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Our Ancient History Here And On Other Planets

Thursday Evening Chat – Colorado Seth Conference

Transcribed by Marcy Singer
Recorded in Winter Park, Colorado September 25, 2003

8:45 pm

KRIS: Not that we want the grand entrance, but it is nice once in a while to be anticipated. We do thank you enormously for your kindness in providing these opportunities. They enable Joseph and Philip to understand they are not stuck on a small island up north, but that they have available brothers and sister that are as capable as anyone of showing support, as you so kindly demonstrate today. So for that we are deeply indebted.

Now earlier you were speaking of whom really walks your streets, who really is sitting in your restaurant, who populates your world, what are your perception? And undoubtedly you believe a great deal in what your eyes tell you is out there outside of your sense of self, helping to create this assumption that the self has something that exists outside of and separate from it. 

And in many aspects that is the function of your physical senses, and especially your eyes. Their function is to interpret light and quantum particles into form. You heard earlier this evening how spirit creates form and enjoys doing so. And since you are spirit that has generated a form out of many others, but this one that you are somewhat familiar with, that seems to express portions of who you are. Do you also know where your other forms are?

The atoms and molecules that compose your form, where ELSE do they appear? The atoms and molecules that compose your form are not static; forever in the same place and forever holding their position, like well-trained soldiers. They indeed have the ability to appear in many times-places at once. That is one of the unique qualities of consciousness. It is not limited to YOUR perception of how IT should behave.

If consciousness ever attempted to truly conform to your ideas of time and space, then you would be in deep doo-doo. The very fabric of time and space indeed would be rendered asunder, because it is meant to flow in, out and through itself and to express that consciousness in as many forms as possible, and you yourselves do the same. You think you are always here in this room at this moment, and the next moment you think you are still fully in this room, and then another moment you think you are still fully in this room. That is the beauty of the illusion, that you think this is so.

Now, we wish to walk – (here Kris paces up and down for a while), would you be so kind as to perhaps sit on this side?

You think you are carefully and beautifully couched exactly where you are, and you do not pay attention to the atoms and molecules that flow through this room. The neutrinos for instance flow through here in a manner that you would never be able to assume because as they flow through here they also flow through other “heres”. The quantum particles cannot be only in one place for their capacity would overwhelm even your perceptions. They have to be in all places at all times. So this is why there are times when you meet people, and they say: ‘I saw someone who looks exactly like you when I was on vacation in Australia.’ And someone in Australia tells their friend, ‘I saw someone who looks exactly like you when I was in Florida. It is not that you have doubles, but that YOU have appeared somewhere else in a moment of absent-mindedness when you were not so preoccupied with maintaining your entire form in one time-space place. Do you understand?

So you play with the concepts of time and space without realizing it. And when you sleep you think that you rest so beautifully upon your pillow and you do not realize that as soon as your ego even makes one step towards mellowness, you take off.

You take the opportunity to not have to toil and put so much of your energy into pretending to be always there. You create entire consciousness. You create, you are the architects of your adventures, and you think your adventure at times is so boring, you have to go to work, when you are at work you daydream and where else do you end up. You doodle and you do not pay attention to the little designs that you make and your mind wanders.

How many of you as children were told by parents or educators, teachers or friends, ‘we have been calling you for ten minutes. You never heard a word. Where have you been?’ And you do not remember because you block it out, that perhaps you were dreaming of some far off adventure with a patch on your eye looking for treasure. Or perhaps you were walking the halls of some grand palace, pretending to be a king or a prince, and perhaps in such an adventure, someone thought they saw a ghost, an expression of your face appearing in someone else’s field of vision. You might very well have enjoyed the adventure of scaring the bejesus out of someone when you realize that they could see you, and then they could not.

So you played with consciousness, you played with form and you played with matter, and you forget about it so conveniently, so you do not have to own up to the fact that you are more than what you feel about yourselves. You are so clever because then you pretend that you dreamt it!

Often you will hear people say in groups, ‘so exactly what did this? Is it true that the spirit of someone who died a tragic death and now has to be shown the door to the light?’

That works very well for Hollywood and Hollywood-ish types. What very likely happens is that individuals who are preoccupied with reincarnational existences, or at least what you would call reincarnational existences, also do the same as you. They absent mindedly forget that a portion of their selves had now traveled down the corridors of time and had appeared to someone, and because it is not your full form or their full form then they are semi-translucent, you do not see them as solidly as you would see another, and again you have scared the bejesus out of someone else.

When you become aware that you have just slipped into another state, try as you do in dream states, try a bit of lucidity, examine the surroundings try to get a sense of where you suddenly are focusing. You will find that interestingly enough you can add or boost the juice, so to speak, so that more of your perceptions enter the projection, whether you are on the beach in Florida or California or Baja or Ecuador or perhaps you are walking the ancient streets of Rome or Persia, who sees you, when you are doing so? Whom do you see? Are they also as solid as you think they are? Might they not also be some fragments? Now that would certainly reduce the department of statistics into a tizzy.

Life and consciousness is not what you think it is. It appears so because you have insisted upon it being so; because you insist upon yourselves being in a particular time-space in a particular way in particular perceptions, then you block off the rest of reality. And for instance, you do not feel that this room might also be filled with quantum particles, themselves incredibly magnificent universes. You think because you have this form that your universe is big and that theirs might be small, while quite the opposite might be the truth.

“Alice Through the Looking Glass” is indeed a wonderful story because it deals with perceptions and changes of consciousness and the reactions of an ‘ego individual’ in those circumstances. Eventually, she wakes up from her sleep and all the world is alright. There are times when you yourself travel through the same looking glass and you do not pay attention unless of course, you were to see a white rabbit exclaiming that he is late, terribly late.

But you can give yourselves markers. Suggest to your own unconscious to give you specific signal or sign and you have been working on your sign, perhaps your unconscious will be so kind as to provide a sign that will alert you in some way when you have slipped out of your regular concentration or mode into another so that you might be able to pay particular attention to your adventure at that moment. Does that make sense to you?

You can also do the same when you sleep so that a sign or marker induces you to be somewhat more lucid. Use the same principle. You do not have to be asleep to do that, although sometimes you are awake when you are asleep.

There are many other layers of dimensions even within this one you think is so well known to you, that you do not know anything about. You are all fascinated with crop circles, for instance. There are many theories that abound that they are extraterrestrial in nature or perhaps some of the neighborhood bad boys are playing a trick upon you after being at the pub for a few hours.

But we suggest something quite different. Now, if you were in another dimension, but aware that there are others still around you, you decide in your dimension to doodle or perhaps to draw or to write and you know that the pressure applying the pen or pencil upon the paper leaves an imprint into the fibers of the paper that in another dimension could be interpreted something entirely different than what you had in mind, would you not go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity to have fun. Do you understand what we are saying?

So we are suggesting that since your own space is simultaneously filled with many other dimensions, there are in some of those other dimensions, as in all of them, they are indigenous, just as you are in this dimension expressing your physical form this way. There are others still. And in their dimension, when they write or leave an impression it, in turn, is interpreted by the root assumptions of your dimension as something entirely different. Does that make sense to you?

QUESTION: Are you saying in other dimensions someone is doing designs that are being manifested in this world as crop circles?

KRIS: Indeed, specifically so, but what they are drawing are not what you see as crop circles because of the filtering and from their perspective your dimension actually is very microscopic and so they ado not necessarily know that you exist. And this is only in relative terms, because there are no giants somewhere else but we are simply wanting to reference it in that way.

QUESTION: So would this be art at both ends.

KRIS: Undoubtedly. In fact, if you were actually, for one moment were to imagine that there are life forms of incredible proportions somehow or other intrigued by the activity in this petri dish, they were looking down upon you to the point that you might feel their somewhat fuzzy presences because they are so indistinct to you. I believe you have a bit of an impression of what we are talking about. Does that make sense to you?

Now they are not necessarily more gigantic than you are. They are consciousness, but they are interpreted in that fashion from your perspective.

QUESTION: Which of the crop circles are real?

KRIS: You may have the few neighborhood bad boys that try to simulate, even with some semi-intricate designs. What you have to look for is ….give us one moment…..you will call it radiation. This is truly an alteration of the micro-bio chemistry that exists at very small particles within the stalks that have been bent but unbroken. Somehow or other there is a different radiation signature from the surrounding areas. Does that make sense to you?

Other signs may also be such as animals wild or domesticated in the vicinity suddenly seem absent, even frogs or crickets in that area may not be present until the signature dissipates. And the plants will repress any continued growth.

Imagine for a moment that there is a spring very similar to the one outside and there are small fish and out of your sense of adventure you decide to stick your finger into that stream. Do you honestly think that the small fish see that finger? First, the light is already bent by the water, and second, your form and what they see are two different things.

So we are suggesting as another example something similar. When the inhabitants of this other dimension do some of their activities, it appears in your dimension in such a manner.

Now that will presuppose that there are things that you do in your reality that may affect theirs or others, would it not?

Any other questions?

QUESTION: You said something on a recent cd that ‘not everybody on your planet has come from this planet.’ Can you elaborate on that?

KRIS: Indeed. A long time ago, sounds so very fairy tale like – once upon a time -, that particular Vedic civilization on this planet realized that its way of life was in danger of being eliminated, and as a consequence, being far more technologically advanced than your own civilization and even perhaps in a slightly different manner, they took to the stars.

Some colonized Mars, some went further, as far as Sirius. Those that colonized Mars repeated the mistakes they made here and thoroughly ruined that environment. Realizing that perhaps they had yet a chance to make things all right, some came back to this world. And if this scandalizes you we do apologize, but we are talking about events that occurred over 400 million years ago.

Some of these came back to this place, some went elsewhere again, following their ancient brothers and sister and even to other places. And seeing that those that had been left behind and suffered disasters and survived needed assistance, (they) taught, educated the individuals and cultures they found here, taught them to come back from the brink of oblivion and assisted them and created myths within their psyches to bring about the possibility that were ever any of their endeavors to put this world in jeopardy in a manner similar to their world, the self would find ways deeply buried in your collective unconscious, find ways to try to redress the situation before it is too late. That is what we meant. Does that make sense to you? Yes.

Now some of your very distant cousins who have gone even further into the galaxy at times have come here, especially in times of need, again to teach. You have known some of them as the Anunnaki, a whole variety of ancient teachers spoken of in ancient mythologies and legends, and they are known in almost every ancient culture on your planet. Some have been forgotten, some have been reinvented, some have been rediscovered, but suffice it to know that your species has been on this planet for a very long time indeed, and you have faced insurmountable challenges, you have come back from them, you have come back to them, and you have recreated yourselves and your history is vast, long and colorful. You are NOT the result of some cosmic slime, nor are you as related to monkeys as your ‘legends’ tell. You are your own species. The monkeys are their own.

And if you could understand the grand manner with which your species is able to come back from the brink of oblivion over and over again and your incredible achievements, some that have disappeared from the face of your planet and some that will come, your futures would be very different indeed because you would have the assurances and the deep knowing that you have strengths within you that you did not suspect.

You think your species invented writing approximately 5,000 years ago and you would be wrong. Writing as you know it is only one of the things which you have invented, and there are other kinds of writing that you invented that you do not understand now. You think some foolish ape-man discovered fire when lightning struck an old tree, and yet your anthropologists will tell you that they “think” that’s what happened, but they will teach it to you as absolute truth. Is that not correct? And they will continue to assure you that yes indeed you COME from monkeys. Ask them for undeniable evidence, not circumstantial evidence but undeniable evidence that will stand up in your courts of law. If you treated that subject matter with the same veracity as you treat criminal cases, you would indeed find that you have been perpetrated a crime. Alas. Because for the last 155 years not one iota of the Darwinian theory has been able to be proven. They find a toenail and suggest it is part of the missing link. You could find a toenail in your bathtub that would also qualify. Does this help you?

QUESTION: Is there any probability that the Mars probes will find any kind of indications of these ancient civilizations?

KRIS: It would be difficult because of the type of warfare, but they have already found even in your pretty face of Mars that there is the type of highly polished surface that is very indicative of the type of glass-like or vitrification that exists after the release of a nuclear weapon. Do you understand? It has already been found, but of course, they must throw out doubt and reservation even though it stares them in the face, so to speak.

It will be difficult for your staunch, dogmatic sciences to enter any of these things in the log book. However, there will come a point when evidence is undeniable, that the history that you have in portioned is not the one that is, but that they are in a quandary, for if they admit some kind of fault they automatically assume that the entire system will crumble and they will be disgraced. So to a substantive degree, they must keep face. Does that make sense to you?

It is not necessarily that they are perpetrating evils into the world by doing so, but they too are toying with belief systems. And that is what the nature of your consciousness IS, before the dawn of thought. You are creating civilization after civilization. One comes and one goes. Another goes and another comes. You are constantly trying new angles and perspectives. You are pulling in probabilities so that you can find more and more creative ways to discover, to enlighten yourselves with yourself and my selves. You are constantly discovering that you have already discovered that you can discover yourselves. Over and over again.

QUESTION: Was that annihilation on Mars, is that what caused it to become a barren planet?

KRIS: Indeed. The ancient Vedic scriptures, the Mahabharata talks about the Brahmastra weapon, a weapon unleashed by sound. Not merely vocal sound which is part of the equation, there is also mental sound, and their description of the after effects of launching that weapon amazed 20th-century scientists because 5,000 years ago they described the mushroom cloud of an atomic explosion. Because individuals have done it before, in Mahenjo-daro [and Harrapa in ancient Pakistan] is a great case as are other places around the world which continue to show vitrification as a result of atomic warfare.

In the ancient scriptures from India, they talk about this war between worlds and Mars is one place, and this happened much before the Vedic writings. These were stories handed down by word of mouth as best as they could remember it, trying to warn future generations about such follies. Do you follow?

QUESTION: Was there a different orbital arrangement at the time of these events?

KRIS: Indeed so. Your planet, first of all, was not the third. You have two others. The present moon was in a different position to your planet that was in a different position. There was another celestial body or planet between the Earth and Venus; you were further back, closer to Mars.

So many things happened in your history of consciousness that the chronicles cannot be written down because you would not believe that so many things have occurred and so many civilizations have come and gone, that the volumes required to write about them could not be created. There is not enough room on your planet to create the paper necessary. Your history is so ancient that you cannot fathom it, you cannot even imagine that your future is as extensive. It’s fine for your scientists to say that in 21 billion years the sun will supernova and you will be wiped out, but who can be certain that this is exactly what will happen.

So in order to find your place in the universal scheme of things, there truly is a simple solution. Be the best expression of yourselves that you can possibly be. And this is in one way why you more or less create us, to remind you of the ancient echoes of the bones that have gone before you, that have fought battles, that have loved wives, that have generated children, that have created empires, that have sung songs, that have drunk wine in the ancient halls of time, in the chamber that houses history is not limited by man’s imagination.

You limit yourselves because you misuse your imagination. Give it then some free flow and you will see your beliefs transform themselves by leaps and bounds. The only boundaries that exist are the ones that you have imposed upon yourselves. Gradually those boundaries are being repealed one by one, even if it means the creation of some consternation upon your humble selves. Still, the bones of your ancestors will echo their glory to yours, because your atoms and molecules.., where do you think they come from? The stars, stardust, space dust, the castings of the worms as we have said earlier, including the bones of your ancestors regardless of how ancient it is.

So what is the time? (9:30 pm.)

Indeed then we believe we will take back our chair. Do you have some other questions?

QUESTION: When you come through Serge, what is in this process for you? Are there benefits for you? What is your reason for doing this?

KRIS: On the one hand we are hoping that this creation which is appearing will reach out in sparks of passion to those who listen to it. Secondly, it assists Joseph to explore the depths of his own self. It assists him in understanding that he is far more than he ever imagined himself to be, and it also helps us shine because you find some answers. It helps us appreciate that much more the grace and wonder that is in each and every one of your thoughts. It helps us see that in every one of your molecules are entire galaxies and universes, desire and passion that you had forgotten were there. You think the ancient mariners sing their songs, the ancient conquerors sing their songs; you have forgotten that you also SING THE SONGS OF THE ATOMS AND MOLECULES IN YOUR BEINGS because you are made up of multi-dimensional energy. Does that hint answer your question?

So for the moment we will take leave of your pretty selves, of your song and your glory, and may you find that your travels through the stars and the times of your life here are filled with as much glory and passion as the ancient mariners that traveled not only your ancient oceans but also your ancient times and spaces and have a merry evening and sweet dreams.

(Break at 9:36 PM)

KRIS: Who could possibly leave your wonderful presences. Now, as contradictory as it may seem, even though we ourselves have spoken of distant civilizations and even more distant time still, and you have beautifully expressed the attempts of your scientists to understand the concepts of time and space, of distant celestial bodies both in the outer universe as well as the ones that orbit the electrons in your own molecules, and still you are dumbfounded by the simplicity of it all to the point where sometimes you have difficulty in accepting that the planets that orbit in your solar system are there because you have been able to imagine them.

So, what is the true origin of these diverse, apparently opposite orbiting celestial forms? But the matter that you conjure in your collective minds, so where in space is it? Outside? Out there? Or is it a representation of what you cannot yet give form to within the great unlimited depth of your own psyches. Everything within you is filled to capacity.

You do not see the universes that flow through even cells of your blood, the cells in your head, you move to brush back your hair and you do not see how many universes have collided together and become new creations. You blink your eyes and you do not know how many solar systems you have just given birth. You walk from one room to another and you do not know how many civilizations and how many dimensions have suddenly felt an unknown presence, the presence they may identify as a god, a god that walks amongst and through them. And you wonder at seeing the smallest cells in your body and you think you are amazing. You think you are fascinating because you created television, an instrument that allows you to see something created and broadcast from another location, and you do not understand that the fields that you have created in your collective imagination are broadcast and splashed across the cosmos for other entities to look at the things you have produced. Are you not marvelous producers? Warner Brothers eat your heart out.

And yet you think that you awaken in the morning and you look at your form and you go Bleh!, forgetting that what you think of your atoms and molecules are the entire solar systems, galaxies, and universes to other beings. Just as other beings, who do exactly the same thing, having no recollection or awareness of your presence and vice versa.

So my dear friends, when you hear the song of the universe, sing it loudly through your lungs and your vocal cords, through your flesh because countless galaxies sing through you.

Now, how do YOU feel?

Size is relative. So we hope that this propels you to more questions and appreciation. Now we will take our leave of your galactic imminence.


GROUP DISCUSSION (a summary of the break chats)

There was quite a bit of discussion concerning getting together more often and having Kris speak to smaller groups such as was there at that time.

Discussion about Mars: Question about the ‘face on Mars’. “Lights and shadows.” Kris was not really asked about this.

Further discussion about time travel in the year 3000. (Difficult to hear.)

Discussion about some kind of government research concerning remote viewing. (Difficult to make this out.) Concerning some guy named Joe. TMI?

Remote viewed structures on Mars that appeared to be constructed by civilization and would give a date. He has ‘been there’ when the people were dying and they thought he was an apparition.

Discussion about ancient civilizations, which had advanced technologies. Ancient Egyptians had some kind of helmets that they did not fully understand how to use and were taught to them by still more ancient beings. If not used properly their brain would be fried. If utilized properly they were used for remote viewing, according to Kris.

Zechariah Sitchin?

Used self-hypnosis…..using the TMI equipment when he got the Mars information. Says he went back to meet Jesus. Very different entity than you would expect. When he goes and sees the entity they are able to adjust the frequency of the equipment so he can communicate with the entity on their same frequency.

Discussion about the constant creation of reality so that history and future are relative and so civilizations that we think of as ancient actually exist right now.

How old is Kris? Time is manmade, so it’s not possible to put an age to Kris.

One of his lives was during the time of the Ottoman invasion of Europe. Another one was around the middle to later 1700’s as pirates. Will never reveal where the treasure is buried….(LOLOL)

Discussion concerning ego awareness – talking to Kris is communicating with deeper layers of our Selves. We create Kris? How? Who’s driving the bus?

The answers are at other layers of consciousness. The challenge is to communicate with not only the ego but also the deeper layers which contain the beliefs which influence how we create our reality.

Kris is just trying to tell us that we already know how to be happy and that is to simply be the best person we can be.

The conscious mind is meant to assess reality, and when conscious mind does not like its reality, how do we get from where we are to where we want to be.

Consciousness is trying to tell us that we HAVE the power to create the joy and we do not have to accept the limitations. You have always been, you are Consciousness and you have manifested this being, and the ego may feel bad or negative, but it’s not Consciousness. Consciousness always accepts that you are doing the right thing and loves you unconditionally.

End of break –

KRIS: This new shift is a potential dialogue when you begin to recognize consciously that there is something about yourselves that understands that first of all you are in a state of dissatisfaction with your reality, which means that you are in disagreement with your present worldview.

When you recognize that, it is an indication that other aspects of your being, whether they be manifest in another time space dimension of reality, it is their reality, but it indicates that there is a portion of you that also realizes that there are other aspects of your being that are in position, and have the knowledge and the ability and the resources to help you change that view; to help you recognize that the inner field of events is the source of the outer field of events, and then when you begin to fiddle with enlightenment, you turn that inner field of events into a situation which is more to your liking, which is then reflected into the outer field of events, the great tapestry and canvas of life, which is what you paint your reality upon. You paint expressions of your soul in 3-dimensional sculptures.

Again, you also give voice and expression and song to all the unexpressed, unknown realities and dimensions within your being into the deepest parts that you can possibly imagine at this time, so that the echoes of your song strikes a cord at the conscious ego level, that part of you has forgotten to listen with its inner ears. Then when you hear the song, your soul is aflame with new passion and you change your world because you have changed yourself. And what has changed is merely the way you look at whom and what you are in a small slice of time space, and you dance to this marvelous salsa of the passion of life.

You are an expression of the passion of the universe as all of these here are, as all of you here are, and yet you sit in this room and you think yourselves hear what we have to say. And here you are at the butt of the cosmic joke because at some other level you have already worked out mechanics and the mathematics and the equations of your masterful constructions. We are merely here to remind you of the deep echoes within the canyons of your soul, that these eternal songs are your artwork.

There are millions of your selves that have just heard this song and you think you are the only one sitting here. And that is fine because it is where you are at this time, neurologically, biologically and still cannot completely straddle even your present self-expression and you are trying to understand the millions of cells all at once. And you do not know what one cell in one small spot in your finger is communicating to another cell galaxies away, in this finger.

And then again you wake up in the morning, you look in the mirror and you say “Woe is me!” You look at your bodies you look at your breasts you look at your butts you look at your hair and you wonder ‘how can my dog love me, look at me?’ And you forget that you have created gods and goddesses and in the best of your attention may these divine beings try to love you and you insist that you are not lovable.

How dare you put yourselves down this much and again this is a sweet dilemma. You hear the distant echoes of other parts of yourselves that say indeed you are loved, you are loved so much that the whole universe listens to the song you sing and creates the sunshine with you so that you can see there is a deep abiding beauty looking at such a marvelous creation through your eyes.

So it is up to you to appreciate the sunrise that you consume and to marvel at the great creative talents that you hide within your bones and your cells

Does that confuse you at all?

And safely seated on your couch, in the seat of your complacency you forget that you are eternal immortal beings, that you give birth to the gods, and you throw yourselves at their mercy. So throw yourselves at the depth and the mercy of your great creative power and RIDE the wave of creation and be the best surfers you can be!

That should be enough. Time for you to go to sleep and to enjoy the soon-to-come sunrise and to enjoy yourselves as much as you can.

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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