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Describing "Magical Self 3"

Now your own minds may rebel against the notion that you too, all of you, are ideas about yourselves, but there is a part of you that knows it’s truth. How you physicalize it, how you make it you is very, very important. That is the science of consciousness and the transmutation of energy into physicality, into personhood, into identity.

Those traits and characteristics come out, are displayed or manifest because at Source they also exist. Transmutation of ideology is what you do. Just as a fire transforms one type of energy manifestation into another, so you are like a fire, an ever burning flame that transmutes, transforms one type of energy into another from your point of view.

Energy is energy. It is not that kind of energy, or this kind of energy. It is energy. You give it identity, you give it life through you. Even though energy has and is life, you give it a unique identity and expression that is what it is. That is the action of All That Is.

So there will be more of this in the next presentation, (this next course), because the seeds of the universe are ideas. In fact it could even be said that universes are little more than seeds of ideas, like the acorn. A tiny thing approximately the size of the thumb contains the very idea code for a giant oak tree, which will create hundreds if not thousands of acorn seeds throughout its lifetime.

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