be fearful of someone’s aggressive thoughts that in some way you can have pause and reflection upon hearing about a person who has demonstrated the worst aggressive tendencies your species can manifest. Do you understand?


Enough to help you understand more of what you are and more of what you do not want to be.

QUESTION: Will we always need this physical body?

KRIS: You only need the physical body when you have specific reasons for it. When you see it, for example, you do not need your physical body to roam about forests or space or in your neighbor’s house. Do you understand?


But when it comes to having to learn how your inner thoughts, moods, attitudes, perceptions, feelings generate physical reality, you need the physical body. It is the instrument through which you decide if loving, caring thoughts or thoughts of deep aggression will be your mandate. Do you follow?

QUESTION: Yes. And let’s say that one manages to do that. If one learns how to choose their thoughts and how that affects themselves and their environment, does that mean that they will not need the physical body anymore because they have learned what they came to learn?

KRIS: Some do come and learn. Do understand that this is not handed down by some higher committee, if that were the case no lessons would be learned adequately because the committee would not be able to decide what is needed or not. You choose the lessons you wish to learn for your own purposes, and always in conjunction with those who travel with you.

One of the lessons that many people need to come to terms with is that first of all the physical body, the physical form and the physical experience in any detail is NOT beneath the fact that you are a spiritual, eternal being. In fact the physical body is merely an appearance, so to speak. It enables you to transform thought into matter at a particular level. You have your own separate form quite distinct from the physical body at another level. Do you follow that?


So you always have form. Some of those forms may be made manifest at the physical level. Some may be made manifest at a slightly less than physical level. Other forms may be in realities that you could not grasp at this time because your notion of form, physical form, MUST include two arms, two legs, fingers and toes, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, head, shoulders, torso, buttocks, feet. Do you understand?

Without those notions, you would find it most difficult to express physicality, but there are other parts of you that are not as concerned with the notion of form as you consciously imagine. Does that make some sense to you?

QUESTION: Yes. Do we choose this form?

KRIS: When you enter the physical system indeed. It would serve little purpose to enter the physical world and seek to interact with it without a head on your shoulders. Though there are world leaders who have done that.

QUESTION: I mean the other forms, the non-physical forms.

KRIS: Indeed. They are out of the parameters of different realities. So if you wish to go beneath the ocean’s surface, you cannot expect to simply go with your body. You need the suit. You need the headgear. You need the oxygen tank in order to survive in that environment. When you come into physical reality you need the physical body to express within it for those specific purposes.

QUESTION: But does it always have to be specific? Can it be just light or energy?

KRIS: You are also that as well. When you interact with other forms you need that physical body. Do you follow?

QUESTION: Do you choose this type of physical body yourself?

KRIS: You make a decision before you are born. You and your parents at other levels through dream state and unconscious psychological communications determine if their DNA and ancestry line, their whole family history will benefit both of you for your chosen experiences and interactions. So you do not blindly jump into the form of a fetus haphazardly. Those are calculated because you know ahead of time that in general that particular human experience is best tailored to suit your needs.

QUESTION: Even if there is a war and there is a mass number of people being killed? Do they manifest very quickly back into life?

KRIS: Some can reincarnate in very quick cycles, but not everyone wishes to grow to adulthood. Sometimes the burden is too much to bear. Some of you wish to dip quickly into physical reality, perhaps to understand some of the finer points of physical reality. Others may come from long periods of time and choose long-lived lives. And some may come often and they find a great deal of enjoyment at sharing life at that level. And it does not mean they are less evolved. Some would be far more evolved than yourself.

But overall you come to the physical experience because you find it is indeed a wonderful way to express love in very specific ways. And you would not enter the human experience if you did not love it. That may be a hard pill to swallow for some.

MARK: Do we often experiment in non-human capacities?

KRIS: Indeed you do.

QUESTION: While we’re human?

MARK: Or even when we’re not. Is it safe to say that the human condition is just one experiment out of many for us?

KRIS: Indeed. It is also safe to say that out of billions, the human experience is quite unique. That is why so many life forms literally line up for it.

Now, what is the time?

MARK: 9:05

KRIS: Indeed, then we will leave you to ponder the mysteries of your existence and the definitions of yourselves, and may you always understand that you are far more than the selves you think you are at any given time. So with that, we find it necessary to give you many kinds of lessons to suit all of your needs. And do sleep well.

Sessions ends at 9:05

Kris returns.

KRIS: Now to you it seems that words are carefully meted out one character in front of the other, stitched together to create words much better than Vanna White can do, and that everything is worked out in a very specific sequence, a syntactical sequence. That is the way you understand the tail end of the thinking process. You are literally experiencing the slowest portion of it possible. That then is translated into the verbal communication. If we were to exchange with you, for example, at the speed of thought, because you are unaccustomed to the process, you would not register anything. You would think that there is nothing but static because you do not quite recognize what thinking process is.

When you have a specific thought in your mind’s eye, in that stage on your mind, you think that is that thought, but that is only part of the process. The rapidity of thought far surpasses any of the communication devices you have here on your planet in any of your technologies combined. Your thinking processes actually are slowed down by the neurological activity in your brain because pulses of energy must jump from one synapse to the other, and that creates a slowing down of the process because it starts interacting with the physical. The brain is the physical representation of the mind and the body is the physical representation of the brain.

When things occur at the speed of thought, you could say that it occurs before it occurs, before it occurs, before it occurs, because it exists in a zone that is not related to time as you can understand it in any of its shapes or forms. So again it would not register on your brain because you operate at very specific frequencies.

There are instances with individuals whom are more accustomed to playing with altered states where their thought processes and their feeds can be experienced in slowed down or slightly accelerated versions. That is again an altered perception, but not the true thought form. And though there are times when we can and often do speak on things that you have not verbalized, for the most part for you to simply sit here and have us speak endlessly on a variety of topics would eventually prove so boring you would fall asleep. And far be it from us to put you to sleep. We hope we are more interesting than that.

So you yourself need a physical expression, a verbal vocalization of some of your thoughts. Does that make some sense to you?

QUESTION: What dictates the thought that one would receive?

KRIS: You generally attract thoughts that meet your own unique criteria or personality structure, what you believe yourself to be. You would not, as a peace loving individual, start to manifest thoughts of violence or draw them to you because it is a not part of your own make up. So you draw to you those thoughts that are generally in line with your own perception. And these may vary and expand and grow as your mature, so that even though the body itself may show signs of socially acceptable forms of aging, you might still, for example, show a very vibrant and young mind, and that your ideas are always productive, that you are always inquisitive and seek answers. And the more that you rely on what we spoke of earlier about the tools and the resources within you, the more you develop your intuitive capabilities. You may draw towards you other thoughts still in line with your overall beliefs but that lead you to an expanded awareness so that you may become aware of even more of what you are.

So the thought processes as they exist are far and varied and indeed great. But you draw to you those that are more in line with your own makeup. Does that help you?

The arena of thought itself is literally endless. You think your universe is either expanding or infinite and you cannot quite imagine the ramifications of infinity. And the universe is merely displaying as best it can the exchanges and the processes of thought throughout all realities because you have your existence in a universe of thought.

We do hope we have not confused you overly. Now we will take our leave of your precious and loving selves and may you experience those very selves fully, and do enjoy your week.

Kris returns a second time.

KRIS: Now if Joseph does not kick you out we will be here all night.

You do live in a veritable ocean of thoughts and you do not own any one, single iota of a thought. However, one of the beautiful aspects of human existence is that you can take a thought and give it an entirely new definition or a slant or revision, a new life, a new expression, because are expressing it as no other living being can through the auspices of your own personality. So you can through that ability provide the potential for an unlimited amount of universes that would stem from that very small core of a thought that you took and breathed life into.

And we are not speaking metaphorically here. We are being very literal. All The Is, or the Universe, expresses itself through each and every one of you because through each and every one of you the Universe finds an unlimited potential for creation above and beyond its own unlimited potentials to create. So you literally have a mechanism, a living spiritual-biological mechanism for creating that can never run out of energy. And it will continue creating way beyond your farthest conceptions and the farthest stretches of your imagination. So you are indeed endowed with potential you may or may not be able to grasp, but that still exists within you.

It is said that you are the children of the Universe. What will you do when you grow up? What kind of realities and universe are you going to be creating? What kind are you creating now? What potentials are you developing today in this moment?

Imagine yourselves as being a loving, caring force, a sentient being with potentials that you may not even be able to completely grasp and that even moving your hand from one side of your body to the other so many dimensions and realities have been moved and transformed by that one act that to you is so simple. But with one night’s sleep, you have dreamt dreams within which you have given birth to such realities that will go on forever that you quickly lose touch with as you awaken.

With such great and loving power, you are only asked to be mindful, conscious, and fun loving. So when you sleep tonight enjoy what you dream about because it may become the reality for another unlimited number of beings.

We promised to let you go, so we will do that now and do sleep peacefully and well.

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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