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Ancient History

Human History Is Much Older Than We Think

Transcribed by Ellen Gilbert
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on April 21, 2003

Roll Call: Serge, Jorge and Lori

Estimated time – 7:45 PM.

KRIS: We thank you for having taken of your rather nice day, and to spend some time with us. Beyond the topic of the revising of history and then some, it is indeed most interesting because there are large chunks of your history that do not appear in your ‘acceptable’ historical writing because it does not fit the views and theories of a particular group. And there are many examples throughout the world of such occurrences. 

Some of the closer to home events along those lines in this locale (meaning near Toronto for example) is the ancient history of the Seneca people and what was done to them in the late 1700′s by the French and English in these areas. Now many Seneca villages were systematically wiped out, which constitutes genocide. And even to this day, in spite of their archeological findings, the official keepers of the history books still refuse to incorporate such information for fear that it may lead to legal repercussions by the present day descendants.

And such a thing is occurring in many other places. Your own European ancestors, when they came to this continent, first of all, were rather amazed to find large strips of land not only inhabited but well-managed by intelligent groups of individuals with a highly structured social system and hierarchy. And not only were they so amazed, but even doubly so to realize that certain local native groups had large bands that were not so local in ancestry. There are many reports of individuals with — or native groups — with blond hair and blue eyes in many regions of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana area. In areas not that far from here (Toronto), we believe there are remnants of ancient open-pit copper mines, near Peterborough is it not?

LORI: Yes.

KRIS: Where there are large remnants of petroglyphs. Correct?

LORI: Yes.

KRIS: There have been interesting artifacts found in those areas including burial grounds that are NOT of original native descent, but [that] predate them. There are even artifacts found, which can be traced back to a Scandinavian origin that was of 2500 years, and these are not artifacts that may have been dropped by collectors.

The specific copper from that area has also been found in artifacts as far away as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and many other Scandinavian countries. Further back in time, ancient Roman galleys, as well as ancient Iberian (Spanish) seafaring ships will be found to have traces of those same copper elements as from this open-pit mine. How do you suppose that is possible? Could somehow or other…is it possible …that Scottie beamed them up and misplaced them in time (laughter)?? We think not!

We think instead that there was commerce between many Mediterranean cultures including the ancient Iberians — which is Spain and Portugal — Romans, Phoenicians, even ancient Egyptians that had seafaring vessels that crossed the Atlantic and established commerce all the way down the coast; even down into areas you now call Honduras.

There is much evidence all along the shoreline that is not recorded in the official books because it would necessitate a re-writing of the history books. And if you rewrite the history books, where will your notions be? After all, one must have a firm grip on one’s common sense, and you do not change history books to replace new discoveries! You ignore new discoveries. Is that not the methodology?

LORI: (laughing) Yeah.

KRIS: There have been many remnants of ancient cultures in your North American continent that are not recognized officially, therefore you do not recognize that the American — North American continent — has been inhabited far longer than is officially accepted or recognized. Every few years they push back the date of the settlement a few thousand years. It is not enough. There have been cultures on the North American plates upwards of (pause) 390-400 million years, perhaps even more.

There are many other instances of evidence. For instance, human – not primate, but human – footprints, walking along with dinosaur footprints, as you call them. There is evidence of ancient maps that show outlines of continents prior even to your most recent Ice Age, upwards of 10,000 years ago. Those maps are authentic, though baffling and very accurate, even to show shorelines prior to the melting of ice from the Ice Age which would have brought the water levels several hundred feet higher than it was prior, therefore wiping out many cultures. These are not taken into consideration. In fact, usually when a researcher brings this topic up, he or she is laughed at and ridiculed; and yet there are many sunken cities now being discovered off the Indian subcontinent, off Sri Lanka, off Madagascar, and many other places.

And there will eventually come a time when you will need to reconsider your entire concept of the history of your world and your ability to cultivate and civilize yourselves. Just as it is innate to your nature to think; so it is instinctive or innate to your nature to group together, to create foundations and to settle areas and establish cultures and even civilizations. That is what you do. That is your intuitive nature. Just as it is the beaver’s instinctive nature to build his hut and dam, just as it is with the bees to seek out the pollen and nectar to create honey and beeswax.

And you have been doing this for more eons than you care to think about or remember. You have done this as far back as you even dare recall. This is not the first time you established civilizations on THIS planet or others. You are not an aberration of nature. You are not a cesspool of microbes, proteins, enzymes and bacteria gone amuck, and “behold: there goes a biped”. You have always been yourselves. You are not descendants of the monkeys or apes, or of any primate. But perhaps some of the scientists you communicate with would rather think of themselves as being the descendants of primates. That is their philosophy.

You have been around for a very long time and you will continue because it serves your collective purposes to organize yourselves into groups, into societies, into cultures, and civilizations, and you use the vast creative potential of your collective and singular energies in that fashion. You are co-creators, you are creators of civilizations. And you do this out of loving interest.

First and foremost it is important to keep in mind that your sciences – your researchers, your anthropologists, your archeologists – only present to you that slice of history that matches their views and not necessarily the whole picture. And for many people, seeing the entire picture would be overwhelming, because it is nothing like what you have been told. We hope we have not blown too many of your brain cells with that. (laughter)

Do you have some questions along those lines?

LORI: What about that guy — Zechariah Sitchin? Is he on the right track?

KRIS: Some of his information is good. Some of it is also slightly slanted. Do keep in mind that you have always been who you are. You are even more ancient than you can possibly imagine. There are no hostile forces in the universe manipulating you in any way, shape or form, but the echoes of your own FEARS. Overall, Zechariah has a good basis for his information, but it is also not complete. Do you understand?


KRIS: Even he will discover that there are misinterpretations in his own writings, in the way he interprets and sees things.

JORGE: OK, how about…Graham Hancock. He is kind of following in his footsteps as well, and he wrote about a pyramid, a huge step pyramid, that was found off the coast of Japan…but there’s no indication as to what civilization or how old it is, because it’s been under the water for so long, and yet it matches a lot of the step pyramids that are in Mesoamerica and some of the ancient Babylonian ziggurat. So is that all part of the same culture?

KRIS: The pyramid-building culture was spread around the world and it descended from an even more ancient culture. Now there many other pyramids around the planet. The mound builders, known from the southeastern or south-southern eastern states and up, were remnants of an even older culture. Do you understand?

JORGE: Yes. Okay.

KRIS: There is a lake with pyramid-like structures. (long pause) We believe it is also — it is in the United States — we believe perhaps in Wisconsin….not 100% [certain]…there are also other pyramid-like structures that have not been pulled out of the jungles. There are many in Brazil specifically towards the mountain ranges (pause) and even in Egypt itself. There are still pyramids but they are not at this time physical yet, because your cultures have not evolved sufficiently to understand the creative power of your own mind. So these pyramids do not appear to your senses. They are not picked up by your human senses yet. Does that make some sense to you?

LORI: Yes. I have a question.

KRIS: Indeed.

LORI: (not fully clear) Why is it so important…why do you emphasize that we are ourselves and we don’t come from other…why is that important to realize and connect…?

KRIS: Because the Darwinian theory of evolution, first of all, has always been considered a theory. It has not been proven. And even within staunch Darwinists, there are divisions or camps, and a realization that even after more than a century, not a single shred of conclusive evidence actually exists to support the theory. And the theory itself indicates that you are physically aberrations of nature, that you are nothing more than another animal, the one with a slightly superior intelligence. That theory in itself undermines your own natural intuitive understandings concerning yourselves. Do you understand?

LORI: Mmhm. Yes.

KRIS: And second, even Charles Darwin’s further writings as he grew older and started questioning his own theory, were kept from the public. Do you follow?

LORI: Mmhm.

KRIS: None of those later writings were divulged because the theory had taken off so well, why trouble people further when you can make them believe a theory so completely, that it is taken as a fact of existence? Does that help?

LORI: Yeah.

JORGE: You speak of Atlantis and whether or not we are here today not to repeat the patterns of that time? Whether or not Atlantis is a true place in our history?

KRIS: There have been many old cultures that have caused damage, civilizations that have come and gone. The typical mythical Atlantis, the one everybody wants to find, the one everyone wants to believe, actually exists in your future. (pause) And you all today are the beginnings of that culture. Your struggles, your understandings of consciousness. What Plato was referring to is very small. It is a culture that was not destroyed by some divine beings; there were no punishments involved. You must understand the mentality of those times; where any natural disaster and phenomenon was automatically considered some divine retribution. Do you understand?


KRIS: The remnants of that culture described by Plato are what you today call the Azores. Look at the fault line that area is on, where the tectonic plates are constantly shifting and working one against the other. Because so much (pause) volcanic flow has buried that ancient culture, very little is to be found. And whenever someone sees the remnants of some older sunken civilization they automatically claim, “This is Atlantis. This is Atlantis. This is Atlantis!” And they may not even be of that time period, or they may be older, or younger, or unrelated.

But there is a collective psychological need to understand that ultimately mankind will NOT blow itself off the face of the earth because you have done this somewhere else. (carefully and intently spoken) Your species has damaged another world. The Ancient echoes of the stories of Atlantis are not from this planet. The stories of the Egyptian priests told by Plato are themselves echoes or memories, ancient stirrings within the psyche, of remembrances from another time when humans had cultivated another place and did damage it and had to leave for safer grounds or another planet. Does that make some sense to you?

JORGE: Yeah… Is it the moon as the other planet?

KRIS: It is what you refer to as Mars. We are not talking here of a few thousand years ago. We are talking here of millions of years back.

LORI: Where do Edgar Cayce’s ideas of Atlantis…how does that fit in? Or was he talking about Atlantis…you know the book? About Atlantis?

KRIS: Consider then the years, the late ’40′s and early ’50′s. It was scandalous enough that an individual, specifically a Baptist, would even SPEAK of reincarnation. It was enough to not get into the roots of your more ancient heritage coming from off-world. Do you follow?

LORI: Yeah.

KRIS: There were experiments in consciousness, and there were records of ancient visitors still keeping tabs on you. Not all the members of your race came to THIS planet. You had relatives here, but not all of you came to this planet. Many of you went to other star systems, and some did keep tabs on your travels; how you managed to interface with a culture that was not as advanced as your ancestors. There are still some records of these ancient visitations and we are not speaking of your typical modern day street corner psychics. We are speaking of ancient cultures keeping tabs on you, even providing assistance in the adaptation process.

In many ancient writings, there are recordings of people living in lakes from the Mediterranean areas all the way to China. Some of the most remarkable of these records are of the Annunaki kept by alive in the myths of the modern-day Dogon people. You can search for the information yourselves. Suffice it to say that the Dogon people who are even in your modern civilized world, considered stone-age people, do have knowledge that is yet to be verified. But what HAS been verified by your scientists is in your terms literally mind-blowing.

JORGE: Aren’t they the ones who talk about the Dog Star, Sirius, and the bi-polar suns?

KRIS: Indeed. And even back in the ’20′s and ’30′s, the 1920′s and ’30′s, when they were noticed by modern-day culture, they spoke way back then of a brown dwarf that was scientifically verified and confirmed only in 1997!

Yet they have had this knowledge for upwards of 4,000 years, handed down in their traditions and their mythologies. So the origin or source of the ancient Atlantis stories stems from the ancient cultures that had been on the planet Mars, which was indeed a very watery world.

JORGE: Okay, so here’s a question for you. There are two authors who, about thirty-some years ago, wrote a book… and it basically said that ancient information is, in fact, available to us and has been passed down to us by means of fairy tales and myths which go back millennia; and as an example…the information based on the precession and various other things, as to how the earth rotates and revolves around the sun…that information has been passed down in a lot of uh, fairy tales – like the dwarf sort of thing – and these guys have also said that as a result of that, the information that is available to us through these old myths, fairy tales and so forth, would actually allow us to discover where we actually come from, who we actually are.

KRIS: If you have the opportunity to study the newly emerging science of Astro-theology, it may shed some insight as to who you truly are and where you truly come from. You may search back in time until there is no time left to look back into. You will still not fully discover yourselves until you come to the realization that you are perhaps two beings in one.

First and foremost, you are a spiritual being. You become the physical outfit in order to maneuver and manipulate the elements within the physical time and space. But that is not your true self or true home. Your true self is what exists outside of the time and space continuum. That self is eternal and immortal. It participates in events and circumstances along with countless other eternal immortal selves because it desires to participate in as many creative and creation processes as possible: because otherwise, it would become bored with itself. It NEEDS to create. Do you understand?


KRIS: Until THAT part of your being is understood, the other will NOT be understood.

LORI: What about someone like Einstein? Was he working outside of time and space or was he still part of the mass consciousness?

KRIS: Einstein did demonstrate potential available to human consciousness. And he did have excellent intuitive information. Do not think that everything that he formulated he did painstakingly by sitting at his desk day in and day out. He was a very intuitive individual. He intuited the knowledge and the formula. Do you understand?

LORI: Yes.

KRIS: But he even admitted that he could only work so far. That he was afraid of pursuing many lines of thought that did come to him, because it was so out of synch with his time. Do you understand that as well?

LORI: Yes, yes, absolutely. He also said that he wanted to come back – he died too early – he wanted to come back and fix what he – that creating the bomb was a mistake. I read that somewhere.

KRIS: It was both the most ingenious breakthrough as well as one of the grossest misuses of creative power that your species, your entire human civilization participated in, to one degree or another.

LORI: Yeah. So, the more we grow, there’s always the potential, if we grow too fast, that we could abuse the power that we’ve learned, or the knowledge that we’ve learned, I guess.

KRIS: (Quietly) You need to mature.

LORI: Yeah.

KRIS: What is the time?

LORI: 8:25 PM

KRIS: We suggest a small break so that you can move your legs and take a breath of fresh air and we will return.

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Return from break (no time given – approx. 8:30 PM)

KRIS: Now in spite of the fact that you are not descendants of primates, in spite of the fact that your species have even traveled further than your present day astronauts; in spite of all that, do keep in mind that the knowledge you have today, the information you have today, the views you hold today may also change and alter what you consider the past in one way or another, bringing subtle alterations and variations thereby creating yet other alternate evolutions of your species in many, many ways.

You believe yourselves to be pivotal to your system, but you do not yet understand the full nature of what it is to be yourselves. You may think that what you hold in your mind about the past may somehow or other influence it, and perhaps bring some subtle changes to it which may or may not bring about various forms of alterations. But you do not consider for one moment that your own selves, either a few, several, or many years into the future view you as the ‘past’ self! Just as easily as you may view your youthful selves as ‘who you are not’, and not who you are today.

Your experiences in that future self do influence who you are today, whether you consciously realize it or not. Whether you even consciously acquiesce to it or not, does not alter the fact that all of your decision-making processes and faculties are not merely centered in the present as YOU think of it. Some of these influences may come from your future selves. How else would you explain what may to you be an impulse to go down THIS road in your traveling in the country, or turn left HERE, or to buy a certain product? Or to set about a particular train of thought whose outcome you may not yet understand. Or set about making alternative actions that lead you to a specific destination, whether it be in terms geographical or psychological. (pause) Because somehow or other you understood unconsciously the actions of your future self meandering about influences into the present moment.

Just as your own activity, your own thoughts, your own actions today, without your recognizing this, may actually have influenced that young girl version of yourself from your so-called past, which would have led you to follow this particular road which led you to today’s actions. And this is not an isolated or singular procession of events, but rather you each have your own set of such events, just as collectively you have your own set of such processes which influence entire civilizations and cultures on their own. (pause) Perhaps an understanding of chemistry or any other of the sciences would have influenced the discovery of such a chemical combination or anything of life into what you call the past to bring about the results that you now have today.

Because there are many links through time and space that you do not perceive consciously, and again such events occur both at the individualistic level and the collective level, which can include the entire gamut of your civilization as you understand it. It is in some way important to understand, or at least the gist of this material, because the information that comes from your own future selves may in some way influence your decision — or not.

Not to say that you are a puppet of some future self of yours – any one of them — but the actions of the future influence the present as easily as what you think of the past influencing the present. And the ‘someone’ who decides which particular part or impulse to follow, what road to travel, is you! With that knowledge, you determine the outcome of your everyday activities. You are completely unaware of the grand mechanism involved in following the intuitions and the impulses. You relegate that to the realm of the unconscious as if somehow or other it is something you are NOT aware of.

But here we must make a distinction. You are merely (pause) entranced…to not pay attention to the activities of the inner self because it would disrupt the apparent social structure in your society. But you erect specific areas that keep this vast realm of LIVING information behind somewhat closed doors. And you pretend that it somehow or other doesn’t exist or does not affect you because you have called it the UN-conscious. And if there is one part of your personality that is truly unconscious, it is the EGO portion of the personality; the one that is entranced by the world of the senses and does not pay attention to its true source.

What you normally label the unconscious actually should be considered the super-conscious self, because it is that portion of you that actually travels through time and space and brings to you, just as you are traveling, information from all types of sources. Information you may find very useful if you allow and enable yourself to use it, to recognize it. (pause) Information about sources of your origin is not something that is unattainable to you, but it is something that you keep hidden from yourself.

You may not every day ponder the questions about your own other-worldly origins and ancestries of any kind. There is still an ancient knowing within each of you that somehow or other you acknowledge you want more of. If you learn to pay attention to things like your dreams, and your thoughts, and your intuitions, then indeed you would be able to recall some of that information, at least to a certain degree. Suffice it for you to know that there are things about yourselves that, were you to know such a thing, you would no longer return to the ordinariness of your lives. You would no longer consider yourselves victims of events and circumstances, for instance; and you would acknowledge the vast creative potential that exists within your thoughts and literally transforms your lives in ways that would indeed shock even your own self were you to acknowledge that power.

You are truly filled with potentials you do not use because you never think you have these abilities. And when we speak of those things it is only to try and stir up this ancient knowledge that exists within you to set about conditions that may help you remember more of your own origins so that you understand the vast and creative flow of power that is part of your own being. So with that we will leave you to ponder both those [most] ancient of origins and the great set of possible futures for yourselves and your species collectively. And if you find yourselves somewhere in the middle between those two parts, you might recognize that your journey truly is one of a great adventure and that you might feel that it is your own heritage to consciously pursue that exploration. Now are there some brief questions?

JORGE: Yeah, you said that our present is influenced by our future and our present can influence the future…

KRIS: Just as easily as you influence the past.

JORGE: Right.

KRIS: You are not locked into a system.

JORGE: So having said that, is it actually possible for us to communicate with our future selves and vice versa?

KRIS: Indeed.

JORGE: (slightly garbled and unclear) Clearly you can’t pick up the telephone. (laughter)

KRIS: It is very difficult. But we are not going to tax you on it. (laughter)

You can, however, learn to recognize the flow of your own thoughts. That is primordial. And along those lines develop your intuitive reflexes. Do you follow?


KRIS: And by using the knowledge that you CAN, that it is POSSIBLE to communicate with a future self — or your future selves; there is not just one — you can learn to pick up THEIR communications to YOU as if you were listening in on these unconscious communication lines. Do you follow?

JORGE: Mmhmm.

KRIS: And perhaps be slightly more aware of certain decision-making processes that would be more beneficial than others that you might wish to develop more into one particular part than another. And that would also make it possible for you to understand that YOUR ability to make a decision may support information received by one of YOUR future selves. [It] does not necessarily mean that you will follow in exactly the same footsteps as the future self that sent you the information, but most likely into a new probable development of that one.

But giving you yet other relish-able and enjoyable adventures all on your own, just as your own physical body shapes — or selves — you shed the personality fragments. And these all have a vast area of probable development all on their own, continuously. There are no limitations to a personality structure as there are no limitations to the probable evolutions of each of those personality fragments and so on. That means that there is not one place, there is not one dimension, there is not one probability in ALL of the Universe where you cannot be found in one form or another. And if that does not stretch the boundaries of your imagination enough, then try and imagine yet all of the things you have not been able to imagine yet, and it will give you an inkling of what we mean. Do you follow?

JORGE: Yes. Now, when we die does that mean that we gain all this knowledge? Or…

KRIS: Not necessarily. The potential exists. But you still need to grow and mature, providing additional pathways in the non-physical aspect of the brain to enable you to access more and more information. Do you follow?


KRIS: Eventually, when you are considered mature enough by…your…we do not wish to say “superior”…but by those who are nurturing…to take on the responsibilities to eventually become an “official” Higher Self, without pomp and fanfare. You, therefore, have available to you more information and still that is not all the information available. Even All That Is does not know all that it knows it knows. Do you understand that?


LORI: Do we as individuals create knowledge for All That Is?

KRIS: All That Is shares in the most individualistic moments of your experiences, but it does not override your personalities. In fact, it knows itself through each and every one of you. Now, what is the time?

LORI: Five after nine.

KRIS: Then we suggest that you each return to your wondrous selves. And that you enjoy pleasant dreams and in your dreams, if you encounter yourselves, do take a moment to appreciate the wonder that you are. We do hope that what we say here encourages you to reach beyond the ordinary description you give yourselves so that you understand that you are not merely a bag of tissue that holds mostly water, some minerals, some salts, and so on. Do you follow?

LORI: Yes.

KRIS: Indeed then. Do enjoy your sweetest dreams and your greatest aspirations together, and have a pleasant week.

LORI: Thank you.

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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