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Job Hunting, Saint Chrodora, Probable Realities, Teleportation, and More

(PREFACE: Mark is unemployed and is looking for work. Mark and Serge have been invited to help form a business venture group, which didn’t pan out as planned.

SERGE’S NOTE: the information from Kris on Saint Chrodora stemmed from something I had read back in late 1997 or early 1998, concerning a small archeological dig in Belgium during road construction. A sarcophagus was discovered in an underground chamber, and archeologists easily determined that the effigy of the individual on the coffin lid was a bishop, from the bishop’s crosier and mitre (hat). However they were apparently perplexed as the individual depicted was that of a woman. It was determined that she was a female bishop from the old Irish Christian Church from before when the Vatican annexed the Irish Church, somewhere before the end of the ‘Dark Ages’ and her name Saint Chrodora was inscribed on the lid. In those days the old Irish Church apparently allowed women to not only participate but to even hold high office in the church. The Irish Church abandoned the practice of ordaining women as a condition to being taken over by the Vatican, or else they would have perished.

Kris has also given some more information on her recently in relation to two other individuals during private sessions.

At that time (1997-1998) I became almost obsessed with trying to find out more. I was living in Ottawa, Canada’s capital where the Belgian Embassy is located, and in spite or repeated inquiries, they were of no help. I also contacted museums in Belgium, to no avail. My personal conclusion is that this archeological discovery would have challenged the ‘official’ roman catholic history, therefore shortly after the discovery was announced, it was not to be mentioned, in the hopes people would forget about it and it would go away. If anyone comes across any relevant information, we’d be very happy to receive your communication on this.

(Session begins at 6:15 PM.)

MARK: Hello.

KRIS: We trust that you have had so far a most promising foundation for the upcoming year and it would be to your advantage to redo the meditation that we provided Monday evening on a periodic basis over the next few weeks, simply to engrain within your unconscious pattern the desired goal. You will find it highly profitable.

MARK: Thank you. I like your choice of words there, (referring to “profitable”). I found it not only very positive but also very rewarding.

KRIS: Now, there are many issues to cover and perhaps using what you have experienced today with your group, going back over many of the conversations that we have had with you over the last year, you will see that in spite of your own sabotage, many of the things that we have mentioned and suggested have actually SEEDED the timeline so that you could be part of the project that was formulated today and we did mention to you that within three years time, one year which is already past, you will both be able to live comfortably and now in hindsight taking many of these clues that we have left over the last year you will see why you are part of today’s group. Do you understand? Does that make sense to you?

MARK: Yes it does.

KRIS: Now, many times we actually CLOAK many of the things that we say, and perhaps we only drop some of them as generalities so that Joseph does not block or interfere and that is to both of your advantages.

MARK: Yes I understand and I see how you do that.

KRIS: Now with time Joseph himself will become more secure. That is always a quality that we respect that keeps him somewhat humble.

MARK: Yes, we like him that way. Honest with good morals. Umm, work wise. Getting away from this venue that we are following, is there work for me in the near future? I have done a bunch of resumes and put stuff out there.

KRIS: Do keep in mind that you did drop off resumes and that is all that you have done. If you EXTEND yourself to actually pursue, follow-up and perhaps even to stalk them so that they know that you are in relentless pursuit. They will give and if they do not you will still find because your mental frame over the last two months has actually been more one of despondence than one of picking up the gauntlet and challenging your own limitations, rather coasting upon your own limits and without saying so bemoaning the fact that you are without. Do you understand?

So now you have an opportunity to KICK your challenges.

MARK: Now you also said about a year ago that June of this year is be a point where we can I guess start living off of the business rather than having outside employment.

KRIS: This is still a possibility but it is not that immediately you will be able to drive a Cadillac you might have to do with a PINTO. (Laughter)

It is still four wheels. Do you understand?

Things start there. Now perhaps between the second and third week of February there is the possibility, a good possibility of almost repeating the pattern from last year where you might be called upon to do some part-time work. Now here use hindsight as you HAD, the possibility of part-time employment with the phone call that you received but you did think that you were doing the right thing by putting out a higher salary and you now realize that this did not come about. Someone could have been able to offer slightly lower would have received that.

MARK: Yes but he was also not forthcoming with the information that I was trying to get out of him because I had NO idea what it would encompass. I also tried to make it clear that it was not engraved in stone. I do realize what you are saying though.

KRIS: In the future find the negotiable possibilities so that you still have something that rewards you without having to be enslaved to the work.

MARK: That is part of my problem too is that last part-time job really wanted a full-time person but only wanted to pay part-time. That is one of the reasons that I made that quote but I also made it clear to them that I was open (to negotiations).

KRIS: A good idea when you do receive such calls, do not be satisfied with just throwing an offer upon them and waiting for the phone to ring back. Take the name, number and all the necessary coordinates and pursue them. That way you will find negotiations still available.

MARK: Yes. I hate when they ask that LOADED question. You don’t want to screw yourself but you don’t want to screw them either.

KRIS: At the same time they do not necessarily know how to ask or seek what it is that they need. You have the experience so you can then perhaps, in a round about fashion, let them know what it is that they are looking for and what they NEED to ask.

MARK: So do you see on the horizon though, outside the film industry, in the near future, possibilities of what you just said that if I go out and start hounding them?

KRIS: We have suggested that by mid February you will get a phone call. That one may prove productive and at the same time the majority of people set their sights upon one particular employment venue and then they stay there. Our suggestion especially in your case, that whilst you have some part-time or perhaps full part-time work, that you do not mentally lock yourself into that pattern but keep yourself available for other opportunities such as the opportunity presented to you by the group this afternoon.

MARK: Getting into some other questions, what about Joseph’s question. You know the one I mean? The Irish Bishop female Saint found in Belgium?

KRIS: Indeed. (Long pause) There is not much information historically available because many of the Irish Catholic Church’s records were both confiscated and burnt by the Vatican. The individual in question died at approximately 48 years of age, give or take a few. She had, unlike many European women received a solid education in both academic and spiritual teachings in her own country of origin, which is Ireland. (Note that Kris says Ireland with an Irish accent).

She entered the female monastic lifestyle early approximately 8 years of age. Eight or nine years of age, being trained in the teachings of the early Irish Church, which could easily have been considered Coptic Church, meaning not quite Orthodox. She travelled to the European mainland via England. By the time she was approximately twenty-seven / twenty-eight years of age, she had endured many hardships on the European Continent.

Contrary to the Roman Church’s dictates, many women in the Irish Church were eligible for the title of Priest or Priestess. Much of the early roots of the Irish Church had successfully incorporated what is often referred to as Pagan rituals and Paganism into an orderly fashion adding to the base of information of the whole community and to its benefit, whereas the Roman Church found if they could not bend the ways of the individuals they would simply eliminate the individual.

MARK: It was to the Church’s benefit and not the citizen’s?

KRIS: The Irish Church however found many ways to enhance both themselves and the individuals which MEANT that to the Roman Church there was the HIGH likelihood of infiltrations and heretical values, propagating to pollute the so-called one true faith. Do you understand?

This individual later referred to as Saint Chrodora.

MARK: how do you spell that?

KRIS: We believe it is spelled CHRODORA. We believe that her original first name was Clarissa and as she moved up the ranks she was given a more appropriate name befitting her station. (Pause), we believe she was known both for her kindness and the sagacity of her words, sagacity meaning that she was wise. Now Joseph’s impressions were initially confusing, but we hope that he had gotten the proper re-direction concerning this lifetime. That indeed it WAS one of our lifetimes.

MARK: That it wasn’t. Where was the fascination drawn from? (Note my misunderstanding of what was actually said.)

KRIS: A deep recognition, this may have had something to do with him even indirectly. So, we tend to keep many of our lives at least to some degree in close proximity and he DID encounter us in that lifetime as a novice in the old sect by this late Saint.

MARK: Was Philip there too?

KRIS: You were employed in the grounds, in the gardens.

MARK: Oh sure, I’m the gardener!

KRIS: You were not merely a gardener but also a herbalist, which also meant that you were wise in the ways of the herbs, which in those times was also seen as the Doctor.

MARK: And Joseph was a novice?

KRIS: Indeed, a young novice.

MARK: This brings a couple other questions to mind? You said that you started contacting Joseph in the seventies. When did you start contacting me?

KRIS: We could say approximately the same time, more than from behind the scenes. Perhaps tweaking some of your intuitions or those often-profound thoughts that would flash through your mind but not having much reference for them you would often forget them almost immediately. Do you understand?

So we simply tried to keep an eye out and when it was appropriate, perhaps nudge you here and there, help direct your thoughts so that eventually you would pursue the path that you had desired from before this lifetime.

MARK: Do you have any plans to incarnate again?

KRIS: Not in YOUR terms.

MARK: Not as a human, in other words.

KRIS: Not in YOUR terms.

MARK: Does Joseph?

KRIS: Now in a way Joseph is one of our incarnations but that is as far as it goes. We will not take on more energy to invest in a particular form in physical reality. This venue is more suitable now to what is needed.

MARK: Okay. Here is a loaded question. Science fiction has people travelling in time. Is it realistic to say that a person in a conscious state can travel and participate in another time?

KRIS: But you already do. When you close your eyes and imagine another lifetime you become absorbed in the details. You ARE indeed travelling to that particular experience if not even CREATING it. That is also valid travel through time and space.

MARK: But in the physical, can such a machine be built or even using the mind can we transport in the physical?

KRIS: Again you already do that. Understand more clearly your definition of physical. Right now if you close your eyes and you see Diamond Cove off of Waikiki Beach in Honolulu and you see the gentle waves lapping at the white sand beach, you see the tall Diamond Cove Mountain in the backdrop, you see the tall palm trees, you see perhaps a freighter off the horizon, you see in the distance surfers, people on their yachts, you see on the other side of the beach the tall hotels and the cityscape. You are able to smell and literally taste the salt air and the gentle warm breeze off the ocean brushing against the hairs on your body, rapping you in an envelope of salty warmth, feeling the warm Pacific waters on your toes, lapping at your ankles at the beach side. You feel the heat of the sun rise and reflect off of the sand. Then you are in another place. Do you understand?

MARK: Yes.

KRIS: Though a portion of your consciousness is still fixed here another portion of your consciousness has just gone there. Now, you can actually modify the time that you have gone there by using the same methodology. Do you understand?

MARK: Yes I do. (I say something about the 1950’s that I can’t quite discern).

KRIS: Perhaps the time of the voyage of Captain Cook or perhaps you will go further back in time when native Hawaiian aboriginals travelled in their catamarans or their long canoes, went fishing or perhaps trading with other villages in nearby towns, before the arrival of white men. Then all it needs is your focus to SHIFT so that not only are you in another place but you could be in another place AND time simultaneously. Do you understand?

MARK: Yes I do.

KRIS: So it is a matter of shifting the focus and not the body. Basically you can not go to another time because the body is only an image in cellular form of your personality. You are projecting your own personality into January the eleventh 2003. You could and you do as easy project the same personality into January 11th, year 1710 though you might not be aware of doing so. Do you follow?

MARK: Yes I do.

KRIS: So TIME travel is also “Shift of Consciousness”.

MARK: If I can shift that consciousness can I be interacting …If I… can someone in Hawaii interact with me if I am sitting here and projecting (there)?

KRIS: In your visualization, you may speak with someone, who may or may not answer you back. You may even suggest that they WRITE you at your email address or in any other form. Now whether their conscious ego will accept the material is another matter and there are still many differentials to play with, but overall it is possible.

MARK: So I could give someone my email address and actually have someone write me?

KRIS: If that is remembered when they come to conscious awareness. You might even have someone tell a friend that they had the most bizarre experience, they thought that they heard someone but there was no one there because not all of their senses may pick you up and if they do even, not all of their conscious mind may actually accept the fact.

MARK: Okay. (Pause), something that you said before triggered a response from me. You said something to the effect that I probably would not recognize myself if I were to encounter or WHEN I encounter myself or a branch of myself that has gone off to explore a different probability.

KRIS: Indeed.

MARK: So, different probabilities intersect.

KRIS: That does occur. Not on a regular basis, and not all of your selves look the way that you do. Some of your selves may even be female.

MARK: So, let’s talk about the “Marks” that branch off into different probabilities. Do they intersect with each other?

KRIS: Sometimes, in some ways, although it is rare and again NOT all Marks look like YOU. Some have not added those extras fifteen pounds. (Laughter).

MARK: (Still laughing). Interesting!

KRIS: And some have added more.

MARK: I understand the concept that Philip is incarnated in different places of the world, at different ages, in different races and in different sexes, that concept.

KRIS: For instance, if you or a portion of you has incarnated in a Middle Eastern climate, you may not recognize that one at all, because you would have picked up the genetic material of his parents.

MARK: Yes. You explained that one of the safe guards is that I don’t know, even if I were to visit there and walk into myself. One of the other questions that I had is why are the remains from other probabilities found in THIS probability or reality?

KRIS: This is because NO SYSTEMS ARE EVER CLOSED. There is ALWAYS a free-flowing and channels of information of one type or another for the mere survival of these systems depends upon it. If any one system were completely closed off, it would suffocate without the influx of energies and without its own system giving energies to others. If a system is closed off, it will in a way, diminish.

So there are automatic energy gateways. Some are called black holes, others are called white holes and others that we call “no holes”. They are gateways to exchanges of energy, much which sustain your system just as much of your energies go elsewhere to help sustain others.

MARK: So there might be human remains in a different realm just as we have Cro-Magnon Man in ours?

KRIS: Other systems may find ancient remains that they cannot explain of a humanoid skeletal remains that had the ability to ambulate, perhaps had five digits on its hand, five digits on its foot, as opposed to those that are now living in those systems. So YOUR remains, your species remains become an anomaly, unexplainable mystery just as you have yours on this world.

There are remains of individuals who easily stood eight, nine or more feet tall. Many of these were found in the mounds of Louisiana and upper sates that have not been successfully explained because at one time on your world there were much taller individuals.

MARK: What about the “Star Child” in Nasca, the grey alien skull called the Star Child?

KRIS: We suggest that you keep that question for another time. The answers might be more elaborate than we care to go with today.

MARK: What does the Trillium Machine do? Were you the Trilliums?

KRIS: Indeed, a portion thereof. Now, this may indeed be brought up at your next business venture meeting. This machine will indeed ionize the air of a room or a house with a bigger machine. The ionization process itself will enhance the health of any living form within it, plants, animal or human. It will realign or help realign the magnetic properties in the cellular structures of the individual, thus allowing individuals the opportunity to regenerate their cellular structure in a way that brings about a stability of health. Do you understand?

MARK: Yes. Is this ionizer any different from any of the ionizers that are on the market?

KRIS: Indeed. This is not merely to CHARGE…

MARK: Particles.

KRIS: Indeed.

MARK: So at a later date we could actually get the plans for this again?

KRIS: Indeed although somewhere Joseph has those schematics. They should be dug up and if you proceed with this you may be able to produce two versions of this machinery, small for one room, larger for a house. In fact, while you are searching for your receipts, include within that search, the papers for that information.

The original plans for that machine were physically constructed but it is possible to do it with better materials instead of copper piping, copper wires which would be substantially less expensive.

MARK: I take it that the original machine is considered lost.

KRIS: Indeed NOT but it is not functioning properly.

MARK: Is it in the hands of someone who Joseph knows?

KRIS: Indeed.

MARK: Does he know it?

KRIS: Indeed. Ask him it is not a secret.

MARK: I just thought that it was given away or handed down or something.

KRIS: Indeed not.

MARK: Cool. Do some people contain more units of consciousness than others? (Pause) I am taking this of course from Star Wars and the “Metachlorian” counts.

KRIS: The question itself does not make quite some sense.

MARK: Well, if it is the smallest unit that everything is made up of, each molecule is made up of units of consciousness, wouldn’t larger people have more?

KRIS: Indeed so. Larger forms or smaller forms do not have more or less. Does a big thought and a small thought…

MARK: Ahh, it doesn’t matter. So people with a larger count don’t have any greater abilities?

KRIS: Actually the question is or rather larger forms do not have more than small forms. Units of consciousness are not comparable in that way. A large brain indeed has more cellular matter but it does not mean that the consciousness is more.

MARK: That was basically my question. I guess that is all I have for now.

KRIS: Then we will take our humble leave of you.

MARK: Thank you.

KRIS: There are many other things but they can wait. We do however reiterate our suggestion from the beginning.

MARK: Get on the phone.

KRIS: Indeed. Now with that we leave you to a most pleasant weekend.

MARK: Thank you.

(Session thought to have ended).

(After the session ends Mark starts to tell Serge about the conversations that took place, including the incorrect information about Saint Chrodora but Kris quickly comes back to set the record straight).

(7:00 PM. Session re-starts)

KRIS: If you listened correctly, we did tell you that Saint Chrodora was an incarnation of ours.

MARK: You DID say?

KRIS: Indeed.

MARK: I though that you said that it wasn’t. Oh, okay. So it WAS you?

KRIS: Indeed. It is not US as you know it but this was an incarnation of ours.

MARK: I thought that you were studying as a novice.

KRIS: Joseph was the novice and you were the herbalist healer.

MARK: Okay.

KRIS: So now that all of your selves have been properly catalogued, we will be gone.

MARK: Thank you.

(MARK’S NOTES: Part of my confusion was because at that time I was under the impression that Serge was a focus of Kris).

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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