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Healthy Ego

Do You Think You Need To Get Rid Of The Ego?

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on April 28, 2003

Special Guest Anne Morse presenting Transeekers.

KRIS: We are glad that you have taken the time to come here. We understand that you are experiencing an extreme delightful day.

Now you were speaking about the ego, and you should understand several things about this much-maligned aspect of your personalities.

First off, the ego is not a thing apart or separate from the whole of your being, though the label of ego does apply to a specific function of certain aspects of the personality that function together for highly specialized purposes. And as we have suggested, it has been much maligned. 

Certain religions even are set up specifically to convince you that the ego indeed is what prevents you from attaining union with the divine and the sacred. And entire philosophical systems are set up in an attempt to convince you that the ego must be either side stepped or crushed entirely in order for your to elevate your consciousness to an acceptable level.

Then there are other philosophies that say that your egos usually get in the way. Your egos prevent you from experiencing life and so on and so forth. And you are much accustomed to speaking about the ego as if it is the one impediment between satisfying and fulfilling relationships of all kinds with your fellow human beings.

And because you assume that the information you have about the ego is accurate, then your lives follow suit. If you understood the ego’s capacities and functions, there is a likelihood that your experiences with this aspect of the human personality would be radically different and you would feel no need to try and remove the ego from its rightful place in the scheme of your personality structure.

The ego is a very specialized part of human consciousness and personality. It serves several most important functions. It acts first of all as the interface between sensory information of the physical world and the human personality itself. It is that buffer zone that enables you to function wholesomely and fully whilst you are on this human journey. It interprets the signals from the sensory world in terms that you have dictated to it. It acts in so many ways much like a traffic cop at an intersection, directing the flow of traffic in an orderly fashion, making sure to the best of its abilities, that there are no accidents, that no stray information crosses the street when it is not time, and regulates the flow of traffic in a manner that you can deal with as per your instructions. Do you follow?

So the ego does not try to control the situation as much as it tries to perform according to the instructions you have given it, much like the traffic cop acts according to the rules of law for circulation upon the streets of vehicles of all kinds and human beings. Do you follow?

So it has very specialized functions. It also has a foot in Layer Two of reality. And with this, it also attempts to regular the flow of information from this unconsciousness or Layer Two of reality in a manner in accordance with your instructions. Thus if you have established fearsome parameters about the nature of unconscious information as you see it, then the ego’s function attempts to keep that information out of the picture, away from you.

And the more you fear unconscious information then the more the ego’s capacities are limited and restricted and burdened because it must redouble its efforts to make sure that none such information bleeds through. At least it attempts. But if you designate the ego’s functions in a gentlemanly manner without bullying it, then you will certainly facilitate its duties. You will give it far more leeway and fewer restrictions.

And the ego also serves as the bridge between these different layers of information, again in accordance with your own instructions, which come from your beliefs, your desires, your attitudes, your intentions and so on and so forth. So do not bash the ego over, since it only tries to do its job.

Now you sometimes say that so and so has an ego the size of Texas, so and so has a large ego, and so on and so forth. And you should understand that in reality, the ego plays less a part than does the individual’s attitudes. The ego in such a case would actually be very narrow and small and frightened because it has to fend off all types of other individuals. It has to fend off other people’s beliefs because it is totally insecure in its own rights. Do you understand?

So before you are quick to slash someone’s ego because it is too large, so you think, think twice and consider that perhaps that individual may be in far more trouble than you might assume. Do you understand?

An individual who is free to explore his personality or her personality, to explore the great adventure of human consciousness, that kind of individual does have a large ego in the proper sense of the world, is able to balance his or her attitudes and perceptions, and in between all of these things is still able to maintain a level-headed composure and compassionate attitude to all living beings. That kind of an individual has a strong, powerful and large ego in the most beneficial and grace-filled fashion. Does that make sense to you?

Now, my large egoed friends, we will give a small break.

Return from break. Transeekers begin to speak.

TRANSEEKERS: We thank you for the opportunity to communicate in this fashion with you. This evening you have gathered together in order to explore new ideas, to reassess all the ideas, to bring forth all your creative energies, emotions, thoughts, in order to assist each other and yourselves in the continuing evolution of your lives, of this consciousness, this vitality that you have within you and that you wish to express to others.

And with coming together you find there are other of like-mindedness and in that it gives you satisfaction. Many individuals chose to come together in order to, as you say, have one-upmanship on the individual so that in following the idea of the ego, this presents a wonderful opportunity to show others what a great person that individual may be. But then that one is judging themselves by the measure of other individuals and does not truly take into consideration their own values, their own worthiness, their own talents, the abilities, all the probabilities and all the potential that is within your grasp.

Now, yes we did hear of the idea of intuition. Now intuition works very nicely with understanding who you are. Intuition is not something that is foreign. It is a tool. It is your birthright. You have this ability to help you through circumstances that otherwise you might find difficulty within.

Now most people do find difficulties within events in their lives because they are not able to allow themselves to open up to their intuitive because they cannot trust the intuition. Why would one not want to trust their own intuition? The most important reason is that it is not sanctioned by someone else. Someone else did not come up to you and say, ‘You know, you have great intuition. Tell me more. Rely on it. Expand it.’

You are told in fact not to trust your intuition because it could reflect wishful thinking, because after all your world shows you logic, shows you black and white, and your belief structures keep right in line with that.

Now beliefs are very important as well for they set you up for the adventures that you experience as you evolve on your paths. Beliefs can be altered and changed and the one belief that needs to be altered in order to truly accept your intuition and to trust it is the belief that your intuition will sometimes lead you astray, will not really be able to be tested, and others do not believe in it. These are powerful, powerful messages that you, as you all were growing up, and you are still growing, impact upon you, because if you had a world where everyone went around trusting their intuition while you were growing up, you would have no difficulties with it whatsoever, as you have no difficulty distrusting yourself and your intuition.

So in order to access and enhance that talent that you already have, it requires you to suspend your intellectual mind and for a brief moment opt to trust yourself. Now one may say, ‘What if a very serious situation pops up? Do I simply trust my intuition? What if it does not go right?’

Well, we would suggest you are setting yourself up for failure, which is all well and good if you want to experience failure. And a good lesson one can learn from failure because in truth you never fail, you are simply trying something in a different way. But if you want to try it in that way, that is well within your right of self.

However, if you wish to shift that, you need to suspend the judgment, the criticism, the doubts. We would suggest beginning with something small. For instance, if you need to go downtown you can intuit where to find the best parking spot. Simply trust the guidance system that is within you. Know and project outwardly, “Yes, this is what I wish.” And then go about your business. Begin your drive. And let your own body and mind guide you.

You may hear in your mind, “Oh, I have a thought to go down that road. But I never go down that road. There’s nothing there.” That is your intuition. The reason some people seem to be better at it than you might be is because they practice trusting their intuition. Would you expect to get on a bicycle and know at the moment your posterior touches the seat that you’re going to know how to ride the bike? No. We think not.

Do you think that Tiger Woods took a golf club in his hand when he was a child and was able to instantly, he may have been a bit better than some others, but not the way he is now? He practices. Similarly with the intuition.

And do not think for a moment that you do not have very well-honed intuitive skills. No one comes into this earth lacking.

And we also were present when you were speaking of sacrificing. When we suggest no one comes into this world lacking, sacrifice doesn’t go in there. And indeed when people would even choose to sacrifice because they fear they are lacking. And if they sacrifice to the maximum then somehow this will ingratiate the powers that be to look down upon them and say, “You have been a good sacrificer, therefore you are going to get rewarded.”

No. Not in this lifetime or any other, for the aim of life is to experience your godhood in all of its totality. Regardless of what you choose to do, you are god energy in motion. So intuition is very easy. The more challenging aspect of it is to trust that it IS easy.

Life was meant to be easy, but of course, there’s always the idea of drama, of setting one’s self up with blocks, of limits. Some of our alien friends look down upon your journey and marvel at how proficient you are at overcoming limits. You’re very good at it. You have had many years of experience, having something to push up against, having something to show how courageous you are, how hard it is so that your reward is that much sweeter.

If you have not recognized it already, your consciousness is going through a shift, a major shift, and in this major shift, you’re going to discover that that type of thinking no longer fits because life can be just as exciting, just as challenging without those limits. You can soar much higher. And that is part of the evolutionary process.

And for an exercise you can in the coming days think to yourself you wish to encounter, shall we say, a rose. You wish to encounter a particular individual. You wish to encounter something or other. And simply project your mind with that image in mind and then follow the small voice in your mind, guiding you, your senses, your feelings, and then discover you quickly you encounter that thing. A very interesting exercise. The benefit of it is tenfold for it gets you to practice.

(Break Starts)

(Kris returns after listening in on the discussions at break.)

KRIS: You get all scrambled. Let us try to explain this way.

You are living eternal and immortal consciousness and as best as you can you literally translate or interpret portions of THAT eternal energy into a 3-dimensional, physical form as it meets the requirements of this dimension or plane of existence.

You have other expressions in other planes of existence. You may refer to them as probable lives, reincarnational lives, past lives, future lives, but all in all they are other expressions of that which you are.– Soul.– You are soul clothed in flesh. Does that make SOME sense to you?

Now do notice we did not say you HAVE a soul. You ARE the soul, and that makes a slight and perhaps even a big difference. We are no different from you. The only difference is that you think that there is one. You think that you are therefore physical form, therefore, alive and that we are somehow or other dead.

We do find it interesting that dead guys have to remind the living guys what life is about. (Laughter)

If more of you would expand your own awareness and understand the principles of life and of creation, then you would be less concerned with your physicality in a way and fear life much less. You would embrace love, challenges. You would embrace living in all of its expressions. And you would certainly not be as afraid of love as you all are. But that is for another workshop.

All in all, you can rest assured that your personalities will not be snuffed out when your physical forms are no longer suited for your own evolution that you will continue to evolve. Life, as well as love, is not bound to physical forms. It simply is. It exists. It is perhaps difficult for you to comprehend because you believe that your thoughts are bound by the brain, the mind, and the body. You have yet to understand the profundity of what thinking is about. Nor what you are all about.

You are dear and precious expressions of yourselves. We trust that this evening you have had some small perceptions into the nature of your own beings. And we trust that you trust in the very nature of your own being.

And with that, we will send you upon your blessed journeys and we will see you soon.

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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