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Joyful Expression IS Life

Why Being Joyful And Having Fun Is The Main Thing

Friday Evening Chat – Colorado Seth Conference
Transcribed by Marcy Singer
Recorded in Colorado, Friday September 26, 2003

Notes: the Colorado Seth Conference, originally called the Rocky Mountain Seth Conference for the first 10 years, has always been an extremely enjoyable and friendly place. The Conference is usually held at The Iron Horse Resort Retreat, at 9,200 feet altitude, not far from all the great skiing sites in the area. People at the Conference, including the Conference Committee, are just marvelous!

Everyone has always been very supportive of Kris and our efforts. Whenever we hold an impromptu evening in one of the meeting rooms, we may start out with 5 or 6 people and very quickly end up with 50, 60 or more. The camaraderie and the fun provide an atmosphere where Kris can chat and share with the crowd in ways he doesn’t get to do at home. Kris loves to work a crowd, exchanging and discussing ideas and displaying his own brand of humor.

These evenings are particularly fun because Kris picks a topic, sometimes right from a discussion going on in the room and then runs with it, weaving his own brand of wisdom, satire and philosophy into a whole that often leaves the participants wanting more. Now, because of so many people discussing sometimes all at once, it makes it difficult to clearly make out what some of the questions are, which explains why some audience questions are left with question marks or just blank!

This was the second impromptu evening that year at the Colorado Seth Conference and the third presentation by Kris in 2 days. The previous day he had offered his official talk on ‘Taraa Healing Energy’ and then that Thursday evening he had offered an open house chat in another guests’ room, which also turned out to be quite interesting.

KRIS: We thank you once again for sharing your gracious presences. You were but a few moments ago speaking about time, and you take great pleasure in organizing your lives, your pleasures, your passions, your sorrows, your joys, and your memories of all of these things according to the fashions of time. And you forget that though you look back in time and you look forward into the future, that in reality your notions of time are somewhat slow.

There is also a very good biological reason that you organize these events, circumstances, and conditions of your lives into linear sequential orders. In some manner you are interpreting the neurological processes and pulses that fire into your brain at not only specific frequencies but at a very rhythmic intervals, that none necessarily travel faster and some slower in your present circumstance; but that there is a deep biological reason to the flow of information from all of the cells and their structures in your physical form, from the nerve endings at the very end of your toes or fingertips or noses or ears, the nerve impulses travel(ing) from one end to the other of the body and jump the synapses in a very specific manner, one that is consistent with your collective worldviews regarding your physical form.

That is further interpreted in your apparent need to sequence everything into time categories. And obviously, at one particular level, this is not a problem as long as all of the events, conditions and circumstances of your lives meet those types of expectations. But you sometimes forget that what you see and experience about life and reality is not necessarily the big picture but that picture is only that you have become accustomed to translate at the neurological biological level, that which matches the frequency of those pulses traveling through the nerve endings and the synapses into the brain.

And you also forget that you have unique abilities to modify and change those synaptic intervals and the frequency of those pulsations. And when you do these things then suddenly more of reality makes itself present because you suddenly rearrange some of the frequencies of your neurological pulses so that that which also coordinates itself to the slight modification somehow or other can slip into the screen of your vision.

Consider for a moment that your perceptive mechanism which may include far more than your eyes, operates at a very specific frequency, much like the monitor or the television screen reproduces images, signals, or pulses at a very specific megahertz, which allows it to flicker fast enough so that your eyes or better yet the rods and cones in your eyes do not see any disturbances or anomalies at that level. Does that make sense to you?

(Question inaudible).

KRIS: Perhaps we need to re-attune your own frequencies.

Now if you were to change not only the frequency of the monitor but that which feeds the imagery to the monitor you might see other things, and the same can happen with the biological neurological mechanism in your human forms if and when those frequencies can be slightly altered to enable you to perceive things in reality that actually already exist but are not perceived because of the frequencies you are attuned to. Does that make some sense to you?

You operate on a daily basis upon a regular set of frequencies. And if you were to pay attention you might notice that there are occasions when you sense a certain inner acceleration within you. If you do not sense such things you can easily practice and attune yourselves to it. Those slight accelerations of consciousness correspond to a slightly different frequency that can still be attuned to from within your biological form, and your perceptions can tap into it, which might lead you to gather information that you sometimes consider as coming from your inner selves, your unconsciousness, etc. etc.

So in one way what we are doing with Joseph is to slightly modify some of the neurological processes and pulsations when we come in sufficient psychological contact, which is then transferred into his body in that manner. Each and every one of you is able to make such fine attunements so that you can start perceiving other aspects or portions of reality that actually do still exist but do not necessarily appear to your perceptive mechanisms because you are not attuned to that frequency. Do you understand?

And by playing with such fine and refined attunements you might easily also pick up other things by attuning some of the frequencies or by accelerating them, and you can even play with this by learning to observe not only your thoughts and how those thought concepts literally splash onto the screen of your mind’s eye so you can see in a visual data form, but you can, in observing this flow of your thoughts get a fairly good idea or sense of the type of frequency that is used so that you can draw these to you in the same manner that you would play with the dial on the radio to go from 100 to 105 then to 103 to 104 until you hit that 103.5 frequency. Do you understand?

So it is possible for you to play with some of those frequencies and it necessitates that you pay attention to your thoughts, thought processes in a manner that you are slightly detached as if you were in observer mode. From there get a feel for the particular speed of the flow so that you may even mentally make a slight suggestion of making it go faster and observe what happens in your consciousness. Make it go slower in slight increments and play with the experiences that you gather from such experiments. You might even like to stretch a regular frequency much like you’d put something in slow motion, which means that you are simply stretching that particular frequency. Do you understand?

So you can play and modify in small increments these parts of your consciousness in observer mode using your own consciousness and perceptive mechanism as your laboratory. If you wish you may even keep a certain log of some of your observations with such play and see what portion of reality you are tuning into today or tomorrow or perhaps you can even tune into an extension of today or anything else that comes to your mind. How do you think remote viewers function? In a manner not unlike this, though the words and descriptions may sound different, they are tuning into a particular frequency.

You may even desire to tune into your regular frequency, but try and make it go in reverse so that you can stretch the boundaries of your own imaginations and consciousnesses. Each particular brand of frequency contained within each frequency within you is also tied into some of the frequencies experienced by your own probable selves, which you might sometimes refer to as your re-incarnational selves, counterparts, this and that. They can easily be viewed in that light.

The main point of all of this is that through all of these manipulations, however slight of consciousness your experience of time will change. The way you perceive sequential events can be very different, but the game is in the playing. Experiment. Do not be afraid to view other aspects of reality both within yourself and through the greater screen of existence. Do you follow?

Do you have some questions perhaps?

QUESTION: How can we avoid then the aging process?

KRIS: That you cannot avoid.

There is also, or are also, certain principles found in nature that eventually the natural phenomenon of the world needs to be recycled. We know there are groups of individuals who profess secrets of longevity and ascension and so on and so forth. But nonetheless, the type of consciousness you have gathered to your physical forms really does not belong to you. It belongs to the earth and must be returned to the earth so that other personalities who take birth can then draw those elements to themselves. You would not want these souls to go around naked, would you?

They need a specific type of apparatus that enables them to function within the boundaries of physical existence as you know it. If for instance, you wish to explore the depths of the ocean, you know it would be a terrible faux pas to simply dive in. You need first of all practice to be able to maneuver in that environment then you need to don specific type of suit and then you need to learn how to manipulate with that suit in that environment until you are ready. Otherwise, you will not survive down there. And you may also scare fish.

Now, when a personality with necessary agreements and contracts and union rules carefully explained about choosing a parent or parents, then that entity or personality that takes birth begins to create its physical body from the DNA matrix of the parents and the elements of nature. That is how it is done. You understand that part? And they need the physical form as their suit to go about and enjoy the world as much as you need the deep sea diving suit to enjoy the environment at the depths of the ocean. And when you are done with your life then your physical matter returns to its original form, which is consciousness and is reintegrated in the elements of the world to become the fabric and the tissue that weaves the body of another personality. So some of your experiences that have now been included into the molecules of consciousness, those quantum particles, become part of the new personality’s experience just as each of the particles that make up your bodies have at one time belonged to other life forms and unconsciously those many experiences still form part of the data base of knowledge you are born with. Do you understand?

Now to finish that answer. There will come a time when the physical form that you have, that you maintain, is no longer able to carry and give you the experiences necessary to further your education in creation, so you will discard it and you will incarnate and create a new body to enable you to continue your journey. Do you understand?

So eventually you do have to give up the suit.

AUDIENCE: For a better suit.

KRIS: One that is functional in new ways. Indeed. So you may consider Nature the ultimate dry cleaning place.

QUESTION: When do you know when you are finished with your suit?

KRIS: Each individual in their own way has an unconscious knowing as to when would be good conditions to continue to take the next step up. That may even change during the course of one lifetime. You may be on the verge of a horrible accident that does not happen in your probability. In another, it may have, but in this one, it did not. At that moment you have chosen in this example that no, you are not ready to check out, to bring your suit to the cleaners, you will keep it for awhile because it is still very useful for your purposes.

There will come a time when you will recognize that it is time to leave behind this version of reality and go to a sequel, and we can guarantee you, these types of sequels have nothing as boring as Hollywood versions of Sequel two, three, and four of Rambo.

QUESTION: There is a belief, a common belief, that one has to die before the reincarnation, and my understanding, of course, is that it’s more of a kaleidoscope, so if you could explain this view of reincarnation a little more.

KRIS: The idea that you have to leave this one body to take another still follows far too closely into your linear interpretations of life. Even while you still have one body, you may even unconsciously send out a thread of consciousness perhaps through dream states, where you explore how one new life might be oh so well suited to new adventures and start sending of portions of your energy in that direction even before you have given up this body. This is often the case with people who suffer, not all, but some people who suffer from Alzheimer’s in your reality. That way they do not necessarily have to be conscious of the process of removing themselves from this body before they emerge into another.

Your lives are definitely not as limited and as constrained or set up as you might believe. You have far more leeway, flexibility, and power than you have ever possibly imagined.

QUESTION: Well then is that what possibly happens with walk-ins?

KRIS: Walk-ins is a rather narrow perception of a much bigger concept where you are entirely free to appear into other realities where you are entirely at liberty to create other forms for yourself in this or other dimensions, other probabilities. It is not that when you are tired of this body you jump out but another foreign personality will come in.


KRIS: Indeed. But you do have a phenomenon where one aspect of your own being might recognize at one time or another that it is less well suited to the demands of the job than it may previously had assumed, therefore it will give way to other aspects of your own personality to continue the process. Do you understand?

QUESTION: So you create a fragment?

KRIS: This is far more than simply certain portions. Your whole self may decide because you find or recognize that you are not as suited as you thought for the job, to send the troops in, so to speak. Another portion of your entire personality that may actually be so closely aligned with your own that others will not know, or sometimes massive changes occur in the personality where people think something magnificent must have happened because you are far more present, you are far more loving, and so on and so forth.

QUESTION: A life changing, in our view, a life changing moment, a total reversal of….

KRIS: This is possible, but it is not that something is sitting on a cloud somewhere waiting to zero in on the first gullible nitwit who gives up his body. Do you understand what we are talking about? You are still involved with the whole self who simply sends in reinforcements and shores up the contours of that personality so that the experience is not necessarily wasted, but still enriches even the one who has decided to opt out. So you are always yourselves whether you are thinking you are a small self or a large self. You are still yourselves.

QUESTION (several people speaking): So another body, a person or entity does not walk into your body……it’s still you…….it’s you that walks into your body and you that leaves your body, is that correct Kris?

KRIS: Indeed. It may be MORE of you than you assumed initially, but it is still you.

QUESTION: Is it your ‘higher’ you?

KRIS: It is almost irrelevant. It is simply…..You do have the tendency to think that if it is more of you it must be higher, if it is less of you it is lower. We do wish you to get away from those concepts. You do not think because you go to the bathroom that suddenly you are less of you.

QUESTION: (many people speaking).. There are no barriers on any of us. There’s no higher or lower.

KRIS: Not in those terms. You are always your own divine gracious selves, even when you look in the mirror and you go BLAH you are still your loving selves.

QUESTION: I’ve got a question. In reading Elias and Seth and listening to you Kris, it’s remarkable how humorous all of you are in comparison to all of us. Do we take life too serious? Is there a way we can find more humor in life?

KRIS: You have just come to that realization??!!

QUESTION: You, You are ??? and we are all ??? representations of our higher self…

KRIS: We simply are able to voice to you what you dare not listen and do for yourselves. We are the echoes of those ancient voices that have found new strengths within you. Short of smacking you up one side the other, we decide to do it with humor. If we were somber, if we preached to you from the pulpits of absolutes, you would run away so fast that we could not get the next word in. That way we share in your joy of being, we try to convey to you that you are indeed joyous creatures, though sometimes you do not think so.

Overall, the voice we give to yourselves is a reminder that sometimes you think you are little more than the dead who walk. And the irony is that you often come to the supposed dead to have fun with life. So perhaps eventually, your species will awaken and realize that life is not a miserable, treacherous path where you are continuously ambushed, but that indeed all of the opportunities are before you but you have simply become blinded to them. That is what enlightenment is about.

It is not about becoming more serious. It is not about twisting your body into strange pretzels. It is not about picking the lint from your navels. It is about discovering the unlimited amounts of joy that pour forth from the cells of your beings to be shared with everyone.

QUESTION: Kris, how can we best attain this wakening? How can we awake from this strange sleep?

KRIS: Have fun with life. Have fun, period!

QUESTION: So then I’m wide awake.

KRIS: When you think sometimes that you are wide awake you are at your sleepiest, because you think perhaps life’s burdens are not worth it, because you have forgotten that inside of you lives a force and a power that is greater than all of the sources of energies you can find on your world and beyond, and that power has an avenue, has an escape hatch. Do you know what that is?

It is this: It is laughter and joy, love, compassion and the giving of oneself to others because the others give of themselves too. You have based your present civilization upon some extremely twisted concepts. Screw him before he screws me. Get him before he gets me. Rob him before he robs me. You have forgotten that all of these are merely the plays and the dramas you have created based on rather poor perceptions of existence.

If instead, you were to build a civilization on nurturing, on loving support on compassion and joy, you people would not have to invite us into your lives. We would share them with you at so many levels. And your lives would be in abundance of pleasure. Because you fear pleasure, you invent all of these things that seem to justify the fearing of pleasure.

QUESTION: (something about the Catholic Church).

KRIS: Why was that religious institution and others similar created by you? To reflect back to your collective being the sense of fear that you hold about life. Once that is removed, once that is transformed then new institutions will come which will not seek to tie you in ball and chain to their beliefs but will give you wings so that you can soar into the sun.

QUESTION: Kris, you use the term WE and you give us US. (several questions – difficult to sort them out) Do you see us as you sit here?

KRIS: Principally…..Indeed, we do not need Joseph’s eyes, though at times we’ll open them because we want to see the magnificence of your physical presences.

QUESTION: Do you see our form? Do you see our energy? Do you see….? What do you see?

KRIS: Why could it not be forms of energy and energy forms at the same time.

We speak in the plural because we are more than one thing. Joseph belongs to the process. Philip belongs to the process. We are ourselves as well as you and your own source selves all pitch in. You are multitudinous consciousnesses, so it is only fitting that we speak in the plural, as you would greatly benefit if you spoke of yourselves in the plural. Not in the holier than thou religious plural but in the sense that you are many.

QUESTION: (hard to understand – several people talking) We are a gestalt. There’s only one of us here.

KRIS: You think that, but that is not reality. You think there is only one of you here, but that is not the case.

QUESTION: There’s the mother you, there’s the wife you, there’s the individual you, there’s the ???

KRIS: There is also far more. You are filled with….you actually give probable selves on a continual basis. You are all here. This room is merely a reference point for a small portion of your focus. In reality, this room does not exist. These walls are immaterial. Your bodies are no more than the flow of units of consciousness attaching themselves to the idea of your forms, representing you in a small slice of time and space.

But in reality you, your atoms, your particles and your precious selves are everywhere, but where is everywhere? Everywhere is here. It cannot be anywhere else. So you play with the concept. Try and find where everywhere is. You may think it is in all the planets, it is in all the countries, it is in all the trees, it is in the wind or the snow, the mountain peaks, the valleys, it is in every drop of water, and you would still not be able to find the totality of everywhere, because everywhere is part of the spacious present, this eternal moment that is now. That is everywhere!

You flow in and out, above and below and sideways to yourselves and you are still everywhere because you are here.

Now how many of your fuses are blown? We suggest a small break so that you can try and find yourselves somewhere.

QUESTION: Can I ask. If I sit here as myself, Nicole, which is me in physical form but I play a lot of roles as Nicole. Do all of those roles that I play as Nicole take on a different…..are they seeing different things than I see as I sit here in this chair watching you?

KRIS: That is quite possible. Now. We desire a break for Joseph’s sake. However, in the meantime why not try to imagine all of those things you cannot yet imagine.

KRIS: Now often when you try to understand some of these concepts, naturally you will want to take them and dilute them into a manner that fits your previously accepted views of reality, what you think is and is not. However, in doing so, you also ignore larger portions of your own self that may very well resonate with some of these other news items.

So it is a fine thing to try and grapple with some of these concepts and see where they actually fit in with your previously referenced knowledge of reality. And often when it does not yet fit into its slot, it gets put into the gutter.

Now, most individuals expect that these larger than life experiences must conform to their views, otherwise they are not valid. To get a better understanding, would be that you come and meet the concept halfway, trusting that your whole self might know a bit more about you than you know about it. If that whole self did not know a lot about you, it would make some very funny mistakes, such as not knowing where toes are supposed to go, it might grow them out of your elbows because the body’s growth energy comes from the whole self source. Without that fire then literally, the key ingredients that make the body would remain in their original state, which would not make a body. Do you understand?

So trying to understand whether you have a self that is in one past time, another in a future is all fine and dandy. The clincher comes when you understand that ultimately future selves, past selves, past future selves, future past selves, selves that go into the future to come back into the past to recreate a future, and so on and so forth, are means by which you can explore and stretch the boundaries of your imagination, but ultimately again, where is everywhere, because that is where you are. You are in all versions of time, all variations of concepts and again all variations of all the concepts of time that may flow from THOSE concepts.

You are in all ‘spaces’, whether you understand even what a space is, though you may use the words. You think something is space because you do not see what is in it. Therefore to you, it is empty but it may be filled with quantum universes that do not recognize you, have no idea what you are and therefore do not recognize you. So, why should you be the ones that think you know what reality is? Or even what YOU are? Other beings may not even recognize you as anything valid in some form or another. Or you might register in such a different form in their realities as to be insignificant, as the things you consider in this reality to be insignificant.

Take the atoms of oxygen. You don’t pay attention to them. You breathe them in, you exhale and you have life. In other realities they may appear as something entirely different. You have no idea that the whole of everything is sentient, but you think, ‘stupid rock, what is it doing here?’ and you kick it away. And in doing so you might set off a chain of events that sends comets flying through the skies of some unknown worlds. You might scratch the back of your head and in some other realities a new form of life is created. You might think that your fingers are only good for a few things, and we won’t tell you what that is. Use your imagination. And you might stretch out your hands and your fingers to a loved one and intertwine your fingers with theirs, and out of that contact perhaps in some other dimension whole new universes are generated because somewhere your two hearts and bodies met.

You think that you imagine some pretty pictures in your head and they are meaningless. You do not see the correlation between the molecular structures in your world that give form to energy and that there are molecules, particles that also compose the imagery in your head. And these are just as valid as the ones here because they appear here in one way or another eventually.

QUESTION: Going back to what you were discussing at first concerning shifting our frequencies.

KRIS: We are glad that you are still on the frequency. Please go on.

QUESTION: So we shift our frequency by shifting our thoughts? The speed of our thoughts?

KRIS: You can get the very feel for the speed of the flow of your thoughts, and you will recognize it. It is not rocket science. Well okay, small rocket science. But it is not beyond your means to recognize that your thoughts seem to flow at a particular speed, rapidity.

QUESTION: But then can we change that?

KRIS: You can tweak it, play with the concept.

KRIS: Well, of course, if you flip the dial to the very other end of the spectrum it would be meaningless to you. It would be so far out of your realm of perceptions you would think nothing is happening.

QUESTION: Would that be a breach of contract?

KRIS: Not necessarily.

QUESTION: Is that like alpha, beta, gamma….

KRIS: These are merely some of them, and you can go into these brainwaves and from there become the observer and play with the frequencies or the speed. Use them in a playful manner. See what you pick up of reality once you start playing with the fine-tuning.

QUESTION: Can we tell which kind of brainwave we are in? Normally we are in beta.

KRIS: Ultimately these are generalized references. You have many expansions of beta, many expansions of theta, many expansions of delta, and these are not merely sideways. Not merely front and back, but also inwards where reality spins in and out of itself on a continual basis. We do not wish to get into higher quantum physics here. But you get some of the perceptions. Do you understand?

In other words have fun with your consciousness. It is your laboratory and you have been using it to create the very things before you, including this room and what we have talked about. Do you understand?

QUESTION: Isn’t that our ultimate purpose? To create our most joyous, pleasure experience? Why do we choose each other? Why do we choose anything?

KRIS: Did you not have fun at dinner? Was that not a marvelous creation? Indeed.

Now, what is the time? We suggest then that you continue having fun creations on your own and we will see you soon. So enjoy your frequencies and enjoy your lives.

(Some further discussion between Mark and audience members concerning NLP followed Kris’ exit.)

KRIS: You have such good bait. How can I possibly leave?

Now, do you understand that you are not here to be tested? You CAN leave behind some Judeo Christian values. The inner or higher or bigger or fatter or smarter or more enlightened self is not here to judge how well or how poorly you do. It supports you in all your ventures and you travel upon these ventures, these discoveries, with other beings. Much like the Japanese do when they travel. And upon your journeys, you have one thing you are meant to do – enjoy yourself. Enjoy your creations. There is nothing more pleasing to the entire whole of everything everywhere, wherever that is, than for you to be joy, to create joy and to have joy in your hearts. So sometimes we do not understand your species.

Now if you find joy you can give her our regards.

QUESTION: So our whole experience of being in creature-hood in this form is to experience joy.

KRIS: Have fun, loving abandon, have truckloads and gallons and mountains of fun. Which one of you has ever been happy by NOT having fun? ‘I will be so happy today I will not have fun”!

QUESTION: What about when we get stuck in our regular lives?

MARK: That’s what we are trying to remind you right now is that DON’T get stuck into that. At any given time you have the ability to create joy and happiness. You are creating that debt and that unhappiness but it doesn’t have to happen. I personally, Mark, not Philip or whatever, know exactly what you are talking about. It’s like we invented problems. It doesn’t have to be that way (much talking, difficult to pick out anything except something about the Matrix).

One other thing I want to add to that is, what philosophy, psychology or religion in all history has ever had this joyous element as a base, this fun base of joyous exuberance? If that’s the base, well gee, everything goes around the base. I’ve never run across a system like that. It’s so original. It’s so profound that the base is this joyous abundance.

KRIS: These are all the icings on the cake. True joy does not come from having a better car. It does not come from having a better washing machine. It does not come from having a better hairstyle, or better pants. It comes from within your heart, and all of the other things naturally flow from the core of your being to accommodate your joy, to reflect it with loving abandon.

The whole of the Universe bends your way because you attract that power through the joy in your heart. That kind of joy is not measured in increments nor weight by your scientific instruments.

QUESTION: And how do you know if the joy is in your heart that is supposed to lead you….

KRIS: That is what you have been afraid to discover this weekend. We have been waiting for you to say those words for two days. Now, if you want a fast track to that, fall in love. Fall in love with the kind of love that stretches all boundaries of time, that is reflected in the love for your fellow human beings, your partner, your parents, your friends, but that kind of love is the kind that you will give to yourself. It is neither hedonistic nor narcissistic, but it is the true source of all creation.

All That Is loves, and as a result, you are. You are the deepest loving expression of All That Is [that you can be]. And once your species realizes that, then your entire realities will be transformed, and the only thing in the entire universe that can give you that gift of love is yourself. It will never ever happen by giving it to anyone or anyone giving it to you. It must come from the depths of your being and you are almost there. The closest approximation is the love of a mother towards a child. It is love that says ‘whatever occurs, I am always with you because I love you’. All That Is has that capacity to such levels that it would blow your fuses.

That kind of love can only be expressed from within the heart. And with that, we give you our deepest love. And may you sleep and dream loving things.

A fond and loving goodnight!

About the Author Serge Grandbois

Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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