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The Art Of Happiness

The Art Of Personal Happiness And Fulfillment

August 18, 2003
Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on August 18, 2003

[BACKGROUND NOTES: This session takes place just after the big power grid failure during the summer of 2003 where all of Ontario, Canada, parts of New York State, Ohio and the North Eastern States were all deprived of electricity.]

KRIS: We are glad that you have spared some time for your humble rendezvous with the universe. The events of the last few days in your city, as well as a large part of the Eastern Seaboard in the United States, has been cause for some concern and this has proven to be a most interesting time these last few days for many millions of people to find themselves suddenly deprived of a commodity that goes by almost unseen and of course very little thought is given to this commodity of electricity. 

It has certainly made many people most aware first of all of their dependence upon this commodity to the point where being deprived for this mere few days seems almost cataclysmic, enough to create states of emergency in many places. It has also brought an awareness to some degree of how third world countries also fare on a day-to-day basis without even a hint of this modern commodity. And doubtless within a few weeks from now many of those who have expressed a concern will find themselves returning to their regular routines and patterns and habits, all but forgetting this instance.

There are others however who are giving it some serious thought, and not all of this thinking is necessarily conscious. But for those who use their conscious mind and perceptions, they may easily come to the conclusion that overall there is truly a definite ignorance about the modern conveniences and commodities that make them available as well as a general overuse and even abuse of energy, per se.

In that same vein it will lead some others to explore the issue even deeper, to try to seek some understanding above and beyond the standard sensory perceptions of what went wrong with the power grid, where it occurred, how to try to remedy it, though political factions will try to do a patch up job so that you once again believe that everything is secure.

And those asking questions over and above the disinformation that you will eventually be handed may even come to the realization that this event, which was a localized mass event though most of the people on your planet have heard about it by now, they will come to the realization that it was a projection enacted onto the 3-dimensional world stage of something deeper, more meaningful and thought provoking.

And that is that for the most part, there are indeed large numbers of individuals who do not make proper use of the energies given them, have no consideration of very little consideration for the very nature of the world that you all must share and live in.

Hydroelectric energy in your definitions comes from a specific source, or so it appears. In actuality it is the physical counterpart or manifestation of the energy, the psychic energy that surrounds you, that is found in vast quantities for the proper generating of such forms into material, concrete, or physical expressions. And that energy, though found in unlimited quantities in this dimension and others as well, can still be used to create, to generate and manifest inappropriate constructions that only perpetuate and generate powerlessness, fears, and other issues that keep the human condition as it is and not as it could be.

This vast reservoir of psychic energy is used and shared by every living thing that expresses itself in this reality, in this dimension. And our definition of ‘living thing’ includes both animate and inanimate forms or objects. They only appear inanimate to your physical senses. They are still composed of living consciousness and energy.

So there is indeed a vast psychological grid of energy that enables each individual to use his or her thoughts to transform this energy from its semi raw state into forms that then appear in your reality or your dimension. And when individuals use their thoughts to keep manifesting fears, destructive emotional energy patterns, and other limiting mental and emotional structures, then you eventually end up with breakdowns of one kind or another.

This source of energy which the collective unconscious taps into truly is an unlimited reservoir that appears not only in this dimension but in many others, not always in the same manner or form. And it is available to each and every individual and every form in your reality indiscriminately, undeservedly so. What YOU make of it is a different creature altogether.

So once an individual recognizes that his or her thoughts actually do become events, circumstances, conditions in his or her private and collective life, then one should ponder about the possibility of using this same energy to reflect a change of conviction and thus create, generate, manifest a human situation or condition that is far more beneficial to oneself and those with whom that self shares reality.

Now we do not wish to appear to be sermonizing, for we are not. We do want to point out that there are always scenes behind the scenes. There are activities and events on a scale that is often difficult if not outright impossible sometimes to describe and put into words in a sequential manner that may make sense, especially since most people are convinced that such philosophies are only meant to try and blame the victim for his or her conditions.

One could not be farthest from the truth since an awareness of one’s participation in the creation of reality events can immediately empower the individual to take action to change those conditions in his or her life that are the results of his or her convictions. By using that same energy basically flip the switch and generate new human conditions that can enrich, empower and fulfill the individual instead of its opposite.

So we will give you a small break and when we return please feel free to ask your questions.

Break begins.

Session resumes.

KRIS: Your device is working? Indeed.

Now the events, the conditions, and circumstances of one’s life are the immediate result and feedback from the convictions that you hold, both about your personhood, about others around you, about the world in general, etc. And one need not ferret out or go on a deep-sea diving expedition of a kind to look for those convictions. They are immediately projected outwards into the external field of events because they are what is occurring in your internal field of events. Do you understand that?

QUESTION: Yes I do, and I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve tried praying and everything and I feel very stuck.

KRIS: You actually feel powerless and that is also very frightening because it seems that reality is overwhelming you. So you are focusing on certain convictions above others.

Pretend that you have a filing cabinet filled with convictions. They can be of any type and all types. They are, this block of convictions, are the things that generate the events and the conditions, circumstances of your life. Do you understand so far?

Now you are familiar with the basic operations of a computer, so consider that this drawer full of convictions is all computer programs. There is the program of powerlessness. There is the program of victimhood. There is this program and that program. When you take out a disc with a program on it and you put it into the computer and you boot the computer with that operating system in terms of an analogy, regardless of how crude it may be, or rudimentary, still when the computer boots that operating system, it can only generate for you what you have told it. Do you understand?

Now. These are the computer programs that you keep feeding into the machine, but there must be in your filing cabinet other types of programs that you do not use at this point. Pretend for a moment that you pick up a program and this program or system is filled with convictions that you have not tested for some time. They can be anywhere from convictions about joy, about resourcefulness, about abilities to find answers, not problems but answers. You put that into the machine. What could possibly happen?

QUESTION: I could possibly get out of a situation I’m in right now mentally.

KRIS: It would be a different situation. The situation might even bring you enough reprieve for you to regroup your inner resources, bringing to it other similar programs filled with parallel and contemporary convictions. Do you understand?

Because this machine has a unique ability that whenever you feed it specific program or conviction, it immediately goes about collecting similar convictions to complement and enhance the program or convictions you have just fed it. Do you follow that?

We realize the analogy is somewhat poor because by no means do we imply that human consciousness is little more than a machine. But we did want to paint a specific picture in your mind that allows you perhaps to see and comprehend that events and conditions are not haphazardly being thrown your way as if you are cursed with them, but that indeed they are the immediate result of your inner field of reflection, and thus those convictions are projected outward to let you know what you are focusing upon inward. It is the best possible feedback system human beings could ever invent. Do you follow?

QUESTION: Yes I do. What I’m experiencing is an attraction type situation and I keep attracting more of the same?

KRIS: We could use simplistic words like vibrational attraction and so on and so forth, but we wish to avoid that kind of jargon since it is extremely limited and even condescending.

QUESTION: What about a situation where I can’t control the other person?

KRIS: Then you are playing a program into the machine that is filled with convictions about being unable to control.

QUESTION: See the whole thing is that……

KRIS: The more you tell yourself ‘these conditions are out of my control’ then you are amplifying the main conviction in your inner field of events so that the outer field of events seems only….we are looking for a word….it seems to report that your thoughts on being powerless to control events are true. Do you understand?

QUESTION: Yes. It IS actual.

KRIS: And that is where you actually, in a manner of speaking only, lie to yourself. You suggest to yourself that you are powerless to control any of the events and conditions in your life at this time. The outer field of events plays that drama, that program. And then you say, ‘see, I was correct. I cannot control my condition.’ Do you understand that?

What you need to do then is to work on convictions, and these are found in the inner field of events, they are the ones you choose. You may even have convictions that enable you to play other convictions that only amplify the same over and over again. The core convictions here have to do with an apparent conviction that you cannot affect the outcome of your living situation, thus powerlessness. Does that make sense to you?

Now if you suspended all of your convictions momentarily and you could pretend, even if you did not know how, you could pretend that today your chosen convictions will reflect that you have power and control over how you feel, what you feel, how situations affect you and how situations will be in general towards you. Do you understand that?

It is much more than choosing whether to feel happy or less happy about a situation, but that you generate from the inner field of events exactly how the outer field of events is going to reflect the inner.

QUESTION: Could you explain a little bit?

KRIS: Indeed. You consciously suspend all convictions about your apparent lack of power. Instead, you choose to concentrate upon convictions so that in your inner field of events you have control over your destiny, not only about how you choose to feel about things, but how events and conditions in the outer field will affect your feelings. You no longer have to choose to feel good or less good about a living situation; the living situation will make you feel good because it will be the result of your inner conviction. Do you follow that?

QUESTION: Yes. I have to change the tape. Change the program. And just concentrate on that.

KRIS: Change the movie.

QUESTION: No matter how hard it is, keep doing it.

KRIS: That is not the point. It is only as hard as you make it to be, in spite of what it looks like. Do you understand?

QUESTION: So you think I’m making it hard?

KRIS: On yourself. In spite of all appearances by focusing on how hard and how difficult it is all the time, you actually enable the condition to be magnified a hundredfold. You always get what you concentrate upon. Therefore, suspend all of your concentrations. Play another set of convictions that generate in your inner field of events strength, resourcefulness, rooted-ness, self-empowerment, compassion and confidence in yourself. And fully expect that the outer field of events will reflect back to you the condition you put out in the first place. And then compare that with the other convictions you play on a regular basis, and you might choose differently. You might not even want to play the old convictions again.

QUESTION: I didn’t know how to do it. Now I do. Thank you.

KRIS: You can use several methods. You can paint mental scenes. You know how to fantasize. Indulge yourself in a constructive, empowering manner. Create movies, pictures, paintings, words, structures. Create things that make you generate strength and self-empowerment. You do not have to even wonder about how any of this could possibly make you any happier. Once there is even an iota of understanding about how this kind of system functions, you generate within yourself a very specific state.

We could compare it to inner faith, though the word carries far too many religious connotations. But it is nonetheless a faith in your ability to be in charge of your destiny. Right now you do not feel in charge of your destiny because you are not generating those feelings. And you think that you cannot generate those feelings because the outer conditions do not allow you to even go there.

QUESTION: And that’s not true, is it.

KRIS: The reverse is true. What it has to do with is what is going on inside of you, in your inner field of events, and that is projected in your outer field of events.

QUESTION: Thank you. That sounds good.

KRIS: Especially that you worry almost incessantly about how you will get out of this mess. Correct?

Now if you did not have to worry about how you will get out of this mess, you then convince yourself that you HAVE to worry about it otherwise it will get worse as if your worrying about it somehow or other contains it somewhat. Do you understand?

QUESTION: Absolutely. I do. I think that if I stop worrying about it, it will get worse.

KRIS: Thus you might be able to NOT worry about worrying, but instead enjoy generating. Worrying about worrying only creates more worry. Focus upon generating solutions, which may come from anywhere. The solutions themselves are out of your hands, but bringing them to you is within your control. That filing cabinet we spoke of earlier has hundreds of different convictions that you are unaware that you hold, many of them quite positive and empowering, but you only focus on the first few. The unconscious self is aware of each and every conviction that you hold, but it cannot bring them to you, it cannot bring the ones that generate fulfillment and self-empowerment because you do not leave it any room to do that. Do you follow?

Thus suspend your concentration on the negative convictions and instead try within you to create a small inner space, even if it is only big enough to hold the spark of a thought, and from there build upon that spark, which contains the fire of the universe. Does that make sense to you?

And once in awhile, you might even give yourself a good boot.

QUESTION: That’s what I’ve been trying today. It’s like today I got to the point where I said, ‘enough!’ I couldn’t stand it anymore.

KRIS: Indeed.

QUESTION: Thank you very much.

KRIS: When it’s enough on one side you are ready to begin the other side. Do that. And as a form of, without sounding presumptuous as a way to help you understand this even more so if at all possible we will be able to transcribe this session so that you can read and refer to it at any time. And giving Joseph a copy would also be very helpful. Do you agree?

QUESTION: I do agree because I think this is probably a universal problem

KRIS: Indeed.

QUESTION: And I do not want to stay in this situation mentally. It’s horrible.

KRIS: As long as you believe that inner conviction, however small, that the situation will move beyond you exists, then it will. It cannot if you have no such conviction. This is a slightly different type of healing. Some people become physically ill. Other’s living conditions take on the appearance of an illness. Do you understand?

As long as there is even a small spark of conviction that this situation will move from you, then so be it. Make it so.

QUESTION: I absolutely got your message, what I wanted to hear.

KRIS: Indeed. Now may take your break.

Break begins.

Session resumes.

KRIS: For countless ages human beings have maintained and sometimes even refined the talent of putting themselves into situations that they do not want by refusing to look at, to call for, and to concentrate upon situations that they want. And this is usually fueled by convictions of shame, even fear, fear of loss, fear of not getting, fear of having taken away of those situations where their happiness is paramount.

And there are many philosophies, even under the guise of religious teachings that imply that if you work at creating happiness for yourself then you must be flawed. You are not meant to be happy but instead to suffer because of some imagined things imposed upon you and bought by you for imagined iniquities. As a result of accepting such a bad bill of goods for hundreds if not thousands of years, it is indeed understandable that members of your race are loath to explore this territory of generating happiness for oneself.

If however you did travel that path and refused to be influenced or intimidated, if such convictions could even intimidate you, then not only would you be happy but that happiness risks being infectious and such an infectious state has a cascading effect that far outweighs and outstrips cascading blackouts. Do you follow?

Most individuals innately understand that generating happiness for themselves automatically includes their fellow human beings. But many quickly forget that part of the equation and instead become convinced that they must generate happiness for others before they might be able to consider generating their own happiness. This creates a conundrum.

On the one hand, would any of you consider financial advice from someone who lives in a hovel? Indeed not. Would any of you consider advice on motherhood and raising a child from someone who has never raised a child and has never experienced motherhood? Would any of you consider advice on personal happiness and fulfillment from those who believe that personal happiness and fulfillment is tantamount to a sinful situation? You may say no, but many people do, thinking that this is the proper way to be.

There is something innately flawed and therefore suspect in creating happiness for oneself. And yet the only way you may be able to understand how others may be happy is that you should be happy yourself first. That is the only way that you can truly effect a change to one’s happiness for another is by being happy for yourself.

That is an art, the art of personal happiness and fulfillment. This art has been forgotten by many of you. Your happiness will not come from first putting your needs back to a dark place and have to consider those of another. You can only impart happiness if you are, pardon the expression, in a happy place yourself. Correct?

As we have suggested some time back, being in a state of joy will automatically create and stimulate joy within others. Surely you must have noticed that when you are in a foul mood it seems everyone around you is also in a foul mood and directs it at you. Whilst when you are in a joyous mood, others around even perk up, smile, offer of themselves. Is that not correct? It is a simple basic human observation.

Thus by looking at your convictions and generating in your inner field of events, whether you call it your imagination, your inner place, whatever name you give it, that will automatically be reflected in the outer field of events, that is your physical experience of reality. And that will create a feedback loop just as negative convictions also generate feedback loops.

The difference is that joyous convictions also generate upliftment and yet other situations that only enhance your original joyous conviction. Negative convictions do create a similar feedback loop to the point where it seems to you that there is nothing but despair. And that place, that zip code is already over populated. Why would you move there?

A joyous situation only invites more joy, and there is ample room for everyone in that state. Do you follow?

Now you had some comment or question.

QUESTION: I was wondering if thoughts are where we can make the most dramatic change in our lives, and why would people seek out a naturopath or a chiropractor perhaps when they could simply use mental imaging to create a healthier state?

KRIS: There are times when it is necessary that certain aspects of your inner field of events, your convictions need to be projected outward to convince you that you do have the ability and the potential to cure and heal yourself. And because of the particular set of convictions that your present day society holds, we do not advise that you rely 100% upon the generation of your own inner field of events, for you do not have sufficient convictions to stay there. Do you follow?

QUESTION: So it would be temporary.

KRIS: Indeed. It represents the authority, whether it is a conventional doctor, homeopath, naturopath, reiki, acupuncturist represent the inner authority of yourself. They are also projections. Do you follow that? They allow you the opportunity to believe that your convictions are in the right place.

Now there may come a time when you can recognize rapidly and easily enough the nature of those thought patterns that are disturbing your system. Do you understand?

QUESTION: Yes. But sometimes there are so many thoughts that it’s difficult to identify. You may identify one but you may not know the underlying ones.

KRIS: You may also suggest to your inner self that the majority of the problematic thoughts be grouped so that you have a general conscious idea, though you might not know all of the nitty gritty to the smallest detail, but that you have a general idea of what is causing your discomfort. And work from that perspective. Does that make sense?

Otherwise many of you would spend an eternity looking for the proverbial thought needle in the thought haystack. So by asking and suggesting that you can find at least a general grouping of what you need to correct the situation will be sufficient.

QUESTION: And so if that could be applied it would no longer be necessary to seek the help of outside practitioners?

KRIS: Ideally. But if there is also the impulse to go find a health practitioner, by all means, do not resist the impulse and think that you have somehow or other failed somewhere. Do you follow? Use all available tools. They are created by yourself and projected outwardly. And by yourself, we certainly do not limit to the conscious ideas about who you think you are. For you are so much more. The conscious thoughts you hold at any moment about yourself approximate perhaps 2% of whom and what you are. Do you follow that?

The analogy used often is to compare the self to the iceberg where barely 1/3 of the true proportions and dimensions of the iceberg actually appear above water. Do you understand?

In a similar manner then the major dimensions and proportions of the self are actually unconscious to you. Does that tickle your fancy?

QUESTION: What if you have a gut feeling that keeps coming back and coming back and it niggles away at you about something that you shouldn’t do, and meanwhile there are other things going on that feels different than me and my own…

KRIS: We have suggested on at least one occasion and talked about using the pendulum. It is a simple but extremely good tool, and there are many good books and booklets and materials describing the use of this simple but effective tool. And it can be used to more deeply examine the issues at hand. And you could even use the pendulum to verify if the impulse, for instance, is deemed worthwhile and to follow up on or not. You can use it as a double feedback system. Do you follow?

QUESTION: Yes. I have a crystal at home that I use.

KRIS: It works the same. You simply have to know how to word your questions. And that way you can confirm whether your original impulse warrants further examination or you need to examine other convictions of yours on that issue.

Do use the natural abilities and talents that you have. You have marvelous tools at your disposal. Make use of them. The best possible tools are your convictions. We highly recommend that when your situations no longer bring you joy, then look at the convictions that you have been playing within the inner field of events. And change. Use a different program. Set up an entirely different field of events so that it becomes reflected in the outer field of events. Do you understand?

QUESTION: Yes. So you could take the stuck one like if you were in jail, and you could put the freedom one in.

KRIS: The one that gives you the ability to spread your wings and invite solutions not fight them off because you are too worried about concentrating on the problem.

You may even create a conviction that every once in awhile pulls your ears when you are not listening.

QUESTION: I think I have that one actually. It just becomes so painful when my ears are pulled.

KRIS: But you do not listen.

QUESTION: They’ll have to get pulled more often.

KRIS: There is a difference between being pulled in the direction that you do not listen and being pulled in a direction that you CAN listen.

Now what is the time?

Indeed. Now we will wish you a most pleasant week, one that is filled with convictions of joy, personal fulfillment, and pleasure so that all fellow human beings that come across your path are infected with your joy. And enjoy yourselves.


About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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