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We Create Illness And Healing – Both For Good Reason

Recorded in Toronto, Canada on Monday August 11, 2003
Transcribed by Mark C. Bukator

Start 7:35 PM

KRIS: We are pleased that you have brought yourselves here. I see that you were earlier wishing to continue the exploration of things ancient and more ancient still as well as exploring some issues concerning human health. Perhaps we can begin by combining the discussions.

The issue of human consciousness, human perceptions and human health have also evolved parallel developments in the sense that some very [early] on in terms of manifesting the physical body in this dimension, men and women, human beings of various ilks and various beliefs have, for the longest time struggled with maintaining a good ratio of balances all around in terms of their connection with their inner self and ego, as well as trying to establish precedence and new discoveries by exploring the physical dimension of the dream state. Our statements for the next little while will be very LOADED. 

Suffice to say that in the narrowing of the focus of perceptions the human being has always struggled with complex issues in order to maintain a certain type of equilibrium between inner truths intrinsic to his inner realities and temporal truths intrinsic to the dimension of physical experiences, which to a large degree requires a certain level of censorship, a certain level of minimizing, reducing awareness in order to pursue an expansion of physically oriented consciousness. That is one mouthful that is not as accurate as you would like it because on the one hand it is difficult for any of you to understand that you truly are something other than your physical form and that thing that you are other than and which is the source of your physical self or at least a facsimile in this reality, is largely forgotten and ignored by your species at this point in time.

So this inner self in a collective sense with other inner selves have agreed literally to come together, come into and explore the dimension of physical existence, as you presently understand it. In order to do that you have to be properly dressed for the occasion, you would not think of going to a black tie affair wearing your bunny slippers and curlers, correct? You are required to wear proper attire. You simultaneously would not think of putting on your Sunday best to go deep-sea diving. You need to wear the proper attire, which in this case is a deep-sea scuba diving suit, correct? Thus as inner beings being of energy for lack of better term right now, you need to don the proper attire to both visit and interact within the environment of physical reality. That attire is the physical senses and the body that you now have that enables you to experience human existence in this way as well as interact and communicate with the others who are also invited to the same party.

In order to do so certain things must be left behind. Certain other perceptions or at least not paid attention to in order for you to participate more fully and with greater abandon, in the physical reality and in doing so you are better able and equipped to deal with daily events and conditions pertinent to that particular reality, intrinsic to. Along the way in time lost to history, human beings extended their capacity of focusing in one direction and also applying to not focusing on issues that needed their attention.

Thus they began to ignore communications and signals from the inner portions of their being that you would call then in one sweep, the ‘unconscious’ because it fits. And in ignoring the impulses and signals from the other self, certain conditions would have started manifesting in the physical bodies that you were developing and using. Initially, only small portions of time in the chronological sense were used in exploring the landscape of this physical reality because it represented merely another aspect of your dream realities but because certain experiences were best expressed and developed in this reality, the physical one, you started as a species to spend more time here. You tried on various different suits so to speak, attires. Some succeeded and others did not. Some of this attire was quickly outgrown and others were more suitable and therefore became the standard. We are fully aware of that in one sense we are challenging your established views of human history and development. And as your renowned Martha Stewart would say “That is a good thing”.

Along the way in discovering how you could ‘entrance’ yourselves with the development of this new reality, you noticed that it functioned better for you if you ignored other realities and possibilities and probabilities slowly shutting down, restricting your broader awareness and closing yourselves into this focus of physical reality more intensely. And as time progressed in your way you almost forgot.

In fact, you DID forget that though you have physical expressions here this is not your home that you have forgotten what your home is. So in a manner of speaking, you have invented us to remind you that we are not merely a product of your vivid and demanding imaginations. It would be truer to say that there is a deep part of you that has an innate knowledge of its sources so it needs a spokesperson for this part of yourselves, which we gladly oblige.

Now along the way in learning to diminish your attention to other realities and focusing on this one you also ended up no longer paying attention from your own unconscious, neglecting issues that needed your attention. Usually, issues that were impact-full, in terms of energy or in other words emotional situations. And the longer that you focused your consciousness in this physical reality you eventually switched, flipped, reversed yourself in a manner of speaking. Where you would only spend a few hours in your terms exploring physical reality now you only spend a few hours exploring your sleep and dream reality. You think that your dream reality is absurd and quite possibly a result of inner psychosis, much to your detriment. In learning to ignore the signals from your unconscious you forgot how to tap into your own inner sources to bring about a greater sense of balance and harmony between your own emotional states. And in forgetting this you enabled unresolved inner issues and conflicts the opportunities to make themselves as physically manifested as you yourselves were becoming in that sense. Do you still follow somehow?

MARK: It sounds like some kind of psychiatric illness of the soul.


The societies of very ancient cultures were very much aware to a certain degree at least of the connect between good sleep, good dreams, and good health but now in your ‘rush-rush’ society you barely take the time to see the life that lives itself through you and do not take sufficient time to reflect and bring back balance to your issues leaving it instead to the psychiatrists, the psychologists and the doctors, the pills, the over the counter quick cures of all kinds and as a result you are often finding yourself in such a bind that you do not know where to turn and feel utterly helpless.

All of this to say that the sources of all of your ills, physical and psychological, individual and collective are in your minds as it is the cures.

Now you would probably say how can you, (I) be responsible for such illnesses as Cancer, for AIDS symptoms, for SARS, for Ebola and any other illnesses that can be deadly and devastating??

Because this is a complex issue it can not simply be brushed off in two or three lines. Because each individual is responsible for his or her own condition and each individual has his or her own set of desires, of needs, of convictions, of expectations still together all of these issues work in tandem with the one individual and one individual works with an entire nation at any one time.

And because each of you, in one way or another generate the state of your health or lack thereof from within yourselves it stands to reason that the cure also is found within yourselves and NOT by medical incantation, NOT by any other therapy than the individual being convinced that he or she truly will be cured or healed, the individual can be brought back to a better state of balance. Whether those cures manifest themselves through conventional or alternative medicinal methods, the source of the cure just like the illness is found in the mind of the individual, so all of this to say that such issues have been with you from a very remote time. Now we suggest a small break and if you like we can hold discussions more specific to the topic. We simply wanted to provide you with the big background picture.

Break starts 8:00 PM

8:02 PM Kris JUMPS Back as a result of something that someone said during the two-minute break.

KRIS: Regardless of the effective authority of the most capable of physicians, in the face of the most innocent looking illness, if the patient somehow or other is convinced that he or she is beyond a cure, it matters not how potent the medicine, the doctor will be defeated just because the patient is convinced of his/her utter incurable state. Does that make some sense to you?

And that explains why sometimes those innocent looking illnesses are not affected by any means of cures what so ever. Even if the entire medical army takes out its greatest arsenal of weapons against illness, still the patient can whither and die before their efforts will be done. Does that make some sense?

MARK: In a way, that great arsenal is detrimental because it can put more fear and scare into the patient in the first place. S.A.R.S for example was a big hype of the media, which created fear and widespread belief that once you have it you will ultimately die.

KRIS: Now it flies against medical convention that a placebo can be effective as a cure but it is recorded in your own research laboratories. You could, for instance, make soup out of old socks and feed it to a dying man, stating that all of medicine’s greatest minds have come up with a cure. If he is convinced then his conviction will cure him and return him to a state of health. Do you understand?

LIDA: Sugar pills have been known to work.

MARK: He not only has to be convinced, he has to WANT, he has to DESIRE.

KRIS: The conviction will include all of that. Now if such an individual is also convinced that his or her life is no longer suitable for his or her purposes then the same thing will occur, the conviction is focused elsewhere. It is focused NOT on a cure but on a means to EXIT. And again, even something as simple as a paper cut can be seen to be the cause of death in the long run. Do you understand that?

And YOUR own friend is somehow or other a proof of that one. [Pointing at Mark] Do you understand?

MARK: No < Looking dumb founded>

Robert. [Not this person’s real name]

MARK: Ah yes, I understand. The SURVIVAL and illness, not death.

KRIS: A simple cut on the finger.

MARK: I will explain that one during break.

KRIS: Thus it is a very complex issue and there are no black and white absolutes when it comes to the human being and the human psyche. There are always variables and shades that make the playing field that much more adventuresome.

ANDREA: I was wondering, there are some people who have allergies and I was wondering how does that work in terms of the inability to cure one’s self and also in terms of Edgar Cayce who would a person a remedy according to the individual which may have been food based, etc. If that was not based in their minds why were they getting effective results from those remedies?

KRIS: Do keep in mind that Mr. Cayce was not always successful in establishing a cure. Careful reading will also indicate to you that the individual was convinced in one degree or another that a cure could be affective in this manner. Especially since some of these conditions and the individuals themselves had been abandoned by traditional medical science. Do you follow?

As to allergies, you are entering an area of patterns unexpressed and unresolved issues of an emotional nature that has not been cleared up which eventually debilitates the individual to a point where he or she finds themselves in danger. Because the human being has such a talent for denying, especially the more heavily emotional issues, it sometimes takes extraordinary measures to return the individual to a situation where the individual can release the buried emotions, many of which occur over time, built up over time, some at a very young age, some at an older age and others for entirely different reasons. This may have to do more with psychological reasons than with physical encounters. For instance, there are many young children who may have had pets to whom they had gotten attached to, only to have said pet die or run away or be stolen or even have the parent do away with the pet because it is too much of a burden. Do you understand?

You may have the children who feel that they are not that adequately able to deal with the loss of the pet, therefore set up barriers and defenses and even at that early age, make a decision to no longer become attached to any pets. Because dealing with the loss either through death or running away of the pet or whatever, dealing with such a loss is too difficult and intense and theoretically can set up mental patterns that can release chemicals within the brain and the within blood, altering the chemistry that can then result in an allergic reaction, especially to a pet that may have been dearly loved, whether it be a cat or a dog or even any pet for that matter.

We know that we are simplifying because there are other issues that come up where sometimes the children have never even had any pets and because these are patterns that have been ingrained into the everyday processes of the individual there is then no need to continue setting up the defenses. It becomes part of the reactionary processes in daily life making it so that an encounter with a pet automatically releases the proper chemical reactions in the blood stream that allows for an allergic adverse reaction. Does that make some sense to you?

Now we will leave you for your break and perhaps if you keep it up we will continue. [Referring to the intense conversations at break where he has to come back to clarify the situation.]

8:15 PM Break Re-Starts

Mark’s notes: My friend had a paper cut that became infected. He later treated it, it went away and he thought nothing of it. Weeks later, while on vacation, he developed an incredible and constant pain in his armpit that only worsened with time. He returned home and was admitted to hospital. The doctors found a life-threatening lump of flesh eating disease under his arm and he had to undergo emergency surgery. The pain was EXTREMELY intense and he had to be put on a morphine drip. All of this was from a paper cut.

8:25 Break Ends

KRIS: Do keep in mind that first and foremost, you are creatures of convictions and you physically manifest your convictions. As a result, therefore it is quite possible to eat as you do nowadays or as you did one hundred years ago and still be perfectly healthy. A careful study of the social habits of mankind through history will indeed show you that the convictions of the times were paramount in maintaining the individuals in their various social groups and orders. What was a feast for one, ended up at times being the poison for another, group or culture of society.

Quite literally, you create for yourselves those difficult conditions when it is not necessary. Even today, in this present day world, you might find it difficult to live in a manner that goes beyond or above or outside of the general consensus within your culture. However, it is also possible that other societies and cultures indeed can live in a very different manner.

Take India for instance, the state in poverty, many people have demonstrated that they can survive on the amount of food that can barely keep a North American CHILD alive, never mind healthy because their views on nutrition are quite different from your own. That is why India is often called the land of CONTRASTS because you can find demonstrated there almost any type of belief of convictions that you can imagine and some that you cannot.

It is possible, for instance, to find ONE Indian Guru amongst other who easily is able to survive on but a few grains of rice a day, because of the nature of his convictions. Whilst in North America with consumerism the way it is, and the consumption, the ever increasing consumption of foodstuffs, a few grains of rice a day would not keep an American MOUSE alive. On the one hand, you have such vivid contrasts in both nations and you also have uniting convictions, you both believe very strongly, you are both convinced of the rightness of your individual and national convictions. Do you understand?

So then it is possible to affect a cure for allergies often by refraining from the patterns, the mental habitual patterns that release the old reactions. By reorganizing the way that the unconscious deals with the parameters that you have established, even if the ones that you have established prove detrimental in the long run, still they can still be circumvented, reorganized in a manner that brings balance, resolution to the inner issues AND stabilizes the relationship between the outer ego or personality and his or her environment.

Think of it this way, when you look in a regular mirror, you are partially convinced that you will see your reflection and you expect it will be in a certain manner. However, if you enter the house of mirrors at the local circus you know full well that you still hold on to your convictions that you will still see your reflection but HOW it will be mirrored back at you is a very different issue, correct?

In a manner of speaking, reorganizing your regular habits, in terms of many of your illnesses, taking you through the house of mirrors in your own mind and reshaping and reformulating what you think that you expect and what you can have back can easily help you reorganize the manner in which you have your experience of the world from your usual habits to new ones. Does that make sense to you?

So that is why, in some ways, the witch doctor is able to affect either a cure or a demise, if you wish. Not because of his powers, for no individual has such powers BUT because he triggers the convictions of his patients either into a recovery and a welcome back into the society or an individual may feel he or she has been cursed and that there is no helping them and they die, because their convictions are so powerful. Do you understand the difference?

So whether the doctor steps into the office with you and says I have in my pocket the cure for your illness, it truly depends on your individual conviction of your own abilities to either cure yourself or not. That is also why you keep discovering new illnesses. You keep setting up new challenges. You keep ignoring issues and the old diseases are boring, no longer fun. New situations must be created and some individuals will even give up their lives to help many others face challenges to their convictions or lack of in a specific area because some illnesses will be used specifically when someone wants to check out of this reality. Especially when there is a possibility of high drama involved. For some people, dying in their sleep is truly the lazy man’s way out. Do you understand?

MARK: It is interesting how we take, where an individual refuses to opt out and pick the high drama exit and how that affects the rest of us. A lot of us will take that same illness and run with it. “Oh, it is so contagious and Whoa is me” even though we don’t want to opt out at the time.

KRIS: Yet there are still individuals who walk in the midst of your greatest epidemics and survive unscathed. It has been recorded throughout your own history with plagues and even in modern times with other epidemics.

MARK: It also explains how the Preacher Man can cure and heal.

KRIS: It is because he or she is able to literally ‘kick you in your convictions’. Do you have any questions?

ANDREA: If you have an illness, how do you work back to the emotions that have caused it? How do you know, for instance, if you have an allergy to milk, how do you what is connected to that?

KRIS: Some situations have been with an individual for quite some time and the original issue might be buried so deep that it would difficult to dredge it up from the depths of the unconscious, so to speak. Do you follow?

In such situations, trying to find the very point of origin may prove fruitless therefore utilizing many of the methodology discovered with NLP for instance and many other associated therapies can help instead to reframe the entire mental approach and patterns so that the situation is done at deeper levels of the self but is working at conscious levels simultaneously. Do you follow?

Some people will develop allergies or illnesses sometimes because they derive some benefit from that situation, even if it would not be admitted to, some will do this. So removing the illness or allergen without an understanding the gains that have been accepted in spite of a debilitating condition would not be a wise idea because then the personality would simply bring to the surface ANOTHER condition. Do you follow?

But, in working with various methodologies it is possible then to help even a hint of the benefits derived at helping the personality find other more enriching methods to get the same benefits or nearly so but in a manner that does impede the proper functioning of the individual. Do you also follow?

It is a matter again of finding the proper balance between the needs of the individual, the benefits derived from the condition AND re-establishing a sense of balance where the needs are met but in a wholesome way. Do you follow that?

There are many therapies available. Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is one of them. New Decision Therapy is one, Belief Engineering is another. [Emotional Freedom Therapy or EFT is yet another] There are several that work in similar modalities that can each bring an understanding and a solution to the personal dilemma. You have spent the time for instance to develop a certain condition. You derive certain benefits from it even that initial idea of it may now have been lost but the patterns still remain. Do you understand?

An acceptance, an understanding that your convictions are paramount in any return to a more balanced state of health, you sometimes miss the key ingredient and all the other paraphernalia will seem to give buoyancy to that idea but the true source of the cure will always be that deep innate conviction that the individual can be cured. Does that make sense to you?

Now, what is the time?

MARK: Quarter to Nine.

KRIS: Do you have other questions?

KRIS: Now our idea of a cure is not in putting you all to sleep.

MARK: It is interesting to see the different areas of the world and how their different convictions use different belief structures, inadvertently and acknowledging, to change people’s conviction. Even nowadays, a glass of wine every day will make you stay healthy while in other places such as this little town in Italy where there is NO such thing as heart disease and yet they eat like pigs. They eat all the food that should give them heart disease. Maybe it was in France, I’m not sure.

KRIS: Keep in mind that, the entire world, as you know it, is really a tapestry, weaved, woven and spread out before you, expressing various convictions of human societies but in themselves, they are not isolated. They work in tandem and they are each part of this woven tapestry which is the human experience where one group of people will not look at some of their conviction, even deny them. Then another group or nation somewhere else in the world will express them so that any given time, the largest possible spectrum of human convictions will be expressed at any one time. Does that make sense to you?

As to trying to find the exact moment in time where a condition that later ends of being an illness being started, these are sometimes difficult to fathom, maybe even to difficult to look for, however if you examine the way you feel about yourselves at any one moment in time that is often sufficient to have you understand the reasons and the causes of your conviction of your very human conviction and challenge is not buried deep within the recesses of someone’s imagined unconscious but is actually living with you at this time. Do you understand that?

How you feel now about any situation, about your situation will give you a direct clue as to what is causing your situation. Now, you always get what you focus upon and if you are getting something then that means that you are focusing upon that something. Now, pay attention, you may have focused on something twenty years ago and you may be experiencing some of its echoes but it is far more likely that you are still focussing on it now which you gives you the results in the now as well. Does that make some sense to you?

Thus we leave you with these few thought, if you get what you focus upon, you can focus upon joy and get some joy right now. That is our sales pitch for this evening.

MARK: Laughter is the best medicine.

KRIS: And we wish you much more laughter than you think that you can handle.

8:50 PM Session Supposedly Ends

8:52 Session Quickly RE-Starts

KRIS: If you were born with a clean slate at every incarnation you would still be picking dung off of each other’s monkey butts. You must be able to understand the basic premises involved in physical creation. Even though your present personality may not recall much of the experiences of its source, you still come equipped with powerful tools, powerful resources, many of which you have built up through your processes of time. Thus you come into this world with formidable innate knowledge and a veritable compliment of thoughts and resources and convictions to pick from and you DO. You choose to focus upon certain convictions to the exclusion of others, giving you a unique perspective on this focus existence.

The purpose of what you refer to as spiritual enlightenment, however, leading a spiritual life, of becoming aware, of developing an awareness of consciousness, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, is that you begin to understand that this life is a continuum of some of your other convictions. And that you are playing them out in another playing field. The game may be very similar but it may be in another region of the psyche where the terrain, the psychological terrain, the emotional states, etcetera are somewhat different from your other existences and knowledge IS passed back and forth between your various personalities through the auspices of the inner self, making available to you a rich bank of knowledge and wisdom that has been cultivated through untold lifetimes, each filled with convictions. So you gradually build up this awareness of yourself.

Many people in this lifetime are seeking answers because they are closer to that source than in perhaps other incarnations but there are other incarnations of theirs that are closer still. None the less there is a closeness that is at times palatable almost tangible as if around the next corner you will find the right kind of water to quench your thirst for knowledge about your life. You never come into this world like imbeciles, but you are more learned than you can possibly imagine. What you do with that knowledge, how you choose your convictions in order to transform energy from one state to another like fire converts the fuel found in wood into another state of energy. So your own convictions transform energy into something else and that is the main lesson that you are in this world to play with. Those are the crayons that you have to color your world. Your convictions are your crayons. They may not all be from Crayola but you can be certain that they are colorful! Do you understand?

There is never any need to feel burdened because you have convictions, instead, they truly are the tools, the wrenches, the monkey wrenches, the pipes, the screwdrivers and so on and so forth, in which to create NEW continuations of life, expressed uniquely through your self. So my dear mechanically oriented friends, we will now leave you to ponder your own convictions.

9:00 PM Session Ends

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Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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