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The Practice Of Perspectives

Transcribed by Marcy Singer
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on Monday, November 15, 2004

Session begins at 7:59 pm

KRIS: Now we are glad that you are all enjoying a most beautiful day.

CASTAIC: Hi Kris, hello.

KRIS: Indeed. We trust that you feel as close to us here as we feel to you. Indeed if you extend your subjective awareness you might find that geographical distances are not a problem for energy, personal energy structures. What do you feel at your end of the telephone line in this moment?

PAUL T: This is Antolian. I can generally feel your energy before you get here. I feel it as an energy coursing through my, for lack of a better term, energetic body.

KRIS: And in this very moment, what are you all feeling?

PAUL H: I have my eyes closed, and so I’m really feeling as you suggest. I’m just feeling an expanded sense of connection.

KRIS: Indeed. And keep in mind that the word ‘feeling’ is a general term for a host of sensory experiences and ultra-sensory experiences.

This is simply to affirm that geographical distances are not a barrier to exchanges of energy of one kind of another. And that actually focusing as you do through [your] physical image does tend to dull those ultra or para-sensory mechanisms and inner faculties of yours. So do rest assured that we have your best intention at heart.

Now we believe that there is an issue that needs to be explained. Is that correct?

PAUL H: Indeed. Would you like me to try and frame a question around this issue?

KRIS: Indeed, it is not necessary, but it would be interesting for you to express the one significant comment that we made some months back that actually frames and defines this action of consciousness. Do you follow?

PAUL H: I do. Sometimes it pays to take notes. I’m going to read a sentence here then from the September 6 group session that we had: “This is an action that occurs only periodically depending on the overall intent of a cycle itself, and still in non-linear terms, this has occurred, is occurring, will occur, and may not occur, all together.” In regards to the Tenth Family, the Dulvar!

KRIS: Indeed. And this would lead you to surmise what kind of thoughts?

PAUL H: Since you stated ‘non-linear”, by thoughts turn to that aspect of self that I guess we would call Second and Third Quadrant in terms of the map you’ve given us. And in non-linear terms I went to simultaneous time from Seth, and so on and so forth. And then, of course, Paul Tews just mentioned the vast probability fields that are involved with this idea of “has occurred, is occurring, will occur and may not occur all at the same time”. And I just had a vast feeling about that and felt my own focus personality with an ability to comprehend in linear terms.

KRIS: As you have observed the focal personality has a need for very specific types of structures and other psychological constructions based upon the organizational lattices of its own ego. Do you follow?

PAUL H: Yes.

KRIS: As such when we presented this information, we did specify in certain words that there was a vast field of potentialities pertinent to it, and though the action of consciousness has not necessarily dissipated, it may indeed have started to manifest in other areas or levels. And as Elias has commented, there is no contradiction, but because the lattice of ego constructions requires contradictions of one type and one degree or another to try and understand its own juxtaposition within the spheres of actions of consciousness, the ego construction then needs to set up fields of dualities and duplicities, aligning various potentials on one side or another and making certain types of judgments and orientations, depending upon its own sets of convictions. And this is not meant to express judgment, but simply a clarification on how the ego construction functions as it has become alienated from its own sources.

This is clearly evident with this specific issue that sensing the vast potentials of this energy emergence, ego constructions and all of the associated convictions kicked into high gear and in some cases ‘overdrive’ to try and create an immediate comprehension of such a vast concept as intent in ‘families of intent’ first of all, and some of you have captured a small glimpse of that emergent energy and very quickly associated with it, affiliated with it. And again this is not passing a judgment but an observation to help you notice how your own thoughts, your own ideas, your own drives, and your own subjective states function together and bring you to recognize awareness, consciousness, enlightenment, illumination, with a different active principle, with the appearance of contradictory information with the appearance in your own minds of conflicts, so that you can bring to yourselves verification and a sense of balance so that you may understand that much further how your own actions, objective and subjective, can bring you both apparent conflict and answers and solutions simultaneously. Do you follow any of that?


KRIS: This also allows to bring to conscious awareness some individuals’ own needs to find divisiveness instead of the underlying intent of their own purposes. Do you also understand that?

CASTAIC: Oh yes.

KRIS: So it is not specifically that either ourselves (we) or Elias are playing anyone for a monkey’s uncle.

CASTAIC: We heard that comment!

KRIS: But it does bring you to the realization and the recognition of how it is possible to take a hill of beans and make a new Mt. Everest. Do you follow?

CASTAIC: Oh yeah.

KRIS: So you may, therefore, congratulate yourselves for having brought these issues to your own conscious perceptions and bring about a clarification. And this is pretty heavy stuff. Do you follow? (…long pause) Is anyone still left alive?

PAUL T: This is a short comment. I heard people describe this sort of situation as ‘living within the mystery’ because we HAVE information here, but we don’t have the whole picture and it’s how to bring resolution with seemingly contradictory information within oneself. And the only way to do that is to just try to live within that contradiction.

KRIS: Indeed. As we have described this Dulvar intent exists and does not exist simultaneously, just as you exist and do not exist simultaneously, just as you are alive and not alive simultaneously and you find the appropriate levels or bridges that allow you to straddle these apparent ‘incomprehensibles’, and between those two extremes you create sufficient peepholes into eternity through which you see all of time and none of time, through which you see your own mortality and immortality simultaneously. Therefore, the ultimate conundrum exists because you yourselves are the conundrum. Do you follow?

PAUL T: You’re getting very Zen.

KRIS: And you guys think WE are mysterious.

Now we did say that this tenth family exists, does not exist, has been made manifest, may be made manifest, all at once, and there is no contradiction within such a statement. But conflict and contradiction arise when individuals have a need to prove that one thing is right because the other thing is not right, and one thing is not right because the OTHER thing is right. That actually leads to a very narrow perception and needful interpretations into black and white terminology, of which we are none of the above. So you can say in some way that the Dulvar exist, do not exist, and you would still be correct.

Water exists when it is in the glass when it is in the ice cube, when it is in the cup of tea, but water still exists even if you do not see it, such as when it is in its vaporous form. It still exists because you are able to breathe. Is that correct?

PAUL H: Yes.

KRIS: Now we hope that you have at least a small inkling of what we have tried to convey to you and that out of this, you are able to reflect deeply and understand that even with the latticework of ego construction, there is still sufficient space to create both dual and non-dual perceptions coexisting simultaneously, because the true nature of the ego’s function is actually to bring diverse views together in a “FUNCTIONAL HYPOTHESIS OF REALITY”. And when you begin to examine the “hypothesis of reality” from the inside out, then indeed so-called reality acquires a different dimension. It does not invalidate the beautiful reality constructions that you entertain and give life to, but it also leads you to ponder that there is more to reality than meets the eye and you are entirely free to spell the word “eye” any way you like (as in ‘I’).

Now we would like if you do not mind to move to another topic. Is this acceptable?

PAUL H: Can I just ask one question? And I’ll keep it short.

KRIS: Yes, do so, or do not (general laughter).

PAUL H: I promise to keep it short. From your perspective, what cluster does Elias belong to? You belong to Gaura, presumably, Janaki belongs to Taaj. From your perspective, what cluster does Elias belong to?

KRIS: Are you looking to get us into trouble again (more laughter)?

PAUL H: No. Just the opposite, I’m looking to find unity in diversity, and I mean that with all sincerity.

KRIS: But you did not run for office.

PAUL H: If nominated I will not serve.

KRIS: But your question has been approved by yourself.

PAUL H: Yes.

KRIS: Indeed then. We do keep up with your times. Now Elias, from our perspective, Elias is from the Taaj but the source of Elias is another issue altogether.

PAUL H: Understood. Care to comment on that source?

KRIS: Not at this point.

PAUL H: Fair enough.

PAUL T: So you are saying that the source energy for what we know as Elias is a seed from another cluster.

KRIS: Indeed.

JOANNE: It’s safe to say that the two of you are in cahoots. Correct?

KRIS: You were not supposed to let that out of the bag. If we were Scottish we would have to beat you with the haggis now.

JOANNE: So you two are obviously in communication.

KRIS: We know of each other. In your terms, you could even say once in awhile we talk about you. After all, all is fair in war and love.

JOANNE: In war and love. That’s right. Thank you.

KRIS: Now, we believe in the last session with you and that even the previous one as well we tried to give a much wider perspective to your perceptions of selfhood, leaving you to ponder the meaning of the word “I”, and in “I am.” Is this correct?


KRIS: And we did lead you to a beautiful meditation upon self as expressed through the stars. Do you remember?


KRIS: We would like in a manner of speaking to expand upon that and actually present a more in-depth exploration to what we call the Practice of Perspectives. Now as we have described occasionally, there are different tools at your disposal that can be of great assistance in helping you handle and work with your own challenges, your own struggles, by literally altering the angle of your perspectives in a very literal fashion. As we have done in the past with others, we will also do with you. And this involves a small physical type of action, but not necessarily that you have to move.

What we suggest is that you orient yourselves towards the main window, if there is such in your room. Are you in the living room facing a window?

PAUL H: Yes. We need to open the blinds.

KRIS: It is not necessary. But you are entirely free to do so because it may add to the experience, though it is not necessary.

Let us know if you decide to open the window blinds or drapes and open them.

CASTAIC: They are closed.

KRIS: Indeed. Now sit comfortably. You may choose to close your eyes or leave them open as is comfortable for you. And in your inner field of vision, in your mind’s eye, see a picture with anything you desire upon it, be it a cat, a car, a house, another person, an object, and think this image is very close to you. It may be easier for you to get a good perspective by simply projecting the image several feet from you, perhaps three or four feet from you, as opposed to right up your nose. And as you do so, notice how you physically feel or react to that action. Notice how your shoulders are, all the muscles in your neck, or even your heart rate and your breathing as you move the image or mental picture away from you.

And now as you become adjusted to the distance, pretend that you can take this image or mental picture and you can project it even further, perhaps at the very edge of the window or just outside the window, and pay attention to how your physical form reacts. And once again pretend that you can project this image all the way to the main road or even further over the horizon and notice how your physical form reacts.

And now allow the image or mental picture to actually go so far over the horizon that it completely disappears. And again pay attention to your physical form’s actions. And at this point you may breathe deeply, bring your awareness back to where your physical form is, take awareness of the room your body is in, wiggle your fingers and your toes, open your eyes and come back to yourself. And if you need to you may even move your limbs, hands, arms, feet, legs, and be completely focused into that room once again.

Are you all with us?


KRIS: Indeed. How did this feel for you?

PAUL T: It’s a great meditation technique. It provided me an excellent method to slow down.

KRIS: Any other comments?

PAUL H: As I moved out of the house and up to the hilltop and then into the horizon and beyond my awareness extended out to include all of that and then when we pulled back into the room, I felt very small again, right here in the room.

KRIS: Indeed. There is no right way or wrong way to feel with such an exercise. This is a preliminary stage. We still will share with you at least two other angles to use with this kind of method, with rather surprising results as the end product. So for the moment, we will suggest a short break.

Break begins at 8:37

Sessions resumes 8:48 pm

KRIS: Now, it stands to reason that if we can extend our own energy field in such a manner that geographical distances are literally non-existent, it must also stand to reason that, perhaps unawares to you, subjectively you do the same. You straddle the so-called geographical distances and in one way or another a portion of your own energy is extended into this room, which is why we opened with such a comment followed by the so-called mystery of the ‘families’ of consciousness, to give you inkling, a subjectively perceived and experienced action that you can be physically and subjectively in two different locations and there is no contradiction within yourself, in being who you are, regardless of where your experience of being occurs. Does that make some sense to you?

PAUL H: Bi-location is imagery of that.

KRIS: Indeed, and though this may not particularly be classified as an instance of bi-location in the standard terms, it still qualifies, since your subjective experience or a portion thereof extends itself across the continent. Does that also make sense?

PAUL H: Oh yes, completely. Is there some thought form involved in the projection of that subjective awareness, or is that more of an objective phenomenon?

KRIS: There are varying degrees of projection, and though there may not be a specific image of yourself in another location, it does not mean that it cannot be allowed or that it must be discounted, because you are still able to extend your inner senses and enjoy another location. Whether you may refer to it as remembering Kuwaii or Maui or another tropical location when you are physically in another part of the world, all of the faculties are activated, and whether you consider it merely your imagination, you still have some kind of sensory or para-sensory input.

And who is to say that even though you traveled the route in the acceptable fashion of purchasing a ticket, boarding a plane, landing in a tropical island and enjoying its climate and environment, this is still part of the vast realm of the imagination, and whom is to say that physical reality, physical expression is not another domain and dimension of essence imagination without invalidating yourself one iota, in fact even giving it that much more credibility. Does that make sense to you?


KRIS: So by the figments of your imagination, we will continue. Is that acceptable?

ALL: Yes.

KRIS: We only have one word of caution. Do not think for a moment that these will think that you are imaginary. Now did this go over your heads?

ALL: Yes!

KRIS: Indeed! Now the earlier small exercise in adjusting your perspective allowed you to also detect an almost physical like motion and sensation in a very tactile manner. Did it not? Do you follow?

PAUL H: Yes.

KRIS: We would like to give you Practice, Part II, if you so care.

PAUL H: Oh yes. We so choose.

KRIS: Then we suggest that once again you sit comfortably, you may even choose to leave your eyes open and as best you can rest your hands in your lap, palms up. Feel your feet on the ground or wherever they are. Take stock of your body, exactly where it is. Take stock of the environment your body is in, and all ambient sounds and noises in the environment will become for you, an assistance a help in providing a better state of relaxation.

We suggest that in your mind’s eye in the same close-up position you imagine, you bring forth something that is challenging to you right now in your life, regardless of what it is, and if you wish to bring about a more tactile feel to this challenge, imagine that in your left hand this challenge takes a shape, it could even be a simple geometric form of any kind you choose. It may even have some kind of density, of mass, and even features, as an accompaniment to the imagery in your mind’s eye, and have a closer look at this imagery in your mind’s eye, and pretend that you have the means to actually split the screen in your mind’s eye so that the left side of the screen in your mind’s eye contains the challenge you are bringing up in your awareness, and on the right side of the screen you can project images or imagery of what it feels like to have the challenge that you focus on the left side resolved on the right side.

And just as you did with the left hand, in your right hand imagine that the resolution to your challenge can even have geometric shape, form, density, mass, dimensions even. And once you have both scenes in your mind’s eye as well as in your hands, pretend that the split image in your mind is being pulled away from you by a few feet, and the geometric shapes or forms in your hands also rise from your palms to go underneath the image in the same position. And notice how you feel with this step one action.

And now both the image, the two sides and the two accompanying geometric form move further away from you towards the window, by the window or at the window and again notice the actions of your body, the feeling of your physical selves. And as you feel perhaps a certain lightness fill you, allow your hands to even rise a little bit, now that they are freed from these geometric forms or mass.

And now allow the images and the geometric forms to move outside of the home and notice how you feel from your inside perspective. And as both the image and the geometric forms move ever so further away, your hands and arms become lighter.

And now allow both the image and the geometric forms to move further and faster towards the horizon to a point where they really are not distinguishable from each other any more. And as they fly away towards the horizon and they start disappearing toward the horizon, move your hands up and allow the palms of your hands to come together as the image and the forms are now nothing but small dots, mere specks on the horizon and they keep on their journey.

And you may now wiggle your fingers, bring your hands back to you laps, wiggle your toes, breathe deeply and as you open your eyes you come back fully and conscious into the room and you are completely reintegrated into the room as your full conscious self.

How do you feel?

JOANNE: I feel as though my current issue and the resolution is the same thing and I feel lighter because of it. Because I put so much focus on that issue that I put energy into it and I see things as all or nothing when really they are the same thing.

KRIS: Anyone else?

ESTER: When you asked us to move it outside the house I realized that my shoulders were very tense and I felt my shoulder and everything else relax.

KRIS: And how do your shoulders feel now?

ESTER: They are very relaxed. I don’t feel anything. I’m just very relaxed right now.

KRIS: Indeed, anyone else?

PAUL T: It brought to me the power of the belief system of duplicity. The problem and the resolution are integrally combined with one another and splitting them like that is what creates the tension, and so by pushing them further so that, in my perspective, they come closer together, then that IS a release of that tension.

JOANNE: I wondered what would become of my issues floating there on the horizon if I didn’t have it in my head anymore. I feel the same sense of relaxation in those exercises when the objects went outside the window.

KRIS: Indeed. You may definitely feel free to use such a small exercise. It is not a cure-all, but it will certainly bring assistance in helping you resolve certain situations, and even complex ones that sometimes appear incomprehensible to the mind and to the conscious self, simply because it does not yet see the resolution because you are focusing upon the problem. Do you follow?

PAUL H: Exactly. And that was my reaction. I imaged a red ball in my left hand as the problem and a blue ball as the resolution, and those colors came naturally. And the blue, the resolution expanded to the size of about a basketball. Let’s say the red ball was like a baseball. And so the size was imagery to me too of the energy, the density, and then of course as it went further away in parallax on the horizon two points become one. And as Joanne says too, you realize they are both integrally a part of the same creation and it’s nice to be able to visualize a solution, even if you don’t rationally know what it is yet, just to feel it as Ester experienced with that tension resolving, you do start to relax and it helps you come back to the difficulty perhaps, with fresher eyes, with a solution, knowing there is some solution.

KRIS: And furthermore, in specific unconscious lingo you are presenting action, steps to action to the so-called unconscious to kick-start and put into motion the very resolution that you have envisioned or at least something akin to it in a way, in a manner that it can accomplish for you. Does that make sense?

ALL: Yes. Cool.

KRIS: It is another form of autosuggestion, not necessarily burdened by syntax, thus it would even be more readily absorbed and acted upon by the unconscious.

Now if you are of a mood, we would like to present you with the third stage of such an exercise.

ALL: Yes.

KRIS: Now this will follow a similar pattern requiring you once again to sit comfortably, and you are entirely free to leave your eyes open or to close them. You can use all ambient sounds to deepen the relaxation, to enhance the trance itself. As you breathe deeply, your mind opens and with each breath you allow yourself to go back, go back in time and space. Your mind opens to the possibilities of going back in time and space, back to a time before there was a time, back to a place before there was a place. And in the depths of self, you find a beautiful island with a beautiful beach upon which you may even recline. Enjoy the warm, tropical breeze of a starry night sky of rich velvety blackness speckled with points of light.

And as you make yourself comfortable reclining on this warm tropical beach at night, you use the ambient sounds of that environment to relax you further, the gentle washing of the waves upon the sandy beach, the gentle caressing sound of the breeze amongst the branches and the leaves, and you look up at the majestic velvety darkness and randomly you select one specific point of light and since you are aware that in some poetic way these points of light represent other focal personalities, other focus selves, you can begin playing with the range of perspectives available to you and you may, for instance, project your perception, your perspective towards the treetops, keeping that point of light in your sight.

And you then begin to project your perspective that much more, perhaps reaching out towards some small clouds high in the sky or perhaps towards the moon, if it is present. And then project your perspective towards the specific point of light you focused upon with the full knowledge that even though there is an image of you lying on the beach and there is an image of you sitting in that room, you are totally comfortable being in those places at once, and as your perspective is projected towards the point of light, you may start acquiring impression upon that point of light. Allow yourself to go directly to it and take a moment to enjoy the experience.

And now still following the sound of our voice you lovingly and tenderly embrace that moment and retract the projection of your perspective and direct your attention once again to your image gently reclining on the beach of the warm tropical island. And as you become semi-conscious of that image, you take your perspective and you direct it towards that other expression of yourselves in the living room. You take a deep breath, and on the count of three, you will return fully conscious to yourself. One, you may wiggle toes, fingers, hands and feet. Take a deep breath. And Two, you may move your arms a little bit, knees and legs. Take another deep breath and three, now you can open your eyes and become fully conscious of your environment, of yourself in it, and of your physical form.

You are all back?

CASTAIC: Mostly.

KRIS: Indeed then. We suggest either a small or continuing for a few moments, and then we will bring our lovely evening to a charming close.

PAUL H: Small break.

KRIS: Indeed.

Break begins at 9:24 pm.

Session resumes at 9:31 pm

KRIS: Now as Rosalie has pointed out there is another small segment of the exercise than you on your own may add to the practice, and that is that once you are in that other space, that you actually direct your perspective towards your point of origin and from your far off or removed perspective you can add energy, you can add nurturing and support and observe the point of origin self going through its paces and its struggles and its challenges, and from the removed perspective add some guidance. Does that make sense to you?

ALL: Yes.

KRIS: Indeed. And it will have far-reaching effects on its own. But these things have to be put into practice. Merely juggling them in the mind, dissecting them will not bring much result, but actually putting it into practice will have an effect.

PAUL H: Thank you for that.

KRIS: Now as to your other small comment…..if Serge/Joseph had brought back imaginary self, it would have worked just as well, but do keep in that Serge/Joseph are sometimes as stubborn as Rubert.

Do you have any questions?

PAUL T: This is Antolian. Yes, I do. A few days ago during my meditation in which I was counting breaths, when I got to the number nine I had this insight, shall we say, spring upon me. And that was that I was the ninth meditator to join a group, and these nine meditators are all focus personalities of my essence. And that I was the last one to join this group of which everyone that is meditating was aware of the others. And the other interesting thing was that these nine were grouped into three groups of three, and I identified the two other focus personalities who were in my triad, so to speak, one of them is a future focus and the other one is a Tibet monk in the year 1372 is what came to mind.

The other insight that I had was that in some way we were lending energy to the shift in consciousness. And I was wondering if you could shed any light upon in what manner that is occurring. Of course, within consciousness energy is being lent, but I’m wondering if this has some direct applicability to THIS particular focus of attention of Antolian other than to keep meditating.

KRIS: You may keep meditating, but you also need to bring about the bacon. Now the perceptions are good. There is an action within yourself. We believe that when you sense that you are lending energy as a group unit to the shift in consciousness; do not forget that self also IS the shift in consciousness. It may give the appearance of an overall global shift in consciousness but primarily self is shift and shifting. Does Antolian understand that?

PAUL T: Yes. What you’re referring to is that it is a personal shift and when I say personal in this case I do mean from an essence standpoint.

KRIS: Indeed, it is individualized.

PAUL T: Am I interpreting your comment correctly?

KRIS: Correct. And from the source of that action, there is an out flowing of energies that may assist others. Do you follow?

PAUL T: Yes, I do. That falls in with my intent.

KRIS: Indeed. And a sweet intent it is.

Now we will take leave of your lovely intent, and may all of the blessings that you wish to pour onto the world be feasted upon by yourself first. And may your dreams and your journeys in time and space be most enjoyable.

9:38 pm


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Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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