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There Is No Need For Forgiveness

The Year Of You – May 10, 2017 – Health
Transcribed by John Hawkins

KRIS: Now we trust that you are comfortable and we thank you for your consideration.

Something you might all be served to also consider. Now your discussions about health and health related matters and how you can program yourselves is most important and very timely. And there are countless examples of what people believe and how it comes about.

If any of you know anyone who teaches in elementary schools, especially in the lower grades, very young children, almost all teachers are convinced that somehow or other, if a child somewhere in the whole school sneezes they will get sick. There are many people who go about their daily lives and carry their own pens, and will not touch somebody else’s pen if and when they have to write or sign something. They will pull the pen out of their purse or pocket and not allow anyone to touch it. Because the belief is that if anyone touches their pen, or they touch somebody else’s pen, lo and behold, they will get germs and germ-itise.

By paying attention to your own thoughts, to your own neurolinguistic programs, the way you have rooted various stories and quite frankly mini-movies, mini-dramas into your subconscious, you may have a more profound and excellent picture of how you manage your life and your circumstances.

And you only need to pay attention to the words that you use, and the thoughts that you entertain. Whenever you think, or say, ‘I believe this because of that. I believe that because of this.’ know that this is your own personal story and you must live out the script that you have written.

Therefore it stands to reason, if the life that you lead or follow is the result of the scripts that you have written, that you have enacted in your mind, and you have rooted in your subconscious, what is your poor mind supposed to do when you start pressing the buttons for drama one, drama two, drama three, drama four, program one, program two, program three, program four? What is bound to happen? Do you know?

B: Well the script that you’ve written, whatever you believe in that script that you have written plays out.

KRIS:   Indeed, it is what you will end up living to one degree or another. Now some people may not even notice that they may negate or disempower a particular script and avert some situations. But it is something you can consciously accomplish very, very easily. Just as surely as you say, ‘I believe that if I am in the same room as someone who sneezes, I will get a cold.’ You can just as easily say, ‘Even though I am in a room where another individual may sneeze, I will bless them and continue my day and not be affected by it.

But you are the one who can set up that kind of program. But it requires some degree of mental and emotional action on your part. It’s not about clicking your heels three times and wishing you were back in Kansas. It is about envisioning in the same manner that you envision yourself hearing somebody sneeze, turning your head towards the person who does, and literally visualizing the germs reaching out and invading your space and your body, and thereby creating sickness in you.

Where you envision suddenly the tiniest little tickle in your throat becomes an inflamed situation. You can even envision that you will begin yourself to sneeze and your sinuses leak, you will begin to have chills and a cough and your lungs will fill, and so on and so forth. If you pay attention in those situations, you will see this is almost exactly what you do. You will begin to detect a fever, and you will make that fever.

Because you are hypnotizing yourselves to do exactly as the script says.

B: So Kris, I have a question here. Let’s take this even up a notch. So let’s say there’s this common belief and script that eating healthy, eating vegetables and organic and all of that, and exercising. There’s a strong belief that when we do that and we eat whole foods and you exercise, then you’re going to be healthy. You’re going to be at your ideal weight and you’re going to strong and your heart will be healthy and la, la, la.

So that’s a really strong belief and that’s a script that’s easy to visualize and have it be in there. I’ve been playing around with this. Okay, if that is all that that is, a belief and a script that we’ve created. So is it possible… this is the conversation that I’ve had in my head… is it possible to create that script that I can eat whatever I want. I can not… you know, some days I may feel like exercise so I’m going to exercise. Some days it’s a walk, some days it’s yoga, it’s whatever and my body is going to shape itself and be healthy and I’m going to… Without having to do all those other things. And so what I then came back around to is that, okay maybe that first script and that first set of beliefs is too strong. You gotta be ‘Buddha Man’ or something to get you to a place where, in this life, in this being human in the body that we’re in and all of that… Even though, yes, okay, I can believe that we create our reality but, you know, really, how powerful can I be. Maybe I’ve got to back to that other belief and start doing those things because that belief is so strong. Does that make sense?

KRIS:   We understand. Let us offer you this. There is nothing inherently wrong with holding a belief that you eat healthily, you do a certain degree of exercising such as walking or the gym or yoga, Pilates, other things. And you make certain you have fresh air, good food and this will maintain your health. But if you do those things but also entertain a whole series of negative and dark thoughts towards yourself and others, you might also be sabotaging your script.

To only eat cake and drink pop and expect that you will look like Wonder Woman may be stretching the boundaries of your abilities, because of all of the influences that are surrounding the issue, literally all the time in your modern world. So it is also about finding a balance.

In the very same way that a man may become so obsessed with masculinity that he becomes misogynistic, even onto himself. That ideas of creativity, artistic expression, tenderness, love and compassion are seen as weak and feminine and therefore must not be presented in his personality. Then he becomes unbalanced because then he limits his own ability to survive in an environment where there are all of these traits and characteristics expressed through everyone.

So it is possible that such an individual may indeed, carry this out throughout his life. But in other lifetimes he may then have to take on a feminine expression to bring back a sense of balance to his overall personality structure. Does that make sense to you?

B: Yes. So I wanted you to give me a silver bullet and let me eat cake and drink pop and have a Wonder Woman body (laughing).

KRIS:   The strength of your overall convictions, and this is not applying just to you, but to everyone, is still in this day and age rather weak. So you would not be able to sustain it. So it is in your favor, to your advantage to also maintain the body in optimum healthy conditions without necessarily becoming militant about it.

You can also test in some ways, the nature of your inner or mental health. For instance, if you have companion animals or plants in your home, what are their health conditions? Are they thriving or are they sickly? Is it simply because you are perhaps not watering the plants enough, or overwatering the plants?

Because these are all expansions of your particular energy frequencies in other forms. They are projections and they may be there to indicate to you that there may be a certain imbalance in your own inner systems. By investigating inwardly you may be able to find the discord in the resonance, the resistance, and tune it into a harmonious state once again.

But it is also about balance. Not going overboard, becoming militant on any particular issues, becoming centered, not judging yourself or others. Because if you do not judge yourself, you will have no tendency to judge others because the others represent yourself. Does that make sense?

B: Yes. And I think one of the keys is, and you mentioned this, is around the noticing of our thoughts and what are we believing. And those beliefs can change. Right?

KRIS:   Indeed. You are not fated to live the life you are living. You can, as we have pointed out for the announcement for the new workshop, [The Deep Self] you can change the universe by changing what you believe, by changing the state of your mind, or the states of mind. We have also pointed out that many people have heard the example or the analogy of the clothes make the man, or woman. Surely you have heard this too.

B: Umhmm, yep.

KRIS:   It is generally taken to mean some external clothing, suits and so on. But if you look at it from the inside out, it may also apply to the inner, mental clothing, the suits that you wear mentally. What kind of a person, and what kind of traits and characteristics are you clothing your ‘self’ in, that thereby generate the experiences of your daily lives?

So it is always a good thing to be noticing. And when you notice what you perhaps have just said or done, and recognize that it is related to your beliefs, then this provides you with a unique opportunity to see that the vault of your inner sanctum has been opened at that moment. And you can go in there and make some editing changes. Some little editing giving you an opportunity, then, to regain some balance.

And this occurs to human beings all the time but very few people notice it. But pay attention to the words that you use, to the thoughts that you tell yourselves, the stories. And you will find there are many keys that open many, many of those inner chambers or vaults where you can then go and very nicely make some editorial changes.

When your newspapers, whether they are analogue or digital, are then released there is often an editorial page. The editorial page, whether it is from the owners or the editors or invited editors or guests, it provides an opinion piece about how certain things are going on in the world. And here you have it, the whole newspaper, analogue or digital, to back up the opinion, the editorial. Correct?

B: Yup.

KRIS:   So you do the same thing, all of you. And then you release the events and circumstances of life that seem to back up that you are a hapless victim, that you are sad, that you are poor, that you are sickly. You find all of these things reflected in life and say, ‘Yes, you see I am sad because this, I am a victim because that. I am unhealthy because that, I am poor because this.

And yet the only thing the world has ever done, no fault of its own, the only thing the world has ever done is very nicely reflect back to you the scripts and stories and inner dramas that you entertain. The inner Hollywood and Bollywood that you play in your minds.

And you have the most magnificent and powerful instrument in the world to create different situations, your mind and its imaginative prowess. So just as easily as you create films, inner little videos if you like, of certain events and disasters and situations that you then you fear. You do not want this to happen but you keep focusing on it.

So you can create a new one that does not focus on the negative things but instead gives you peace of mind, allows you to harvest an abundance of joy, pleasure, happiness, love, health, wealth and so on. Because it is all about, as you like to say, this ‘stuff’ that you have between your ears.

Even though it is not related to the brain but the brain translates all the imagery that you entertain into physio- and psychological stances that produce chemical reactions and the release of hormones and electromagnetic properties that then create those actions and events in the world.

So yes, you can change almost any circumstances in your life but this may require a stronger conviction. But it is entirely within the realm of possibilities for you. It is not something that is beyond you because you have already been doing this for years and decades. So it is still applying the very same principles but with a different outcome.

So you are looking for health. Begin right away by recognizing the various beliefs, the various stories, movies, films, or Hollywood, Bollywood presentations that you entertain in your mind about any health situation. And if there is something that leads you down the road to fear and hesitation, you do not have to run and hide.

But you can say, ‘Oh, that’s why this keeps happening to me! I am going to change this movie. I am going to change how this is being played out in the cutting room’. Do you know what a cutting room is? This is where they edit film. The cutting room floor is filled with things that have been left out of the film, if they still utilize old analogue film strips. But even digitally they still remove many things.

You simply remove the programming that is causing you distress of some kind. Insert, you can even use ‘cut, copy, paste’, because you use that in your computers. You can do the same with your inner life situations and create, generate, imagine, pretend, visualize, see a different outcome.

Because you cannot entertain thoughts, say, ‘If I am near anyone that sneezes, I will have a different outcome than being sick’. If you believe that you will be sick when somebody sneezes beside you, or in the room. You have to change the program. Does that make sense to you?

B: Yes it does.

KRIS:   Are there perhaps any inquiries or comments?

J: I have a question. I’m just having trouble forming it. It has to do with one thing I do a lot of in preparation for being positive is like forgiving myself, even in a general way like the ho’oponopono, and because it seems like, you know, the series of mistakes that I judge that I’m making every day, and I wish that, you know, everything was perfect. So I’m just having trouble with the reality of life, the stubbing the toe, finding the sandwich that’s bad, and other things. I would like the opposite and have it be perfect and positive. I’m just struggling with the concepts like that.

KRIS:   Indeed. So all of these little situations, stubbing your toe, perhaps hitting your finger on something, many such instances are, and you can very easily recognize it and you will see often you might not have been paying attention. Your mind may have been wandering somewhere and the body quickly recognizes that if you go down that path there will be more trouble. So it may be trying to prevent you from continuing to focus on certain mental issues. So it will bring you right back to the immediate future.

You stub your little toe on a box and you will howl in pain and dance around on one foot and then you will say, ‘What the heck was that about?’ You might not even remember what it was that you were focusing on a moment prior. But the more you give yourself permission, the more you allow and make space for this knowledge to become conscious, you will find yourself in the act, often, of sabotaging your own best interests.

There are many people who go through life like this, feeling somehow or other they are hapless victims of a mean, cruel, even vengeful universe because that is the way they have been brought up to believe that God is. Correct?

J:  Yup.

KRIS:   Now you say you ask for forgiveness. What part of you do you believe must be forgiven?

J: It’s kind of in general, whether it’s subconscious or conscious, but I generally believe it’s like the ego, you know? Whatever I did outside of what’s…

KRIS:   Maybe something you did years ago is not going to catch up to you? (yeah) Now here is the point. The more you continue that, the more you will have a need to find things you must be forgiven for, because you always get more of what you concentrate upon. So the point is, what would you be like, who would you be and what would your stories be if you realized that there is no more need to ask for forgiveness, because there is not more situation to be forgiven? Who would you be?

J: It would be like a nirvana state of pure energy, approaching superhero status I would think.

KRIS:   As long as you do not try to leap from one tall building to another. (laughter) So perhaps a beautiful challenge for you, all of you, is… Because many of you do that, do exactly what James is doing to one degree, in one form or another.

So our challenge to you is, try to go through one day acting as if you no longer have a need to be forgiven for anything, or to ask forgiveness for anything. That you are free of guilt of any kind. That there are no judgements against you, no liens on you by any gods whatsoever. Except the ones that you give yourself. And those you can kick to the curb.

Walk freely. There is no need for this albatross around your neck. Try it for one day and if you like it, try it for another day. And if you like it, try it again for another day. Day by day. And at the end of several days do a general inventory of how you feel about this whole issue, and you may recognize you no longer need that baggage. Kick it to the curb.

J: Yeah, that sounds like perfect advise. If I was looking back at the past six months of my life, there have been days, like maybe two or three days that were fabulous, you know, full of really good energy and only looking forward or looking right now in the present.

KRIS:   Indeed, and then what do you do? Then you wait for the other shoe to drop.

J: Yeah, I know, or I believe so, or I sabotage myself and want to…

KRIS:   That is what that means. Waiting for the other shoe to drop means you are going to find a way to sabotage your beautiful day because you think you might not be worthy. So therefore when you play this game, ‘Today, I have nothing to ask forgiveness for because I am a child of the universe, and as such I am a worthy and worthwhile individual.’ Make that your mantra. One day at a time, and then have fun.

J: Alright. I like it and I do like that quote about being a child of the universe.

KRIS:   Now you might find that your old programming may say, ‘Wait a minute, you have used us for many years and now you think you will just dispense with us? We want to draw your attention to the fact that we have been faithful to you whenever you wanted guilt and shame we gave it to you’.

Well now you can enter into a nice little inner dialogue and say, ‘Yes you have been, but now I want to play a different game, so play along with me please’. One day at a time, no need to go to war. You do not have to generate an internal WW3, 4 and 5. Just invite them to play along with you and have fun.

J: That’s a great idea and actually I’ve been trying to, like you know, not try so hard, which is sort of ironic but I have been flogging myself to get going, fix it, blah blah blah, get to highest state. And I enjoy myself much better when I play at things, whether it’s playing at work or calligraphy or exercise or eating.

KRIS:   And in all of these cases, every one of you throughout the whole planet, throughout your whole plane of existence, do not recognize that you are playing out the scripts that you have invented for yourselves. Exactly the same way that a playwright writes his plays and the actors follow suit. The difference is that the playwrights know that they are not the actors. But you forgot that.

You forgot that you are the playwright and instead you believe that you are the character that you have written.

Now with this we will return Joseph to your lovely playful selves. Have fun with your damn day! Be a little Irish and you will find it is perhaps more pleasant. And we thank you for your consideration.

ALL: Thank you Kris.

(After some discussion about the idea of going through a day without feeling the need for forgiveness, Kris returns)

KRIS:   Now if we may add a word in edgewise, to compliment what you are now saying. Keep in mind that the major religions throughout the world have a basic premise that the very fact that you are born in human life means that you have discarded the divine being, the god, the supernatural being and therefore you are guilty of something.

That is a stain upon the soul and they teach that in one form or another, sometimes subtly, sometimes not so subtly. Therefore it is imprinted in your behavior patterns and into your bank of personalities. So it seems to you entirely natural that you need to ask for forgiveness because you have done something bad – you were born!

You are you and that is bad. That is what that means. Purge that from your system. If there was a laxative we could give you, we would. But you must give yourselves that kind of psychological enema, pardon the visuals. But it is important to recognize this.

You are lovelier beings than you ever give yourselves credit for and if you acted in that way, you could dispense – this would be your purge – you could flush this out of your system, that old indoctrination.

The new paradigm is, the world is now evolving, what you call the Shift and so on. It is about just that thing. Now all the structures, the edifices in the civilization and the cultures and the traditions that reinforce those old paradigms, those old poisons, those poison tapes, are slowly falling apart, gradually, until you can see yourself for who and what you are.

So it is to your advantage to be kind, compassionate, gentle and loving to yourselves and you will see that become a reflection of your world.

B: Thanks, Kris.

KRIS:   In the old days religious institutions encouraged a form of corporeal punishment called self-flagellation. Even if you did not know what you might have done offensively, you were instructed to whip yourself as a penance for simply being who you are, in the hopes that you would accumulate perhaps some kind of air miles to the godhead. (laughter)

B: Good way of putting it.

KRIS:   We do think it’s cute. Now you may no longer take whips and leather laces with nails in them to flagellate your backs and your selves. But you do mentally the same thing. It may be high time to recognize it and to abandon the practice and to divest yourselves of this inner kind of religious indoctrination, whether you view it that way or not. Does that make sense to you?

J: Yes, I definitely know lots of self-flagellation in, like, mental things.

KRIS:   Whenever you catch your thoughts turning in that direction, simply say, ‘Oh, today I think I will skip that exercise’. Just like many times people on a diet think, ‘Oh well, for today, I will indulge in carrot cake’. They give themselves permission. So give yourself permission to skip the self-flagellation, self-sabotage, and then have fun.

Now we do have a humble request that this particular recording may be sent for transcribing because it will be helpful to many people to read. And with that, now we return Joseph to your lovely guilt-free selves, and have some chocolate cake. And we thank you for your lovely consideration.

ALL: Thank you, Kris.

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Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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