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The Nine Sisters Of Consciousness

The Nine Sisters Of Consciousness – Part 1

Transcribed by Andrea Klubal
September 15, 2003

7:50 PM Session Starts

First of all, you would have to define the term ‘embodied’. You would have to make a case and determine what and who is embodied and what or who is not. You think of us here as disembodied and you think of yourselves as embodied. And you may even consider that any other ideas revolving and evolving out of the disembodied have perhaps very little relevance to the embodied realities. 

But then again, exactly what are you? You know by now that your physical form is not what it appears. You perceive it as solid, as easily as you perceive various constructions as solid – the table, or the walls, the floors and the ceilings and all of the furnishings including the other bodies as quite solid indeed. And that is the information that your limited senses give you. Your eyes do not see beyond these walls. You may see beyond the walls, but when you take for granted that the energy patterns that your eyes feed you as the only perceivable patterns, then you lie to yourselves.

The constructions you call your bodies are composed of cellular structures that are themselves composed of molecules, that are themselves composed of smaller units still, and so on and so forth – all in a state of flux, moving at a state so rapid that the eye cannot detect it, because the eye is attuned to one particular frequency, in a manner of speaking. And you, therefore, accept that what you see through your eyes is the only thing worth seeing.

Now when you dream you are much smarter because in the dreams you often can see into other rooms or upstairs or downstairs, or sometimes even in locations near or far. And you think of it as quite natural because, indeed, it is.

Your physical senses are not as active – their facsimile appears in the dreams only. When you are awake, you fall under the influences of the senses and you take it for granted that what they perceive is the only thing there is to be perceived, even though they lie. Now understand us, it would do you no good to pull your eyes out in order to see better. Instead, it would do you good to understand that the eyes see one set of patterns and that you may perceive many more.

You are thus surrounded by waves of patterns your physical senses do not detect. And these waves of patterns include what you call probabilities or possible developments that constantly emanate from you. And the multi-faceted decisions you take from moment to moment, involving calculations far beyond your abilities to track – far beyond your most powerful super computers to track. And you are often completely unawares of these minute calculations because you believe your senses so thoroughly.

You have faith in your senses to give you accurate information and that they do beautifully, but within their acceptable parameters. The senses themselves cannot give you information about deeper psychological issues that stem from your thinking processes, your expectations, your desires and a host of psychological events that occur within you; because they do not have the necessary programming but you do. Your abilities are only restrained and limited by your capacities to sometimes fool yourselves into thinking that only physical information is valid.

Once you unlearn these things, you will discover that indeed you are builders. Your constructions flow forth from you as easily as water goes over the falls, rushes over the pebbles in the brooks; as easily and effortlessly as the leaves spring from the buds in the springtime; as easily and beautifully as the aesthetic qualities of the rose makes its impression upon you – in its beauty, in its velvety softness, and its sweet smell. The rose does not have to struggle and endure self-doubt, self-recrimination, self-hatred, self-directed shame. It does not have to compare itself to other flowers: “Am I as pretty as the pansy? The chrysanthemum? The apple blossom? Can I compete?” Indeed not. The rose shines in its ability to be the best rose it can be. So you must understand that the very foundation of what you think yourselves to be has to be examined. You need to look within your assumptions about yourselves as a person, and as a member of your species, and as a member of the natural world.

You are another amongst many creatures. And you give your impression to the world, you express yourselves – once you are able to understand that you are much more than you believe about yourselves, then the world is forever deeply enriched, as it should be. For instance, someone may think nothing of asking us to prove our existence and find that to be an entirely justifiable demand. How would they react, then, if we asked the same? Prove yourselves to be who you say you are – if you are to pull out your wallet, and your driver’s license, these are merely cards and paper. And over-identification with the physical form also leads to problems. Though you should, by all means, revel in your creaturehood, you need to also understand to a certain point that you have your existence primarily outside the flow of physical time events; you participate in the flow of physical time events. But you are definitely so much more. It is only when you define yourselves according to your physical self and the senses that you eventually realize there are indeed shortcomings in such a philosophy.

Now, you are accustomed to using certain portions of your mind in very specific ways. And as with patterns, you establish methods of operation that determine how you behave or react under various conditions.

And unfortunately, you also, by the same token, eliminate any other methods of behaving and reacting to situations. And again, your abilities are often limited to the parameters you have set up as defining whom and what you are according to a large part your physical self and to a smaller degree your psychological self, without realising that you would benefit far more by inverting the situations and understanding that there are other aspects to the human personality that are rarely explored, more specifically in your civilization as it stands today. You are accustomed to thinking of yourselves as the by-product of Darwinian evolution. And, in terms of spirituality and ‘religianity, you also define yourselves often according to the religious views and parameters as they are found on your plane of existence. And the tools and resources you use to deal with the constructions – your constructions in physical reality – are usually limited to a very small number of resources and key ingredients.

And because you are so well conditioned to not explore inner or hidden dimensions of the human personality, with roots that go far deeper into the self, you often are at a loss to understand more completely not only whom and what you are, but what you can do and what are the tools you can use within the plane of physical existence. Now we will state after our short break upon what we have referred to in the past as the 9 Sisters. And you should find this useful and applicable material, because it usually lays dormant in the human persona, and so very little used at all if it is even recognized. So here take a small break and recover from this long soliloquy.

Break Starts 8:10 PM

Session Resumes 8:25 PM

Now, the human personality, as you understand it, is but one expression of something far grander and deeper that may be unable to completely appear in your plane of existence. This source of your personality has attributes and potentials that can truly enhance whom and what you are, and enrich your abilities to navigate the oceans of life, as you understand.

You often find yourselves as a small ship on a large ocean, sometimes even in the very middle of a storm on the high seas, fearing that your small craft will be smashed by the waves, for you feel unprotected, unresourced. You rely very strongly on the rational, intellectual portions of your personality and on very specific patterns of those qualities. And there are other occasions where, in such stormy seas, you tend to rely upon the emotional and intuitive aspects of life to bring about your ship and find safe harbor in a quiet bay, protecting yourselves from the waves. And yet in between and on either side of those qualities, the intellectual, rational, the emotional, intuitive – in between and on either side, in a manner of speaking, there are other qualities that may embody traces of these four and so much more. They are not used and focused upon because you do not think there is anything beyond them.

Earlier on, we tried to make a point and emphasize that relying solely upon your physical senses you believe there is nothing beyond the solidity of the objects that appear as constructions in your environment. But that in the dream states, you may be able to perceive beyond the limitations of your senses. Do you remember?

Indeed then, it is also possible, at the conscious level, to tap into other resources and provide a completely different understanding of the human personality, the use of intelligence, the use of emotions and every other attribute pertinent to your expressions of self in the time/space flow of events. Hopefully, we can identify all of them for you this evening, if not it may have to continue next week.

But first, you need to understand that in order to access some of these extra qualities, you need a new view of the human mind and the human personality, for presently, your understanding of the human mind and human personality is based upon your relationship with the ego. And that relationship and interpretation is unfortunately far too narrow to give you a better understanding of yourselves – not that there is anything wrong with the ego. Were it not for the ego you would not have the sense of self that you have now. And the ego is not an impediment to a larger understanding of existence. But instead, it can be a helpmate, a companion that supports and encourages, instead of feeling threatened and therefore becomes reactive and censors anything that it feels threatened by. There is no need to rush and attempt to assassinate the ego because it is not your enemy. Such teachings are legion in many eastern types of philosophies and their divinities. And therein they are flawed. And neither is its opposite acceptable, in terms of shunning aside the ego and relying entirely upon one’s emotional, emotive, intuitive nature because that brings about an imbalance in the relationships that you have with your many selves.

Thus, a new map of the mind is necessary. But not a new map still based upon the old formulations. You need a new understanding of the map of the mind – of the mind, and of the self. You are accustomed to understanding your mind in a very rigid manner. Here you have a department, and here you have another, and here you have another still. And you have labeled and cataloged them under numerous terms – this is your intuitive self; this is your intellectual self; and so on and so forth – and yet overall is very limiting, restrictive narrow views. And for as much as you seek to understand the world around you, more and more, it may feel at times that you are pushing against cement walls. They will not budge because the mind that you are trying to use to understand the world has not been made large enough. It is too rigid. Its corridors have been poured out of cement – psychological, but nonetheless cement. The rigidity of your beliefs hinders and limits your capacity to spread your wings, so to speak. You tend to see the world still in black and white, in terms of good and evil and so on and so forth. And that is still the old standards of perception.

What we are proposing then is a much larger blueprint of the mind; one where the corridors of understanding, the corridors of seeking and knowledge, are not in a fixed state, but rather have the ability to flow and mingle, because that kind of a blueprint is much truer to your nature than anything you have up to date in your space/time.

In spite of all of the apparent advances in your fields of psychologies and sciences and so on and so forth, the basic model is founded on shaky grounds – old foundations that cannot accommodate the growths that you have. Thus, you need a far more flexible blueprint of the mind, which will lead you to a much enlarged, enriching and beneficial, advantageous world view. And as such, as a species, you may indeed find that the natural processes of fulfilling your values or value fulfillment becomes clearer.

For the moment, we will give a basic description and then flesh it out. You are all familiar with Japanese origami, correct? Now there are two types of origami. There is the standard where you fold your papers and create a small bird, or fish, or other forms. And then there is the more advanced theoretical type of origami where the same paper folded in a specific way gives you one form, but take that same paper, reconfigure the folds and you get literally an unlimited potential of forms, that can keep organizing and reorganizing itself providing a large, flexible model. Do you understand so far? Creating a form that indicates that each fold, each square, and triangle created, each angle created already contains all other possible other and potential folds, frames, squares, triangles and angles already contained within the one. It is simply a manner of reorganizing the sequences to provide any desired outcome. Do you still follow that? Now bring this, perhaps poor analogy, into the field of mind and consider that instead of the standard – the solid state models that the mind has been using – your mind suddenly has the potential to be as flexible as the higher origami we have described, and we are only using terms for the sake of referencing at this point. But instead of following strict patterns you are able to use your mind and it’s potential in vast – far vaster- manner and capacity than you ever thought possible, actually tapping into its innate potential to help you navigate the small craft of your being on the high seas of life, and reality. You could easily, for instance, for the sake of an analogy, turn your small craft into a large ocean liner, able to carry you over any seas. Do you understand so far? Now, here we will take another small break and let you absorb.

8:45 PM Break Begins

8:55 PM Session Resumes

Now, for the most part, it seems only rational to pit yourselves against nature and its forces. And in that, you are indeed the most irrational, because you do not see your innate participation in the events and circumstances of nature. So our approach, on the other hand, means to lead to an understanding, not only a philosophical perception – but a true, three-dimensional, living acquiescence of the fact that the events and the elements of nature are your mind and your body. The events and the conditions and the circumstances that literally blossom all around you are your mind and body that you are presently observing. And your mistake is to think that you have nothing to do with the events and circumstances of your being. As if you were something apart from and different from, separate from the events and the circumstances of the world. And we wish to reassure you and lead you to see that, indeed, the events and the conditions and the circumstances in the outer field of events is as much you as the thoughts, the expectations and the beliefs, and the conditions that exist in the inner field of events. And to indicate some tools that are innate to your very being – not simply dry, philosophical, speculative tools – but indeed living energies that still compose the human personality, but that are not viewed and used because you are not accustomed to seeing them there.

You are accustomed to focusing on certain aspects and not on others, therefore, you do not see some of the things that exist. Exactly like Joseph explained earlier about little Andrea as a child watching the television show and not hearing her mother calling her for the tenth time that dinner is ready. You are focused all intently in the events of the senses that you do not see what else exists around and within you. There are definitely living qualitative values within your psyche – we have termed them the 9 sisters because it is easier to remember, and it gives you a certain focus to aim for.

Now, in Joseph’s dream of two weeks back, he spoke of Harmony and Balance, and they are adequate sounding names. They are two aspects of the human personality, of every human personality construction, for keep in mind that the human personality is your construction. So these nine qualitative energies are living forces, part of your psyches and personalities, but not used. And obviously, Balance and Harmony mean very specific things. We have also in the past referred to as Helper another aspect of every human personality. An aspect that can engage nurturing and beneficial qualities, both in the one who contemplates it, as well as the ones who receive its benefits, different from the one who contemplates. And these qualitative energies are not buried deep within the unconscious. There is no need for strange rituals or incantations to raise them from the depths of the unconscious as if you are raising the dead. So, though we know of many people who could raise themselves from the dead, at times, but it is sufficient for you to be aware of those qualities within your persona – within the psychological constructions you call the human personality. And in times of need, call upon those qualities to become part of your experiences and impact their functions.

Helper can and does bring healing, both to the self and to others, in slightly similar yet different capacities. And there are more still and each one such energy can and does work with any of the others in any capacity possible, to bring about a greater sense of fulfillment and relationship with the constructions that appear in the world as events within time and space.

Thus, for tonight, you may as of this evening, and if you so wish even every night this week, ask Balance or Harmony or both to bring you into dream states where those qualities infuse you and your existence with their elements and pay attention to your dreams even if you think you do not remember your dreams. And indeed if you are such an individual, then pay attention to the following days, after you awaken, in the events that show up in your lives. We have suggested that what appears to you as the physical world, apparently outside of and separate from your being, is indeed still the field of your mind and psychological self. So not only look for inner but also outer situations that reflect subtle or not so subtle changes as a result of calling upon Balance and Harmony. Do you agree? Do you have questions on that topic so far?

Q. What are the other sisters?

For the time being those are sufficient – you knew we weren’t going to answer that. What is the time? (9 pm). Indeed then, for this week, make it a question of exploration by calling upon Balance and Harmony and seeing how those aspects of the personality manifest themselves both in your inner and outer life simultaneously. And with that, we send you our blessing.

Mark: We have one question over here.

Isabel: . You mentioned Helper also…we don’t work with this one?

You can if you so desire. Helper can be used to direct the healing energies on an unconditional basis, simply by the sending forth of loving energies, whether for yourself or others…unconditionally. Do you understand? Now then, we send you off and with these new toys and do have fun.

How else will you ever acquire a sense of Balance and Harmony if you do not have fun? Now we bid you then a pleasant and balanced evening.

9:03 PM Session Ends

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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