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Human Personality Structure

What Causes Various Mental Conditions?

Transcribed by Marcy Singer (Arindel)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on June 30, 2003

KRIS: We do thank you both for having taken the time to come and visit, those near and far.

You were discussing earlier various mental conditions that afflict human beings. And it should always be kept in your minds that indeed there is a thin veil that separates those considered normal and those you might more easily label as disturbed.

What you do not realize is that in your own way you also manifest or display various personality structures, each one expressing various intents, wanting different experiences from reality. But your own personality constructs are highly polished and flow very smoothly one into the other to such a degree that you do not really see any changes that may take place or not. And when you speak with others who follow the same general patterns as yourselves, you do not see any changes unless they are rather radical.

But when you interact with someone who suffers from bipolar or split or multiple personality disorders, the demarcations are very pronounced. The shift in personality structure or construct is sometimes radical, sometimes even outright dangerous because they have lost the ability to polish the seams between their various segments as well as you have. They no longer seem to be able to regulate and control how these different personalities can flow easily into one generalized picture of you because the ego structure on their part has somehow or other relinquished that nicely polished and cleverly organized method of putting the personality fragments together.

So their ego and their selves are fragmented, but not in a way that can easily be put together again. And this may be due to various factors, most of which can have to do with their need to not deal with the flow of events and circumstance in daily reality as easily as you can.

Thus their own personalities fluctuate, vacillate and can be altered according to the circumstances, the conditions and the events they go through on a daily basis, whilst your own personalities flow very easily in and around and through the events and the circumstances of your daily life. So they are in a continual battle to maintain what they may see as warring factions of the self as if they are at war with their own impulses, their own beliefs, and expectations.

And thus they relinquish painting their overall personality structure the way everyone else does. And each one may have different reasons, but it still hinges on their own views and expectations concerning their private selves. While your private selves can be demonstrated more easily, theirs is not.

And they even over-emphasize the personality traits they are displaying at any time to truly indicate that they have abdicated keeping the personality in nice neat order to the point where they may no longer be able to distinguish between those personality traits that are socially acceptable and those that are not.

So they are pitted against themselves, and it is indeed a most fascinating challenge to undertake within the realm of physical idea constructions in terms of their private and collective universe, giving themselves such a challenge. And it does overall annoy those people who have a better handle on their personalities because it reminds the regular individual that indeed their own personality fragments are not that far from the schizophrenic or multiple personality patients. Do you understand?

QUESTION: I do somewhat. May I ask a question?

KRIS: Please do.

QUESTION: Is it basically that they do not have a grip on their emotions?

KRIS: Actually we would have to say, too much of a grip on their emotions, so wanting to control emotions that the emotions and the power behind them becomes overwhelming because they have allowed situations to boil within them to the point where the emotions now appear overwhelming, as if they are now having to surrender to a superior force.

So you are dealing with individuals who thoroughly believe that there are at times forces within them that can hardly be controlled and tolerated, so they have to abdicate. And there are even some individuals who, whether consciously or unconsciously, who will deliberately sabotage brain chemistry to maintain the condition.

So it is a precarious development, but one that is little understood because your sciences today do not understand the basic construction of personality and ego. And when something goes awry or off the mark, most individuals become frightened, thinking they are losing their grip on reality, precisely because their grip has been so strong because you have all been taught to fear not only life but the very life that tries to live itself through you and within you.

So the schizophrenic, the individual who suffers from split and multiple personality syndromes, actually reflects to some degree, can also play a role and reflect your own collective fears and misunderstandings about human personality construct, how you are held together as an individual and a personality.

Much more can be learned, not by always and immediately medicating them, but by helping such individuals consolidate, mitigate and come to terms with their own personality fragments, making some various compromises and helping them understand the wholeness of the individual, instead of very often having them dealt with by psychiatrists and psychologists who only help them fragment that much more to the point where you have to sedate them so heavily with medication that you actually impede their healing processes.

QUESTION: I had a young lady living in the basement for a month, and you could be nice to her, be pleasant to her, do all kinds of nice things for her and behind your back she is talking about you. Behind your back she is saying bad things about you even though to your face she is saying something else. I couldn’t understand that kind of personality. You try to good for her, to help her out and she backstabs you. What is that?

KRIS: It may not have so much to do with her as it might, as far as you are concerned, have to do with what you think and believe especially concerning your own private self. The individuals that you meet on your human journey reflect back to you your own worst fears about yourself. And though you might not consider yourself to be a backstabber, you might be unable to appreciate some of your deeper qualities and consider yourself much inferior to what you would like in your own life. Do you understand that?

QUESTION: That’s deep. Are you saying that that’s a mirror of my soul?

KRIS: To a certain degree. She does have her own problems, but she is still mirroring your own challenges concerning self-worth and self-respect.

QUESTION: So she is like the manifestation of my own fear?

KRIS: Only in part concerning self-worth, self-respect, how you see yourself concerning others. It is not a matter of feeling bad about yourself but an indication that there are definitely areas that you can work and create substantial changes to your own self-worth. Do you understand?

QUESTION: To an extent yes. A little light is shining there.

KRIS: It is something for you to ponder. Now as to dealing with this young lady you do not have to confront her nor do you need to even approach her, but from here you can learn to appreciate yourself that much more and from that place send her some unconditional loving. From here see her as she does not see herself. See that there is still within that person an eternal and immortal consciousness. Do you understand? That in spite of all appearances, there is still an individual within that body that may be temporarily incapacitated and that is not necessarily something you need to tell her, but from your own heart send forth loving energy. Appreciate her from afar. Do you understand?

QUESTION: Yes, unconditional love.

KRIS: And use the same energy towards yourself, but in your case appreciate yourself from very nearby and then move on. You may even suggest to your unconscious or inner self before you go to sleep to find ways where lessons in self-worth, self-appreciation and self-love might be more easily learned, and more quickly. And then pay attention to daily life for the clues will pop up.

You may find it very practical. Work of all kinds must be done from within the self. There are no other solutions.

QUESTION: Continue with weeding out, eh?

KRIS: Weeding out is a good practice, but if you weed out you must put something back. Every time you remove your weeds, plant pretty flowers. Otherwise, you simply leave room for more weeds. Do you understand?


Now we hope that we have not gone off the deep end with all of this.

QUESTION: Not at all Kris. One thing I’m wondering about, just folding that into the earlier conversation, how would your take be on those that have multiple personalities as opposed to piggy-backing, speaking in shamanism terms? Piggybacking of one consciousness onto another in order for both consciousnesses to learn, can that experience of the piggybacking at times be confused with or interpreted as schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, etc.?

KRIS: On the one hand the clinically labeled are usually unable to deal with specific life conditions and situations, therefore they retreat and let other fragments deal with the events. Do you understand?


Now in other instance that you have described, and we wish to be clearly understood here, there can be no piggybacking of any kind without some acquiescence by the individual who is going to carry the pig. Do you understand?

QUESTION: Yes, they have to accept the arrangement.

KRIS: It must serve some powerful but unconscious purpose and it cannot occur without the individual agreeing to it, knowing full well that first of all this is their interpretation of the individual and not the individual’s energy. Do you understand that?

QUESTION: Yes, there’s a very subtle difference.

KRIS: Indeed, because the original personality will change, whereas the piggybacked personality does not change over ten, twenty, thirty, forty years of time, so that is the construct of the one who is going to carry the pig. Do you understand?

QUESTION: Yes, it makes perfect sense to me.

KRIS: Now, how to get the pig to squeal off. First of all, you might need to dig up the reason why this was agreed to in the first place. Look to guilt. Always to guilt. ALWAYS TO GUILT. It is rooted in the tree of guilt. Do you understand?


I failed my parents. I failed my mother. I failed my father. I failed my family. I failed my self. To one degree or another, it is joined at the hip like Siamese twins. Do you follow?


Now, once you are able to dig up that guilt, then you can decide do you still wish to carry these burdens that you have manufactured over time, or do you want to get rid of them? And the so-called energies may object, but they cannot maintain their position if you change and release, so the individual who is doing the piggybacking must at some point come to a conclusion. Either the burden will continue to be carried or my life will now do a turnaround and I will no longer continue inventing the recordings and the old movies I wish to change. Do you understand?


The audible recordings are still played over and over, but they can diminish in intensity as you instruct them. For instance, if your television is too loud, you turn down the volume. If your radio is too loud you turn it down as well. Anything that the one who is doing the carrying no longer wants can start turning off the switches. There may be some mental objections, but if you have already discovered the benefits that you derived from carrying these sub-images, and they are manufactured sub-personalities. Does that make sense to you?

QUESTION: Yeah, it does but I’m going to ask for clarity in a moment.

KRIS: Indeed. So once you have dug out first the reasons for you agreeing to these inner aspects and the benefits that you thought you were able to derive from it, then you can start turning off the switches and instructing those old recordings that you will no longer be playing them but instead choose to create something else. And as suggested, you might get some objections and resistances because they are patterns that have been accepted by the self and the ego and until the ego specifically and the self become comfortable enough with the idea that they can still continue surviving without these recordings, there may be some small storms until the calmer weather moves in, but always working with the gentle suggestions and affirmative mental actions. Then the whole structure of the personality basically realigns itself in a manner that makes proper utilization of your energies. Whereas previously energies, large amounts of energies, might have been used both to maintain the sub-personalities and fight them off at the same time. Now the energies can be better utilized to focus new goals, new directions, new purposes, new intentions, and new expectations, thus basically unleashing those energies in a path that is far more productive.

QUESTION: Right. I understand that from the part of the one who is carrying the burden. You talked about the piggybacking personality being a sub-personality. What benefit is derived by the sub-personality? And I’m asking this because I remember a statement in one of Jane Robert’s books where they were talking about her mother who had died, and Seth was saying that her father had wanted to piggyback onto the mother and the mother said no, forget it. If these are sub-personalities that the one carrying the burden creates, how does that fit into say an example like this? Was Seth speaking only from the position of Marie? Or was he actually speaking from the perspective of Jane’s father?

KRIS: When the individual creates a sub-personality, he or she will always use the traits of the original model. Now energy will be transferred, but it is no longer maintained by the original. At that point, it becomes the property of the new carrier, and the carrier must now keep that energy alive because it has agreed to, but it is its own construction and interpretation because it keeps it in that same pattern over long periods of time where ordinarily the original personality would have evolved. It is no longer part of the original. So it has gotten a contract. It has taken on only the pattern that was originally imprinted by it. Do you understand?

QUESTION: Yes. It makes sense to me now.

KRIS: Thus Jane kept that pattern whilst the original Marie had by then changed. It was only a fragment and it was no longer the property of the original. It had been so transformed that even Marie might not have recognized it as her own. Do you understand?

QUESTION: Yes I understand now.

KRIS: Does that make sense?

QUESTION: Perfectly now. It was just getting from both sides what happened. But you’ve answered it well, thank you very much.

KRIS: Far be it from us to have gotten degrees and Ph.D.’s in psychology and psychiatry otherwise we would not have been able to explain it to you.

QUESTION: That’s why I asked you!

KRIS: Indeed. Now with all of this talk of personalities, we will give your charming personalities a break.

Break begins.

Session resumes

KRIS: Now your little device is working fine.

QUESTION: Oh good. Thank you, Kris.

KRIS: Indeed when you take your birth in this world, you do not come here with an empty slate to be filled only with what you are taught by your parents and family unit and your schooling and educational system. If that were the case most of you would be little more than idiots. If you pay careful attention you will notice that before you learned how to read, you were able to see and no one taught you how to see. Before you were able to do anything at all you actually were able to think. The educational system, the family unit and the parents, they put those talents in a particular direction. But you were able to formulate thoughts before you were taught how to structure your thinking along specific lines.

And that all comes from what you would call the unconscious. You have had these innate abilities to create your own psychological environment before you accepted the environmental conditions through which you then grew up in. Do you follow?


Indeed. The same as you were able to hear before you were taught how to separate syllables and vowels and consonants and etc. and etc. and how to string words together into linear stories. So there was a process occurring within you before all of this. And that process is related to an inner individual, if you wish, that stands apart from the personality you project to the 3-dimensional world. Do you follow so far?

You basically project your personality outwards into the world. Do you understand? That projection comes from somewhere within, to use very basic language, and the personality you project in this world is one of many.

We spoke earlier of fragments of the personality where yours is nicely polished and someone else’s is not. At the core of your being, there are always personalities emerging. But they do not all have the opportunity to occupy the same time-space continuum, the same slot in reality, so they take other reality time slots if you like. Do you follow? They appear in terms of other lives with their own historical conditions, their own flow of time and space, their own unique and specifically geared reality, whether it is ancient, semi-ancient, extremely ancient, recent, modern, or future lives. They are all projections of this inner self with all the unlimited characteristics and traits at its disposal. Do you understand so far? Or have we lost you now?

QUESTION: I’m trying to understand what you’re saying. Are you saying that perhaps I could have the personality I have now could be something from way back in ancient times?

KRIS: What we are saying is that the inner self, the core of your being, has many different personalities it displays in many different times. You are one of those personalities in this time. There are others in other times. You call them past lives, though you do not normally consider future lives, although they are this as well. They are all unique as you are. They are all individual as you are. And at the same time even if you were to put them all together, they still do not provide a whole and complete self. There are still more because you are an unlimited, eternal and immortal consciousness. The only restraints to your understandings are your ideas of time and space. But to the inner self, the core of your being, there are no such limitations. It does not care about your views of time and space.

Thus it creates different individualistic personalities because it seeks to experience and enjoy life in as many variations and forms as possible. Again, you call them other or past lives because they exist in something that is called eternal now. And as Joseph mentioned earlier, chronological time is a manmade structure and you conform to it.

Now sometimes in those other lives of yours you may undertake experiences that could be somewhat traumatic and in this circumstance we see one of your selves as a young man, possibly in the mid to later 15th century. We believe that you are there focused. We believe the country is Tunisia or very near this country, and that your own young man lifetime is Muslim and that as a young Muslim man you stole. What would the punishment be?

QUESTION: Cut the hand off.

KRIS: Or at least fingers. And we believe that this was so traumatic to the personality that there are still imprints of that disaster that the young man in your terms was then considered an outcast and since he had been trained as a pickpocket was no longer able to carry out his pickpocketing duties and eventually died of starvation. Do you understand?


You also entertain some very strict moral values. Correct? And we are not here saying that they are too rigid but they are somewhat rigid to your personality.


KRIS: Indeed. And we are not saying to dispense with them, but it would assist your own immune system if you were somewhat more lenient with yourself, even forgiving, even small transgressions. Consider them as lessons you learn on the road of life and not as morbid situations that will cause you undue and eternal grief. Do you understand?

QUESTION: I didn’t quite understand what you just said to me just a minute ago. I kind of got lost there.

KRIS: Some of your own moral values are very rigid. And when you do something that you think must be punishable. Do you understand? What seems to occur is to create a direct flash to that unconscious lifetime of the boy. Do you understand? Now if your own views of reality were softened, not dispensed with but softened, be easier on yourself, and therefore do not feel guilty because you are loving yourself, for it has nothing to do with a hedonistic loving but a genuine, unconditional loving to yourself as easily as you give it out to someone else, you might feel less burdened. Do you follow?


That might also strengthen your immune system in a very beneficial manner, and we would suggest that you try out using auto-suggestion in a gentle manner that you suggest to your inner self, your unconscious self, that there is no longer any need to focus upon that particular lifetime and have some of the situation psychologically transfer in this life. That instead you would welcome the development of more self-appreciation, self-loving from the deep source of your being, guilt free. Do you follow?

QUESTION: Yeah. I want to ask you one question. Does this mean that any experiences that I receive from here on out I must accept regardless of what happens to me?

KRIS: Not necessarily. It does not mean to throw out the baby with the bath water. Simply learn to be somewhat more gentle with yourself. There is no need to hit yourself in the head with a psychological 2 x 4 every time something occurs.

QUESTION: In other words, sometimes things will happen beyond my control. Accept it?

KRIS: Let it roll off your back. Do not carry it with you over and over again.

QUESTION: So things will happen beyond my control. I can’t……

KRIS: There are events that the ego personality might not comprehend. There is nothing to berate yourself incessantly about them. Do the best that you can with what you have at hand. Then let life reveal its joys to you by becoming a joyous person. Do you follow? And joy is not something you take on in the morning. It is something that comes from within.

Consider that you draw to yourself those challenges that you are able to deal with, and no more. Therefore, you can only draw to yourself those conditions that you are able to deal with. There is a fine line and we wish you to understand it. You cannot draw to yourself a situation that you cannot handle. Do you understand that? In other words, all situations that appear in your life you have drawn them because you can deal with them to one degree or another. And learn to rely more upon your inner or unconscious self. And enjoy life. Does this help?


And you can also suggest to your unconscious or inner self that it send unconditional loving energy and support to that boy so that he knows even if only unconsciously that he is still cared for.

What is the time?


Do you have other questions?

QUESTION: I just have a comment. I find it interesting in discussing this past life/present life situation. It kind of flashed that it was almost the same as what we were talking about in the first situation with the piggyback.

KRIS: Indeed. We were hoping that one of you would catch it.

QUESTION: Because it is the guilt of the boy that causes this personality to hold onto the construct of the guilt that must be punished.

KRIS: And in addition to the fact that she has certain perspectives upon herself that she feels guilty about to draw at. Do you understand that too?

QUESTION: I can’t help it because it’s there. It’s facing me at all times. And people see it and people remind me. So that’s why I didn’t know that in a past life I was a boy and this happened to me. I just knew that this was upon me.

KRIS: Indeed. That is the conscious part of you. The unconscious knows.

QUESTION: And I have an awful picture of my head, the inner self sitting back there and saying isn’t that cool, the two of them are finally realizing how things get together and comparing the past lives and seeing how they are interacting. Not past lives, but the fragments and seeing how they are beginning to interact.

KRIS: Indeed. There is such aliveness throughout the universe and it goes unseen by most of you. But we do not fault you for that. When you discover it you get to know yourselves that much more because it is said somewhere that you need to know yourselves. What is the nature of that self that you need to know? Is it the one that you see in the mirror with your eyes? Indeed not. That is one expression only of a multifaceted, multidimensional being. That is the spark of the self that your eyes and your senses show you. The senses do not show you the rest of yourself, but you can sense more of that self by discovering it. Do you make sense of that?

QUESTION: This is all new to me.

KRIS: Indeed, in part. You have also some good intuitive talents that you are somewhat reluctant to delve into. We believe that stems from your upbringing.

QUESTION: How do I strengthen that?

KRIS: Take a chance. Allow your intuitions to show themselves to you. You may find that indeed there is nothing scary about this at all. In fact, it is an innate and built-in function of the self to go beyond the sensory perceptions. But when the ego has been trained to be very rigid, it blocks out what it has been trained to block out. But if you allow it learn new skills such as the understanding that it is not alone but indeed is supported by a great network of intelligent, sentient consciousness and that in no way is it threatened but that it can be fed, then indeed it might be easier for you to explore those other dimensions of your being.

An excellent starting point is to write poetry in any way shape or form that you can make sense of. You do not have to be the next great poet, but simply write what comes through the heart. Do you understand?


Let it flow and as the song says, be happy.

QUESTION: Is the reading of tarot okay to do that too?

KRIS: Excellent.

QUESTION: Because I’ve been doing that lately.

KRIS: If you so desire Joseph here can give you a phone number of an excellent tarot consultant. This young fellow is actually having some video of tarot readings at his house soon. And which is free. It might enhance your understanding of tarot.

Now, do you have any last question?

QUESTION: Not for me Kris. Thank you very much.

KRIS: Indeed. Do you still have your headaches?


Apply small pressure right here, gentle clockwise circle. And allow that sensation to actually wrap itself around your head like a hat or a circle or a band. And then as it encircles your head allow it to expand to approximately several inches around your head until it reaches even several feet until it actually expands beyond the confines of this room and it reaches beyond the confines of this house. Let it go entirely. That should space you out for a few minutes.

Now with that, we will bid you a most pleasant evening and may you create for yourselves a great week.

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Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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