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The Living Mobius Strip

The Living Mobius Strip

Transcribed by Marcy Singer
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on January 13, 2003

[MARK’S NOTES: These older transcripts aren’t as detailed as the newer ones. Back then we did not record the breaks and my notes weren’t as complete as they are now.]

(Session begins)

KRIS: We beg to differ that you are as nothing, for were it not for your incarnating in this slice of time and space, the entire continuum of existence would be quite different from the one you now experience, both for yourself and for all living forms within that slice of time and space. So to say that you are nothing…..

QUESTION: What I said is that it SEEMS as if I’m nothing.

KRIS: Indeed because your apparent nothingness is actually a marvelous and most blessed extension is called ‘All That Is’, or the Universe. In other words, as well as you and you and each of you in this room is a three-dimensional expression of the Universe made physical. So you carry much weight in the scheme of things, for your thoughts give the Universe the opportunity to experience itself in an entirely unique, original and ingenious fashion that could not be duplicated in any way, shape or form, in spite of the fact that there are innumerable life forms within the span of the Universe.

So you truly have a unique perspective on life that cannot be matched, regardless of what each and everyone thinks of themselves, you are still far more than the sum of all of your parts, both physical, psychological and otherwise, including all of your incarnations in the past, in alternate presence and futures, still you are more than all the combined aspects of your being because you have the same characteristics as the Universe itself. You are forever expanding in being.

So though it may seem to some of you that there must have been a beginning and therefore there must be an ending, these are only the appearances, whilst in reality you are an eternal and immortal consciousness, knowing no time nor space, but always yourselves.

The idea that you may have had a beginning makes sense at the intellectual, rational level, but you always existed before your physical self and you will exist after that physical self. Whether you have other physical selves or not, you will still be your precious and loving selves, always generating creating through the auspices of your ideas, your imagination, your feelings, your expectations, just as bees cannot help themselves in the manufacturing of honey, nor can beavers help themselves in any way shape or form than the creation of their dams. So you cannot help yourselves in the generating of ideas which are the basis for all realities. From within your mind come unlimited creations. Even if you tried to stop thinking, you could not generate that state, in spite of claims to that effect.

So you have within your grasp most unique opportunities not found in that way within your world. You have the conscious ego which enables you to direct thoughts in one way or another, according to the overall state of your awareness, and with those thoughts you manufacture worlds beyond even your imagination.

Now we hope that we have not blown you away too much.

QUESTION: Is there a Supreme Being?

KRIS: Not in the sense that you are imagining. The whole of creation is considered to be a gestalt just as we suggested a few moments before, that you are truly more than all the sums of all of your parts, so that consciousness cannot know itself in full because it keeps discovering more of itself all the time. And yet it does not think in the linear terms that you use. It does not see itself in the way that you see it. It is not one humanoid type personality, but rather an awareness, a consciousness that literally reinvents itself continuously through all of the forms that are created from its powers. So you are as much a unique expression of that consciousness as any one other individual in this room is.

QUESTION: So there IS an ‘it’ or a ‘that.’

KRIS: In so many words. And still defining it defies definition. So these definitions are mere approximations. We do understand the concept and the psychological state of wanting to find one’s connection with the source of being because you are composed of the same elements that compose it, so you have within each of you an instinctive call or drive, much like the salmon have an instinctive drive to return to the stream of their birth. You have a deep psychological drive, a need to reacquaint yourself with the consciousness of your own being. But looking at it from a linear perspective, it is easy to see why there are so many distortions in the ‘God’ concept within your various societies and cultures. And each one claims they have the copyrights on such an interpretation, and only their’s is valid, whilst in reality, ALL of the world’s religions and interpretations and philosophies even together can only give you a small glimpse into the state of that consciousness. Do you understand?

And yet in spite of ‘All That Is’ and its vast perspectives, it still cherishes each and every life form that is an extension of its own self. Do you follow? Indeed.

So there are no excuses for trying to reach ‘All That Is’ through a middleman, so to speak, since you have your own private, innate link to this vast network because you are all part and parcel

We have mentioned in the past on this. The Bengali have a very nice term that we find ourselves partial to. And in Bengali it is “Achyntia Beda Beda Tattva”, which means that you are part and parcel of the divine simultaneously one yet different from that divine state. Do you understand?

Now we enjoyed this brief discussion so we will take a small break and that you can continue your discussions and we will return. And do not feel intimidated by your realizations that you are actually much more than you think. Let those currents bring you to further realizations and enjoy life that much more.

So do continue your conversations.

(Session re-starts after a short break)

KRIS: Now we trust that you have had some time to mull over what we talked about earlier and provided yourselves with an opportunity to think of interesting questions along those lines, we believe. You have some questions?

QUESTION: There was something that was mentioned in terms of time past, present and future, and I liken it to a series of mobius strips which expand and contract from a certain point, which diverge into different realities, different potentialities, and different options at any given point in time.

KRIS: You could consider the human body as a type of living Mobius strip, for where time and space intersect you find the living body, consciousness manifesting itself in three-dimensional reality, apparently from nothing into something. The physical body is made up itself of the very matter that is found within the soil that is found within the stars, within space, and assembled according to DNA coding to give you an appearance very similar and in combination with your parents in physical form.

Now you as a personality choose your parents before your birth as they agree or not to accept you as a personality to whom they will lend their bodies and DNA matter to generate for yourself a suit, so to speak, a vehicle, which you can then use to interact at the three dimensions physical level. However, the physical body is not your source of existence, for when you leave the physical body it eventually returns to the Earth and it becomes food for the worms.

Your existence is primarily outside the context of time-space as you understand it, but you extend your energies within physical matter through the auspices of your parents’ bodies and DNA structure or blueprint. And your personality focused outwardly to the physical world becomes enamored with the props that are found within physical reality to the point where the ego can lose touch with its own roots and firmly believe that the props ARE reality, that the props are all that there is. And when such beliefs become firmly rooted in one’s self to the exclusion of those deeper dimensions that make up your existence, there are often difficulties and confusions, most especially at the time of death where the ego struggles overly because it fears that it will be annihilated, wiped out.

However, if you take the time whilst you are still fairly cognizant, you can help your ego understand that it is not the main portion of your personality and its relationship with the world of props and camouflage is not your primary existence but actually your secondary existence. Your primary existence is within the context of what you call the unconscious. Your existence is made up of thoughts and ideas and idea constructions, a universe all its own and that far outstrips anything you can put together in your physical world. And because of your own neurological structure and the way the synapses fire within your brain and the neurological pathways. Those thought constructions or idea constructions seem to slow down sufficiently so that consciousness can then be manufactured into the physical world.

Now these explanations are approximations, but close ones, to help you understand that there is indeed a definite process that is undertaken from the psychological self to the physical self and its interactions with the world of props or matter. There are definite pathways between the brain, physical body and what you call empty space from where it seems that all various forms take shape through the auspices of your industries, for example, so that stone and wood become tables and so on and so forth. Whilst in reality all of these props themselves are composed of atoms that vibrate at specific frequencies to give the appearance of solidity. And that appearance is confirmed only by the rods and the cones in your eyes and the sensory perceptions of your body, and apart from it, the whole of creation as you experience it is the result of thoughts, your individualized thoughts, your collective thoughts, and the thoughts of all life forms, and by life forms we do not mean YOUR interpretation of life forms but even the molecules and units of consciousness that compose the very atoms that make up the world of apparent solid matter.

So you are projections of your own self-image, what you think about yourself in one way or another is what appears in the physical world when you look into the mirror. And what others see is not necessarily what you are. What you see when you look at others is not what they are. That is the suit that they wear whilst in this environment. Beyond that you are beings of what we can describe as photonic energy or beings of light in simplistic words, and from within the core of your being you generate even more energy than is found in many suns put together. But because you hide that knowledge from yourselves you think you are as nothing, and yet the wholeness of your being is unfathomable, so you have at your disposal much power and energy, power and energy that can be used to transform the very space of your world and the world in itself, if you take up such a task. But it would necessitate that you come to terms with your limited ideas of yourselves and learn to look beyond that.

Do you have questions?

QUESTION: What do you see when you see us?

KRIS: We can perceive many different levels and as strange as it may sound to you when we say your psychological selves, which is difficult for you to imagine what that would mean concerning yourselves, but to us it is in part the combined incarnations of your whole selves spread out through the spectrum of time and space as you think of it. It also includes the deeper personality traits of all of those selves, even beyond what they think of themselves in time and space. We also can perceive many probable versions of your beings, perhaps even those selves that in so many words took a different path from your own existence. And we can definitely sense the deeper presence still of your own immortal and eternal state as we have just said. The only words we can use to convey are photonic energy, sources of light that would illuminate many suns themselves.

You think you are forty, fifty odd years of age, twenty, thirty, regardless of the numbers you think are attached to your bodies, and yet you think of us in return as perhaps ancient beings and you forget that you may also be as ancient and as dead as you think we are. And at the same time you are forever young and ancient beings. Since you exist outside the context of the flow of time and space, time and space cannot truly affect whom you are, but only the clothing that you wear over your souls, if you wish. You are immortal and eternal souls and in order to function in this system of reality you need a suit, much like the scuba diver needs to wear proper equipment in order to survive under the water for a set period of time.

So do you come into physical reality! You grow the suit of the body, and you wear it for the amount of time you deem necessary, for there are no committees that dictate when and where you drop that body. If there WERE such a committee they could never possibly agree on the proper day and time and so on. Your files would get lost. And when you deem that you have traveled sufficiently with this suit, you allow it to return to the Earth to be made into suits of tissue and blood and bone for others beings entering your system through the process of birth, and you continue the cycle. And it has been active for more years than you would care to look at the numbers.

Your Earth itself is far older than your sciences can admit to and comprehend. It has gone through innumerable cycles and many of the cultures that were on it are now completely recycled within it just as your culture will eventually find itself completely recycled and you will continue such a creative process. Your universe is not expanding to the point where there will be nothing but instead continues creating life force of its own, always generating new worlds and new dimensions for others like yourselves to take form, to create, to live, to enjoy. Do you follow? Questions? Or dare you ask a question?

QUESTION: Can I ask about Jesus?

KRIS: Indeed.

QUESTION: Did Jesus really live or is he just a myth? Did he live in a body, in the flesh, and if so, where is he now? Is he a spirit?

KRIS: Definitely his bones are not found in any boxes or ossuary.

QUESTION: Supposedly the brother of Jesus has been found.

KRIS: There were three personalities that were eventually combined. The Christian, Judeo-Christian mythos is taken from over a dozen different myths that existed at about the same time. The main character viewed in that drama is the myth of Dionysus, the Greek god. There was a character or personality whose story is found in one of the later books of the Old Testament and historically projected at about 100+ years before the new era, and his name we believe is Joshua, whose own character was expanded upon in the writings from the character of the early Moses.

There was also another name in mythical meaning known as Mithras, also incorporated into this soup, and so many other small items from many other cultures. And if one were to carefully study these varying myths found around that time, it will be discovered if it is not already acknowledged that these characters, these mythical beings were themselves based upon ancient Egyptian myths of Isis, Osiris and Horus, the hawk god. In fact if one were to carefully the study the myths of Dionysus, Mithras, and so on, you would find they are all carefully constructed upon the character of Horus, the hawk-headed God from ancient Egypt. Even the depictions of the Madonna and Child are not original. They come from the association of Isis and her child Horus from ancient Egypt and their myths originated elsewhere also. So there is in fact nothing new within the Judeo-Christian myths, in spite of all of their long-winded claims to originality.

QUESTION: Well, didn’t they originally come from the Sumerian and Babylonian based on Enki and others based on previous myths?

KRIS: If you look at some of history behind the ancient Palestinians and the Israelis, the Israelis were captured by the ancient Egyptians and by the Babylonians and they also incorporated the myths of those cultures into their own, frankly because their own were so pathetic and they found much more enlivened storytelling from these other cultures, so they used those cultures’ myths to enhance their own. And cleverly combining pseudo-historical events and places, gave a semblance of historical authenticity, hence so much confusion that arises when one is able to do a clear and academic study and not get blinded by the stories themselves and see all the inaccuracies within them and even the plain and often blatant contradictions.

So yes, the origins of their myths come from other places. You could say it is a case of blatant and stunning plagiarism on a grand scale to the point where the plagiarized stories are then passed off as the original and the others as poor copies.

QUESTION: The church has made a great business out of that.

KRIS: It is a business. It is the business of selling salvation or damnation. So the entity that you refer to is the Christ Consciousness, and it was known to many of the Gnostic sects for hundreds of years before the literalist orthodox-bent Christians started to raise their voices and demand that their views on this mythical creator be received as the authentic ones. There is an entity whose purpose is to infuse the collective unconscious with powerful and raw and historically altering energies, free for the taking, and various cultures have taken what they needed and constructed their own myths. And it is not that one is wrong and one is right, they are all simultaneously wrong AND right because they fail to see the source behind the stories, which are basically stories that can elevate the human race much beyond its own limited present perspectives. It depends on the focus the race chooses at that one time.

There was an opportunity to explore consciousness and reality with a loving attitude, but instead, these myths and that energy were used to try to dominate others and set up a precedence. But eventually those myths will fade and there will be the creation of entirely new myths. It only takes a few thousand years.

Now we understand that such a statement may be beyond your desires, but it only takes a few thousand years to create entirely new world-changing mythos, and you will get there. You may even find yourselves interested in reincarnating at such times because it will once again bring the promise of a new world.

QUESTION: Now Kris you did say that Jesus as a man did live, but that at that time there were many prophets.

KRIS: Indeed. In fact, you could say there were almost as many prophets as you have lawyers.

QUESTION: So he was one of many.

KRIS: He was slightly more vocal and extremely temperamental.

QUESTION: But wasn’t a lot of his mythos based on the older mythos from even further back than that? Not the person himself but the idea.

KRIS: Indeed. If you read, for example, the Sermon on the Mount, you may find an almost literal transliteration of a similar so-called sermon given by Horus, which dates back to even further cultures. Now the Sumerians, the Akkadians and many other older cultures such as the Rama civilization, there were many others that had yet even older sources, but these stories, these myths are propagated over thousands of years and even eons, they change, they evolve, as they should because they generate new worlds.

And in spite of the atrocities committed by the early Roman Church, such as sending the European world into the Dark Ages, out of that came many beautiful aspects of your civilization – the Renaissance, the Byzantine era, the Baroque age and so on and so forth, all each producing geniuses within those periods, much of which still abounds in your present culture. In your present idea of democracy stem from many of those sources and even beyond them. So your foundations are ancient and you will change them over time, and your changes become the foundation for other cultures, and the cycle will continue. And again, perhaps some of you in this room may decide to incarnate in those times just so you can add your grain of salt to the process and bring your unique insights to them. Does that answer our question?

QUESTION: Well, Jesus said, ‘Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away.’

KRIS: And what does that mean to you?

QUESTION: It means that in essence that Jesus will never pass away.

KRIS: Now, the word is a translation of LOGOS. Logos stems from many cultures, you could call it breath, you could call it energy; you could even call it consciousness, the source of all life. So indeed worlds will come, worlds will go, planets will take birth, planets will die, solar systems will be created, solar systems will die, all forms of energy will be assimilated and used to create new forms of energy, and still consciousness will always remain because form and matter come from consciousness just as your physical bodies could not in any way shape or form have existed without you being in them.

That is why your scientists can never simply take minerals and proteins, enzymes, bacteria, throw them in a test tube and say ‘okay now, make a life’, because there is no consciousness, per se, that is in that test tube, even though each of the elements within the test tube are consciousness, it still needs a personality to give it shape and direction. So in some ways one of the main reasons why some of you feel drawn to connecting with a higher source than yourself is because the consciousnesses that make up your physical body, the atoms and molecules of your small toes, of your large toes, of your shin bones, of your fingers, of your ears and everything in between see YOU as the source of their being because when you leave that body, they in turn return to the elements. So you, your energy gives them a specific reason for coming together, intersecting in time and space into a biological, spiritual being. Does that make sense to you?

QUESTION: It gives “Being” new meaning.

KRIS: And in other words then you are viewed as the God within your body that is what it means. And in return, you seek to know yet a higher source because you exist in a larger medium than your body. So you are indeed truly blessed to have an understanding along those lines. Do you understand?

QUESTION: So was Jesus like a movie star of that day and age?

KRIS: Perhaps a small rock star.

QUESTION: Was love consciousness coming through that body?

KRIS: To a certain degree. The personality was later enhanced and other myths were added to it, and then when the Council decided to formalize the creed of Christendom and at the same time eliminate any competition by writing out all other sect and codes, they changed many of the tenets and the wordings, took out portions that contradicted the NEW established views and ended up still messing it up by leaving undeniable goofs. For instance, there are several instances speaking of reincarnation within the New and the Old Testament that they forgot to remove.

QUESTION: There is also the contradiction of the singular and plural referring to God in the same verses, which creates a separate contradiction because that shows that they merged all these different concepts and tried to make them into a singular entity.

KRIS: Indeed, the early Israelites and peoples of that portion of the world were far from monotheistic. In spite of their claim as the originators of such a concept, they were not. Each tribe had a variety of Gods and Demi-Gods and the God of one tribe conquered the God of another so the new God became the chief deity, and the conquered Gods were allowed to survive, but often only on the condition that they now be considered prophets of now the new God.

QUESTION: That’s why they said ‘thou shalt have no other Gods before me’, meaning that everybody could stand behind me but nobody could stand in front of me.

KRIS: Indeed, so that eventually ended up creating much confusion, so they had to again rewrite some of the stories to try and polish it up, but with translations, upon translations they missed out. For instance, when the original King James version was released to the public, there were officials who sent an older Greek original copy of such a work to the king of England, and in comparison they noted that they had over twenty-two thousand errors, but the deed was done, so they literally threw away the original because it would make it difficult.

So there are many things that are amiss in your world. This is why many people nowadays are realizing that there are so many inconsistencies and so many things that do not make sense, but we are told not to question, but the soul, the human mind, DOES question. That is what it does best. It questions so that it can create. Then you are told that if you question you will be damned, so you have a conundrum. What will YOU believe?

Now, what is the time. (8:50 pm)

Are there other questions? Perhaps something less biblical? You realize of course that our previous discussions are quite old.

QUESTION: Concerning the concept of courage. How does one understand the power of courage to burn through fear or to merge the lower and higher self? I’m trying to understand it not only in my own life but in a more universal way.

KRIS: It may be easier on yourself and you may make things easier on yourself if you understand that perhaps there is no need to separate your so-called higher and lower self, or even need to make such divisions. The self is the self. Whether a portion of it camouflages its own self through the auspices of flesh and bone, that does not make it a lower self where somewhere else there is a higher self. Do you understand this? You are a whole self. The more you try to understand artificial divisions of higher and lower self, the more difficult and confusing it will get.

Overall you are a whole self. You might not manifest that whole self at any one time, and for good reason. But nonetheless, you are not a lesser creature for it. The Judeo-Christian concept is still strongly steeped in your society, which sometimes has that the carnal self will lead you to damnation, so you must control it and stamp down upon it so that you bring forth higher instincts, more spiritual ones. Do you understand? And the more you struggle with such definitions, indeed it seems more confusing.

So our suggestion is that you put aside such philosophical debates and look at your whole being as an eternal and immortal consciousness. Whether a portion of that being is made physical or not is irrelevant. You are still whom you are. Correct?

If you wear a dark suit one day and a light suit the other and the next day you wear jeans a t-shirt, are you a different self? Indeed not. You are still yourself. Correct? So, whatever the suit that you wear, allegorical or not, you are still whom you are, an eternal and immortal consciousness.

The courage comes from actually trying to integrate such a concept in your existence, which means that you may encounter your own limiting beliefs upon regular intervals even. The chatter of the mind to contradict your own views on freedom may make it difficult at times. But by allowing yourselves to live freely of limitations brings its own powerful rewards. Do you follow?

QUESTION: On an abstract level, yes.

KRIS: Indeed. Now then, bring the abstract into your own emotions.

QUESTION: I just get bogged down in the programming and fears.

KRIS: And when you then recognize that these are merely playbacks of old scripts and films you can take a moment to dissociate yourself from the script and understand that ‘these are only my limitations and not my true self’. If you become a character actor and you take on stage a specific persona, let us say you are Hamlet, and on stage, you recite the famous lines ‘to be or not to be’, does that mean that you are Hamlet? Indeed not. You are a person playing that role. Correct? And you know without a doubt that as soon as you walk off the stage, the character of Hamlet washes away from you like so much water off a duck’s back, that you remain yourself completely. So you are always the same. And when other scripts want to make themselves known and you recognize it as such, it is but a small matter for you to understand that. And the more you practice at this, the better you become.

We hope that this is understandable because now we will return the evening to your precious and lovely selves, regardless of the characters that you think that you are, regardless of the lives that you think you are tied to, so that you can enjoy your unlimited possibilities. And we wish you a most pleasant week and many adventures in between. So do take care and know that now only are you loved, but that you are capable of loving yourselves as much as any one individual can love you, and take that to heart. So then, have a pleasant, loving week.


KRIS: You have with [James] Van Prague and [Jon] Edwards and many others, a most interesting phenomenon, and certainly it makes for television ratings and it may even increase their backgrounds and there should be no judgment along those lines. But it also represents an interesting phenomenon, that of human consciousness having an understanding that life does not end or disappear with the demise of the physical body.

So you have always had in your cultures throughout recorded history and beyond, individuals who communicate with the so-called dead or deceased in one degree or another. And you will always have them as long as there are larger segments of society that claim that once the physical body dies then consciousness is ended because consciousness does not begin and end with the body. The body is the result of consciousness. Matter is the result of consciousness, not the other way around. And your sciences are barely beginning to recognize this phenomenon.

So you will always have individuals like Van Prague and Edwards and others because human consciousness will not be denied its existence. You are not a mish-mash of chemicals in a bag of flesh, but a LIVING life force, and that life force phenomenon exists beyond the confines of the body. And as long as there are those who deny, there will be those who promote it.

There will come a time when the apparent dichotomies in those worldviews will come to terms with each other. Then you will have an entirely new experiment in social psychology and collective experimentation with life forms and consciousness. But in the meantime, enjoy the apparent controversy, knowing that you are much more than your physical selves, than your appearances, all across the board.

We merely wish to express this small point, and we hope that Joseph’s knee is not bruised. [Laughter] So do enjoy your immortal consciousness and behave accordingly. You say in your society that you are children of God. If you are the child of such a being, what will you be when you grow up? That is for you all to ponder and determine. So enjoy your childhood and beyond.

[MARK’S NOTES: The comments at break indicated that the questioner did not understand what Kris had just told him/her regarding Jesus.]


KRIS: Now that you have focused much more on whether we answered you in one way or not, we did answer you, but you did not want to pay attention to what could have been answered. We did say that he was a highly controversial and very temperamental individual, prone in fact to throwing things around, but that man was only one part of the recipe. The main character for what your society considers Jesus Christ, which is a misnomer, is Joshua from the ancient Testament. That is where the life was originally depicted. He was a rabbi and often not overly kind to those who might express other ideas. So the originator of the myths that you now have taken that man and Joshua and then Dionysus and then Mithras and then Horus and blended them together.

Do not forget that culture at that time was spread far and wide, that the inhabitants of ancient Palestine and Israel were not isolated. They were smack in the middle of the Roman Empire and all of the dangers that implicated. There were many, many warring factions within their own tribes. Still, after over fifteen hundred years they were fighting. The Romans, in spite of being cast as the villains, were themselves damned tired of these various cults and sects and groups in fighting and killing themselves for sometimes the most trivial philosophical statements, and they wanted to establish order amongst these apparent crazy people who would take arms if you even breathed differently.

So this man that became the seed of the myths was caught in the middle of this. And when the mythmakers set their machinery in action, they realized the original man could not possibly carry the weight of so-called world salvation on his own. He simply did not have the intestinal fortitude for it. So they started adding pieces to create a larger puzzle. They took the life of Joshua and tagged it on. They then took the myths of Dionysus the Greek God and brought it into play and of Mithras and brought it into play, and so many others.

And amongst that you have a variety of other cultures and nations traveling that part of the world, the ancient Buddhists and other sects, cultures from India, from Tibet, coming and flowing. You had monastic cultures set up all over Egypt and Alexandria with roots as far north as Ireland and Scotland. And you had druids. You had all types of Germanic groups with their own druidic cultures all tied in. Commerce and travel in that part of the world were actually far more common. How do you think the Romans were able initially to travel to those foreign lands? Because the routes were established! They had already traveled the routes set by Alexander the Great into the eastern cultures. The Romans were a clever group and as we have said, in spite of being cast as the villains in this psychodrama, they did try to establish an order of sorts, but the experiment did not work.

So to answer your question, there was a man, but he is NOT, or was NOT the individual that later became crowned The Son of God because you are all sons and daughters of gods, you are the children of the Universe. So the man became mythologized out of all human proportions.

And by the way, the addition of the word Christ to his name was meant to try to imply his divine origins. That was a title that was easily passed on within Gnostic groups. They did not see and understand that not only one man could be Christ, but all men and women could be Christ, which meant ‘the enlightened one’, which originated in what you call India, for there was traffic between these lands just as in ancient India there were many titles given to enlightened ones. The Buddha does not mean one being but it can be any being who decides to be enlightened. So that means you all have the potential to be Buddhas. You all have the potential to be Christ, and because of the distortions over time you are unable to become Christ because you think that was one being.

QUESTION: Jesus said ‘the kingdom of God is within you.’ Or maybe he didn’t say that.

KRIS: That is what the books write. Remember that the books were written by MEN with AGENDAS. That saying stems from far back in time where there was knowledge that you can reach beyond the boundaries of your own limitations and become enlightened on your own, that you do not need a middleman. In fact, those myths and those stories were originally written to convey to the reader that he or she has direct access to his or her own divine origins. THAT is what those stories are supposed to convey, not that one group has the copyrights on any divine source, and for a price, we will give you the secrets, and the price is usually your unquestioned devotion to the decrees and the dictates.

So the stories mean that you must in some way find yourselves to be enlightened and enlightenment has nothing to do with gurus. It has to do with a deep, abiding sense of loving abandon to the elements of the life that YOU create. So enjoy your lives because they are precious indeed. Through your lives, you find your divine source, each one of yours different from the other. So do become Christs, each and every one of you and you need not worry come Easter time you will find yourselves crucified unless you so desire. So do enjoy Easter eggs as well and have fun with life.

You will not find enlightenment by becoming sour and serious, but by living all of your desires. Life is not meant to wear kid gloves. Do you understand? It is meant to take the gloves off and meet each challenge with full faith in YOUR abilities to carry yourselves through any challenge because you create them in the first place. So our challenge to you is to enjoy your lives. You are not damned because of it! You are loved because of it! So have fun with life, for in your next life you may not remember these conversations. So remember the one well, and enjoy yourselves.

ALL: Thank You.

(Session ends)

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Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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