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Pure Positive Energy

Pure Positive Energy

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on January 10, 2005

Session begins at 7:32

KRIS: Indeed, a pleasant surprise to see all the new faces. So we welcome each and every one of you and those that were not here last week. We did not forget your sweet question. (Pointing at Myrna who is caught off guard)

MYRNA: I had a question?

KRIS: But YOU have forgotten it. (Kris chuckles) Your inquiry concerned the notion of Pure Consciousness.

MARK: Pure Positive Energy

MYRNA: Oh, Pure Positive Power. Yes.

KRIS: Now. In your own eye, in your mind, what do you think that means?

MYRNA: My sense is that beyond the veil on the other side is LOVE. So when I think PPP I think love. I think of the highest vibration. I think the joy.

KRIS: Indeed. Now if you need to pee the room is there. (Laughter) There are many different philosophical perspectives. Entire religious systems are actually built upon this foundational concept and if you look back through historical writings, the sacred writings of many societies and cults and religions, you will find there is a very specific method to try to understand the notion of a purer form of energy or consciousness.

And in order to convince each and every one of you that this is a reality and that therefore you who happen to live on that side of the street somehow or other have become contaminated. Do you understand? That somehow or other your existence is in a realm of impure energy, of carnal desires, of flesh and blood, where your existence is as mortal, the other side of the street is an existence as immortal, where on one side of the street is a moral perspective and on your side there is immorality. Do you follow?

MYRNA: I don’t agree, but I follow.

KRIS: Indeed, our perspective is as you sensed. The only difference is a mental barrier, one that tries to sell you all a bad bill of goods, one that tries to sell you the notion that somehow or other you have become separated from a place of purity and joy and divine origin. Do you follow?

MYRNA: Kris, where the question comes from is that there are several of us here who study and work with essences, and this comes from the Abraham material particularly. And where I get confused is, and I need to broaden my mind here, is if all is love, all is energy and I came here to experience that, there are times when I pinch myself off from it and then it’s not joy or love or goodness or high vibration. So, for example, we were talking about the 6 million Jews that died under Hitler. Is what Hitler did, not who Hitler was, but what Hitler did, was that PPE?

KRIS: Depending on the perspective or the angle of vision, his actions were most certainly an abomination at one specific layer of ego construction. At another layer those interactions with the millions of people who died, including the 6 million Jews and the hundreds of thousands of homosexuals and the thousands of Poles and all other nationalities who died in one way or another, in one other way this constituted a massive global event of unprecedented proportion.

There have been wars on your world where more individuals have perished. There have been illnesses where more individuals have perished. But up to that time in your historical line never had there been so many individuals perished at the apparent will of one individual.

Who endowed that individual with such enormous power? We do not say this to demean the lives of any one individual who perished, but there was an interaction between the perpetrators of the crime as well as those who suffered. Do you understand?

Now, on the one hand, it can easily be said that there was no love in this action whatsoever.

MYRNA: Yeah, I understand the interaction. I understand why we set up contracts. But I’m trying to get my head around how that action could be described as love in any form.

KRIS: Indeed. Each and every one of the individuals who perished as well as those who caused the perishing themselves is eternal, immortal consciousness. Each one is an individual of pure light. So there are multi-layered links here, and there are contradictions that need to be accepted, and it is not a situation where if this is right, this must be wrong, and if this is wrong then this must be right.

It can be said that both approaches are genuine and authentic and they have their repercussions on both levels. The events at the physical level represented an enormous atrocity. At the level of an immortal consciousness it represented a psychological drama that for hundreds of years to come will still send out rippling effects about the history of your world and has already altered the past that it was undertaking at that time, has shifted psychological conditions, and will continue to do so as events are added.

So this is difficult to express in complete words since they are still mostly at deep layers of the conceptual, but suffice it to say that not a single life was lost unnecessarily, even though on the one hand it appears that it was an immense senseless loss with nothing but greed and evil. Do you follow?

So there are two contradictory and acceptable perspectives. None, not a single life, could have been lost if it had not still occurred within a larger concept of love as contradictory as that may sound to the human mind, the rational mind, for indeed it appears as if it was a senseless, irrational act. Those that allowed their lives to be taken in that fashion, each one individual did so for his or her personal reasons to take part in a literal timeless historical lesson and not one sacrificed his or her life in vain.

Even to this day, the issue is most contentious, especially when you consider the belief systems that are engaged at that time. Do you still follow?

MYRNA: I’m aware that I’m having difficulty breathing.

KRIS: Indeed. Take a deep breath.

MYRNA: It’s about the mystery.

KRIS: It is actually about the deep interactions of belief systems, specifically that so many millions, far beyond the 6 million Jews that died, but the millions of other individuals who also plugged into the belief systems of victim, victimization, and those that commit the atrocities.

MYRNA: I’m feeling that the loss of breath is more about the level of interaction and the mystery of all these dimensions and the mystery of life is so vast that I’d like to do some traveling through some of the dimensions so I could understand more.

KRIS: Indeed. You do not have to leave your physical body to do that because if you had to, especially travel with Air Canada, you would have to move more than your house. Suffice it to say that as your history still unfolds, cultures, nations, governments and individuals are hoping that the lessons and the teachings left behind by those who perished may still bear fruit for hundreds of years to come lest one single life be forgotten.

MYRNA: What I’m aware of as you speak is less anxiety and a feeling of the vastness.

KRIS: And at the same time if you allow your own mind to wander, at least part of your mind to wander, you may come across two small lives, a young girl and a young boy, twins, approximately 8 or 9 years of age, who were amongst the millions of those sent to the gas chambers as expressions of your own essence. Some of your anxiety on that topic comes from your perception of their experiences at the subjective levels.

MYRNA: That would explain about the anxiety I carry, and I carry it always. What I’d like to know is how to let that go. I’d like to have the rest of my life not churning.

KRIS: You may inquire and request your own inner self to help you acknowledge their existence, send them through your inner self, as much love and energy as they need for their own peace as you need for your own peace. That feels better.

Now as you sometimes say, Oy Ve!

MYRNA: You’re cute. I have another question.

KRIS: Please feel free. (Pause) Otherwise we will put you to task. (Laughter)

(Myrna is unable to formulate the question.)

Perhaps you will ask your spotted friend to go over there so we can engage in some exercise.

JOHN: I have a quick question, a follow-up on Myrna’s amazing revelation.

KRIS: Indeed.

JOHN: I was intrigued by the idea that twins, male and female, boy/girl, were both from the same essence. That sounds like a very interesting experiment.

KRIS: It is not an unusual concept. Some essences have expressed themselves as entire small villages, in those terms.

JOHN: That’s a fascinating thought.

KRIS: So you could say they are keeping it in the family. (Laughter)

HEATHER: I’m just going with what’s being said. When you say entire small villages meaning we are often all things. So you could be all things simultaneously.

KRIS: At another layer, indeed. There is not a thing in the universe, YOUR universe that you are not. There are often specializations, specific experiments undertaken by one essence or another or sometimes many, just as with your classroom you may go on a field trip to see the museum, to see the art gallery, to see ancient artifacts or to go to the riverbed to explore the environment, so groups of essences engage in very specific experiments for the pleasure of the discovery as well as to give unique expressions to their own aspects. Always it is done with the greatest leeway possible for all of their creations. This also adds to and changes the very nature of any reality any essence presents itself into.

Now if you are all of a mind to this, we could lead you into a nice relaxation and then an exercise.

What we are suggesting then is that you sit comfortably, your feet on the ground, your hands in your lap, your shoulders relaxed. You may wish to close your eyes or not. And as you breathe slowly and deeply you keep following the energy and the rhythm of our voice so that as you breathe in and out your body relaxes. From the very tip of the hair on your head, you feel your entire body being washed in a warmth that soothes like an ointment, it soothes away the stresses of the day. You feel the muscles in the neck, in the shoulders, release any and all tensions. Your back becomes supple yet strong. All tensions are released.

As this soothing balm keeps coursing and washing over your body, the hips, the pelvic area, the hip joints, the arms, the elbows, the wrists right down to the fingers, the thighs, the knees, the calves, ten ankles, the feet right to the tip of the toes your entire physical body is relaxing with each breath and each word we speak.

And you feel such relaxation and lightness in your body that even your arms and your hands begin to feel light, so light and relaxed that they may even start to feel as if they could rise from your lap, and you feel so relaxed. There is not even an urge to resist the lightness of your arms and your hands. And allow your arms and your hands to rise slightly from your lap and in a very relaxed manner feel the lightness support your arms as they slowly like a feather rise due to their lightness. And you feel even less and less an urge to resist the lightness and you continue to go along with the lightness in your arms as they slowly rise.

And slowly you can return your arms gently towards your lap, yet you still feel that lightness in your body, in your being, through the energy and the sound of my voice. And gently your arms and hands return completely to your lap. You feel the deep relaxation to the very core of your being and as you take a deep breath you come back to the awareness of the room. And on the count of three, you will open your eyes. One, take another deep breath and feel the strength in your back and your shoulders. Two, the clarity and the awareness in your mind and three, you will open your eyes now, be fully concentrated in this room, fully focused into the here and now with a great deal of relaxation.

Now that was a good little nap, was it not?

So now we are suggesting Part Two. And for this small exercise, we will ask you to sit as many as can sit tightly around this small table. Remove the bottles of water. The recorder can stay.

Now once again allow yourselves to complete a closed circle and as small as you can be. Once again before you close your eyes put the first two fingers of each hand underneath the table. Each one of you has a good feel for the weight of the table.

Now in relaxing as much of your body as possible and closing your eyes, you take some deep breaths and once again you experience the gentle washing over of relaxation. You allow the relaxation to grow in depth and width, in height so that your entire being is relaxed and just as you previously experimented with the lightness in your body, especially in your arms and hands right into your fingertips, you once again reacquaint yourself with that lightness and ever so slowly your hands and your arms themselves become very light. And anything that your fingers themselves are touching is very light in your mind.

And you see your arms and your fingers and the table being of one lightness, as light as a feather, and gently your arms and hands can be as light as a feather and you see and feel the feather slowly rise. Let your arms and fingers be so light that they rise as well as the table may in your mind’s eye also rise.

You continue to feel the lightness of the table and the lightness of your hands and arms ever so slowly rise without effort, magically. And continue to allow the lightness to lift your arms and fingers and invite the lightness of the table to also rise with your arms and hands.

And you may now gently allow your arms and hands to return to your laps. Relax your shoulders and breathe deeply and on the count of ONE, you will be fully focused in this room. You will open your eyes. Three, you can breath deeply again. Two and One and if you wish you may return to your seats.

(Pause while everyone returns to their seats)

MARK: Amazing because when I was sitting I could feel the table rise above my fingers, especially when he talked about the table being light. Suddenly I felt the table rise. Not a lot, maybe a fraction of a second.

(Several participants remarked about feeling flushed and hot.)

KRIS: We apologize we have nothing for hot flashes. Would others care to describe their perceptions? Heather.

HEATHER: I was afraid that I was the one that might be dragging it down because I was so focused on concentrating on it. I kept trying to remind myself to let go of resistance and just breathe. I tried to focus on my breathing. But I was thinking, what if I’m the person keeping the table down?

MARK: I was thinking the same thing.

JOHN: So it was YOU two! (Laughter)

KRIS: Others?

JOHN: Well it was great fun. When you said to see the table as light too, and I think you said to invite the table to join you in your lightness of being, I sort of talked to the table for the first time. I have to admit that I had been ignoring it all this time. But I talked to the table and asked it to join us.

MARK: That’s the stage where I felt it get lighter.

JOHN: Sort of like talking to a kid on the street – ‘Hey come on over here, this is fun.’

MYRNA: I didn’t even think of doing that. Good for you. And I like the idea. I was aware that I was trying to let go of the goal of getting the table to rise and focus on staying light and seeing it as an extension of light, and I could get there a few times.

KRIS: Now. How do you know… why do you think that getting the table to rise was the goal? The goal was this discussion. If you look at the contents of your mind during that small experiment, you vacillated between the desire to follow through as well as to object or block anything that might prevent the experience. Correct?

Indeed. So you fluctuated between one notion and another. Usually, within those two states and the vast distance between them are found many tools. And if you take a few moments during the break to examine everything you thought of that ran through your mind during this small experimentation you will observe many things that you have suggested to yourselves. And therein lie some teachings that you have allowed yourself to become aware of concerning self-doubt, discounting, a kind of positive energy suggestion and so on and so forth.

So you have through the auspices of this small experimentation entertained dozens if not hundreds of thoughts in a mere few moments. And whether the table felt light enough to rise even for a few seconds or not was irrelevant. But the recognition of these inner states and their effects upon you is the goal. So the guinea pig was the table and yourselves and all of the interactions that you subjectively went through.

Now then we will suggest you take a small break and ruminate that in your psychological hat.

Break begins at 8:15

John suggested that at some point they try the experiment again, but this time with their hands above the table rather than under it to avoid the urge to actually try to push up on the table from underneath.

There was a discussion about the various thoughts that went back and forth through people’s minds as to wanting to levitate the table, what was the goal, etc.

During the first exercise, several people felt their arms and hands rise and really enjoyed the feeling of lightness.

Serge discussed a little bit about his interactions with Kris for the benefit of Heather who was a new participant.

There was some discussion about the similarities and differences between Kris and Abraham and other entities.

Myrna remarked that she was going to ask Kris for perhaps some additional practical application of the Nine Sisters concept. John mentioned that receiving all of this information is great, but unless people can see someone who is actually living the concepts, they don’t get it, so it is important for someone who is ‘taking it on the road’ to be presenting themselves as the embodiment of the concepts within their own life as a way of teaching it to others.

There was brief discussion about the Oversoul 7 series by Jane Roberts and other of her writings, in addition to the idea of ‘other focuses’ as opposed to the way Kris terms such things as ‘expressions of essence’ and how this is mirrored in daily life by the various roles a person plays such as mother, wife, worker, etc. Mark briefly discussed how we ‘create’ each person and everything in our reality as a combination of their energy and our own.

Session resumes at 8:43.

KRIS: To use an expression we have often referred to the Bengali saying, “Achyntia Beda Beda Tattva”, which means that you are simultaneously one and different from the divine. These are contradictory terms that come together in different states where both terms are completely acceptable. Therefore, each one of you in this room interprets yourselves through the other because you are the other and the other is you. So you are all walking contradictions.

And at the same time there are no contradictions. This is the state of non-differentiation we brought up last fall. You are yourselves and you are others and there is no difference and there is a difference and in the sweetness of that moment you are always your lovely selves and you cannot be anything else. And the lovingness of yourselves is impeccably, miraculously expressed through the auspices of the physical world, physical reality, material nature. That is its function. That is why you come to physical experience, to not only experience but to play with the concept, have fun. Even when you decide to put yourselves through the most horrific conditions, you are still projecting, experimenting and being the other, even if consciously you cannot identify that the other is still you.

So this adds another reflecting glass to your original comment about the atrocities with the mass murders and the genocide in World War II. The whole experience, the whole gamut of the human experience is one of depth and richness that allows you to understand and literally teach yourselves what this transformation of energy from one state into another is all about.

Though it has been expressed that physical reality is not a classroom, it is not a teaching environment, still you use it to teach yourselves how the inner field of events, that is all of your subjective states, emotions, fears, anticipations, expectations, perspectives and so on and so forth, all of these together function together as a unit to transform the inner field of events and project it into the outer field of events so that you can be dazzled and marvel at your own creations.

And that way you learn through experience how to better your capacity for transforming energy from one state to another because as you travel through time and space and other dimensions, other realms, other realities, you can be masters of your own inner states and on the one hand not interfere or project some of your more shadowy inner creations onto other realities and learn to adapt and transform yourselves into the laws of physics of other dimensions and realities, where you learn again and again how energy is transformed.

And this is a powerful process because you yourselves will eventually move from the state of merely an expression of consciousness, an expression of essence and become essence. Not that you are not, but as a focus personality, as an ego construction you yourselves metamorphose your state into more and more awareness where you literally splinter and begin the process again and again and again. There is literally no end to the process because it is creative, because it is divine, and because there is the greatest depth of enjoyment in any creative endeavors. And your greatest creative endeavors are your lives and all of their expressions wherever they may appear. Does that make some sense?

You are not merely an ego construction, focus personality to be swallowed into a vast ocean of being-ness and forgotten. There is a purpose. There is indeed a design for you to interact with your conscious creations. Does that make also some sense?

MYRNA: May I say something?

KRIS: Indeed.

MYRNA: I marvel at my conscious creation of Kris, of you, at this stage in my life. I marvel that I sit here having this conversation with you and wonder what my essence is up to. Like, what is this really that we are doing here?

KRIS: What do you think? As one type of therapist to another.

MYRNA: I have been asking to know more. I’ve been asking to know more than just this physical realm. And here you are. And this is a very safe way for me to journey, to learn, to know more. I get thoroughly confused a lot of the time by what you’re saying, and what I like at this stage is that I’m not even trying to figure it out. But I don’t know what this is all about. And you know what? I don’t really need to know.

Which leads me to a question, Kris, is there a role for me and John, but John can speak for himself, is there a role to play with Mark and Serge in terms of this work? For me?

KRIS: But you were not supposed to ask that question for weeks to come. We are kidding.

Now, you have not brought yourselves here merely to listen to our melodious voice. You have come here because there is a purpose that may not be clear to your conscious perceptions, but you have already started discovering that there is something that is in the offing. And it sounds to you as if it is something practical, concrete that can be watered be down in a manner as to allow you to teach what you have learned to others.


KRIS: And the two of you have a sweetness to this attraction you feel to this essence.

MYRNA: Say that again?

KRIS: There is a sweetness in the attraction you have to this essence. Now, you may call us Kris. You may call us Brahm. Regardless, we try our best to echo to each and every one of you that which you need at this point in time, that which you are trying to discover within yourselves. And we do hope that we do justice in voicing your own selves.

As the weeks will unfold we suggest now that you have brought this issue on the carpet, to pay attention to your dreams, to impulses, to impressions specifically. You might be tempted to brush that small whisper in the mind, brush it away because you are focusing on this or that, but if you make room in the mind for that small voice that will prod you to think here and there, you will discover that years of trying to find specific tools to teach things to others, to help others awaken as you are gently pulling through your own awakening, they will be made concrete to you, these tools.

The idea of “The Sisters of Consciousness” was originally started in late 2003, but the date is irrelevant. If you look at your specific, specifically being drawn to the potential depth of that material, you will both see that along with Andrea and Lida and Philip that you may at another layer have been partially responsible. For the outcome is not the material of The Nine Sisters. The outcome is what will be produced with it over the next six to eight months.

Just as the goal was not lifting the table, but to actually try to become aware of all of the states of mind that you entertained during that exercise. So you will realize that the goal is not just in coming here, but the goal has already preceded you. And though this may not make a great deal of sense right now, in six to eight months’ time you may have a light bulb go off in your mind and understand that both you and you and you are responsible for the material of The Sisters of Consciousness.

MARK: Kind of like The Codicils.

KRIS: And you could say that The Sisters of Consciousness are a type of codicil to aspect psychology. And they have been present with humankind for thousands of years, some almost blatantly visible in ancient writings, and some more subtly hidden.

MYRNA: Wow. That’s a mouthful.

KRIS: Indeed. Now what is the time?

MARK: Nine o’clock on the button.

KRIS: Indeed. Do others have questions?

JOHN: I have one quick question, Kris. If I may…

KRIS: Indeed.

JOHN: Is the main job to try to steer with the ego construction to a better life? Or is the main job to surrender the ego construction to the life that is unfolding?

KRIS: Neither and at the same time, BOTH. The main job is to not set up different camps, as in warring factions. But to establish a congruent state where the ego construction gradually awakens to its greater potential, for the ego is not a separate enemy of the self. It does not impede any idea of enlightenment any of you may entertain unless you have divided the ego further by believing that the ego prevents you from attaining a different state of awareness.

Indeed the ego, once properly relieved of its impeding role in your awareness will actually speed up the process by helping to remove any roadblocks that you have created along the journey by pointing them out, projecting inwardly to the outside, letting you see where you have actually set up roadblocks to your own awareness. Does that make sense?

So befriend that notion of the ego as a concept. Understand that it is fully rooted and integrated into the self and it need not feel apart because it is not apart. When that idea has been established that it is a thing apart from self and must be annihilated in the classic terms of the word, then you have one hell of a battle on your hands because the ego KNOWS its roots and it realizes that you have somehow or other decided it is your worst enemy. And it will fight you tooth and nail every inch of the way. It will kick.

JOHN: Well the question arises, who is the ego fighting? The ego itself is a split in a way.

KRIS: Who has split the ego?

JOHN: Exactly.

KRIS: The individual. So you can easily accommodate, bridge, a healing environment, and you can easily tap into the concept of The Sisters of Consciousness to bring about reconciliation, a healing, because the ego is your best helpmate. It is truly the perceptive companion of existence. It allows you to perceive what you have created inside projected outside. Without the ego you cannot assess, and you need that. So the ego is not the bad child of consciousness but indeed the forgotten child of consciousness. It is not a bad seed.

JOHN: Okay. Thank you.

KRIS: Indeed. Once it recognizes that you mean it no harm, then it will come back in full because that is its position as your helpmate.

JOHN: I think of the Prodigal Son story.

KRIS: Indeed.

JOHN: Which always moves me.

KRIS: That is an excellent parable.

Now with that we will leave you to your lovely parables and lovely selves.

MYRNA: One question.

KRIS: Indeed.

MYRNA: I want to know the name of the twins that you mentioned to me earlier, and John suggested it would be nice to know their names.

JOHN: (whispering) Don’t blame me.

KRIS: Do not worry. When she’ll blame you for something you will know. You have been warned.

Now, instead of writing pretty notes, close your eyes. Allow your mind to drift to the energy of these two small beings. Allow yourself to sense their energy, their consciousness. And in your mind and soul ask for their names. What do you perceive?

MYRNA: I see children who are about five or six and wonderful angelic faces and golden curls and very happy.

KRIS: And if you ask for names, what do you get?

MYRNA: I got a whole bunch, but what I’m left with is, it was Anna Maria and then back to Anna for the little girl and I heard Howie but I heard more strongly Elliot.

KRIS: Indeed. And how do you feel about that brief contact?

MYRNA: What I’m aware of is the part of me that is joyful and playful and has been imprisoned and that it is now possible with them to reclaim part of myself.

KRIS: Indeed, now we suggest that from the depths of your heart you send them a love postcard, the kind of love postcard that when they receive it they will immediately feel the intensity of your loving support.

Now how is that with you?

MYRNA: Strange.

KRIS: Indeed. You were earlier wishing to explore the concept of the nation of Myrnas. That is also part of the process.

Now with that we wish you all a most lovely week, sweet dreams and joyous energy.

Sessions (supposedly) ends at 9:10.

Kris returns at 9:15.

KRIS: Now trying to understand this material is not extraordinarily difficult. For instance, you have the small boy experiences of your life. You have the teenager experiences. You have the young man experiences. You have yet to focus upon the old man experiences, even though they are potentially all laid out in their various forms for you. But at this time you are focused on your middle-aged man experiences. None of the others have necessarily died or disappeared, but you can focus upon them in your own way to bring them up to consciousness. And if you concentrated that much more you could actually interface with them because they are simultaneously part of you but no longer necessarily part of middle-aged man experiences. But they are contained within it like so many Russian dolls. They are nested, one into the other.

So they still all exist simultaneously, but you are only focused upon this portion of your existence, but you could simultaneously, each and every one of you, focus upon ALL aspects of your present life experience, whether as an infant, child, teenager, young person, middle-aged person, older person, or advanced aged person. And you could do that simultaneously, but it would require practice because these are all various aspects of your expression of essence.

Similarly these Sisters of Consciousness are aspects of your and everyone else’s consciousness and they all function seamlessly, but you can concentrate on one or two or many at once more than the others or all of them if you acquire through practice the necessary leverage and momentum. And as you continue to explore the concept, you will find that to your great surprise they can become as tangible as we and our voice are to you in this moment.

The ancient Greeks and even the Romans considered their Muses or their Daemons to be quite concrete things. Just as to other entities you might be as ephemeral and etheric as muses and daemons. It is indeed a matter of perspective. So play with perspective. This is a PP word. (Laughter)

Then have fun with your words and your perspectives and enjoy the week.

Session ends 9:19.

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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