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Ideas Come And Go

Observing The Flow Of Ideas

Transcribed by Marcy Singer
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on June 02, 2005

(Session begins at 7:43 PM.)

KRIS: Now you can wiggle your little tails. You can measure two centimeters to the right, two millimeters to the left, and you can keep doing that all the whilst losing sight of the project, so to speak. Do you follow?

ALEX: Yes.

KRIS: The main idea is to develop a certain degree of observation of that flow of concepts into your awareness. And this may develop other usually (Pause) previously unknown parameters within your awareness. For example, whilst you are at home in your own home you would make use of the analogy of this radar that detects a certain entry point of the flow of thoughts into your environment. Do you remember that?   Continue reading