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Self Appreciation

The Appreciation Game

Channeled by Serge J. Grandbois and Transcribed by Ellen Gilbert (Kwaa’Ji)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on December 17, 2006

(7:46 PM)

KRIS: Indeed, we trust that you are all comfortable and we thank you for your lovely consideration. In pursuit of meaningfulness we would like to take a slightly different perspective with this evening’s material. You are all very accustomed and very learned in the art of finding all sorts and everything that you consider wrong with yourselves. All sorts of things that you dislike, discount, and wish to put out of yourselves.

Some even concentrate upon this as if it is the only thing that can possibly matter to the exclusion of everything else. We would like, therefore, on this lovely and almost balmy late December evening, to rub it in ever so lightly, approach that subject matter from a different vantage point and to ask you all what kinds of things do you like, do you appreciate and even love within yourselves, within and about yourselves?

Not the things that you do, but those specific qualities that make you who you are, make you the endearing selves that you are. Now we are certain to some degree that if we asked you what are those things that you dislike or hate the most within yourselves, you would quickly scribble down lengthy tomes of these qualities, but what about those things that you like, appreciate and love about yourselves? How short is that list going to be? Or how long dare you make it?

Perhaps this can be one of those nice evenings where the lines are open [and] everyone is very civil about asking and responding to questions.

MARK: The lines are open.

[Some adjustments are made in the sound quality after Odette mentions that she had difficulty hearing Kris.]

KRIS: Now then, back to our original question: How short or long a list are you ready to make about the things you like, appreciate and even love about yourselves as opposed to those long, interminable lists of the things you dislike, discount and wish to negate from your existence? (Silent pause) Have we stumped one and all?

(Group chuckles)

BRIAN: Okay, Kris, this is Brian. About a year and a half ago, Jo – Rosalie – on Newworldview posted a topic called “Appreciation” — “I Appreciate Myself” — well, in the last year I’m up to 101 things I appreciate about myself! Thank you, Jo!

JO: (Chuckling) Your welcome and thanks for the plug! This is Jo – Rosalie – and I just want to add on to that, when I think about it I can think of a lot of positive things, things that I appreciate about myself, but those aren’t the things I remember most of the time. I tend to focus on the other ones.

KRIS: Indeed. That is why we decided then to broach the topic in such a lovely and gentle manner, in order to encourage you all to actually put those things that you like and appreciate on the front burner, instead of somewhere on the far back burner on simmer only. So bring those items up to the front burner and put the burner on high. Allow some of these things to shine forth brilliantly, effervescent, and effortlessly to the forefront of your consciousness.

How many of you DARE even to be effervescent about those appreciated qualities within yourselves? Or do you think that perhaps best keep those under lock and key and under a rock, lest someone think you are up to something no good, daring to be appreciative of your own qualities and not constantly put yourselves down?

Thus, an introspective examination of even the smallest iota of a quality about your personal nature that you would even dare appreciate what would some of those qualities be? And again, we do wish to stress, those are not the things that you DO, but the things that you are. Who would DARE speak first?

MARK: I’ll go.

BRIAN: I would!

ELLEN: (Laughing. I’d been watching Brian chomping at the bit to express his self-appreciation from the moment Kris introduced the topic.)

BRIAN: I would, because I have a great sense of humor when I play on stage I make a lot of people laugh and entertain a lot of people and I think it’s quite a gift to be able to give that kind of love to so many people. So I would say my humor, my kindness, my caring and my genuineness.

KRIS: Indeed. Perhaps others would like to share?

MARK: I’ll go. It’s funny because I started compiling my list this morning, not knowing the topic [for tonight], but I find my biggest is COMPASSION, my qualities of listening and helping others and trying to help.

KRIS: Indeed.

MARK: To assist, I guess, is a better word.

KRIS: Anyone else?

ELLEN: I like my ability to find my inner strength in adverse times.

KRIS: Indeed.

JO: I would go with my compassion and my imagination and my sense of humor. Those are probably my big three.

JOHN: I like my ability to put disparate ideas together. The way I think of it is, I like being able to put two and two together and get twenty-two!

(Group laughter)

BRIAN: You go, Coach! (Brian and John have been doing EFT work together by phone, playing around and making innovations in the process and Brian has been affectionately referring to John as “Coach Hawkins.”

ELLEN: Good one, John! I like my ability to get along with a variety of people and see the good in other people.

(Several affirmations)

ODETTE: I like my capacity to help people and see the difference I make.

KRIS: Indeed. There are still more people who have not spoken up!

TOM: This is Tom in Hawaii. I like my ability to understand others and to express myself clearly.

ELLEN: Very good, Tom. Very true.

LISA: This is Lisa. I like my compassion for others, my…..and I guess my appreciation for others.

LOUISE: I appreciate my appreciation for things, especially music.

BRIAN: Hear, hear! I appreciate being a teacher, when I teach guitar. I love the result.

ELLEN: You appreciate your musical ability.

BRIAN: I appreciate my musical ability!

ELLEN: I appreciate my artistic ability.

JO: (Chuckling) I appreciate your artistic ability too!

ELLEN: Thank you Jo!

BRIAN: (Humorously) Uh, she said that about me, excuse me.

ELLEN: (Laughing uproariously) Bite me!

(Group laughs)

BRIAN: You wanted fun!

ELLEN: (To the group) Sorry! Excuse us!

BRIAN: Aw, I appreciate not apologizing for having fun!

ELLEN: [Shaking my head and laughing at the incorrigible Brian] That’s right.

KRIS: Now then, indeed a very nice and humble beginning. We would suggest to each and every one of you that if and where and when possible, perhaps even on a daily basis, write down one thing about yourself that you appreciate, that you like and that you love.

You may even make a weekly chart and on each day write down one thing, not the same thing each day. You cannot cheat! One thing every day! A different thing that you discover as appreciating, liking or loving about yourself and at the end of the week, examine these seven items that you have written down and during the week, make a concerted effort to contemplate, meditate upon and enjoy that specific quality that you have written down, that you have found and written down and perhaps even imagine.

And if you have to even pretend that you are able to find different ways to express that quality during that day, make it a small but meaningful challenge for yourself that you would find various ways in which you can express and display this lovely quality that you appreciate, that you discover, whether it is ONLY with yourself or with other people you interact with during the day, even strangers.

And PAY ATTENTION to what begins to occur in your consciousness and in your bodies. And at the end of the week, reflect on this as well and you may easily notice that at the same time you have spent far less time pondering those aspects of yourselves that you find a thorn in your side, a pain in the neck, or anywhere else that may or may not be anatomically and politically correct to express!


And notice that the more you cultivate that sense of appreciation, the less time you spend in other areas that you find more difficult to deal with. And quite possibly, after only a few weeks of doing this small practice, this small yoga, you may indeed begin to notice a BIG thing within you, a big change, that somehow or other, you are perhaps feeling lighter, perhaps even more joyous, friendlier, even more compassionate, all towards yourself, and then in such a manner that you can express with others. And what kind of momentum do you think you are building in such a case? (Silent pause) You do not know?

JOHN: Well, we could get to the point where we only think about the good stuff!

ELLEN: Momentum to carry us into self-appreciation.

BRIAN: Well, we’d become quite addicted to always keep having fun.

KRIS: But then this is an addiction that you can greatly relish and do more of without the least fear of reprisal or guilt, correct?


Just as despair can quickly ruin an individual’s spirit, so can these small discoveries of appreciation not only repair that individual’s fate, but lift it well beyond its accustomed path, even create an entirely different life. And how much time could such an exercise possibly consume during the day? Two minutes? Three minutes perhaps? At the end of the week it may be added up to perhaps 15 minutes more or less? At the end of the month perhaps an entire hour. Such a small investment for such a stupendous, memorable, and sweet, lovely outcome!

Consider the opposite: How much time during the day do you spend berating and beating yourselves up, putting yourselves down? And up and down you go as if you are in a spinning washing machine, constantly battering yourselves hours or more every day and then you wonder what is happening with your lives. “WHY is this happening to me? Why am I an apparent victim of events and circumstances?”

But if you had been paying attention, you would know the answer and recognize that there are no forces other than what you entertain in your minds, responsible for the outcomes in your lives. And if you instill the opposite, just a few moments in a day to discover a quality you appreciate can have an outcome that far outstrips and out runs the momentum of everything you have been doing in the opposite. Thus, if we had a gauntlet, we would surely strike you with it and throw it at your feet and dare you to pick it up! (Pause.)

[John begins to ask a question.]

Indeed, please speak up.

JOHN: I have question, Kris. I remember watching the movie, “The Secret,” and they said something rather provocative. The idea is that a single positive thought is equal to a hundred negative thoughts. Is there any truth in that?

KRIS: Perhaps the numbers are merely representative and symbolic of the different outcomes and even inputs of energy that you assign to yourselves. When you feed yourselves so-called negative states of awareness, of mind, you expend vast amounts of energy, often in a direction opposite to your own nature. But when you do spend a moment or two discovering and appreciating various aspects of who and what you are, you spend far less energy and the outcome is hundreds of times easier to manifest. Does that make sense?

JOHN: Yes, thank you very much. That actually makes perfect sense, so negative thoughts are going against the grain, whereas positive thoughts are releasing the pent-up natural flow, so of course they’re going to ultimately have a more powerful effect.

MARK: Allowing and opposing.

KRIS: And do understand that by themselves thoughts are merely thoughts. They are neither negative nor positive, but you assign specific charges or energies to what you then call negative thoughts. But by moving towards an area where your energies are so effortlessly conjured, so magically brought up to your awareness, and so magnificently expressed and manifested through your Being, you are literally a different individual.

And when you put yourselves in that position, what you may refer to as Source energy, your Essence, etc. is able that much more to literally shine through where you are not pushing back your own energies, but instead allowing the flow to proceed, to fill the atoms and molecules of time and space through the interventions and interpretations of your own belief systems, all of which are aligned with being congruent, with being in the moment, with being filled with awareness.

And along with these things indeed do come many wonderful displays of your passionate nature as creating beings. You are not only created, but you are creating beings. For out of those miniscule apertures, whether of joy or any other item that you appreciate within yourself, come the true strength of the civilizations, of the nations, of the cultures and individualities that you are, because the universe can only be what you assign to it.

Thus if you get stuck in the quagmire of your discounting, what do you think the universe is going to be but a place where at every turn, everything that you suppress in your Being also strikes at you because it is what you are commanding. So what do you imagine would occur then to the universe if instead you apply some of these small moments of appreciation, put them into practice, and as you stand back and watch the universe recreated along those blueprints, what kind of a universe would you have?

And we are not advocating a Pollyanna-like state of awareness where you deliberately parrot that everything is nice, but where everything actually IS a delightful experience. Because that is what you are establishing as the blueprint for the manifestation of YOUR reality, is your universe. So it is but a small and extremely humble, or at least humble request from ourselves to you. Now what is the time?

MARK: 8:20.

KRIS: Then perhaps we can suggest a small break where each of you ponder yet more things. THINK. Use this gray matter within your skulls. Use your wonderful creative abilities to discover perhaps during the break something else entirely different that you appreciate about yourselves.

ELLEN: (Jokingly) I appreciate the gray matter in my skull.

(Break at 8:20. Kris returns at 8:27 PM)

KRIS: Indeed now that you can hear better….?

[The sound quality is greatly improved.]

ELLEN: That’s excellent.

KRIS: Then we take it that you have had plenty of time to ponder another beautiful quality of yourselves for what is so quickly forgotten.

MARK: Are we supposed to go around the room again?

KRIS: Indeed! We would appreciate that you appreciate yourselves!

MARK: I’m going to start with my intuitiveness. I’m just discovering this now and I’m very proud of it…..Next.

JOSHUA K.: I like the way I enjoy and love Nature.

KRIS: Indeed.

(Long pause)….Certainly more of you have thought up something else you appreciate?

PAUL: I would say my walks. The experience of walking is magnificent, the smells, the sights and the feeling of walking. Magnificent. My ability to walk is what I appreciate.

JOHN: Along the same lines, I really, really appreciate my sexuality. It’s soooo yummy!

MARK: Lisa, what were you going to say?

LISA: I was going to say my patience and my generosity.

TOM: I appreciate my smile even though I don’t show it very often.

MARK: Good one!

LISA: We can hear it!

ELLEN: I appreciate my ability to make people laugh and knowing that people are attracted to me…..And I appreciate my love for wildlife, all animals.

KRIS: Surely there is more still from others? We are certain you do not have to squeeze out the very last thought from your mind to discover there are still qualities within yourselves that you appreciate?

BRIAN: I appreciate my imagination. And I appreciate, of course, my sense of humor.

MARK: You said that one.

BRIAN: Yeah, I did say that one didn’t I? I appreciate my hobby, my love of the railroad.

MARK: I appreciate my curiosity.

BRIAN: I appreciate my expansion……of awareness.

MARK: (Humorously) Good thing you clarified that!

BRIAN: (Laughing)

ELLEN: I appreciate my ability to create what I want.

KRIS: As you all have noticed, it is not extraordinarily difficult to discover some small quality about yourself that you appreciate and we believe it will actually be very easy to find one a day for a week, perhaps for two, three or four weeks time. Ponder, meditate on that quality each day and find ingenious, creative and inventive ways to express it.

Even if towards no one else but your lovely self and see how your world, your perspective, your reality, and your universe begins very subtle, and perhaps even not so subtle, transformation to start reflecting and manifesting your state of consciousness. And what better holiday gift can you give yourselves than this? What better way to start a new year than appreciation?

Lately, also many of you have been asking about and speaking about EFT. And indeed, it is a wonderful complement to our Triple ‘A’. It is a wonderful tool to begin working with many of those issues that seem to be an impediment to your wholeness, to your well-being.

And now what if you could utilize the same EFT process but change the set-up phrase to reflect that newly discovered daily appreciation? And it could be something as easy as: “As I discover _____, I appreciate and accept myself deeply and completely,” and go through the EFT process and see what comes up in your moment and in your experience.

MARK: I started playing with that this morning with going through the transcript that Ellen just sent me [December 10, 2006: “Joy” session] on the seeds, the “joy” seeds, planting the seeds, sowing the seeds and watering them and nurturing them. And today, out of the blue, I started EFT-ing that, saying “I choose to nurture and plant these seeds, daily, hourly, weekly, monthly,” and I did the taps through the body, and I really enjoyed that.

KRIS: Indeed. So now you have an alternative EFT practice.

BRIAN: Kris, could we also add in there, “I appreciate and ALLOW myself to accept myself”? John and I have been bandying about that word “allowance,” how it opens up such a floodgate of freedom.

KRIS: Indeed, you can even appreciate your allowing.

BRIAN: Kris would “allowance” and “acceptance” be Sisters, because of the energies involved in them?

KRIS: They can indeed be YOUR Sisters!

BRIAN: Thanks Buddy! Now it’s sanctioned!

(Group laughter)

KRIS: Is it more appropriate to call them your “Sistahs”?

ELLEN and BRIAN: (Laughing) SISTAHS!

KRIS: Basically, have a field day with your appreciation! You perhaps might even have a lovely appreciation party, even if you are the only one partying!

(Appreciative laughter)

Especially when you remember that you are multidimensional Beings with unlimited expressions. This small party can indeed get quite large. Are there any questions?

PAUL: Kris, I have a question. I would like to hear your opinion to help those of us who want to try this practice in a more steady way over a period of weeks and months in that we are culturally trained to not brag, to be humble, to not be flashy and so we’re programmed. We need ways to overcome that.

Some of the folks who haven’t shared tonight, who have been quiet, I suspect are influenced by those belief systems that [to] just publicly express yourself in some appreciative way: “I’m a great musician, I’m a great lover, I’m a great financial manager,” you know: “Whoa, chill out, Dude! Be humble!” (Group chuckles)

I’d like to hear your opinion on how to manage those beliefs or to open up the door to that appreciative loving-kindness energy that I suspect you’re pushing us toward.

KRIS: Very often indeed, culturally you are put down if you shout from the rooftops how great an individual you are and if that seems to be the case, then perhaps you may demonstrate it by your actions since actions do speak louder than words. And put into practice every appreciation principle you discover within yourself. Apply it through not only your words, but also the things that you do, the things that you share with others, the very person that you are.

In a transcript the word and title of “Acharya,” spelled A-C-H-A-R-Y-A [Ah-char-ee-ah], means “he who teaches by example.” Not he who only teaches by words, because very often words can be empty, but the actions of the heart and that energy of allowing transforms reality more so than the words themselves. Does that make sense?


And at the same time, it does not mean that you must zip your lips and never mention what you appreciate about yourself but do not only keep it at the level of the words but implicate the whole self in the action. And whenever you encounter inner dialog that says, “WHO do you think you are?! – for daring to say that you appreciate your imagination, your creativity, your patience, your intuitiveness, your love of Nature, your ability to walk, etc.

You can very nicely, mentally turn to that inner dialog, inner voice and say, “Today I choose to listen ONLY to what I appreciate within myself and I choose to turn the volume down on YOUR voice and allow myself to no longer listen to you. You may have kept me company for many days, many months and many years, but I believe it is now time to part ways. It is time for ME to appreciate those qualities which are so effortlessly demonstrated in and through my being instead of discounting and putting myself down. It is my choice and I now allow for the things I have never allowed myself in that capacity.”

And do feel free to give the boot to that inner voice. And you can even put a little disclaimer on your chart: “No negative thoughts were harmed during this experiment.”

(Group laughter)

All in all, make it your greatest game ever, because the outcome is far more life-affirming than any game of monopoly that you can play. Does that answer your inquiry?

PAUL: Yes it does. Thank you very much.

KRIS: Are there other lovely questions?

JOSHUA K.: Yeah, I wanted to ask you, Kris, I think we touched on this a bit last week. What if you come across a negative trait, and you transform that negative trait by loving it. I’m curious about the mechanics, the anatomy of that.

KRIS: You can indeed choose to acknowledge it, meaning no longer denying it or fighting it. Addressing it, which means finding practical tools to begin transforming that state of awareness within you and accepting not only that particular habit, pattern, thought, etc., but to accept the whole Self, ALL of your self, and then in line with today’s topic, begin to discover even one single new item that you can appreciate within yourself and focus on that.

And if you have to do this five times, do it five times, until it is easier and easier to notice that a new pattern is establishing itself, a pattern of appreciation where your self-worth begins to demonstrate itself where fulfillment becomes second nature. There are two kinds of avenues towards self-fulfillment: through those so-called negative and even destructive mental habits and patterns wherein an individual can still find a certain kind of fulfillment and then there is the other way that we have presented here this evening. So again it is a matter of choice.

And you are NEVER, EVER forced to listen to various thoughts and mental patterns. They are truly a matter of choice. Thus, the small process we have presented this evening can make this new choice the habit of the day and it takes only five to seven days to begin rooting the process within a cycle of patterns and twenty-one days to complete the task.

A very small amount of time actually required compared to the hours, and weeks and possibly even the years of your lives spent fighting and battling yourselves within the arena of your mind. Would you say that this is a preferred alternative? Isn’t it then much yummier?

JOSHUA K.: I’ll drink to that.

KRIS: Indeed, so will we.

(The Toronto group laughs and Mark explains :)

MARK: For the record, Kris just took a drink.

ELLEN: A drink of what?!? (Chuckling) Was it meaningful?

KRIS: Profoundly so!

(Riotous laughter)

JOSHUA K.: So Kris what did you say, after twenty-one days, what happens?

KRIS: The task being that the new habit or pattern becomes firmly ingrained in your awareness.

JOSHUA K.: So it becomes actually your personality from that point on?

KRIS: Indeed, your personality acquires that manifestation.

MARK: It’s a program that becomes or starts to run, within you.

KRIS: Everything that all of you do, all of the time, is based on programming and many of these programs you installed on the hard drive of your consciousness from your infancy. And some larger programs have been running on the network to which you are all linked from beyond time and space, even before the first of you ever had a first thought in that way.

And these programs can be altered. The old retired and new programs installed. And within five to seven days, it begins then to install itself in the hard drive of your consciousness, and within twenty-one days, it is fully installed and functioning autonomously as part of who and what you are. But that means twenty-one days of actually and truthfully putting it into practice every single day.

JOSHUA K.: When you say practice….uh…

KRIS: What we described in making this chart.

JOSHUA K.: So just thinking about it?

KRIS: You have to MAKE the chart with your hands!

JOSHUA K.: So you write it?

KRIS: Indeed! Design lines horizontally, vertically, every day: Monday, Tuesday, right to Sunday. Every day you will write a quality that you appreciate about yourself. A new one every day and every day you will ponder and meditate upon and demonstrate and act upon that new quality. Every day for twenty-one days! Now within five to seven days of the process, you will begin to notice some changes. And by the twenty-first day of such a practice, the changes will be very deep indeed.

JOSHUA K.: So every day you put a new quality?

KRIS: Indeed.

JOSHUA K.: And you meditate on that and the second day you put a different quality?

KRIS: Indeed. Find a new one.

JOSHUA K.: So the second day you also meditate on the first one?

KRIS: On the one of that day.

JOSHUA K.: Okay, so in the twenty-one days, all it takes really, to run each program is meditating on one day.

KRIS: Indeed.

MARK: One aspect, or one –

JOSHUA K.: Those programs…just in meditating on one day can program…? Something in the mind –

MARK: What it’s doing is teaching you to appreciate yourself, daily. That’s what the program is that you’re installing.

KRIS: It is a program of self-appreciation. And it is not available through Microsoft!

MARK: (Chuckling) Thank god!

(Group laughter)

KRIS: It has no bugs. It has no backdoors for viruses, hacking, spamming, phishing and so on. No malware and spyware because it is not made by Microsoft.

JOSHUA K.: Just one more question. Is possible to achieve a state of being that is not programmed? Can one act not from programming, but through a sort of objective truth in the moment that is not programmed? Is there such a state?

KRIS: It is possible, but very few people actually achieve this. And we can tell you that the process was kicked in some time before, even if partially unconsciously, but the intent is to keep this developing until there is a Eureka moment, but we are not advocating that anyone simply sit on the couch for twenty-one days, hoping that this eureka moment will somehow or other appear in their lives.

For the most part, you would be seriously deluding yourselves. By putting such a small program in effect for so few days — only twenty-one days! — you have in your yearly calendar, three hundred and sixty-five days. That is not even one month. Think of the ease of which you then create a new aspect of yourself!

JOSHUA K.: Could you name some people throughout history who did get to that state of…

KRIS: It is not in our interests to name these people. You know some of them. Our interest is to assist individuals to develop a systematic and practical approach to the items in their lives that they can utilize. The tools that are already inherent in their consciousness. And then, enjoy the harvest.

When the farmer sows his seeds, thousands of seeds in the soil, and he nurtures them, and he sees the sun shining on the soil, warming it up, and he waters the soil, he knows that the seeds are germinating. And he knows that in so many days, they will start sprouting, coming out of the ground, and in so many more days, they will be so tall. In so many more days, they will begin to flower, thus to pollinate, and in so many more days, all he has to do is come by and harvest the fruits, the product of his efforts. And he will be well-rewarded for his endeavor. Does that make some sense?


KRIS: Now if the farmer decided simply to throw his seed anywhere and everywhere and do nothing with them, there is a likelihood that some would sprout and some would bear fruit, but it would indeed be quite haphazard. So we are simply suggesting that by putting into practice such a small creative endeavor, you can reap mighty big rewards! Now what is the time?

MARK: 9:00 on the button!

KRIS: Indeed then, perhaps we will be kind and wish you all a lovely holiday and urge you to appreciate all of those aspects of yourselves that you demonstrate within that time and invent creative ways to make those charts and calendars of appreciation and observe your transformations and watch the fruits of your efforts grow so that you can harvest them.

And we wish you all then, a LOVELY evening of appreciation and we will return to speak with you in the New Year, the “Year of Meaningfulness.” If you mean nothing to yourselves, then there is nothing in life that has any meaning whatsoever. Everything in life has a meaning (Loudly) BECAUSE YOU ARE MEANINGFUL BEINGS LIVING IN A MEANINGFUL UNIVERSE. Thus, enjoy the meaning of your life and be grateful for it.

(Session ends at 9:02 PM)

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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