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The second in the series deals with expectations. And in many, many circles, spiritual or otherwise, expectations have gotten a bad rap. Hmm? You always expect the other shoe to drop. Is that not so? (Yes)

And in many ways your words express your beliefs. And we also utilized a part quotation from Uncle Seth, ‘You are given the gift of the gods’. And if we look at this, and we will speak more about it during the presentations themselves, but regardless of what you think of gods and goddesses and institutionalized pantheons of deities, there is one particular trait that runs through all of them as they are depicted.

And it is that when gods and goddesses express their will there is no second guessing. It is what it is. It is expected that the miracle of expression will happen as willed by the gods or goddesses. Does that make sense to you?

So, in some ways this is coded. Hmm? The stories are coded to give you an indication of your own abilities and your own powers that you have not embraced onto yourselves, but have projected upon external sources to the point where you have forgotten that you yourselves have imbued these gods and goddesses with their powers.

But we will share ways in which you can reclaim some of that. And we are not saying here that you will part the seas, that you will stop the sun in the heavens, or that you will raise the dead. Though you might be able to turn grape juice into wine. (laughter) It only takes a few weeks and some miraculous little units of yeast.

So all kidding aside, exploring the Deep Self in this way is meant to reacquaint you with whom and what you are and not only whom and what you think you are. Does all this make sense to you?

The Deep Self, Session Eight

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