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~ Infinite Field of Possibilities ~

New online Kris workshop exploring deeper layers of Consciousness, the Source of Love, and the Power of the Eternal Self (your Soul and True Nature), to access Wisdom and Knowledge, often sought by the Saints, Sages and Mystics.

Workshop Description

You know what a murmuration of birds is. So within each of yourselves there are murmurations of the cosmos flying in and out of you, through your mind, through your awareness, and even through your cellular structure. These murmurations sing through and caress you, your toes, your hair, and every part of your being, physical, psychological, and spiritual.

These murmurations of love and compassion seep through and permeate every iota of the universe that you can imagine, and well beyond that. This workshop will allow each of you to experience this in your own ways, but the main point is to allow these murmurations to begin seeping into your imagination, into your ideas of yourselves.

Below, Kris leads us in a brief meditation on the Murmurations of Love and Compassion in preparation for the new workshop. 

Online Workshop Details

WORKSHOP BEGINS: Monday, March 27, 2017 at 7:30 PM (EST)

Continues Every Monday for 10 Consecutive Weeks.

  • Our online workshops with Kris are conducted on Skype (free from
  • All sessions are recorded as MP3s and transcribed as PDFs. After the workshop, you'll receive both for free.
  • In order to participate in the workshop, you will need a headset and microphone

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10-Week Online Workshop!

  • 10 Weekly Online Workshops With Kris and Other Students of Kris Teachings
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  • Access to a Facebook Private Mastermind Group of Like-Minded Spiritual Seekers
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Option 1: One Time Payment of $300

Option 2: Two Payments of $150

(Second half must be paid by 5th session)

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