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Singularity Events

The Amazing Human Body – What It Really Is And Its Potential

Singularity Events
Transcribed by Ellen Gilbert (Kwaa’Ji)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on May 9, 2005

(7:51 pm session begins)

KRIS: We trust that you are all comfortable?

ALL: Oh yes, yeah, yes indeed.

KRIS: Now in private discussion last evening we described to the individual that the human body can be considered as something quite different from your usual understandings concerning the human body. Some people see the body as a burden, a source of suffering, an impediment to spiritual understanding or even enlightenment. Others see the body as little more than a biological piece of machinery and therefore when parts wear down you remove or replace them. Others still see the human body as a great creative endeavor and depending upon the worldview so engaged all of these are in their context quite acceptable because of the worldview that you hold to, that you subscribe to.

We, in one way or another, influence the manner in which you relate to your physical form and how you treat and make use of that form. We suggested last evening a different vantage point altogether. And we believe that this can be advantageous as an additional perspective that will indeed combine many of the present views concerning the physical form as long as it is never specifically viewed as little more than a machine that wears down, but instead is viewed as a powerful instrument.

And the human body is always engaging a state of variances, not only with probabilities and trying to create the harmonious stance by which the personality can engage and display its own creativities. The perspective that we are suggesting, proposing to you, may make this even more so of a tangible, living dynamic biological instrument whereby the individual might be better able to indulge in his or her creativity. This has to do with their specific electromagnetic charge or pulse emanating from the physical form and quite specifically relating to the tensions that exist between the states of acidic and alkaline levels within the blood and body chemistry. Do you follow so far?


KRIS: What we are suggesting is that the human body – though last night we used the words that the human body can be considered a living dynamic battery – we would take it even further: that the human body as a focal point of matter and energy is actually a series of dynamic, charged singularities creating intersections with time and space, that this field of dynamically-charged singularity events are in constant flow of actions always generating events, conditions and circumstances. And that the source of this energy is Essence.

But we are defining it this way to give you a particular kind of schematic that may help you understand perhaps ever so slightly more about how such a mechanism may indeed function. And this involves a great number of other dynamically-charged singularity events occupying a larger field within which your thoughts, emotions, desires, feeling tones, convictions all generate unique frequencies relating to the singularity event field. (Connection failure) You are still connected?

MARK: Marcy? Ellen?

(Reconnection achieved 8:06 pm)

KRIS: Now, we described the physical body in that specific manner firstly to bring home the point that the physical body is a far less solid object of the physical matter than you might assume and far more of a combination of powerful electromagnetic fields. And this can be verified with proper electronic and electromagnetic instrumentation; though we are not so certain that such instruments might be sophisticated and developed enough to register the influxes of these changing fields that conjugate to give the image that you call your physical body. Thus you would need to know then that you are not in a physical body, that its image is not you, but a representation of you in a specific field of awareness, that you are entirely different from that image.

And we further presented the material in that manner to also bring home that these fields can be focused upon and utilized far more efficiently than you assume at this time in your lives. And thirdly we present the information in this specific way to also bring home the point that as authors of your own life path you generate unique charges of energy that become translated into the conditions, circumstances, and events of your life by, and as the result of, the specific SINGULARITY EVENTS that you focus upon at those subjective levels each occurring simultaneously.

We have suggested in the past that units of consciousness act as particles and waves and that they are concentric, and that indeed the universe is concentric, as is your existence. Because your existence is the product of who and what you are, thus a concentric manifestation or expression literally meets a series of 360 degrees of experiences simultaneously and continuously. That means that you live and experience all your expressions simultaneously. This is not a new concept by any means, but we are wishing to present it in such a specific manner that you can at least grok it in an almost tangible and perhaps visceral manner as opposed to simply entertaining the notion at the intellectual and philosophical levels.

And even though you might not be aware of all of those simultaneous lives or expressions at the same moment – because of the neurological patterning of the human brain at this point in your evolution – you can at least invite and explore other degrees of self, as long as you understand that even a thorough exploration could not possibly reveal the totality of the experiences; because not only do they exist and have their expression in a 360 manner, but that they are constantly in motion continuously and you are an extremely important singularity event within an even larger field that is composed of many other singularity events. As you widen your awareness, as you continue to explore your consciousness; you awaken more and more of self to those inner experiences, inner fields adding to each other singularity event, as each other adds to your own. Each singularity event carefully constructed by you to maximize the experiences, the wisdom, the knowledge and, for lack of a better word, the “Baraka” – the joy of selfhood.

[Baraka is an ancient Sufi word, translated as ‘a blessing’ or ‘the essence of life from which the evolutionary process unfolds.’ In the past, Kris has described each one of us as having our own Baraka.]

And though we have chosen perhaps a set of words and expressions that sound very technical, we did so specifically to generate imagery, to generate deeper unconscious knowledge within yourself, to stir up the oceans of thoughts within which you have your existence, the oceans of energies within which you express your being. And also, as the evening unfolds, perhaps begin describing ways you can make use of that specific perspective to enable you to understand how your own innate tools, resources, and talents can be further enhanced in the creation of your daily activities. Does that make some sense to you?


Now then we suggest a small break so that your minds can rest from all this technical talk.

(Break starts 8:19 PM)

ELLEN: The word “Baraka” – what does it mean? I know he said it before…

MARK: Yeah, hang on. Baraka is a movie, but it’s also a term – we’ve got the DVD here – amazing movie by the way, if you ever rent it, go for it. Baraka is an ancient Sufi word translating as “a blessing” or as “the essence of life from which the evolutionary process unfolds.” Now individually, each one of our lives is a Baraka. It’s our own evolutionary process of unfolding.

MARCY: We’re all a quantum singularity! I think that’s awesome.

MARK: That’s very neat. That’s my Star Trek –

MARCY: (Laughs) When he said a singularity, I thought, “I know what that is, I watch Star Trek!” It sort of reminds me of – I read one of Deepak Chopra’s books about 3 or 4 years ago and he talked about the Unified Field Theory. He was sort of paraphrasing it in his own words and how every person, every thought, every thing whether physical or non-physical, is simply an event in the unified field. It’s not linear, it’s like the surface of the ocean and it comes from underneath. There’s no hierarchy, it’s all individual events in the unified field and when he was talking about a singularity that sort of visual came to my mind again. That was interesting.

MARK: Interesting how we as focuses or humans intersect time and space.

MARCY: Well, and I want to hear more of when he was talking about how we are a focal point and all these different energetic fields sort of all come together as an individual physical and I, like, “OK cool, like how do I hook into these?” I want to be able to use these fields, focusing in on them for various things, and what do they consist of and how can we use them.

MARK: Indeed.

[Conversation turns to cardinals and other birds (Don’t even ask!)]

(Break ends at 8:27)

KRIS: Now we hope that you have rested your little birdbrains! (Laughter) We suggested earlier that this particular perspective can allow you to draw up talents, innate resources, and tools with an understanding that the use of these tools and innate resources can be quite different from what you imagine they are. And though you have most likely heard of something called the laws of attraction, we wish to also state that those presentations, those apparent laws as given, are not the entire ball of wax. Most such interpretations are still given from the perspective that there are events, conditions, circumstances and even objects formed, and matter that you do not specifically create, but that you can draw to you as if you have to summon up some kind of powers to bring to you something or even someone that may not ordinarily be part of your existence.

Such understandings are to one degree or another erroneous. The reason why is that all of the events and conditions and circumstances and the forms and the objects and the matter already is contained within the large field that encompasses these multiple singularity events, your field – the potentials, the blueprints, all exist within your consciousness, and depending upon the specific conditions that you entertain, that you subscribe to, you may be brought to focus upon a specific set of singularity events over and above others.

But know that all the potential and possible singularity event fields exist within your own field. And you can have access to potential fields of singularity events that you do not at this time focus upon, but that still exist, are still part of who and what you are.

Understanding this is already a major step toward understanding what we follow. So it is not that you must somehow or other accumulate sufficient points to have access to something else that is not presently in your life. You cannot redeem these points; there are no points to redeem. It is not like Air miles® where you must do some kind of penance or understand specific laws, but you can use the wonderful powers of these charges much like a conductor, who, with his hands and baton encourages each sector of the orchestra to produce their unique sounds by playing their instruments in rhythm with all of the other sectors to create then a beautiful symphony. Do you follow so far?


MARK: You there? Hello? Marcy? Ellen? We lost them.

KRIS: Close your instrument.

(Break begins to attempt to re-establish a telephone connection.)

(8:40 return from break)

KRIS: Now that you are all back online, the process that we wish to share is relatively simple but it requires paying attention. Not unlike when you make use of the Triple ‘A’ process, and yet somewhat different. Now as we suggested before, the physical body itself carries a particular energy. It is a battery-like instrument. And through its auspices, other singularity event charges can be focused. Now, this also applies very much to those who believe that the physical body is an impediment and a hassle to spiritual development. You are missing the point. The physical body is a unique concentration of singularity events into one expression. So, therefore, you have an entire network of singularity events converging upon that unique intersection that is your life. That is your moment point.

Remember the point of power is in the moment. This is not merely a pretty philosophical idiom, but quite literally so you can funnel the power of the network of your singularity events into the moment point exactly as if you were connecting a series of different dynamos literally piggy-backing them so that in the moment point you unleash that charge of those singularity events into the moment point. All that it requires is some preliminary practice in the same way a golfer or a batter will practice their art. Do you follow so far?


What you practice with is recognizing the variant energies that make up the charges of the singularity events within the field of your personality or persona. So you simultaneously become the charge, the conductive elements, and the focus through which the energy will be discharged. And this may sometimes be tricky because it has nothing to do with whether you contain so-called negative or positive charges or good and not-so-good charges. So in itself, this may necessitate an examination of the Triple ‘A’ process of Acknowledging, Addressing, and Accepting various aspects of your own being and bringing that charge and those charges. And you can use that accumulated energy charge in a very specific manner, if you so desire, through the auspices of your imagination – not specifically to create a brand new red car, a twenty room mansion, or twenty million dollars in your bank account, even if you think the IRS will never find out, but quite specifically, in harmony with what you hold as life’s values for yourself, or yourselves. Does that make sense so far?


This may be acquainting yourself with what is of value in your life. And it may be that the red Ferrari is not of extreme value in your life, but that perhaps your health or relationships, or joy and happiness at a more basic, fulfilling level. Do you follow?


MARK: Is that kind of like saying OK, I need a new house, or where I live now isn’t suitable, instead of saying I want this particular mansion, this particular street, blah, blah, blah. I can just say I want something much more desirable than I have.

KRIS: Something that makes and fulfills your requirements for joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

MARCY: Yeah, I was sort of looking for the qualities that I want. Do I want freedom, do I want financial stability, do I want this or that rather than specifics, and then that can manifest however it does.

KRIS: Indeed and this is the missing element in reality creation as it is often taught. It is often taught regardless of value creation. Thus only a small percentage of individuals actually are successful with such processes because those individuals have, perhaps even unconsciously, recognized that value creation is part of the process whilst many do not. And to try and create a twenty-room mansion when you would be more than happy with a five-room house is not a statement of one’s individual prowess. Does that make sense as well?


Many people would be very happy if they did not feel pressured to create abundance of the kind that merely borders on greed and avarice.

MARCY: Yeah, yeah. Good point.

KRIS: Especially when there is often no consideration and hesitation in thinking that the ends justify the means, for they never do.

MARCY: Plus, I mean who’s going to clean that twenty-room house? (Laughs)

KRIS: Which becomes an important consideration in this process and you can easily tailor your needs and wants within this much more practical approach. And the principle is this: align your perspectives, your feeling tones, your convictions, your thoughts, etc. with a more balanced set of wants and needs. Recognize the energy charges that you are building up that you are connecting to your own powerful battery. And once you recognize that the charge is in alignment, that all the circuits are nicely connected, you can literally design a request, a formulation that states what you need for fulfillment. And then, even if you do not have all of the hinges and doorknobs visualized, with the idea of a house or a home, you can still safely release that desire and allow the universe to be entrusted with the task of creating what you need for your fulfillment. Now, what do you understand when we say: Allow the Universe. What to you is the Universe?

ELLEN: Everything, including ourselves.

MARCY: Yeah, it’s me, parts of me that I’m not necessarily focusing on right now.

KRIS: Indeed.

ANN: Our ground of being.

MARK: Awesome!

KRIS: Indeed, the Universe can easily be considered all of the self, even that which you are not necessarily consciously aware of at this moment. That is the Universe for you. In spite of your sciences and your physical senses giving you all the image that the universe may be something quite separate with an existence outside yourself and bigger than you. It is merely a matter of the focus or perception. So if you desire then you might even include as part of your network of singularity events the entire universe, and rightly so. Any questions?

MARK: Is this not exactly what I just experienced last Thursday?

KRIS: Partially, indeed.

MARK: Without knowing it I asked the Universe, my whole Self, and the Sisters, for a desirable outcome. What I stated was the most desirable outcome that could possibly come and I got it.

KRIS: Indeed, principally because the standard approaches to reality creation require that everything falls under the conscious mind and the ego; and the ego itself is unable to measure up to the task and often what it cannot engage and create, it assumes that it is simply impossible. But when you invite the ego to participate in the process we’ve described as another singularity event in this large field of multiple singularity events, then you are effectively showing the ego that it is cooperating in a process much larger than itself. Thus it can actually assist you in tapping into this largest reservoir of energy and not block you from it. Does that make sense?

MARCY: Oh, yeah.

KRIS: The ego’s usual assumptions are that which it knows not, does not exist.

(Murmurs of affirmation)

KRIS: Invite it to be a helpmate.

MARCY: One thing I’ve realized is just because my recent project has been pushing the boundaries of the ego – my own ego-self – is that the ego is really, once it feels safe, is really flexible to work with, once it knows you’re not trying to destroy it.

KRIS: Indeed and this is our basic premise: that first of all you cannot deny the ego in order to become more spiritual. Therefore why waste future resources, time and energy trying such an action? And you risk suffering consequences because you are trying to annihilate part of yourself. You do not wish to set up war camps within your consciousness but you wish and desire for assistance. Therefore create a safe space for the ego to grow. (Pause) Any questions, Kwaa’Ji?

(NOTE from Ellen: If anyone wonders if Kris can “see” into a person’s concerns, I can attest that he most certainly can and does. The previous statements about ego annihilation were directed to me. I had inadvertently experienced my own ego death through a hallucinogenic drug experience many years ago and had never processed the event. It was currently coming back into my life as something I desperately needed to get closure on. I had scheduled an upcoming private session with Kris to get his insight and advice, but I hadn’t clued anyone in on the specifics of my concern, not even Serge or Mark. Kris’ statements struck me to the marrow of my bones! The consequences of ego death really are quite dreadful.

At the end of the session, in fact, all participants agreed that there were many points within the material that seemed to be specifically directed into the heart of each one’s own private concerns.)

ELLEN: You will be hearing my questions later.

KRIS: Now we realize that the information we have given you this evening is foundational. It is rudimentary, but invite other people when you do the transcription. Invite other people to submit questions which can be answered on the forum and in a potential newsletter – a small newsletter – that will actually be interactive and not merely a script of knowledge from on high, for we do not exist on high. Do you follow?


KRIS: Are there other questions?

MARCY: I don’t have a question.

KRIS: What about the silent one?

MARCY: Ann, you have to know, he never lets you sit there quietly!

ANN: I have to say, Kris, that until the second time that we lost you, I was completely lost and sitting here doodling, but after that last time we lost you and we came back, all of a sudden I got connected in with what you were saying and I could understand you and I think it was somehow the quality of the transmission just improved. Isn’t that true, Ellen?

ELLEN: Oh, definitely.

ANN: It just improved dramatically and suddenly wow, I was right on the page. And I’m going through something kind of interesting in terms of creating my own reality and deciding what it is that I really need in my life and what is it that I really don’t need, so what I’m really hoping to do is just be able to pore over the transcription of this session tonight so I can pick up what I missed at the beginning.

KRIS: Indeed, and now you also understand why the others allowed that the connection would break on a few occasions until you got connected. (Laughter from all — we are almost getting used to these connection “failures”!)

MARCY: We kept trying, though, didn’t we? We kept trying.

KRIS: Do not feel, Ann, that it was your fault. For all the individuals participated and it was an important lesson. In other words, your own understandings aligned.

ELLEN: Exactly.

KRIS: Does that make sense to you?


ELLEN: We made a connection.

MARCY: Yeah, exactly. I found out too, the first time it was like, “OK, I’m going to have to read this over to figure out what he’s saying”, and the second time it was like, “OK, I get a little bit more”, and the third time it was “OK, now I’ve got it.”

(Murmurs of agreement)

MARCY: Cool! I’ve never seen it occur like that; in progression like that. It was very – awesome! Cool manifesting you guys! (Laughter from all)

KRIS: Any other questions, or do you prefer a small break?

ANN: I could use a break.

ELLEN: Yeah, we’ll take a break.

(9:05 Break)

Discussion ensued about why the disconnections occurred and consensus that the energy was indeed choppy and uneven. Marcy put blame on her ISP, but all agreed the energy was not in alignment. Mark explained his experience of Universal value creation the previous Thursday:

MARK: So, Ellen and Ann, last Thursday I was in court and of course, leading up to court I was quite stressed. This is something that I’ve been creating for years. I realized I created the events that brought me here, but I also realized that by going to court I was cleaning up the mess. Anyway, I was in court for failure to comply with the Corporate Tax Act from 2002 and 2003, which means I didn’t do my corporate tax returns from those years.

ANN: Oh, you bad boy.

MARK: Well, it was a chain of events because I was extremely busy during those years and then so busy that I was working 18-hour days, six to seven days a week – sometimes two shows at once – in the film industry, and then suddenly SARS hit and I’m unemployed and looking for work, can’t find more work to the point of not having any money and accountants wanting $1500 per taxation year plus to do the books and not having it. So it was a series of events that transpired. I ended up with a subpoena. I got a demand letter last year in August and they said you’ve got 30 days so I found a bookkeeper who would do it cheaply and he said he’d have it done five days. I gave him all my book work, all my paperwork and never heard from him again. And he still has all my paperwork.

So needless to say, I’m going to court. I have the taxes done, and I talked to Kris regularly on this and I kept asking the Sisters to help me, I kept asking for my whole Self to be there, and to give me the right words and the right actions to do it at the right time to come up with the most beneficial, most desirable outcome of this court case.

I had spoken to the prosecution a day and a half before I went to court and I decided I was going to plead guilty and since I was bringing her the tax returns she would grant me leniency on the fine. The day of the trial, I’m out there – it’s not even in Toronto, it’s out of town, I had to stay in a hotel – and I get there early and I talked to the prosecution and we’re going over it and she has it down on her paper that I’m filing guilty blah, blah, and suddenly I just off the cuff, I make an offhanded remark. I just said to her “Oh, by the way, this corporation has been inactive since 2003. The bank accounts have been closed and I’m dissolving it.” She withdrew the charges.

Now what Kris told me to do was one of the meditations he gave us at the Heal the Heart [workshop], which was “Accessing the Heroic Dimension,” and it works! He even said to me on the walk – we had a small walk before that the weekend before – and he said that the outcome is not going to be what you anticipate, which scared me ’cause I thought it would be worse! But it was definitely for the better, so this works.

ANN: Great story!

MARK: And you can type that into the transcript.

ELLEN: Definitely! Ann just made a major life decision today so this is really pertinent stuff for her.

ANN: Yeah, I had a talk with my boss this morning about going part time at my job and it was a big decision because I’ve been becoming more and more unhappy, and more and more depleted, and more and more stressed by my job to the point where I can’t even use my imagination to imagine what it is that I want right now. So I realized that what I really wanted right now was just some time and space. So I figured the only way I could get that for myself right now is to go part time. And the conversation went really well and when she came back with what I’d be making, it was actually more than I thought and more than she thought. So I’m feeling pretty hopeful, and a lot less stressed.

MARK: Good for you!

(Return from break at 9:17)

KRIS: Now the point with this approach is to give yourselves proper credit and an understanding that you indeed are the architects of your lives. Regardless of the apparent situation, you find yourselves in – know that as a personality, whatever event, condition, situation in your life, whether it brings joy or stress – each one is a transitory singularity event. It comes about from the charges you are unleashing, releasing. Thus if you desire to sustain events and conditions and circumstances that bring you more joy, then focus upon that as opposed to situations that are stressful, or have less joy with the understanding that even a situation that seems shadowy and foreboding itself is a means through which you recognize where you want to focus.

This is important. When you recognize that this event or situation or condition is not what you want to be in, consider it a signal that suggests that you need to focus upon where you want to be, that you need to draw to yourself a congruent alignment of charges that bring you back in a state of joy and balance and harmony. Whatever it is that you need, want, and desire in your life can be approached in a similar manner. Your situation is no different from any other human being on this planet. Even though each of you is unique, you all represent fields of singularity events within the whole self. So you have at your disposal then an infinite resource of energies to tap into. Does that make sense to you?


Are there any questions? (Pause) Then what is the time?

MARK: 9:22

KRIS: Then we expect that you will be great interesting singularity events in your lives, especially since you understand it all now. (Laughter)

MARCY: I don’t think I understand enough to ask a question yet! (Laughs) I don’t know.

KRIS: Then experiment. Play with energy. Your battery will not run down. It’s impossible. Pay attention to the fields within your system, the fields of energy. Make use of them. Direct the charges. And have fun! Usually when this type of information is taken overly seriously and you lose the fun, then you lose sight of the fact that fun and joy are part of the equation. Now you had a question?

MARCY: I’m sorry. It’s gone now. (Laughing) I just start listening to what you’re saying, and whatever I was thinking is gone. (Cracking up) Sorry.

KRIS: Now here is another wonderful example and many people consistently have a similar situation. Has the thought gone? Or have you moved away from that situation?

MARCY: Exactly. I just focus my attention somewhere else and it’s over there somewhere, but I don’t know where.

KRIS: Indeed, keep this in mind: as you develop an understanding that the whole of physical reality is merely another field of singularity events in fact, that, even as poorly as we have stated it, and described it – mostly due to Joseph’s lack of scientific vocabulary – but as we have described it, this is the mysterious, and elusive Unified Field Theory. This is the Super String Theory. This is the Theory of Everything.

ELLEN: Oh boy, we’re getting into quantum physics now. I’m unsure there.

MARCY: Yeah, quantum physics. I’m sort of shady on string theory.

KRIS: It is fine, there is no need to worry because even quantum physicists are somewhat shady on it (laughter).

KRIS: Now, what is the time?

MARK: 9:32

KRIS: Then we suggest that you plug in your batteries and enjoy your evening.

ALL: Thank you, Kris.

KRIS: Wonderful days you will create.

(Session ends at 9:33 PM)

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