The International Sessions are a long standing tradition with Kris, channeled by Serge Grandbois for more than 36 years. Though there was a break in these sessions, we are re-introducing them for everyone’s enjoyment and education.
Kris has a depth of timeless knowledge and manner of delivery that sparks insight and contemplation while being engaging and friendly at the same time, often sprinkled with varying degrees of humour.

These are group sessions where people from all over share in their quest for illumination about both metaphysical/transcendental and very human issues, though the preference is to keep inquiries more open. Very personal issues can be explored with Kris in private sessions.

“These International Sessions are not just about the Sage on the Stage but the Sages on the Pages... meant to encourage your participate in a fun transcendental way!”

Online Session Details

These group sessions are going to be held at least once a month and likely twice a month on a Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM Eastern Time Zone.

PLATFORM: Using the Zoom application available free at and require at least a microphone for your participation, and a video camera if you decide to make use of it. These sessions will all be video recorded from our end.

The Zoom code to open the discussion room will then be sent to you before the event time itself. You can also participate via your smartphone as well as regular telephone. 

$20 Per Session