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~ Change Your Destiny, Change The Universe ~

The Shift is having a powerful impact all over the world. This workshop will assist you in creating new perceptions towards personal empowerment and nurturing at deep levels.

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Workshop Description

"The Deep Self: Matrix of Love, Beliefs, and Changing the Universe" is an 8 week online workshop that incorporates exercises specifically designed to help you overcome emotional trauma, end self-sabotage and empower you to become the best YOU - to create a different bank of personality constructs that will give you a different state of mind, hence a different Reality!

"Think of it this way, it is said that the clothes make the man. You have all heard this expression before correct? So does this only refer to a suit or a dress?

Perhaps some kind of mental clothes. Some kind of mental construct that you wear over your personalities. Making you the way you think you are. Upon this particular notion it is entirely feasible, within your reach, your capabilities to create different constructs that can be easily utilized, pulled through than the old stand bys you utilized that some of you have recognized are of no use to you.

You may not necessarily always appreciate the fact that you are wonderful engineers or composers of your experiences. With this following workshop we would like to guide you in recognizing just how you are so expert in doing this by creating different constructs which you can very readily rely upon to put away the crutches of guilt shame and blame and walk with your own power. This is the true miracle of your creative abilities. How does this sound to you?


Online Workshop Details

WORKSHOP BEGINS: Monday, June 12, 2017 at 7:30 PM (EST)

Continues Every Monday for 8 Consecutive Weeks.

  • Our online workshops with Kris are conducted on Skype (free from
  • All sessions are recorded as MP3s and transcribed as PDFs. After the workshop, you'll receive both for free.
  • In order to participate in the workshop, you will need a headset and microphone

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