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Free Will

Free Will: The Capacity To Reach Beyond Your Limitations

Transcribed by Marcy Singer
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on January 20, 2003

(Seven people in attendance.)

KRIS: Now we indeed thank you for taking your time and coming here and to those of you who are new, we bid you a warm welcome, something much warmer than outside.

You have been discussing some of the anomalies of time as you understand it and its relationships with yourselves, both how you imagine yourselves today, in the past, and in the future. And it seems to confuse some of you and well it should actually bring about a mild state of confusions. The confusion usually comes from your own ego based perceptions as to whom and what you are. The ego, over time, has built a very clean and orderly perception around its own self, and from its vantage point, it appears that you are in a world of physical matter where this physical world exists apart from and separate from you as if somehow or other you are divorced from your world. And it also appears that you had a beginning, you have a middle, and someday you will have an end, and when that end comes, nothing else exists for the ego.

So it builds the foundation of so-called fact and data to reinforce its perceptions, and from this fact gathering exercise spread out over time, the ego usually comes to the conclusion that there is nothing else in existence BUT itself and what it perceives. And anything else is purely theoretical. But it does so because it forgets very easily that it has a source of existence that may appear separate from itself but is not. And this source of existence, which allows the ego to think whatever it wants about itself, this source of existence is not based in the reality that is perceived by your physical senses.

You live in a world that is interpreted by your senses, most specifically the rods and the cones in your eyes. And in conjunction with the brain that receives the signals from all of your physical senses, it interprets that data according to the beliefs that you hold concerning yourself, your world, and your relationship with it. So it constructs an image of what reality perhaps is, according to its definitions, which are indeed limited. And whenever there are gaps, contradictions, anomalies, it usually censors them so as not to disturb the overall picture of reality that it has so carefully and tidily tried to paint for you. And it does something that is very much akin to what the apologists do when they read your Judeo-Christian scriptures. Whenever there are contradictions, anomalies and so on and so forth, the apologists skip over them, pretending there is nothing really wrong with facts that do not match.

The ego does the same with reality. When there are loose ends in its understanding of reality, it creates blind spots to its understanding. This ends up creating for you a perception of the world that is lacking. It still exists but your ego becomes blind to its greater source. So you eventually can allow yourself and your egos to understand more about life by realizing that first of all everything you see in the physical world, everything that your senses report to you is merely a reflection of your thoughts concerning yourself, your world, and your relationship with that world.

Understand that beneath, that is not the proper word, but underneath the props found within physical reality there are much deeper dimensions, and that within these greater realities there you find the source of your being.

Now it is not that the ego is a bad thing or that it truly is a hindrance or an impediment to greater understanding because without the ego you would also have no perceptions of yourself based within physical reality. So there are definite ways to expand and enlarge the ego’s own truth about reality, and you yourselves can benefit greatly by understanding that first of all, you are eternal and immortal beings, and that the true source of your being is not based within physical construction, but instead beyond its boundaries in a world where space and time seem rather meaningless, where instead the self-helps you by generating everything you need from within this inner dimension for the survival of the ego-based personality in physical reality.

So it is as if you really exist in two places in once, but that is only an appearance. It appears as if there is a source to your being outside of the space-time continuum while you are within the space-time continuum, utilizing the senses to decipher your existence with realities that you still find the whole or complete self outside the time space continuum. But your perceptions make it appear as if there are divisions within the self, as if there is a time past and a time future.

Because you have your own physical being rooted in the world of flesh and blood, you must utilize the venue of your senses and your neurological processes to interpret. Your ideas of linear time are actually a result of the way your brain transfers information along your neurological pathways. And because you become accustomed to a particular wavelength and unique firing speed between synapses, it appears as if you can only experience one time at a time, though what you call the unconscious is not fettered by such limitations.

There are also ways to adjust some neurological pathways to speed up your interpretations of knowledge and reality or slow them down and speeding them up does not make one more spiritual or psychic, they are merely definitions to help you understand. There are many neurological pathways available to the individual in his or her brain.

So how does all of this have to do with selves in the past, selves in the future? Simply because you are an expression of ‘All That Is’ or the Universe, and there is so much of you that it cannot be expressed in only one parcel. Think of all of the dreams, all of the thoughts that you have entertained since the moment you became aware that you were a thinking being. Imagine all the things you dreamt of doing, all of the paths, the careers that you thought of undertaking. Imagine all the times that you thought you were going to turn down this one street and instead, you turned down another. Think of all the times you may have thought ‘today I will do this’ and you instead end up doing something different.

All of these probable actions generate energy and it does not die, in fact, no energy is ever wasted. So all of these probable actions may have indeed continued to follow their own paths different from yours and following very different paths is difficult for you to understand from the point of view of the ego, but not your unconscious.

So you have within yourselves here and now the potential to understand so much more about you. We said earlier that you actually have a source of being outside the continuum of time and space. That source has expressed itself in many, many different personalities, not all of which is you as you think of yourselves here and now.

Some of them, some of these selves, springing forth from this ‘outside of time’ source may very well explore their potentials in a time that is different from yours. Perhaps from YOUR perspective this could be considered a past time or a future time, and indeed the experiences, the knowledge, the information, the lessons that are cultivated and harvested in all so-called time zones never go to waste, but are instead shared with the entire range of all the personalities originating from this one source self that exists outside of time and space.

And though you personally may believe that something you did as another personality in another time such as the past may have an influence upon your actions today, which is what you call karmic influences, little do you realize that your projected selves into the future may exercise upon you as much a pull as you think your past selves exercise upon you.

So there may very well be decisions that you make today or tomorrow that are influenced from some of your future selves, helping align yourselves so that more of your potentials actually become manifest, as opposed to an archaic and draconian mindset that says that any challenges and difficulties that you have today are the results of something you did in the past or a past life that may haunt you today.

Think of it this way. You are all accustomed to thinking that every morning the sun rises into its apex and at night the sun sinks below the horizon, when in reality the sun does not move, nor does it rise or set, but the axis of your planet revolving around the sun causes an appearance of the sun rising and setting. So, in reality, your world is moving, both upon its axis and through space around the sun.

Now if you take two moments to even reflect upon that, you will also see that it can change your view of your relationship with the world. It does not mean the romantic setting sun is now no more romantic, but it does add a different zing to your perceptions. And when you begin to think about some of your own probable lives, some of which you call past and some of which you call future, in those terms you may then find a greater connection and unifying effect. And hopefully by understanding somewhat more that your impulses, your thoughts, your decisions, the actions you take today may actually be far more influenced by your own future selves, you can more easily rest assured that your whole self, what you call your inner self or your higher self, has your best intentions at heart far more than so-called past life which may seem to want to trip you up at any opportunity because it may have done something that may or may not have been. Do you understand?

So you actually have the opportunity to open so many more doors to self-understanding this way than if you sit here worried that beyond your control is a vast self that may have committed some transgression that YOU will pay for. What opportunities await you tomorrow can be a far more interesting premise than wondering what some past self did to ruin your day.

WOMAN: The Christian religion has gotten a lot of mileage out of that idea.

KRIS: Indeed. However, many people leave the Judeo-Christian mindset, or so they think, and they will go and study Eastern philosophies because it may bring more fulfillment, and they become involved with the notion of karma and past lives and all of the offenses and transgressions and sins of not only of an original sin now but of thousands and thousands of lives of sin that may weigh you down like an anchor and drown you into a sea worry.

WOMAN: Like Matthew Fox who was excommunicated by the Vatican for his ideas about NOT original sin but original blessing.

KRIS: Indeed. In fact, if your biblical scholars had done their homework properly, they would not have succumbed to political pressure to use original sin as the very foundation for an entire civilization. Original goodness is a notion that you have forgotten. You have become so accustomed that at the very core of your being is a seed of iniquity and that somehow you are flawed.

WOMAN: I don’t believe in original sin.

KRIS: That is fine. Most people do not either, but if you understand original goodness then you are far better off, for it is the TRUE source of your being. When you do not trust yourselves, fearing that your apparently innate iniquity and flaws will somehow or other possess you completely, you project that onto others. So you not only do not trust yourself, you begin not trusting others.

WOMAN: Don’t you also project it onto yourself in the future and in the past?

KRIS: Along those terms, indeed. Hence, you have scores of people of many cultures who believe that their past selves did many things they must now pay for.

WOMAN: Aren’t they then in that moment paying for them since there is no time?

KRIS: Actually, the whole drama is an illusion. You individually and collectively get what you concentrate upon, so the more you mistrust yourself, the more you mistrust your neighbors, the more one nation mistrusts another, you have escalations towards war, destruction and annihilation of one or the other because you have all forgotten that the very core of your being has one purpose, GOODNESS.

Now, many individuals try to get this message across in many ways. You have many science fictions themes that seek to get this across, but many are also bogged down in distortions. But know that regardless of what occurs in your world, the very core of your being is filled with Goodness, and if you all collectively as a nation tapped into that power, it would radically change not only what you believe but the very face of your planet. It would change all aspects of your society.

Now we do not mean to sound like a preacher in the pulpit, but you do have an innate sense of what we are speaking about. And the more you fear the Core of your Being, the more you shun away this Goodness. It does not mean that you must be an idiot and throw yourselves at your enemies to show that you are made up of all good stuff, but it does mean that you can change the way you think about yourselves. Never mind thinking about others. Think about yourselves!

Once your perceptions about yourself are changed, then automatically your perceptions about others are changes as well, and that is the only place you will make a very powerful and impactful difference in the world. Change yourself and others will be changed because the whole of reality will gradually take up the cause, even if it takes eons of time in your understanding.

Now, this should not be a heavy discussion, but it is meant merely to try and get you to think that within the very core of your being, that place you call the heart, and it is not a physical heart, that inner place, is filled with joy, with peace, and a great and loving abandon for all beings, yourselves included.

Now we will take a few moments. You have a break and then we will return.


(Kris comes back during break.)

KRIS: That is one reason why your society has more and more rules and regulations because there is a firm belief that if allowed, the unbridled self will cause havoc and destruction on all fronts. So you have legal systems, you have judicial systems, you have penitentiaries, you have despot rulers and dictators, you have tyrants who committed genocide, regardless of what flag they were flying. If you eliminate another culture, you are still a genocidal maniac. That is why many of your religions have for so long stressed instilling in their followers the fear of God, for if you allow your unbridled evil self some freedom God will strike you and smite you down. They do not preach about any loving deities. They do not instill the seeds of love within the self. They do not pursue the development of the individual’s love for self and others. And when they speak along those lines, it is usually to remind you what you would call your dark self.

So it is indeed unfortunate that somehow or other there is more trust in man’s so-called iniquitous self than there is in his goodness. Do you understand what we are saying?

There is indeed hope for your race, and that hope begins with each one of you abandoning the darker notions of your existence and focusing instead on the source of YOUR being, which originates within Goodness.

Now this notion that you get what you concentrate upon is not merely a philosophical statement. It was not something that was spoken once by a great Greek philosopher. It IS to be found in even your most ancient writings, perhaps in different ways, but it is still the one immutable rule in your universe, in your reality and dimension, that you get, each and every one of you that which you concentrate upon. Then you concentrate upon your fears and your flaws and your worries and then so-called bad things happen to you and you forget what you thought about. And then you scream ‘I am a victim of events and circumstances’, forgetting that you created those very events and circumstances in the first place, regardless of what they are.

So yes, there are groups who must feel it is necessary to remind the collective human race of the atrocities hidden within the human heart lest it happen again, and because of that kind of thinking overall, you will still not be freed from it. So the onus is on yourselves not on others to remind you, NOT that you may harbor a killer instinct within you, but that instead, you harbor a loving instinct within you.

QUESTION: Ultimately are we not to ‘not concentrate’ on anything?

KRIS: Then you get nothing.

QUESTION: What about the state of ‘no-mind’ that comes through meditation?

KRIS: In order to achieve such a state you must desire it. Correct? So you cannot achieve no-mind. The human mind is the one most powerful tool you have. With it, you create untold realities, so the onus is upon you to create realities where the instinct to love is topmost. You cannot avoid thinking. Even if you were to cut your heads off you would still be. You still think. So it is imperative that you understand that you how and what you think is also important, just as the ants can no more stop themselves from foraging for food and from building anthills, then the beaver can stop himself from chewing wood and building dams or the bee to stop buzzing, collecting pollen and making beeswax and honey. So can’t you stop yourselves from thinking?

You are able to stop the physical brain from functioning. Simply blow your brains out. But we do not advise it or else your hairdresser will be very upset. So think you cannot stop thinking. Why not turn your most powerful tool to your advantage, and if it is to your advantage, it is to the advantage of others as well. So instead of feeling your loving instinct, why not release it and let it work for you. Instead of feeling joy, what do you do? You become depressed, you mope about and you fear that others will do you wrong.

So why not unleash onto the world your own joyous nature? If you want to see things happen, plug into what we call The Joy Factor and see your world change before your eyes. Once you believe it, then the whole world will see it, and we are not advocating missionaries here. We are suggesting that you have the potential to change the most simple to the most complex situation in your lives. This requires one thing, trusting the joy and the love within you. It’s a simple premise. No? One that you can practice without anyone else. You do not have to wear strange robes, belong to any cults. You do not have to shave your heads nor your eyebrows nor do you have to walk upside down while chewing gum at the same time. You do not have to do strange diets and nutritional plans. You do not have to marry anyone you do not want to. You do not even have to say any prayers or learning any incantations.

Become joyous! When you see in the springtime mother bird bringing food to her young chicks in the tree and you hear them chirping, it brings you joy. When you see a child speak his or her first words or take their first steps, say Mama or Papa for the first time, when you see a kitten, when you see the leaves open up in the springtime, each of these reflects your joys. So if you send out joy, it will appear everywhere for you to see. What you concentrate upon is what you get.

Now, concentrate on relaxing and having a small break.


(Session continues.)

KRIS: Now if each of you was born indeed with a blank slate, then your race would still be swimming with the amoebas in swamps because you would have nothing to work with.

Now you take your birth and do not necessarily remember all of the information or material that you have at your disposal. The experience of birth itself is quite shocking to the system and does act in part to block your access to a vast amount of knowledge that you have cultivated in many lifetimes. And it does so primarily because if you were to have all of that material at your disposal consciously, you most likely would not be able to function on the one task that is before you. It would be too difficult for you to narrow your focus to such a simple task as tying your shoelaces when you are very young.

You are not cut off from that font of knowledge, however. It can be made accessible, and eventually, your cultures will see this as important. You are born with a certain set of what we shall call outlines, a certain primal type of blueprints that enables you to focus on certain directions, certain purposes of your birth. Perhaps it is coming here to learn more about compassion or love or understanding what it is like to be in another’s shoes or perhaps also to understand how it is that some people have a different belief structures, such as those who believe in their poverty or those who believe in abundance and perhaps to learn about entirely different things. But you always come here out of the desire to learn more, not because some kind of Space Committee has deemed you fit for punishment. Not because you have done something bad therefore you must fess up and lead another damned human life, but because there is a great joy to be in your bodies, to be yourselves, to experience yourselves as you are now. It does not mean that this so-called blueprint eliminates Free Will nor that you are forever unable to change your so-called destiny. You have a quality that is not to be found within the animal kingdom, for instance.

Now this spotted dog here cannot be anything but a dog because these are the parameters of her consciousness. You, however, first of all, do not have spots, and secondly, you have something animals do not have FREE WILL. We specifically isolate Free Will as opposed to intelligence, because there are some animals on your world that have a much larger brain than you do. Whales, for instance, their brain size makes yours look like walnuts. There is a reason for their large brain size.

You have Free Will, the capacity to always reach beyond your limitations, to be more than what you think you can be at any given time, and for that, you make countless decisions. It is estimated that you entertain well over 15,000 thoughts in one day’s time. That is a lot of processing, unlike Pentium processors, you do not need upgrades, but you do need to keep the system clean, well functioning. This capacity of Free Will helps you make decisions, most of the time based upon information you think you do not have. You call it instinct, gut feelings, intuitions, or you call it your feelings. All of that nice woo-woo stuff. Most of your decisions are not based on any rational, logical system, though you THEN implement logic and rationale to round out your intuitive decisions, urges, and impulses.

So first and foremost to insist that mankind is a logical creature is a fallacy, for he is not. Even some of the biggest and toughest business decisions in the world fly on gut feeling. So do not think you are something inferior or less than. If someone says ‘this is not logical’ you can see it is intuitively logical because your being, based upon your choices, based upon your decisions, based upon your Free Will has already unconsciously traveled down the paths of the future probabilities and sensed out a variety of potential outcomes, which is where your impulses or intuitions come into play. You do not know why but you know you must turn right as opposed to going straight through, as an example. This is but one.

What does this mean in relationship to this reality? It means that the future is malleable. The future is filled with potentials and possibilities. It can be molded like plastic. You do have certain guidelines or outlines, but within those parameters are unlimited possibilities. So you are not so much fated to meet someone, nor are you fated to this and that and the other thing, as much as your reality is the construction of your nature. Your thoughts make your things because thoughts make things. So the notion that fate will see to things is partially correct and partially wrong because you have made the decision, you have believed certain things. So reality more or less aligns itself in a way that is to your advantage, if you see it that way.

We hope that has answered some of your question.

QUESTION: You mentioned about keeping our thoughts focused upon the inherent goodness.

KRIS: Indeed, when you start fearing yourself, your impulses, no longer trust you, the innate power of your existence, then you start fighting yourself when yourself wishes to pull, you push, and when it wishes to push, you pull. You trip yourselves up. You begin to experience blocks, challenges, defeats, and your worst fears become real because that is what you concentrated on. So if instead, you concentrate on all possible advantageous outcomes, then what can you have? Nothing else.

Thus we dare each one of you, in fact, to use your lingo, we triple dog dare you, for five minutes a day for the next week to reach within yourselves, to tap into that infinite pond of innate goodness, to bring it to the surface of your being and to open the hose full blast and from the core of your being you spray everyone and everything with your joy and your goodness, because you will be filled with it. So when someone says to you, ‘you are full of it’ you can say ‘indeed I am. I am full of goodness. I am full of loving intentions toward myself and toward you. So now you will be full of it too.’

Now, what is the time? (8:50 pm)

Do you have one more question? (Referring to a question at break where someone asked why Kris takes Serge’s glasses off.)

QUESTION: Yes! The eyeball question.

KRIS: Now eyeballs are not only for witch’s brews anymore. [Laughter] The eye is a rather delicate biological mechanism. It is said that the eye is the doorway to the soul. Correct? And there is perhaps a reason for that because right now we have taken Joseph’s glasses OFF and since you could say we are the inner soul of Joseph, then it would allow you to see into his soul without any impediments of glasses. Now he has his own sets of beliefs that they are needed, and who are we to say whether he should have them or not. And if we did he would object. So we respect that, but we do not need his glasses.

QUESTION: So he needs his glasses because he BELIEVES he needs his glasses.

KRIS: Indeed.

QUESTION: So I have a belief that I need glasses.

KRIS: Indeed.

QUESTION: But what about before I got glasses the very first time? How could I have believed it then?

KRIS: There are many signals from your society. There are many people for instance who believe that someone with glasses has somehow or other a higher intelligence, whether or not they are. There are those who believe that they need some kind of an enhancement to the eyes to see things better. There are those with nearsightedness, far sightedness, with astigmatism and so many other things, so each one according to their own and not one the same as the other.

But you could dispense with them if your beliefs were of such a nature. Now that does not mean that because you wear glasses you are somehow or other less spiritual or able to change your reality. They suit you fine, so wear them, as long as you understand that YOU do not need our glasses, but your eyeballs may. Do you see the difference?


You are not your eyes. You use them. You see through them. YOU do not need glasses. You think that you are material. You think that you have this particular life in this time and place. Even that you think that you are sitting in this room, but that is only a small slice of the reality of the entire self. That entire has many other desires and occupation, of adventures and explorations. You do not know all about yourself.

Now it does you no harm to think you are sitting here in this room, but it would enhance your perception if you were to understand that the part of you that is sitting here is not your entire self. And that self does not need glasses.

QUESTION: So if a person has an illness, they can also dispense with that if they….

KRIS: If they so desire it. They must desire it as much as the desire for the illness. Now it is not that you set yourself at the kitchen table and you design that by the year 2005 I will be crippled with osteoporosis and this and that, but collectively the seed of illness begins in the mind. The limitations start coming in and taking root. The energy is blocked up. This is in a nutshell, but the more you withhold life, the more its life-giving powers are unable to reach you. Not that they are ever removed from you.

When the seeds of illness are sown, the individual will follow certain paths that will definitely enhance the growth of that seed into a full-blown illness, but the seeds are always originating within the mind, and they being with thoughts.

QUESTION: To have a desire in order to dispense with the illness that you desired to have do you have to believe? Or is that the same?

KRIS: You use the same tools. You must see yourself differently. The very context of your existence must change. For instance, there are those who go through life having only a so-soa existence. They may believe various things, that they are unworthy or that having more means more corruption, that having power will corrupt them, that having money and riches will make them evil beings. Do you understand?

There are those who may also believe that life is not worth living to any extent because you only die in the end. Do you understand? These are all beliefs, and each one of those individuals will have a reality that will manifest those beliefs because reality will reflect it. So if you change those things, those very thoughts, then the situation can be reversed. And you change them by desiring the opposite and eliminating the original foundation of the beliefs. That is why the poor are still poor because they believe in their poverty. And the rich are still rich because they believe in their riches. And even a rich man unknowingly have accepted to believe that one day he may lose it all, to one day find himself living in the desert. And the poor man may through some apparent stroke of good fortune, come across a lottery ticket which may bring him millions. Now if he does not pursue the changes necessary within his mind, in a short time he will return to a state of poverty. But if he changes his mindset, he may be able to expand on his good fortune, include other and share. Do you understand? And then he will be truly a rich man.

So there are many, many combinations of beliefs, as many as the thoughts that you hold in one day. But all things can be changed and all things have their origins in the mind.

Now do you have any questions? (Not right now.)

KRIS: Indeed. You are most welcome to participate and ask your questions at any time. Now with all of that said and done, and since all things begin and have their origins in the mind, then again our triple dog dare stands. Be joyful in your own minds and others will be joyful with you. So enjoy your week, your creations, and bring some back next week. And in between now and then we send you much joy and blessings.


(Kris returns)

KRIS: Now. Genetic factors do have a certain degree of influence, but they do not determine the outcome of your existence overall. You use your parents’ genetic material to create your bodies, and some of your physical traits will resemble one or the other or both parents, but it does not mean that you will become your parents. You have Free Will. You came to the world with specific purposes in mind, your outlines, because your father’s grandfather and on and on may have had a predisposition to male pattern baldness does not automatically guarantee that you or the next male in line will demonstrate the same, unless you start focusing ‘by the time my father was 29 he was bald. My grandfather became bald at 29. My great-grandfather was apparently bald by the time he was 30. I am 25. I have only three years left or four years left before my own hair falls off.’ Then you start to worry. You start stressing and you start beaming up this entirely very strong belief that by the time you are 29 or 30 you will also be bald. And lo and behold, yes genetics were right, discounting that you spent the last 3 to 4 years obsessed with every single hair that came off your head and having a conniption when you found two. So the same principle applies all across the board. Yes indeed your physical body may have a predisposition to one or another thing, but it does not determine the outcome.

So yes, genetics is a fascinating field, but the mind is far more fascinating because it influences the genetics.

QUESTION: To what degree are we able to change our bodies?

KRIS: If you had the determination, you could change your body to a certain degree, but you cannot grow four arms, simply because you are not a Hindu deity.

QUESTION: You could grow new teeth or improve your eyesight, couldn’t you?

KRIS: It has actually been done. Now if you lose a limb, you also cannot grow it back at this point in time. Not at this point in time.

MARK: Is that simply because of the cultural belief system?

KRIS: Indeed

WOMAN: If you were removed from that, could you?

KRIS: That will also take time, because, at those particular levels, your own unconsciousness is, shall we say, plugged into the collective, and so collectively, growing or regrowing a lost limb is still considered collectively as impossible.

WOMAN: Except in salamanders.

KRIS: That can be modeled, but your race has not accepted that as a possibility. You are dealing now with the collective belief structure. However, you still have the neurological pathways. Now this is referred to as a ‘ghost limb’. Are you familiar with that? Because your self, though it might understand that it has lost the physical representation of a part of itself, still has not lost the imprint of that self as it imagined itself in three-dimensional reality.

Imagine that you are able to be in another place while you sleep on your pillow. What you call astral projection. You find yourself in a foreign land. You are able to use even enhanced senses as if your own particular sensory perceptions have been raised a notch or two so that you can feel and sense and taste and see and hear things in a more acute manner because you are not limited by the physical senses, but you are also using inner sense in conjunction with the physical. Yet you are sleeping on your bed. Somehow or other a portion of you finds itself in another place.

Now your inner self does not differentiate. YOU make the differentiation, but the inner self understands fully that it can be in those two places at once. A projection of its image is sleeping on your bed and another projection of an image of self is in another place, perhaps even in another time and place simultaneously. It has no difficulties accepting both realities.

Your inner self, in a manner of speaking, still if you were to lose a limb, still sees that extension of energy as quite valid, though it is no longer physically represented. Do you understand a little?

So indeed you can be in two places at once. That is a good thing for mothers to tell their children when they are naughty because the self is not hindered by your ideas of time and space. You live out the consequences of your thoughts and beliefs, but the self is not so limited.

Now it is not that you are insignificant. On the contrary, you are much cherished. You are vital and valid representation of that self in this time and space, even though there may be other versions of yourself elsewhere. You are still a valuable representation of the Universe, for without you the world would not know itself as it knows itself now. So you make the world an entirely different place by the very fact that you are here in this time and space, that you took birth, the whole of history has changed. You may think of your lives as innocuously insignificant, irrelevant in the scheme of things.

Are you familiar with the Butterfly Effect? The same applies with you. You have no idea of how perhaps the simplest of your actions may actually influence people in another land in an entirely different way than you may have imagined. But you bring significance to the world. So allow your JOYOUS selves and the joy WITHIN that self to be a significant part of your experience. Make joy a significant thing!

So with that, we will now leave you to your significances, each and every one of you and we look forward to seeing you again.


About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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