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Secrets Of The Universe

Unlocking The Secrets Of The Universe

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on May 4, 2003

(Mark’s Notes: This conference was an event that people paid to attend. There were four presenters, with Kris being the Grand Finale. Anne Morse and ‘The Transeekers’ spoke first, followed by James Wells who gave everyone an introductory and interactive lesson on how to read the tarot. Danielle Daoust from then gave a wonderful presentation on the ‘Art of Noticing’ which was followed by Serge and Kris.)

KRIS: Now just as Joseph is most happy to see all of you here, so we are glad that you have brought the sunshine out to complement this most auspicious day. And it is auspicious because you may very well indeed stumble upon some secrets, some marvelous tidbits of information that may indeed lead you, each and every one, to understand that there is something truly marvelous and beyond the ordinariness that you experience on a daily basis that is truly beyond any simple understandings that you attribute to your lives at any given time. And so far today you actually have been given many pearls of wisdom and if you have been practicing the art of noticing, as you are so recently introduced to, you will have noticed that each theme presented today have threads that bind them together, and this presentation will be no different. It is our hope that you will practice the art of noticing a bit more and come to your own realizations, which is somewhat more than simple insight, that leads you into a deeper recognition of what you are all about, above and beyond the intellectual perceptions that you have already gathered from the day.

So far earlier this morning you heard that one of the greatest hurdles or stumbling blocks is fears, the fears of the unknown, the fear of almost anything that is beyond the sphere of your immediate influence. And again this morning you heard that it is relatively easy to capture impression, insights, and intuitions using many different vehicles, one of which is the tarot deck. And then a short while ago you discovered that it was even easier than you first thought by learning to notice small details and what some of your reluctances are all about when you receive impressions, intuitions, imagery, feelings that seem to have no apparent physical basis. And all of the above-mentioned are indeed keys to unlocking many of the secrets of the universe.

And before you get confused, before you assume that there must be a catch, before you intellectualize any of the processes mentioned previously, it should be understood that the secrets of the universe and the keys to unlocking them is so close to you that you might be tempted not to recognize it if you have previously assumed that you must meditate for years and do penance and rituals and any of these things that religions and other orthodox bodies often teach, because by imposing such rules and regulations, you are truly kept away from the secrets of the universe.

You come together today on a day that is filled with delightfully blue skies, radiant sunshine, cool breezes and an abundance of living energy all around you. And truly in keeping with the art of noticing, have you noticed what is occurring outside of this room? Have you noticed the buds and the leaves emerging on the trees and the branches, the flowers breaking through the soil, seeking the warmth and the light of the sun? Have you noticed a quickening in the air almost as if the life force is trying to rush into every nook and cranny it can find, into every cell it could possibly find itself into? Have you noticed that you are also part of that quickening? That rush of energy that comes with the new season? Have you not noticed any of these things or have you? That is something you must ask and answer to yourselves. That is an important part of the equation. Basically, life is bursting at the seams all around you in nature, making itself noticed. So if you have not thought of a way to practice the art of noticing, then this is a good time to do so.

And therein lies one of the secrets of the universe. And none of these secrets can be revealed with incantations, with a magical formula, nor with any other rituals or meditations save one. As you go through the following days, we urge you to pay attention to what is occurring all around you indoors and outdoors, specifically outdoors. Notice the buds and the leaves coming to life, the flowers everywhere, the grass turning green again, the birds nesting, all the signs of life around you and you will see that within yourselves there is a similar and as beautiful acceleration of energy, of awareness and of consciousness reflecting what is occurring outside as easily as it occurs within you if you but allow it.

And for those who believe that the secrets of the universe and of life are somewhere far or somewhere else or somewhere undetermined, we would urge you to pay close attention. And what we will say next is certainly not a secret itself. It is not something you have never heard before. But we present it to you for a very specific reason because if you wish to unlock any of the secrets of the universe, then you must attend to one very specific and unique thing. And that is how the universe itself manifests and expresses itself in as many ways as possible through each and every one of you without thought and without doubt, which means then that each and every one of you here and elsewhere, that YOU ARE THAT SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE.

You ARE that mystery that you may be searching high and low for. And you will not find it in the corner store nor in the bookstore nor at the knees of the guru on a mountaintop. You will find it instead in the being that you are in this here and now. Sitting in this chair, you may think that you are nothing more than a body and personality, but indeed you are not. You are a very varied and quite a bona fide representation of all of what the universe has to offer, expressed in a very unique fashion that cannot ever be duplicated or replicated again. And the way you make use of that knowledge, the way you use it and incorporate it in your everyday living will determine to a great degree how your tomorrows are going to be. What you do and what you think today determines your future far more than what you THINK you did in the past having an influence in today’s reality. What you focus on today determines your future.

So we urge you and in fact, we even implore you to consider deeply that you are the best-kept secret in the universe. You ARE the universe, expressed as nothing else can express it. And through the auspices of your being, your personality, your emotions, your feeling tones, your thoughts, your expectations and desires and attitudes and intentions and so on, the universe takes life, it lives through the fibers of your being and through you, it continues the process of creation.

And in the depths of your very human heart, there is an echo deep within you that keeps in tune with that knowledge that is ever expanding as the universe is also ever expanding so as your personality is ever expanding. And when it has outlived this particular body that you have when the personality has grown your body’s ability to express and represent it, it will create another also as unique as yours and you will be part of the experiences that will continue to create that being.

Instead of looking at yourselves with an overly critical mindset, instead of putting yourselves down for even the silliest of acts, consider that you are a precious, unique expression of the secrets of the universe. You somehow or other are able to give voice and action to the universe in ways no other being can. And tomorrow, when you awaken see if you can remember this day as you wake up, as you stretch and get out of bed, and think of yourselves as that unique expression of the universe and your corporeal expression of universal energies, will be a different experience. You have within you the means to understand far more. You have within you the tools and the knowledge and the wisdom to be that much more. And the only thing that holds you back is the idea that you might not be these things.

So as an experiment, pretend that tomorrow when you awaken you will express the universe in ways that can only enhance and fulfill your existence and the existence of those around you. And truly you will benefit from such again, for it will no longer be a matter of fighting the world, being in conflict with others, but actually a process of discovering to what degree and extent you can express and display these wonderful, miraculous thoughts of being. For what else is the state of being but an expression of your uttermost and deepest loving intent? And that dear friends is how you unlock the Secrets of the Universe, by expressing your innermost loving intent.

How you do this is entirely up to you, but one thing is certain. You can trust your loving intent for without it, you would not be in this life. So it has sustained and supported you in ways you might not comprehend, but by being aware of this loving intent, you will enrich your existence not only tenfold, but one hundredfold. Expressing loving intent is indeed the key message of all of your religious bodies, however, distorted they may have become throughout the ages. And in spite of all these distortions, the human heart has always understood this very basic principle.

What is the time?

We would gladly welcome your questions since there is ample time for them. They can be on-topic, or be something else. Feel free to do so.

QUESTION: How can an individual influence world events in such things as the recent invasion of another country? What can an individual do on an individual level?

KRIS: That can be a rather monumental answer. For the same of simplicity, though you might not approve of one country invading or occupying another, the individuals involved in that drama have their own reasons for participating in that kind of a thing. Do you understand?

QUESTION: They have their own reasons for what?

KRIS: For participating in that kind of scenario. They have their own roles to play. They have lessons that they may believe cannot be learned any other way. They may participate in such a scenario for countless reasons that may have very little to do with you or your philosophies, regardless of how altruistic your reasons are. It may very well be that these groups of people and these nations enact energies that other groups and nations find unable to resolve, so that might also be part of the scenario.

However, since you cannot directly influence two or more nations on that kind of scale, you might find recourse and you might even be able to appease your own agitations, your own need to understand how energy is manifested by directing peaceful and loving thoughts towards your own self. Other nations often engage in conflicts to bring about yet other groups and nations into an awareness that their own conflicts are not being addressed and the same applies to individuals.

It is also conceivable that such a conflict is a means for you to bring peace to YOUR environment, because as soon as you establish a peaceful mood in your environment and other individuals pick up on that mood and reflect upon their own needs for peace and love, you and they set up a chain reaction. You have heard of the Butterfly Effect? The true source of that kind of an effect at the human level begins in the individual and collective human mind. Energetic actions at the mental and psychic level are unleashed and from there the effects spread throughout the spectrum of consciousness so that different human beings take action in line with this intent and generate a cascading effect whereby peaceful and loving means to resolve conflicts are eventually established without the need to use any form of violation whatsoever.

Once your species and your race understands such a principle, then you will be able to resolve conflicts in much easier manner and much more rapidly. So you can definitely have an effect but it must begin with you to understand that you are a loving, worthwhile individual and the love you give yourself naturally flows over into the lives of those around you and they will then multiply that loving intent. Thus you do have a great deal more power than rifles and guns and missiles. Do you understand? Does that answer your question?

QUESTION: Yes. Thank you.

KRIS: You are most welcome. Are there other questions?

QUESTION: You mentioned earlier about meditation and penance and karma. Could you expand a little more on that topic?

KRIS: Which one would you like?

QUESTION: Let’s start with karma as it’s represented in our lives.

KRIS: There is a traditional Eastern understanding of karma that for every action there is a reaction. Correct? And you understand in terms of physics that this may indeed be so. But that is only part of the equation. It is the visible aspect that you see with your senses, but since things begin or have their origin in the mind, then you must look beyond the purely physical manifestation of energy into its source, and in your cases, the source of the physical manifestation is in the mind.

At that level, there are many varieties of actions that take place that you do not notice because it is beyond your abilities, which have not been trained to notice your thoughts. Therefore you do not notice the source of events. But within the mind, there are countless actions that you take at any given moment.

It is a known fact that you dream 24 hours a day whether you are asleep or not. So there is something occurring at another level of your being. And at that level, the level of thoughts, there are always actions being performed and within that domain, you set up the beginnings of actions that will later manifest themselves into physical events. You transform them from noncorporeal energies into corporeal energies, meaning your bodies and the entire spectrum of chemical reactions that occur as a result of emotions, mood, feeling tones, desires and so on and so forth.

All of these together generate states of chemical reactions that send out electromagnetic pulses into what you may call the ether or the environment. And from that, you further transform those electromagnetic impulses into physical events. Do you follow so far?


And that is where karma starts, at the level at which you refer to as the unconscious mind, which is far more conscious than you are presently. At that level, you engage in a multitude of activities, of actions that then find their way in one form or another at the corporeal or physical level. So you literally create, manifest events and circumstances. Why? Because you are creators that transform energy! You are living transformers of energy.

And what you engage at the level of the mind eventually finds its way into the events of your day and your day to day activities, the meeting of friends, acquaintances, your work environment, your home environment and every aspect of your life. That in so many words is karma.

Meditating enables you to notice and to become aware of the processes of thought. There are certain philosophies that maintain that meditation is a process to stop thinking, to stop desiring, to stop visualizing, to basically STOP the mind. And here we beg to differ because in so many words the word ‘meditation’ and the word ‘focus’ are the same. So whether you focus or are meditating you are doing the same thing. You are paying attention. Do you follow so far?


Thus the idea behind meditation is not to stop desiring. How could you? You would need to stop desiring to desire. That would lead you into a deep conundrum, would it not? Thus your very existence is based on that cornerstone. You desire to be. Being IS an expression of desire. Does that help you? Do you follow?

QUESTION: I was more talking about how thoughts create actions that create the manifestation. You are what you think. But how do you remove the karma through meditation or…..

KRIS: We have in certain ways also answered you. If the daily events and circumstances in your life are the results of your thoughts, and you believe that something from the past existence has been done to influence this life in an unproductive manner, then you can very easily reverse those thought processes. Do you follow?


You do not necessarily enter this life with that kind of baggage. If you did then most of you would not survive one week. Many of you have been raised in a Christian or Roman Catholic environment at one time or another grew up being accustomed to the idea of original sin, and eventually you get turned off by this. Then you turn around and some of you embrace other philosophies, some Eastern, which say of all ‘Now that you have given up the idea of one original sin we will give you karma where all of the so-called sins of all your past lives are now heaped upon our poor shoulders.’ How does that make you more in tune with the Divine? We do not know unless of course you are assuaged to living with guilt.

So we do implore you to give up such notions and understand that as a Divine being, an expression of the universe, you determine your destiny. Thus what you believe today influences your future. That is far more important than what you may or may not have done in any other so-called past lives. Do you follow?

QUESTION: Yes. Thank you.

KRIS: You are most welcome. Now, do you feel lighter?


KRIS: Now all religions do express some profound and even deep truths. The problem occurs when one group or one nation suddenly claims that they have the cornerstone on absolutes, and only they can impart that knowledge to you. And in order for it to be imparted to you, sign on the dotted line and we possess you body, mind, and soul. Do you understand? This is a practice that is common throughout ALL orthodox religions. They do have seeds of eternal wisdom and knowledge, but they do not have MORE shares of that eternal wisdom and knowledge than exists even in your smallest toe. In your toes, there is more knowledge and wisdom than any of the so-called sacred in any religion in the world. In your eyes when you look at the pretty flowers, when you look at a child, when you look at your beloved, when you look at the sky and the stars, then you are a corporeal expression of universal poetry made alive, vibrant and sentient through your being. That is more important than any secret knowledge imparted by any societies, any cultures, any religions of any kind throughout time and space. That knowledge is timeless. It is eternal. Does that help you?


Indeed. Are there other questions?

QUESTION: Heaven and hell. Do they exist out there or are they created in our own minds?

KRIS: If you are referring to the ancient Judeo-Christian beliefs, do understand that the original word for hell, Hades, simply means the local garbage dump, misrepresented by well-meaning but distorted religious minds. In those terms, they do not exist, so you do not need to bring your ice packs when you exit this body. But you will be with your friends. And we will leave it at that.

There is, however, a buffer zone, so to speak, when you leave this physical body, that enables you to reflect and to realize that first of all everything in and about your life is a reflection of your thoughts and once you get over yourself in many areas then you are allowed to move into other rooms, so to speak, into other areas where you can leave behind many of the thoughts that you nurtured in this lifetime. But you can begin the process now by divesting yourselves of limiting burdens.

And if you see yourself, even for a moment, as the poetic expression of that powerful force of life then you have already accomplished much. You look at the flowers and the gardens and you marvel at their beauty and you are struck by the simple fact that the flowers, they do not wake up one morning and ask themselves, ‘Am I the right kind of flower? Am I picking up the sunshine with the right leaf or the left leaf? How do I best express my flower-hood? Do other flowers like me or even accept me?’ They do none of those things. They are flowers and they simply are. And THEY marvel at that miracle.

So there are many lessons that you can take from the simple things in life. Does that help you?

QUESTION: Yes. And you describe spring and nature and our lives in such beautiful, poetic words. Could you end this by giving us a beautiful rendition of poetry?

KRIS: But we thought we already had! If you wish to look at poetry, look at yourselves, look at how the atoms and the molecules and the cells in your body, your organs, and your limbs are put together. You have each and every one of you done a marvelous job of organizing all of these atoms and molecules in a way that expresses the depth and the height and the width and the wisdom and the wit of the universe in a way no one else can, and THAT is poetry in action. So you are much better poets than you ever thought possible.

Poetry is not about putting pretty words one ahead of the other, but it is about being whom you are, unreservedly, with great loving abandon. It is about suspending your disbelief in yourself. It is about suspending your fears concerning whom and what you are. And it is ABOUT believing. It is not about religious beliefs. It is about believing what is already innately known to you through your bodies, through your life. If you wish to be more spiritual, then be more corporeal. Be yourselves. Does that help you?


Indeed. Then what is the time?


Then we will poetically thank each and every one of you for having enriched our experience of this day. And truly may the flowers and the trees and the sun and the air and the earth and the sky shower blessing upon you for all time.

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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