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Singularity Events

The Amazing Human Body – What It Really Is And Its Potential

Singularity Events
Transcribed by Ellen Gilbert (Kwaa’Ji)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on May 9, 2005

(7:51 pm session begins)

KRIS: We trust that you are all comfortable?

ALL: Oh yes, yeah, yes indeed.

KRIS: Now in private discussion last evening we described to the individual that the human body can be considered as something quite different from your usual understandings concerning the human body. Some people see the body as a burden, a source of suffering, an impediment to spiritual understanding or even enlightenment. Others see the body as little more than a biological piece of machinery and therefore when parts wear down you remove or replace them. Others still see the human body as a great creative endeavor and depending upon the worldview so engaged all of these are in their context quite acceptable because of the worldview that you hold to, that you subscribe to.

We, in one way or another, influence the manner in which you relate to your physical form and how you treat and make use of that form. We suggested last evening a different vantage point altogether. And we believe that this can be advantageous as an additional perspective that will indeed combine many of the present views concerning the physical form as long as it is never specifically viewed as little more than a machine that wears down, but instead is viewed as a powerful instrument.

And the human body is always engaging a state of variances, not only with probabilities and trying to create the harmonious stance by which the personality can engage and display its own creativities. The perspective that we are suggesting, proposing to you, may make this even more so of a tangible, living dynamic biological instrument whereby the individual might be better able to indulge in his or her creativity. This has to do with their specific electromagnetic charge or pulse emanating from the physical form and quite specifically relating to the tensions that exist between the states of acidic and alkaline levels within the blood and body chemistry. Do you follow so far?Continue reading

Are You Limited To What You Know Personally?

Transcribed by Ellen Gilbert (Kwaa’Ji)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on Monday, March 10, 2003

KRIS: Welcome old friends, new friends, and very old friends. We hope that you are all comfortable. Your preliminary discussion leads to the need for some IMPORTANT and basic understandings. It is often customary to want spiritual understanding and enlightenment almost in the same manner that you habitually consume products and services in your modern society.

Since you are a consumer-driven culture, it is often very difficult to grasp the underlying intent and meanings behind words and concepts, simply because you have been trained from early on to believe that everything must be customized for you and that all of what you need to truly understand a thing or a concept is to read a few key lines of sentences and off you go expecting that this is sufficient.   Continue reading

Job Hunting, Saint Chrodora, Probable Realities, Teleportation, and More

(PREFACE: Mark is unemployed and is looking for work. Mark and Serge have been invited to help form a business venture group, which didn’t pan out as planned.

SERGE’S NOTE: the information from Kris on Saint Chrodora stemmed from something I had read back in late 1997 or early 1998, concerning a small archeological dig in Belgium during road construction. A sarcophagus was discovered in an underground chamber, and archeologists easily determined that the effigy of the individual on the coffin lid was a bishop, from the bishop’s crosier and mitre (hat). However they were apparently perplexed as the individual depicted was that of a woman. It was determined that she was a female bishop from the old Irish Christian Church from before when the Vatican annexed the Irish Church, somewhere before the end of the ‘Dark Ages’ and her name Saint Chrodora was inscribed on the lid. In those days the old Irish Church apparently allowed women to not only participate but to even hold high office in the church. The Irish Church abandoned the practice of ordaining women as a condition to being taken over by the Vatican, or else they would have perished.

Continue reading