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Mood Change

You Can Learn To Control Your Own Mood

Transcribed by Mark C. Bukator
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on April 7, 2003

7:35 Pm Start Time

KRIS: We are most pleased to see that some of you have braved the elements and are attempting to still bring sunshine through in your smiles.

Since earlier on you were discussing some small aspects of the afterlife, perhaps we could touch upon that as well. You were discussing the ability to generate states of mind that enabled you to literally pull yourself up from your bootstraps and this will also go along with your topic. These things are within everyone’s abilities for you all have the tools to generate or create such situations just as easily as you create the situations that you are trying to get out of, so both are under your control and your abilities. Now depending upon how you view your own resources and what you already believe concerning states of mind and the interaction that you have with the physical reality. Your own states may take sometime to be manifest.

On the one hand you have individuals who, though they may complain about all of the difficult challenges and situations that they must overcome, still find that when they do not have the dramatic situations and circumstances to overcome they literally feel as if they are not accomplishing anything all at the same time. They are not necessarily so much as the center of attention before such individuals the need to create uplifting and joyous circumstances may be more difficult since they would resist the creating of such events on their own. Then there are situations where your own emotional flux is also meant to teach you and impart some lesson where by you learn to moderate and work with issues that you may not have dealt with properly and ignoring such situations….Give Joseph a break.

First Break at 7:42 PM

Return from break at 7:45 pm

KRIS: Now the majority of people do not necessarily consider that their own deeper emotional states will really have any significant impact upon the daily events of their waking reality and what is generated at those deeper levels of the consciousness that you call the Unconscious, we will refer to as “Layer 2” of reality. They [emotions] actually generate, literally an unlimited amount of inner conditions some of which may find themselves being manifested in your terms as events, circumstances and conditions of daily waking reality. And when the conditions of waking reality appear at times to be overwhelming and over-bearing and seemingly where you drown in a manner of speaking, it may very well seem to indicate to you that you have issues at this other level that you call the Unconscious, the subconscious and that these issues need to be addressed especially if they seem to occur and re-occur from time to time in your daily reality.

You do seem to understand that there is such a thing as a re-occurring nightmare and you do understand that these pertain to situations that you may not have significantly paid attention to or addressed and these are being brought to your attention through the venue of your dreams in the form of a nightmare to truly capture your attention. And similarly re-occurring situations especially those that have a great number of similarities though the details may be different, the overall theme seems to carry with it a situation or situations that you have not properly addressed and then you should take heed and instead of very quickly donning the psychological suit of armor and taking out the psychological sword so that you can chop off and attack therefore creating opposing camps within your own psyche.

Instead of waging war with yourself and within yourself you would certainly accomplish far more and more quickly a beneficial and even enhancing results would you not fight with such inner situation but instead learn to take a witnessing approach and thus let these bottled up psychological energy find its way out of the confines of your own personality. So instead of trying to quickly cut this out at the front so that you can stomp it out or suppress it, you would do yourself a greater justice by enabling such an inner situation to quickly leave your backyard so to speak and thus you would benefit not only by allowing this inner situation to leave but you would also return far more quickly to a stance where you are able to heal and where you are able to allow the loving, innate and nurturing energies of your inner self to arise to the surface, to your assistance. Do you understand? Yes and No? (7:40)

Unknown male: Well yes but to a certain extent. I watch those psychological energies and I’ve seen them and they are total chaos but how much of that do I put up with? If I completely go into that I could engage in that level of vibrations for days if I wanted to.

KRIS: There is a difference between what we are saying and how you understand it. If you overcook your dinner and the kitchen fills with smoke or stink or both, you would naturally open the door or window to let the smoke out. You would not continue to the point where since you have now burnt your dinner, you would not take the dinner and the pan and throw it out the window and then since you used the stove, you would not continue and take the stove and throw it out the window followed by the refrigerator, the counters and the sink. Correct?

Using the burnt dinner analogy as soon as the smoke clears you can return to your regular activities. Similarly in the emotional or psychological experience instead of fighting the situation as if it is an enemy that you must control, you can early and rapidly learn that you can step back and though that you may feel its intensity you are not obliged to drown in it. You know it is occurring but you will not engage in it to the point where you are certain that it will leave your own awareness as free and unfettered energy. It only leaves apparently negative and destructive energy when it is held back or trapped by your own ego. As soon as that energy can take freedom of your personality it is ultimately free to return to its energetic state, if we use these words. Energy is energy. It is neither positive nor negative in the long run. Do you follow?

Unknown male again: So detached observation.

KRIS: Indeed and you can even enter such depths within yourself before a situation does comes to the surface. For instance in meditation or a relaxed moment you may even pre-arrange an auto suggestion signal with yourself that you are always in a state of detached observation when you feel these clouds moving in to the neighbourhood so to speak. For some people it may be as simple as having an awareness that an adverse psychological weather front is moving in. Someone else may instead want to prepare themselves differently. You may even enter such an activity in your body, perhaps a pre-arranged signal so that when you put your fingers together in this way or any other way that you are comfortable with, your own inner self will then be brought to act so that you are not tempted to lock onto this adverse inner situation and as soon as you lock your fingers into the pre-arranged formation, the suggestive state will kick in so that you can find yourself in a detached or trance-like state. Not one that brings about a stupor but one that brings about sufficient observation to acknowledge the release of the condition. Do you follow?

Unknown male: Yes and my question is ultimately we are inducing the storm clouds so is that part of the clearing process or just one of the variations of everyday life?

KRIS: You do have random variations that you still generate but you will not necessarily find yourself in a situation where every single moment of your waking time will always be filled with higher heights of joy. You may have fluctuations from time to time but overall it is possible to consciously acknowledge the release of situations that are hampering your joy. Does this make some sense to you?

The suggestion then is for you to take some moments and already set your signal so that when you feel an adverse psychological condition move into your awareness, you consciously make the decision that you are not going to fight it or hold it back but in a moment of quiet detachment you will understand the lesson, view its source and release the energy. In other words you will become passive to the situation so it can leave you. Does that make some sense to you? Do you wish to add to that?

Unknown male: How long will it take for the intensity flattens out? Every time that I think it is over, a day later or a month late, it all comes back.

KRIS: You may still periodically get what we will simply call echoes but you should definitely invest in inner resources that make you understand that ALL situations are generated by the personality and that if you can create adverse or even one or more adverse conditions, you can just as easily generate its opposite and that does not mean that you become an allegorical nitwit and it does not mean that you throw away your faculties of discernment but it does mean that you will no longer play the role of the victim by either external events and circumstance or internal events and circumstances, that you will be able to design for yourself those conditions that display your personality. Do you follow?

Unknown male: So how does that lead to congruent beliefs I mean a lot of these emotionally upsets in my experience is because there are two different aspects to my personality. One part that believes that this is how it is and another part that has another comparable belief therefore I am split…

KRIS: There is such a thing as what reality is and what you want it to be. Learn to clear up your definitions and that reality is not necessarily what you want it to be but that reality is on its own. THAT reality is also very flexible and as long as you are always practical then your goals are definitely obtainable but if you wish to start growing a pair of wings so that you can fly on your own and bypass Air Canada you may have some conflicts. You may even be charged a flying tax. .

Unknown Male: Air Canada is bankrupt.

KRIS: Well they may still charge you to fly. So you understand that there is a need to be practical and there are times that what you want may not be practical.

Unknown Male: Sure but I like to think that what I want is practical.

Another Unknown Guest: Can I ask question? Sure. What topics are we open to exploring or covering? I am not sure ..I am wondering about my individual path of growth.
Do you only cover other areas of life and well-being?

KRIS: There are perhaps just a few areas that we wish not to have discussed: The stock market and to divulge into long medical diatribe about personal symptoms that you may or may not have. Apart from that if we cannot provide an answer we will let you know. So have you thought of a request?

Guest: I was wondering about events on a greater scale and if you have wisdom and greater introspection in that way.

KRIS: On what subject?

Guest: Well on a global sense in terms of our…

KRIS: If you look at it this way, from OUR perspective is similar to you being able to take a telescope and through the use of the telescope see objects that are normally invisible to the naked eye or are too far away to see. Our perspective is similar to your telescope. We may get glimpses and perceptions into events, circumstances and perceptions that are not immediately perceived by your consciousness simply because for the most part your present civilization does not acknowledge that there are events, conditions and circumstances beyond those of the physical events. Do you understand?

Guest: That is EXACTLY what I was leading into.

KRIS: As an example in terms of your present civilization it is as if you could go see the most well produced Shakespearian play without giving any consideration to the author of the play or to the production behind the scenes and the direction and the props, the practice, the costume and the amount of pain that the performers have taken to learn their lines and everything that went into the manufacturing of their character that will then appear on the stage.

Another example would be that if you were to paint another Mona Lisa or other great work of art and everyone was to admire it and that you suddenly felt ill and instead of bringing you some warm chicken soup and feed you they would bring the soup to your work of art and try to feed it. Do you follow? That there is an underlying reality from which your physical reality takes its birth that tends to include the acknowledgement that matter is a form of consciousness and not the other way around.

Guest: One question might be: The consciousness that you just referred to in what respect is that consciousness or in what manner does that consciousness resemble our own? The consciousness that I am projecting at you now?

KRIS: Your physical self and your present personality and the ego that is attached to that personality are attempts to reproduce, at least a portion there of, of your consciousness in three-dimensional terms and interact in that way with the projections of all the other individuals in this room or in your social context. Do you follow? That source of the personality, of the ego, itself knows no boundaries and is not limited to your perceptions and may even have more trust in you than you have in it. That aspect of your being is an immortal and eternal consciousness and that consciousness has abilities that are often poorly translated into physical matter but none the less still seek expression in that medium because it is valid because it can impart deep teachings to the personality and to the ego structure as that personality continues its evolution and enlightenment. Does that make some sense to you now?

Guest: That touches upon what I was talking about to an extent but if consciousness is energy and energy I guess can take on many vibrational states from which it can then manifest into matter, what is then the essence in a sense of the energy that we are speaking of outside of our own consciousness? Do you have a clear perception on that?

KRIS: We may have a perception on it but to express it in linear syntactical terms might take some translation. Suffice it to say that that consciousness looks nothing like you. Not to say that what you look like and what you are as a physical being might be somewhat inferior. We are not implying that at all. In fact we see no such labeling. Do you understand?

Guest: Yes I understand that otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Female Guest: Now when you say “We” , what do you mean by “We”?

KRIS: We are more than one personality just as you just as are made up of just as many personality fragments. The clinical term of personality syndrome usually refers to an individual who has lost the ability to keep all of his personality traits neatly tucked inside the lines drawn by society. Just like the children who drew with your Crayloas (crayons) in your colouring books and the adults in your environment always encouraged you to stay within the lines, do not cross the lines. That has psychological implications that reach far beyond the mere child and it is a lesson to the child that he must stay within the lines or confines created by society or “consensus reality”.

Someone with multiple personality syndrome has lost that ability and his various personality fragments are no longer cohesively tied into the whole which is very disturbing to some people because it indicates that their own personalities are also composed of many fragments. You simply have the ability to keep them all nicely polished and within the parameters. The inner self is not one singular static thing but rather a combination of many, many different aspects, some of which you may call your past lives, your future selves, even probable selves and a host of other traits that may not necessarily be made aware of to your conscious mind.

When you get into the driver’s seat of your car and turn the ignition on, put it in drive and you take off, you do not necessarily have to worry yourselves one iota about all of the mechanical parts that run the car, about how the rods and pistons are working and the firing of the spark plugs, of the timing of the fuel injection system with the sparks and how everything works in the automobile, then many of you would not drive. Similarly, your egos function is to maintain that cohesiveness around all the various fragments of your ego personality and give you that polished wholeness. Do you understand?

Thus your own inner self is also composed of what you call your past lives, your probable selves, future lives and a host of other aspects unknown to you and does its best to maintain the strings of information between all of these and it is still much, much more than all of the combined parts put together.

Female Guest: What if you don’t believe in past lives due to your religious upbringing?

KRIS: That does not necessarily mean that they do not exist.

Female Guest: I know that but what proof do we have? If we come back in a different form and we have no recollection of whom or what we were at one time then what is the purpose?

KRIS: Actually though your civilization has amassed so-called theoretical reasons why such a concept is not feasible or even information that seems to denounce such a possibility, there is also an accumulation, a body of information that far out strips the former to indicate that individuals on their own at different times and for different reasons have remembered being someone else. Many children have gone to their parents for example, especially in cultures where such are beliefs are more accepted and have told their parents that they were another man or woman in another village.

The parent has a choice of either convincing the child that this all just a figment of its imagination and if it does not straighten up it will receive a heavy dose of Ritalin OR the parent if open-minded enough may pursue the information and such parents have often found that their child not only knew of a foreign city but knew of a specific family and family members with intimate details of a family member totally outside the context of his or her present family unit. He/She being able to identify parents or lovers or loved ones from a former life. Now that is often attributed to mere coincidences and nothing else but it may also indicate that there is more at play within the human consciousness than the possibility that you are born nothing more than a combination of cells and molecules and that you will live your time for 20, 30, 40, 50 to 80 years then you will die and you will be food for worms. But beyond the physical body there may be a certain spark of personality that somehow or other survives death. Do you understand?

And there are sufficient bodies of information that stretch out around through all cultures, even those that are not inclined to focus upon such beliefs and sometimes even more so to try to bring about certain chains of perspective so that those who may remember that they were someone else at another time are not quickly whisked away by the guys in white and taken to a nice padded room with room service.

So your world eventually has to deal with the possibility that its individual and collective existence does cross over the boundaries of sensory perceptions. There is something else other than the world of the senses and the very fact that you can ponder upon such unponderables may indicate that the thinking process is the results of simple neurons firing in the brain and that there is more at play here. In fact almost all the so-called Holy Books in your present civilization there are still traces that indicate there was another type of knowledge at another time. Do you understand?

Female Guest: Slightly going off topic, in civilization is it true that America is the reincarnation of Atlantis?

KRIS: There are certain cultures that may echo or carry certain resonance but an entire culture is HIGHLY unlikely as a whole. Do you follow? Though the Atlantians may have had the very specific challenges to work through and the Americans may have similar challenges does not necessarily provide the grounds for such deep associations.

What is the time? 8:30 Pm. If you don’t mind we would like to give Joseph a break and may you also take a break and so that you may move around.

Break Start 8:30 PM

Session Resumes 8:55 PM

KRIS: Now that you have all talked almost as much as we do, we do wish you all to understand that regardless of any appearances you always have a certain level of choice in your existence. You are never EVER trapped by the devices of your own grace regardless of events and circumstances and appearances. You always have the ability to make a choice, to decide what you want and where you wish to go with your choices. That particular statement should be taken to heart because it may prove helpful to you when you next think that you are in a situation where it seems to be not of your own doing or choice, that seems to command you to act in a certain way and that you may understand that you do have the ability and the power to change any event or condition that you do not have apparent control of.

Now this does not mean that if you are five foot two you can expect to be six foot two by tomorrow morning but it does mean that you can change the feelings that you generate about yourself and thus your personal experience of reality will be different. And that is one of the most important lessons that you are here in physical reality, in your body and with your body, are here to learn. Where ultimately everything revolves around your ability to love and respect yourselves, thus not commit violations against your own innate loving nature and that is your prime interest in this lifetime. How you manifest that, in what ways is up to you. That means that you are not victims of events, circumstances or conditions and that is one of the most difficult lessons to firmly anchor in your own being.

We then thank you for your most gracious and blessed natures and we hope that you will be as thankful for your own graceful, loving and blessed selves and may you have a most wonderful sleep and a great week.

Session Ends 9 PM

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Serge Joseph Grandbois channels Kris, a compassionate and intelligent non-physical entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt (as Kris describes themselves). Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for nearly 35 years, helping people from all walks of life.

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