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Human Personality Structure

What Causes Various Mental Conditions?

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on June 30, 2003

KRIS: We do thank you both for having taken the time to come and visit, those near and far.

You were discussing earlier various mental conditions that afflict human beings. And it should always be kept in your minds that indeed there is a thin veil that separates those considered normal and those you might more easily label as disturbed.

What you do not realize is that in your own way you also manifest or display various personality structures, each one expressing various intents, wanting different experiences from reality. But your own personality constructs are highly polished and flow very smoothly one into the other to such a degree that you do not really see any changes that may take place or not. And when you speak with others who follow the same general patterns as yourselves, you do not see any changes unless they are rather radical.

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Secrets Of The Universe

Unlocking The Secrets Of The Universe

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on May 4, 2003

(Mark’s Notes: This conference was an event that people paid to attend. There were four presenters, with Kris being the Grand Finale. Anne Morse and ‘The Transeekers’ spoke first, followed by James Wells who gave everyone an introductory and interactive lesson on how to read the tarot. Danielle Daoust from www.globalpsychics.com then gave a wonderful presentation on the ‘Art of Noticing’ which was followed by Serge and Kris.)

KRIS: Now just as Joseph is most happy to see all of you here, so we are glad that you have brought the sunshine out to complement this most auspicious day. And it is auspicious because you may very well indeed stumble upon some secrets, some marvelous tidbits of information that may indeed lead you, each and every one, to understand that there is something truly marvelous and beyond the ordinariness that you experience on a daily basis that is truly beyond any simple understandings that you attribute to your lives at any given time. And so far today you actually have been given many pearls of wisdom and if you have been practicing the art of noticing, as you are so recently introduced to, you will have noticed that each theme presented today have threads that bind them together, and this presentation will be no different. It is our hope that you will practice the art of noticing a bit more and come to your own realizations, which is somewhat more than simple insight, that leads you into a deeper recognition of what you are all about, above and beyond the intellectual perceptions that you have already gathered from the day.Continue reading

The Living Mobius Strip

The Living Mobius Strip

Transcribed by Marcy Singer
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on January 13, 2003

[MARK’S NOTES: These older transcripts aren’t as detailed as the newer ones. Back then we did not record the breaks and my notes weren’t as complete as they are now.]

(Session begins)

KRIS: We beg to differ that you are as nothing, for were it not for your incarnating in this slice of time and space, the entire continuum of existence would be quite different from the one you now experience, both for yourself and for all living forms within that slice of time and space. So to say that you are nothing…..

QUESTION: What I said is that it SEEMS as if I’m nothing.

KRIS: Indeed because your apparent nothingness is actually a marvelous and most blessed extension is called ‘All That Is’, or the Universe. In other words, as well as you and you and each of you in this room is a three-dimensional expression of the Universe made physical. So you carry much weight in the scheme of things, for your thoughts give the Universe the opportunity to experience itself in an entirely unique, original and ingenious fashion that could not be duplicated in any way, shape or form, in spite of the fact that there are innumerable life forms within the span of the Universe.Continue reading