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Multi-dimensional Self

The Amazing Multi-Dimensional Nature of Self

Recorded in Toronto, Canada on March 8, 2004
Transcribed by Mark C. Bukator

7:34 PM Session Starts

KRIS: Now we thank you for your kindness and your presence. We thought that perhaps to pause and to give somewhat of a break from the present line of discussion that we could talk about something a bit different.

Throughout your civilization’s history there have always been individuals who have provided guidance and assistance in one form or another, and of course depending on the cultural background and the times themselves, the specific era, there will be various colorations and depictions of those individuals who give assistance.

In many different older cultures, those for example who have maintained and developed ties to nature and the natural world and of course you have the development of what is referred to as ‘Nature States”, you have the development of “Animal Guides” and an entire culture that centers around the essence of nature, that makes itself into form to communicate with those that are attuned to those energies.

And common to all of those cultures, whether they are still in modern times LIVING a stone age, non-civilized culture according to common vernacular, there is always a common thread, a deep abiding respect for the Earth and its creatures and specifically that the people involved in that worldview often considered themselves the stewards and the caretakers of the lands and those spirits that reach out to them in that land.

There are often cultures that are far different from your modern, present day understandings, especially your divorced views of the natural world as we have spoken about previously. Some other cultures have somehow managed to maintain their ancestral links or ties to their past and their understandings handed down from generation to generation that still ties them to the natural wonders of the world, and these cultures and many others of a similar bent also work on the premise that nature, the natural world and the essential spirits that inhabit that world, are in part here to help guide humankind, to help guide people in exchange for that stewardship, that caretaking that comes as a result of that guidance given by nature spirits, by Mother Nature and the Earth Goddess and so on and so forth.

This again ties into what we have discussed earlier on concerning the early persecution and the massacre of the natural world and those relating to it. By this deadly assault, mankind lost its collective ability to understand the symbiotic relationship of giving and taking, of nurturing, of caregiving and stewardship for the Earth and nature whereby in return he was guided in his daily and spiritual life and endeavors. Some people now a day are returning to those ancient roots or at least are becoming sufficiently aware as to seek out an understanding and an appreciation for this symbiotic relationship with nature and the world.

There have been other cultures on your planet where this relationship was much more pronounced, where the individual, groups, tribes and ancient societies saw their role as more pronounced and even understood that if ever there were breaks in this chain of relationships then indeed your world would suffer much. Now there are and always have been consciousnesses, individuals that sought to give assistance. In many of Seth’s materials, there is a description of Speakers, a group of beings who impart ancient eternal knowledge and teach it according to the circumstances and the times.

There have also been other individuals who are able to mingle, merge their consciousness in such a manner that can provide continual guidance. They belong to an extended collective of individuals or consciousnesses that is not limited to a physical appearance but actually use the customs, the mythologies, the law of local groups and societies, either ancient or modern and tries to communicate the essential teachings that can help that group, that collective to return to their true selves.

In the Seth material, Seth identified NINE various families of consciousness, giving specific psychological schematics of essential intent for individuals and through their intents and through their drives and their desires may find themselves belonging to specific families of consciousness through their INTENTS and their desires. One is not specifically born into a specific family of consciousness as much as they belong to one through their intents. For what we are identifying then is something somewhat different but still, ties in that would allow the nine families of consciousness to belong to specific order or grouping themselves and that we will get into shortly.

But first off, we did want to mention that there have been, there always are, there always will be individuals who will spare of their essential energies to create communication in the hopes that human individuals will always have a tie to their natural essence as it is manifested through nature, the natural world and all of what is contained in that understanding. Do you understand so far?

This grouping of individuals can take on the guise of the local customs and myths, the local spirits if you wish such as in some native cultures where the animal spirits themselves are seen in the guise of the bear, or the raven or the fox and so on and so forth or the wolf, the coyote. In some other cultures in may very well be the condor, the eagle, the tiger. In other cultures it might very well be the mountains, the trees, the rivers that speak and communicate with mankind at one level, urging and encouraging then the return to that deeper essence, the deeper connection with ‘All That Is’ and nature.

On another scale, these same beings also take on the characteristic of other methods of communicating deep ancient wisdom again through the myths, the lore of various societies. In this case, they might even take on the guise or the roles of the psychological dramas that involve persons that evolve into persons who are eventually manufactured into Gods or demi-gods.

Some of these personalities may even take on the role of mythological characters to spark off legends, some that may eventually become religions and entire religious systems and over time these do become distorted. The ancient seeds of wisdom often become deeply buried and lost. One such individual collection or collective of entities has appeared in what we have previously described as the Christ Entity. You remember some of these talks that we had late last summer? (Yes).

This is not just a ONE Entity. This is a difficult subject because most individuals are accustomed to watering down essential truths, sometimes to such common denominators and as through as few simple words as possible, as to distort which is what happens with the religions, the beliefs: they evolve through time with your species and your race which is part of the natural process and evolution of those myths as they should be.

You understand yourselves to be more than that one individual identity at any given time, do you not? You have at least that basic understanding that you are made up of many different traits and characteristics and that you undergo a variety if intents and desires and that your psychological makeup is far larger than the boundaries of the ego through which you operate on a daily basis, correct? (Yes).

It stands to reason at the same time that your true self, your source self is also made up of all the characteristics and the traits of the personalities that it generates and naturally creates. Thus it too is made up of a multitude of selves. Do you understand that?

It would be in the long run, far more beneficial instead of trying to communicate with an inner self or a higher self or a grander self that indeed you stretch the boundaries of your imagination and viewed this process and this inner mythos as being a set of inner selves and higher selves and the grander selves and of oversouls. Do you understand?

ANDREA: No I don’t.


KRIS: Let us put it this way, you know that even though you are a singular identity you are composed of a multitude of aspects. So you are indeed multi-dimensional individuals, you are multi-layered.

The same must and should still apply to your inner self or inner selves truly, as well as the higher selves for they too are composed of a multitude of characteristics, of traits and a variety of aspects, some of which is YOU. Do you understand that?


So, in that light, it would be far better to understand that you have higher selves and inner selves as true multidimensional characters. Do you understand that process?


Indeed the idea of connecting with ONE inner self, ONE higher self is in the long run self-defeating. Do you understand?

The whole of the universe is literally filled with consciousness and individuals who seek to connect with that inner reality often fail because they themselves are a COLLECTIVE of consciousness, not just ONE and though they understand that partially, they then seek to reduce the enormous, multidimensionality of the source self or true self into ONE specific thing. Even though they themselves may understand that they are multidimensional. Do you understand the difference?


So by opening your minds and your souls to the multidimensional source of these inner lives that you have, you are then able to have at your disposal that much more energy in ways that you have yet to fathom. Do you understand so far?

ANDREA: yes. I have a question though. Does that mean two different people actually have inner selves which are the same or which cross over? For instance, if Lida and I have our physical selves does that mean that our inner selves may be the same in certain area?

KRIS: In certain areas but at the same time each self is entirely individualistic because that is the nature of personality, of individualism, that is its whole purpose. Though you might share common selves you still have the uniqueness of individuality because it is expressed through your consciousness, through your personality, through your attitudes, through your convictions and through the eyes of your soul? Do you understand? Even though you might be psychologically part of the same system of upper selves. Do you understand?


KRIS: So no amount of individuality or uniqueness is ever lost in or to the universe. Each iota of individual identity is highly respected because it is another method through which All That Is finds itself. Does that make sense to you?


KRIS: Indeed, now you may have a multitude of other aspects, some of which are entirely psychological. Do you understand that?

LIDA: What do you mean by psychological?

KRIS: Because some of those aspects are not necessarily non-physical, so you have various aspects to your personality that flow in and out of your consciousness, specific traits, specific characteristics that make you uniquely you. But then there are other portions of your multi-dimensional selves that may also appear in three-dimensional space-time.

If we return to our earlier depiction of nature states, animal guides, water, animal, tree, bear, raven, spirit guides, animal guides that communicated with ancient members or members of ancient cultures, it can be said that these are aspects of those VERY INDIVIDUALS that have taken on the guise of wise animal teacher. Do you understand?

This does not stop. This process, it does not end or stop at ancient cultures but it goes on, well beyond those boundaries.

LIDA: I believe that we STILL have it because I have a strong affinity to go to a tree and hug it and get back all kinds of facts.

KRIS: Indeed and there are still more. The problem, the major problem is that many people tend to label such experiences into generic terms. For instance, if the teaching aspect of one particular person takes the guise of that particular person’s mythologies and let’s say that said individual is of Judeo-Christian background and has strong imagery relating to the icons within that religious background. Say perhaps Saints or other spiritual figureheads, even perhaps angels then those portions of that very individual will take the guise of most intense reflection for that person and some may be as clear as an angelic being, as a Saintly person to communicate a deep guidance and teaching to that person. Do you understand?

The problem herein lies in that often the person believes that the form that was used, the mask that was worn is the authentic item because they tend to want to classify and label and believe so strongly. Do you understand that?

We suggest that you take a small break and we will return.

Break begins approximately 8:11 PM

KRIS: The human personality has such a bank of potentials that you are unawares of for a variety of reasons, that there are times when you actually do feel lost, the rest of [these] potentials, the rest of [these] tools and talents whilst at the same times all of these are at your psychological fingertips. There are so many interesting and powerful aspects and characteristics to the human personality that you would literally be astounded not at those potentials but astounded at your being unaware of them.

You literally live in a sea of energy and potential and people are often entirely blind to that fact because you have cut yourselves off from this vast ocean of potentials. As we were saying earlier, your own inner selves have been finding ways to reach you for countless millennia. In some cultures this is done through the animal guides and the spirit teachers and so on and so forth. In other cultures they are found by taking on the guise of spiritual and religious icons and still the process will forever continue because it is your true lifeline to ancient fonts of wisdom and knowledge that reaches far beyond your ideas of selfhood. Herein lies the stumbling block to discovering these inner dimensions to your being. You think of yourselves in too narrow of terms. Your ideas of selfhood are so narrow that you fail to recognize that you have unlimited selves and energy available to you, complete with original wisdom all of which is at your finger tips to enhance your lives and your ideas about yourselves.

As we were saying earlier there have always been individuals, consciousness that has sought to help guide you. These are also tied into whom and what you are and still retain their own uniqueness and individuality while being a part of yourself or yourselves. You are accustomed to thinking of yourself as ‘ME’ and THEM and THOSE things and THAT world. Do you understand?

You would NOT think that when you see a tree that this is your tree self and even though the energy and the consciousness in the tree is uniquely itself it is still part of you as the perceiver, as the observer.

In that light, to that effect, it is conceivable that for you [pointing to Andrea] this is your Andrea self and for you [pointing to Lida] this is your Lida self. And yet you are still unique individuals, each with your own traits and characteristics and at that level, there is no conflict. Now because your ideas of selfhood are indeed fragile, you feel you must protect it, only to realize often that in protecting what you thought was a fragile selfhood, you have also choked off the rest of your being. Do you follow?

LIDA: Can you give us an example?

KRIS: Again, you do not normally think of yourself as also including Andrea. This is your Andrea self. [Talking to Lida and pointing at Andrea]. Do you understand? You maintain a distinct separateness but you do not think to also maintain a distinct shared-ness.

LIDA: I think I have felt this shared-ness.

KRIS: It indeed even goes beyond that. This is another part of yourself, as Andrea is her own individual. It does not impinge upon your own individuality and yet you still ARE part of each other. Do you understand?

NOT only at the biological level since you are mother and daughter but at that deep psychological and psychic level, you are also each other’s selves.

ANDREA: Does that pertain to anyone that you meet in the world?

KRIS: Indeed.

LIDA: Everyone but to the same degree?

KRIS: In various degrees, you are still parts of each other. You are still individualistic, yourself a different identity BUT at the same time, part of each and EVERY other separate identity on this planet AND THEY are part of you as you are part of them. Do you understand that?

LIDA: Is this through the overall consciousness?

KRIS: You are part of ‘All That Is’, an expression of ‘All That Is’. Everyone is an expression of ‘All That Is’ and everyone indeed expresses ‘All That Is’ in their own unique individualistic fashion. You are still functioning separately from each other without realizing that you are all a part of a greater tapestry. You are ALL threads in the very CUT of the larger tapestry of life. Each one thread is unique in itself but also part of a much larger item. Does that make some sense to you?

Now, we suggested earlier that there are portions of yourselves that try to reach you, try to teach you and we are speaking collectively here, and try to assist in helping you remember your connection, your link to ALL of life. Even though you are expressing yourselves individually, you are still tied into the fabric of life.

Many such individuals have come and gone and they will always be with your race regardless of the culture or civilization that you are building. In some other cultures, they are sometimes referred to as Buddhas, Bodhisattvas or Christs or other religious icons. Do you follow so far?

Now even though you might be accustomed to thinking of yourselves only in an individualistic manner and you may grasp the idea that other portions of your being might be doing something that you know nothing of, then it is also conceivable that there are other portions of your being that take on the roles of the teachers.

There are, in a manner of speaking, many different groupings. We refer to them as clans, one of them of which is the nine families of consciousness expressed by Seth and there are still many more. There are at least seventeen such clans that operate within the many dimensions in which you are found and they still are tied into yourselves, part of yourselves that have a unique purpose. Do you follow so far?

Consider this; you have different forms of government, you have the municipal government, you have the provincial [state] government, you have the federal government. Within each structure, individuals have set or design occupations and purpose. Some are clerical, some managerial, some are ministerial and within each one again there are different categories. Do you follow? Each one is assigned different duties so to speak.

In terms of consciousness, if you like, there are certain aspects of your own selves that have always had a specific function or duty. To function in the capacity that is best determined by the characteristics and some of these happen to be as the guides and teachers, unique to your own selves and in that capacity, there are at least seventeen different clans. These unique aspects of your own selves fall into and they occupy themselves with the purpose of guidance and teachings in various capacities. And these are again part of even the larger structures, some of which belong to different categories such as the Christ entity that may take on many guises in its own right. So this is a very complex system. As complex as any government body that you can imagine.

Fortunately, their sole purpose is NOT to find ways to TAX you and line their wallets. Their purpose is to consistently shed light and guidance in those areas of your personal lives that need those teachings AND in this capacity WE are part of these seventeen clans because we fit into the categories of those teacher aspects, guidance aspects, part of your lives yet ALSO able to maintain our own individualistic character just as you are. In that way, we can enjoy your own lovely selves as you can enjoy our lovely melodious character. Do you follow?

So we are trying to establish a gradual understanding of some of the deeper complexities of the overall developing personality in a manner that is consistent though out all manifestations of the race and in your species. This goes well beyond the simple understanding of only one human expression. Do you follow?

Now take another small break as this has been somewhat easier.

Break Ends 8:47 PM

KRIS: The main idea behind this is to stir the individual, shake the individual out of his or her complacency.

LIDA: You have done that Kris.

KRIS: There are many times when highly valuable, expansive material is presented sometimes by others and yet it is overlooked because it will announce by its very nature that if you read and you seek to understand the material then it will shake the very foundation of what you understand and what you want to understand about reality and few dare travel in those dimensions!

And even many beloved teachers before have laid such a thing as those who read the material will often gravitate around the issues that are the least of all challenging because they fear that their lives and their perceptions of life are so drastically altered that they would lose their precious sense of selfhood. And as we have described moments before, that is the problem to begin with! You think of yourselves in too small of terms! Do you follow?

Imagine the frog at the bottom of the well looks up and sees a small section of sky and thinks that that is the whole of the world. Until one day the farmer’s cow happens upon the well and the cow notices the frog at the bottom and they engage in conversation. The cow is describing the world and eventually discusses bodies of water other than the pond that the frog is accustomed to, or the well. Do you understand?

Now the frog only knows its own well and it asks the cow “How big are the other bodies of water” and the cow says “Oh they are SO big”. The frog says” I will try to blow myself up as big as the other ponds that you have described” and to make a long story short, the bigger the description of the ponds that the cow has seen, the bigger the frog gets until eventually, the frog has blown itself so big that it explodes because it cannot conceive of anything beyond the walls of the well that it grew up in. Do you understand?

Now, first of all, there is no danger of you blowing yourselves up if you tried to understand the larger parameters of your being but there is a danger by wishing to stay too long in the confines of your own psychological prison. We are seeking to provide that material or that information that enables you and not specifically ONLY the two of you but others who may read and that there is such a vast expanse of selfhood and personhood to whom and what they are that literally, it is a miracle that they may not have ventured beyond the walls of their own wells so to speak. Yet all is there before you. Does that make sense to you?

Now, these seventeen other [clans], there are more but we will stick to these now, these seventeen other clans are composed of aspects of individuality that do teach in a very many different ways how you can return to your own original understanding of yourselves. With the passage of time and the changes in cultures and societies leads often or is transformed into cults and religions and very rigid bodies of information where there now needs to be changes again and again. Your present society, unfortunately, seems to be overly focused upon a very narrow vision of self or selfhood so there is a time again to bring about a shift, a change and an extension of these understandings of yourselves. And you will do so because your very survival as a species depends upon how you expand and enrich your concepts of selfhood whether you want to or not. And it is in your species best interest to go through these stages, these labor pains of sorts in order to make for yourselves the necessary preparations to literally metamorphose from the caterpillar and the cocoon into the butterflies that you truly are. Do you understand?

It is not an overnight or a simple process but it will make itself more and more evident. It will NOT make itself evident in the manner in which you may build bigger buildings, faster jets, better weapons but in the manner in which you color yourselves as individuals and as societies, in a manner that includes your natural world. Do you have questions?

LIDA: I just have a comment that we have a LONG way to go.

KRIS: Yes it will take time but it will also be a journey of incredible discovery and adventure and literally miraculous evolution in a non-Darwinian sense. You will actually move beyond those simplistic interpretations and misinterpretations.

Now we believe that is sufficient for this evening. It laid some type of foundation that can be built upon and expanded. Suffice it to say, you are far more connected and related to the physical and non-physical universe than you ever thought possible, whether you thought of yourself as one self or many selves. And with that, we leave you to the many selves who dream wonderful dreams with you.

Indeed have a pleasant evening.

Session Ends

[Note from Serge: this session I found to be strange in many ways. First, I don’t even recall any of the two breaks. It’s as if they hadn’t taken place at all. Secondly, we started around 7:30, and it seemed to me that suddenly, it was 9 PM and the session had ended!

I usually have a certain sense of the passing of time, but not for this session. Also, I usually have a sense of flow, of a certain continuity, which seemed missing here. Almost like the session was disjointed, difficult to bring together, like the pieces of the puzzle didn’t translate very well and had trouble fitting into each other.

However, I also had a sense of Kris trying to really keep the context of this level of information together, even if I felt there were multiple streams of info coming from different directions all at once. At least that’s what it felt like from my perspective. The idea or concept Kris was trying to pass through my consciousness was perhaps of a different order than I am accustomed to, so it may have appeared as if I was getting it in blocks, like bits of data flowing over a modem line, but data that may have been so large it had to be broken up/encrypted differently from the usual method of delivery just so some of it could be delivered.

Mark later on also commented that there were parts of the recording he was listening to as he transcribed, where Kris’ voice even sounded different, at least from what he is used to with Kris. I also have the definite sense that Kris will not only tackle it some more, but will expand nicely on what he started.

It is also possible that my having had a nasty kink in my neck for the past two weeks didn’t help matters. However, within 24 hours after this session, the pain in the neck dissolved. — Serge]

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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