Who is Serge Grandbois?

Serge began showing an interest in spiritual awakenings by about the age of 14 years old. He had already figured that there had to be more to life than the standard 9-to-5, white picket fence mindset. As a result he became inquisitive… and you know what that means, right? It means he started questioning the accepted versions of consensus reality, the status-quo as presented to most people.

He began avidly reading anything and everything he could get about spirituality from the library. At some point he came across Jess Sterns’ book “Youth Yoga and Reincarnation”, which happened to mention Edgar Cayce as well as yoga, meditation, karma and reincarnation. From that moment he instinctively knew that he wanted to do similar work, so he read all he could about Cayce and many other individuals who had helped others along the same lines.

Serge at one point wrote to Mr. Ross Peterson from Gull Pointe, Michigan, USA in the late ’70’s or early ’80’s and Mr. Peterson was willing to take Serge under his wing. Mr. Peterson worked like Edgar Cayce and was well known. Unfortunately Serge wasn’t able to go. However, by that time Serge was already actively meditating and experiencing out-of-body phenomenon and even some automatic writing.

The Birth of Kris Chronicles

After steady meditation on a daily basis and lots of introspection, as well as on the verge of giving up, something happened that took everyone by surprise: a voice spoke to a friend of Serge’s who was there to continue a conversation. This continued several times a week for probably a few years, as others were brought into the circle of acquaintances, allowing for more practice and info to come out.

seth speaks

Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts

After working in a fashion similar to Edgar Cayce and Mr. Peterson for a few years, something occurred that took Serge and his friend by surprise, again. Within a few minutes of ending a deep-trance session, Serge, awake at this point, suddenly started to speak with a different and stronger voice, in an animated manner. That was totally outside of Serge’s references and therefore prompted him to find out what was happening.

Some time after, during a visit to the local metaphysical book store, Serge was drawn to pick up a book he had looked at before and had rejected because he had judged the book by its cover: Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts. However he had a strong impulse to purchase it and read it he could not put it down. He read it in one long shot, not even stopping to sleep.

That was the beginning of a process Serge found more practical, fun and interactive, which he still uses to this day. Serge has since spoken to audiences and given numerous workshops in many cities across Canada, and the United States.

By the early 2000’s, Serge connected with Mr. and Mrs. Helfrich from California who advised Serge to reach out to an international audience via the internet, thus the old Kris Chronicles site was created. This seriously expanded Kris’ audience on a world wide basis. People from all over now had a means to interact with Kris, and he had a medium (pardon the pun) – the internet – with which to reach an ever growing circle of people on a quest to find out more about themselves.

He Was the Soul, Not the Body

Fast forward to the late 2000’s where, due to prolonged exposure to the information funnelled through him by Kris and other energy-personalities, Serge underwent a profound spiritual transformation which shook what he thought was the ground of his being, to come out of it in early 2013 having a different and renewed sense of Self unlike anything he had ever known.

The initial experience itself occurred in a most unusual place really. You’d think it would have happened while deep in meditation, or perhaps in a moment of reflection, but no. As Serge and his friend Mark were walking to the grocery store they were engaged in a conversation about different things that Kris had recently discussed, as well as something to do with dream states.

What happened next took Serge entirely by surprise. From one moment to the next, he was talking with Mark when suddenly something opened up from a place deep, almost as if the ground had opened up and swallowed all the ideas he had about whom he thought he was, like suddenly a deep well that had always been there but hidden just opened up. From deep within that place Serge had more than an out-of-body (Serge was quite familiar with out-of-bodies). This was different, not quite an OOB, more than an OOB. No, not an OOB… Serge was experiencing himself as an entity quite distinct and separate from his body at that moment, a moment that transpired seemingly all too fast yet seemed to last forever.

It was like waking up from a dream, only to find that the place you wake up in is your body, letting you know you are not the body but something very different.

It seemed all time stood still, almost stopped yet still flowed, richer than ever, deeper thicker, more textures, shades depths unlike any he had ever experienced before, yet all too familiar. Like some place he may have visited long long ago and almost forgotten but with enough remnants to not completely disorient him. Though it appeared to go as quickly as it came, it shook the very ground of what Serge thought was his being, only to discover that he had experienced first-hand the greater ground of his being, which was not physical or material at all, something tangible in an intangible way.

It took many many months and lots of exploration for Serge to realize that he had experienced what is a classic Enlightenment platform, sometimes also known as Self-Realization or the Shift: he was the Soul, not the body. The self he thought he was for the last 50 plus years was not whom he was. Even though he had a body and that body and all its associations had been what Serge had know all this time, it was not whom he was. He was the Soul that gave the body its fuel, its purpose. Thus Serge’s world/reality had been transformed in a single moment that hasn’t stopped unraveling even to this day.

Kris' Teachings Today: Powerful Spiritual Guidance for All

This is then an extremely brief introduction into the life of one person on a spiritual quest. Kris has also changed somewhat, perhaps in the sense that his insights and compassion for the human condition are much more front and centre. Not that these qualities were not present before, they always featured prominently. However these qualities seem even more pronounced now.

The Kris phenomenon thus seemed to open more vistas from that moment, as it has always done. This just seemed like another stage that has brought significance in ways to be further explored now.

In a manner of speaking, Kris has always been a powerful spiritual guidance for Serge as well as countless others. One thing that is still clear is that Kris speaks through no one else. He has insisted on it from the very beginning and it will remain so. Over the years others have claimed to voice Kris, but he has always maintained that though they may think it is him, it is merely that such persons are developing their own processes and need a model from which to learn, nothing else.

We sincerely hope you have a good connection with Kris and are ready for the changes that such a meeting will generate in you. Just be ready, because well… while you think you know what it is you are asking for, more often than not, you don’t know, nor do you often really know what happens when you start getting it.