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Outer Reflections

Introducing The ‘Triple A’ Method

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on March 12, 2005

(Session begins at 7:58.)

KRIS: Then welcome to the Ad Hoc evening. (Laughter) We trust that you are all comfortable, those we have known before and those we meet for the first time on both sides of the lines of communication.

ELLEN: We’re hearing you loud and clear Kris.

KRIS: Indeed. (Pause)

ELLEN: Anything on the agenda tonight?

KRIS: As your educational system and your religious systems and your historical systems have demonstrated to you, civilizations arise and fall like the tides but on a much larger scale of time for they too are like waves. They represent differing and different ways of perception.

Thus your cultures and your civilizations take birth from the cradle of your minds. They are designed according to specific lines of perceptions and manifest themselves in 3-dimensional reality in the historical cultures and civilizations which you seed and interact within, creating what you call history and the timeline.

And through the manifestations from these cultures and civilizations, you see a definitive line of development. You see ancient civilizations such as the Babylonians, the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans and so on, and it seems to you that there is a progression into an apparently more evolved state into what you call your modern world civilization, the Western world with all of its pretty paraphernalia and amenities and all of its divergent views and politics and philosophies.

And as we mentioned a few weeks ago, you often think that you are each and every one of you are the product of your times, your cultures, your nations, your civilizations, whilst in reality, these latter items are the by-product of your ever-changing state of perceptions. And obviously, they are not specifically related to the perceptions that you engage with your physical senses and your conscious ego. There is more at play.

There are indeed what we would call two differing but complementary methods of perceptions. There is what we call the sensory perceptions and what we will simply call the meta-sensory perceptions, each dealing with very different states of being.

Sensory perceptions deal with the props and the dramas as they evolve in physical reality. And these are extremely fluid, subject to change, and hold no absolutes, but instead are the result of a wider range that we have named meta-perceptions. This has to do with the entire gamut of subjective experiences, namely the events, the actions or the rajas within consciousness that are afterwards interpreted through your sensory apparatus, which includes the ego construction and appears or manifest as your dearly beloved and physical reality.

And when you widen your cognitive abilities you can discover that often what you hold as truths of everyday life, perceptions of everyday existence, are merely allegorical representations of this meta-perception, which is in itself another mechanism of consciousness which enables you to then take the opportunity to study and examine the beliefs associated with these meta-perceptions which are then transformed into the sensory perceptions.

And thus you have in a nutshell a set of mechanisms that enables you to put physical reality under the microscope so that you realize that the pretty and dearly beloved physical reality, which is sometimes to you perceived as not so pretty, is truly extremely fluid and consists of projections from this mechanism of meta-perceptions. But you have with you innate tools with which to understand that though physical reality has a semblance of permanence and solidity, it is merely reflective of the actions, of the rajas that exist at this level of meta-perceptions.

And these sensory perceptions, your interactions with the props of physical reality, the actions and the events and the conditions and circumstances of the human condition are a reflection of deeper states of awareness that you have access to by examining the scenarios and props and interactions and the uses you make of them.

As such, when you encounter situations and living challenges, you need never feel bereft of tools and resources or feel entrapped like a mouse in a wheel, because the events and the circumstances of the human condition are not specifically the absolute reality but are instead reflective of the realities that you create at this inner subjective meta-perception state where you combine them with your beliefs.

And we do hope that you can grasp the intent and the meaning of these few words and this small soliloquy. There is no reason why the individual ever needs to feel powerless, ineffective or take the easy way out by claiming, ‘Others made me feel this way or others did this and that.’ But that instead you are playing at and with the building blocks of consciousness to understand from the outside in what is this vast field of inner events within which is found this meta-museum of meta-perceptions that engages the atoms and the molecules within the universe to become the props of physical reality, including the physical bodies that you give energy to, the buildings, the cars, the cities, other human beings, other creatures and everything that is perceivable through your senses.

Thus sensory perceptions are not what they appear. They are not the truth by any means, but they are an interpretation of truths that you hold and do not bring to your awareness. For instance, you may believe that some men in positions of authority may belittle women; therefore this state and mechanism of meta-perceptions engages the effectiveness of those beliefs and you land in situations where you encounter situations that are designed by you as a means to explore what you hold within the field of this meta-perception.

Next time you find yourself up against a brick wall, next time you think you have painted yourself into a corner, next time you think others have done you an injustice and harm, do not be so quick to think that that is the reality. That is only an illusory perception. The reality exists at a state of meta-perceptions that engages with your inner beliefs.

Again in a nutshell, and we know this is not necessarily a complete program but only a small presentation to give you an edge and to understand the true nature of what is often referred to as human potential development which truly has to do with broadening or widening awareness and perception into the mechanism of meta-perceptions because they are so interlaced with those beliefs that you often from yourselves.

But you have again within you at your psychological fingertips an incredible tool, a potent resource with which you redefine the set of beliefs that you hold, and then as a result of this inner shift, the true malleable, plastic and fluid nature of physical reality shows itself. For it will be altered to your sensory perceptions as a confirmation that your work, your acceptance, and your awareness at this meta-perception state have been engaged to your advantage and benefit and not at the expense of others but, in a manner that can also be advantageous and beneficial to others simultaneously.

Thus now we will get off our soapbox and we may end up having a glass of wine in Sid’s Café. (Laughter) Do take a small break and discuss amongst yourselves whilst we give Joseph’s vocal cords a rest.

[Sid’s Café is a small humorous article that John wrote.]

(Break begins at 8:19.)

Kaust mentioned that he found it interesting that Kris talked about meta-perceptions because of the concept of meta-data relating to computers that he was thinking about earlier.

Ann commented that she was very struck by what Kris said about ‘beliefs that we hide from ourselves.’

Stephanie made a number of comments pertaining to what we view as the historical timeline being linear where in fact it is not and we are able to touch the past and the future in whatever way we wish in order to collect the data we are desiring in order to create our reality, which not only helps ourselves but others at the same time.

Alex mentioned that the concept that when we are having a problem with someone else it is a reflection of ourselves can be very challenging. She commented that in her life to address an uncomfortable situation with a family member is a way of addressing the situation within herself and this can be very difficult.

Ellen remarked about how this was also meaningful to her with various situations she has been going through in the recent past concerning ending friendships that were not beneficial and how challenging it is to understand where the responsibility lies. Ann added that sometimes it boils down to knowing when it is best to discontinue a relationship that feels unhealthy.

Alex then responded that for her there also enters in the feeling of guilt surrounding the relationship situation.

(Session resumes at 8:26.)

KRIS: Now we are glad that you are discussing in this way. The majority of difficulties occur when you take physical reality, the world of ordinary existence at face value and consider it the only reality that is before you, whilst in truth it is a reflection much like seeing a tree reflected on the shores of the lake and then try to climb the tree that is in the water… not very practical unless you wish to wash yourself and your clothes at the same time.

By addressing those deeper states such as beliefs and perceptions that have to do with a guilty nature, you will for instance, and notice we are not looking at anyone, but you will, for instance, keep manufacturing reflective events that show you that you hold perceptions, meta-perceptions about a guilty nature somehow or other. Once you dig deeper in that area and examine that a guilty nature is not your true nature but it too is artificial, it can be replaced with one that is far more practical and healthy as long as you do not hold any convictions that state that somehow or other you still have something to get out of playing the guilty individual. Do you follow?


This is a method by which you can wash your brains and Mr. Clean need not be involved. (Laughter) Unless of course, he turns you on.

ELLEN: I kind of like those muscular bald-headed guys myself. (Laughter)

KRIS: Now. You again have very powerful tools, so powerful that the imagery of your inner connections at that meta-perception state is projected through and appears interpreted for you 3-dimensionally through the auspices of those lovely liars, the physical senses. They give you an indication of energy patterns and structures and you believe that this is factual; whilst in reality, it is reflective. Again you are taking the reflection of the tree in the water for the tree itself.

It is a matter of changing your focus from the water to the land. In other words direct your awareness from the physical senses and sensory perceptions inwardly into what we have referred to in the past as an inner field of events where the subjective self has its experiences and use this mechanism of meta-perceptions to examine under the microscope if you wish what is within that is being reflected without that may not necessarily be to your advantage until you can embrace the idea that you can direct your inward gaze toward another set of beliefs about yourself, about your world, others, your governments, those deities that you may worship, and so on.

And again we realize this is a rather simplistic dissertation, but it is not a great mystery of mysteries that this magic is ever active. This magic exists because you are the magic. Without you not only is there no magic, there are no pretty reflections in the waters of life and the whole of history is bereft of your lovely self.

Therefore when you look at history and the great things that countless civilizations have created and given YOU, know that those things, those gifts from ancient or future civilizations and the civilizations themselves are reflections of various meta-perceptions that you hold at this objective level.

So this is an attempt to look at reality from the inside out. And once you begin playing with such a concept and embrace the simple principles involved, then indeed the world is your oyster, whether you like them raw or smoked. (Laughter)

Perhaps you have questions.

KAUST: Kris, this is Kaust. I just wanted to ask you about your suggestions as to what we should do if the reflection that we’re seeing is painful and we do not wish to deal with it.

KRIS: Then if you notice that the reflection is causing you distress or anything that you deem unpleasant, look to the source of the reflection. Look to the tree on the shore and not the tree in the water, meaning engage your subjective awareness. Look at your meta-perceptions, which literally rest upon the beliefs that you hold.

Remember the analogy we used earlier about an individual causing you grief or distress, which ends up making you feel guilty. The beliefs engaged are what you hold at this state of meta-perceptions. Therefore your lovely self does everything in its power to reflect what you believe. You cannot blame it for doing its job. Correct?


KRIS: But you can, however, give it a different set of tools, resources, of maps, of scripts. Engage different beliefs at this state of meta-perception. And look at how it will then be reflected in the physical world for you to examine and determine whether this is suitable for you, otherwise being practical. It would serve no purpose to try and engage a belief structures that would be reflected as giving you two heads simply because you believe two heads are better than one. You would confuse your hairdresser. (Laughter)

All joking aside, you do determine the outcome of your existence and all of its pretty reflections because the truth is not in the reflection. The truth exists in what gives the reflection and what is that truth? That is you. And we are not merely addressing the ego construction of your lovely beings, though it is valid and necessary for your engagement within physical existence.

That truth, that you are, transcends all notions of time and space because it is eternal and immortal and it is truthfully always in a state of being and becoming simultaneously. Therefore, to search high and low, to search through books and teachings and teachers to find out what is the ultimate truth and absolute truth and simultaneously discount and dishonor your lovely selves is one of the greatest sins ever perpetrated. For you indeed ARE THE TRUTH! Your beliefs are not truths; they are just that, beliefs, convictions. You are the truth that feeds the beliefs. We wish to share with you this because it is a truth that you are truth.

Now we will give you another truthful break and enjoy yourselves.

(Break begins at 8:42.)

There was further discussion pertaining to Kaust question to Kris about how to deal with a person which you don’t like and how Kris made it clear that you really cannot blame the other person because they are a reflection of you, you brought them to you.

Alex mentioned that she feels guilty when she does not feel guilty enough.

(Sarah sat on phone cord and the connection to Delaware goes dead. A new call is placed.)

Ann commented that when she is faced with the part the part of herself that she doesn’t like so much she has found that having compassion for the disliked portion of herself is very helpful.

Ellen said that Kris gave her three “A” words in her last private session. They were Acknowledge, Address and Accept. ‘Acknowledge’ what is happening. ‘Address’ it or face up to it. And then ‘Accept’ it.

It was the general consensus that even though this is easy to say it is often difficult to put into practice.

Alex discussed her perception concerning the ego that it’s important to make friends with the ego and to not allow the ego to feel threatened, and she finds this a real challenge.

After attending the group sessions for some months now, Myrna commented that one thing that has really stood out for her was the concept of aspects and that at the meta level, everything that comes into one’s life is an opportunity to look at that as reflecting an aspect of themself. (Ellen suggested this would be ‘addressing.’)

(Session resumes at 8:52.)

KRIS: Indeed the loveliest part of this Triple ‘A’ system is that you will encounter your own belief structures of guilt in all its forms, especially for individuals who grew up in the Judeo-Christian environment in any of its forms because the basic tenet of that overall reality projection is that somehow or other the very fact that you are born is a sin- guilty, guilty, guilty, and you swallow it hook, line and sinker.

And as Darrolid pointed out, many times when you have not filled your basket with enough guilt during the day, you become guilty again. (Laughter) And you play the game. You juggle. You juggle these beliefs. You sometimes wear them as a badge (of honor).

The idea behind the Triple ‘A’ system is that it can lead you into incredible nested layers of selfhood. And each layer you can apply the Triple ‘A’ system over and over to clean house, so to speak, by recognizing what it is that you hold at this layer of meta-perceptions that is then reflected through the auspices of the physical world. And you do this singularly and collectively.

Thus tyrants and saviors rise out of the cradle of your mind singularly and collectively as an expression of the polarities of belief systems you hold at the meta-perception level. And the key, of course, is to accept, not judge yourselves inferior or less creative or not as good as the Joneses in your abilities to create your perceptions. That is irrelevant. What IS relevant is that you understand that you are truth and you can reflect that in your daily events.

And we are not speaking of creating saviors and saints nor sinners, but that you at least tap into the greater potential that is yours. Does that mean that you are somehow or other accused of having used less potential? Indeed not. It means that you have the potential for growth and awareness. That is the nature of the shift.

As the individual shifts so your civilization will reflect that. There is no other way because you are truth.

Do you have other lovely questions?

ANN: Kris, this is Ann speaking. I have a question harkening back to something you said earlier about the physical senses, those lovely liars.

KRIS: Indeed.

ANN: Yeah, and I have recently been trying to or thinking of my body as a way to help me to see the true reflection or to help guide me in a healthier way, and I was wondering if you could clarify for me if when you say the physical senses as lovely liars, not to trust the body? Or have I misunderstood you?

KRIS: Your body, your physical nature is itself a reflection of whom and what you think about yourself at that meta-perception level concerning yourself. The physical senses are referred by us as lovely liars because they convince you that objects are solid, that there is no space between or rather there is emptiness between two objects or more objects, that perceptions and all of the reflections are interpreted by the physical senses as being reality.

Your eyes have rods and cones and they interpret specific bands of light that give form to the atoms and the molecules and the particles of consciousness that are all about you. Your physical senses convince you that you are you and the other is the other, whilst in reality, you are not separated but you function as a psychological whole of all-ness. The entirety of human race and human civilizations is indeed a holon-centric projection of truth, but not the truth.

So the senses are also performing magnificently within their range of perception, but they are not the truth. But because you work within the perimeters of specific laws of physics, we do not encourage you to try and walk through the walls unless of course, you look forward to a bruised nose. Do you follow?

ANN: Yes. Is there ever an instance where you can learn to trust something truthful that your body is trying to tell you?

KRIS: Just as the tree reflected in the water lets you know that there is a tree that is causing the reflection, so the physical body has its own means of communicating with you the individual that in cases of symptoms and disease and illness signaling to you that at that meta-perception level you are engaging in beliefs that are definitely not to your advantage but can be used to your advantage.

So you can trust the physical body. We referred to the physical sense as liars ONLY because when you look through them, through your eyes, you listen through your ears and you touch through your hands you perceive a concrete reality. But it appears that way to the senses and that is the feedback you get. But other than that there is a greater reality that you can also discover, and that greater reality is self because it is truth. Does that make some sense to you?

ANN: Could you repeat that last bit that you just said? We had a little breakup.

KRIS: Where did you miss?

ANN: I’m not sure!

KRIS: We prefer if you send through Joseph the voice file. Ellen’s familiar with downloading this. And it can be shared with you.

ANN: All right.

KRIS: Now is there something else that you are inquiring?

STEPHANIE: Hello Kris. This is Stephanie. My question becomes not so much the perception of what’s there or not there but with some of the work that I do and working with others making them aware and accepting their creations of their life, which everyone is always in different stages therein of, when things come to them whether they’re warnings or they’re hints to help them, they express to me that they have issues of [inaudible word]. Is there a way to help them realize messages that come through from whatever plane or realm they come and then how to put these messages into a better context so they can see how they would have to change the image of the tree from the tree itself.

KRIS: Firstly, any such individual in question can benefit from the Triple ‘A’ method and acknowledge to themselves those subordinate proofs that they feed themselves on a daily basis, and recognize what they wish to perpetuate. It is not an easy thing to answer for each individual has his or her valid reasons for engaging the dramas of life.

Most individuals may come to you or go to others because they want to try and fix the flat tire without recognizing that the car has rusted apart. (Laughter)

STEPHANIE: I understand that one. Yes.

ELLEN: That’s acknowledging.

KRIS: The idea then is when you recognize that the whole vehicle needs an overhaul then you go to the garage and that inner mechanic is self.

We hope that this satisfies your curiosity for the time being.

May we ask the time now?

MARK: 9:06.

KRIS: Are there others who have questions on either side of the lines?

KAUST: Kris, I have a very quick question if you can answer it quickly. I have a friend who works on shifts and he has to switch from day shift to night shift quite often and he’s having trouble sleeping. Can you offer any advice regarding that? Just quickly. You need not go into detail.

KRIS: (Pause) Now we have to warn you that this cannot be done quickly.

KAUST: (Laughs) Okay. Take your time then.

KRIS: Is your friend open to visualizations and meditations?

KAUST: He is. Yes.

KRIS: Indeed then. We will do our best to speak loudly and clearly and you can then deliver a recording later on.

KAUST: Okay. Thank you.

KRIS: Now. Anyone can benefit from this as well if there is sleeplessness and other anxieties as well not necessarily limited to trying to fall asleep.

In your mind’s eye see yourself walking amongst lush hillsides looking at the trees and to the horizon in the distance. And look towards the sky for those very nice fluffy clouds that gently roll on by on a beautiful sunny summer afternoon.

And invite one of those large fluffy clouds to come down to you in such a manner that you can actually recline as in a chair into the soft nature of the cloud. And being thus carefully and nicely wrapped in the softness and the fluffiness of the cloud, the cloud should be allowed to do what it does best and that is to rise in the sky, to float higher and higher.

And as the cloud floats higher and higher to join its brethren in the sky you can release all your impediments, all your stresses. And as the cloud continues to rise and eventually joining its brethren, it now floats to the sky with all the worries, all the concerns. Everything that you normally focus upon also floats away enticing you to a lovely deep rest that leads into healthy, healing sleep.

And allow the cloud to continue until you fall asleep.

Now we hope that this has not put everyone to sleep. (Laughter)

And we also hope we did not cloud any issues here.

ELLEN: Good one. (Laughter)

KRIS: Your friend can benefit from this very quick interaction.

KAUST: Okay thanks a lot, Kris.

KRIS: There are likely other elements involved here, but if you can introduce to your friend the Triple ‘A’ method then it will also be beneficial.

KAUST: Okay.

KRIS: Now what is the time?

MARK: 9:13.

KRIS: Indeed then we thank you humbly and deeply for your consideration and for having taken the time to allow our voice to reflect back to you your truthfulness. And with that, we release you all to your lovely cloudlike selves.

ALL: Thank you Kris.

(Session ends at 9:13.)

There was some discussion about how different people perceive Kris’ accent. Because Kris is multi-dimensional, his accent is cosmopolitan. Chinese people say it sounds Chinese, Polish people say it sounds Polish and so on and so on.

Serge asked Paul, who had not attended before if he found what Kris said to be understandable and Paul said that it became easier to understand as he went along.

John asked what the others thought the theme was for the evening. Mark said that he was going to call the session The Triple ‘A’ Housecleaning Services and he is calling Ellen’s group the Ad Hocs.

Serge asked for other input on this question. Edee said that Kris was intellectualizing what she has been learning how to live and practice in her own life.

It was also mentioned that Kris has a way of verbalizing what people who interact with reality emotionally (emotives) are experiencing in their own way.

Edee mentioned she felt the build up of energy before Kris came in and Serge related his experience when he returned from surgery last year in April. Even though Kris only spoke for 15 minutes the energy was very strong in order to assist and revitalize Serge and Mark to recover from the frightening experience Serge went through with his surgery and hospitalization. They then shared some of the details of their ordeal.

Paul was asked his impressions of the session and he said that when Kris was there he felt the energy increasing and was able to see a crowd of people around the room. He could see the channels of energy going into Kris from the participants. He was not able to make out the faces of the crowd of people that he saw.

Alex mentioned that Paul is very psychic and sees energy easily. He has had this gift for some time and also commented that his animal spirit guide, a black panther, came and sat beside him for most of the session because it does not usually travel with him.

Myrna asked Paul how he works with his gift whether he does anything like channeling and he said he does not it just comes to him and he sometimes finds it challenging to deal with this ability.

(Kris returns at 9:37.)

KRIS: Now then since Joseph took the liberties and put you on the spot, we believe we might do the same.

Now, your gift, your ability in this lifetime are one facet of other abilities as an eternal immortal self you are developing and literally playing with, discovering the boundaries that you can push further and further. One extremely interesting incarnation of yours, an expression of essence, occurred approximately at the time of the beginnings of the first millennium. The individual that was holding the Papal seat at that time had a counselor and YOU were that individual and you were specifically hired because of some of your abilities with foresightedness, premonitions.

But often individuals finding themselves in some situations where a little bit of self-interest can be sprinkled into the mix, you thought you were manipulating and tried to take advantage of the individual and the body of the religious organization the Pope controlled. We do not mean to say that you were a Rasputin, but you had your own agendas and approximately 36th or 37th year of age you thought you could bite more than you could chew and you were found out because your position was meant to be secret. That is how the Pope at that time had managed such riches and manipulation of royal houses and emperors’ families to come under his subjugation and you thought you could sneak in a few extra gold coins for your pocket.

You were caught. You were defamed. You were made into a heretic and burned at the stake. Not a pleasant experience. There are other ways to get roasted. (Laughter)

Thus in this lifetime, you are more cautious. You are even hesitant and you are very guarded.[Kris folds his hands over his heart as he says this.] You keep yourself close to yourself. Do you follow?

You express a personality of quietness, introspection, but you are a thinker and you think deep and you do not display all of, you do not divulge all of the information that comes to you because there is an echo from that lifetime that could put you under the hot seat. (Laughter)

So this time you are utilizing your potentials in a different way that is beneficial to you and others without that element of greed. Now we believe that this lifetime for you will not only be most fulfilling at least in many areas, at least fulfilling enough that when you disengage you will not necessarily create any other personalities.

ALEX: Kris, I have a question.

KRIS: Indeed.

ALEX: What is his… Paul a guide for me? A teacher for me?

KRIS: Has he not already acted in that capacity?

ALEX: Yes.

KRIS: Indeed.

ALEX: Okay. I balance him?

KRIS: Indeed. You are much of a balancing element.

ALEX: Have we had past lives together?

KRIS: Indeed.

ALEX: Will this be my last lifetime?

KRIS: Indeed not. (Laughter)

Now the trick to that sordid topic is for you to examine what you perceive having more lives means. Does it mean more drudgery? Or other opportunities to discover what else you are as a truth? That is the eternal question.

Now then we simply wanted to share some small things with you and we do hope that you would feel comfortable enough to return at your leisure. Now with that, we will give you all a blessed evening.

(Session ends at 9:44.)

During informal chatting, after the session, Paul mentioned that when Kris came back the last time he (Paul) had seen a man standing behind Serge. This man was good looking, approximately 35 or so with long black hair, green eyes, an earring, and wearing a monk’s hood. Serge speculated that perhaps it was the expression of Paul’s essence that Kris had talked about.

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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