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What Others Have Said About Their Experiences With Kris

I first met Serge and Kris in 2006 when I attended one of their seminars in Castaic (California). I began having regular sessions with Kris a year later (once a month). When I started with Kris, I was having severe panic attacks, serious problems with OCD, and was even suicidal at times. I was a mess and needed help. What I found immediately was that the sessions I had with Kris was they were 10 or 20 times more insightful, useful, and direct than any therapist I had ever seen. Relatively shortly, Kris got to the center of my problems and helped me work through it.

An intuitive portrait of Kris painted by Reed Chappel.

I probably had 30 or more sessions with him over several years. Kris knew things from my past without me even bringing them up, and what’s even more impressive is he knew exactly what was relevant and at the root of the problems I was having at the time. Kris answered the questions I needed answering and always made it a point to involve me in the process so that I could be learning how to solve my own problems as well. In addition to his laser-like insight, Kris always had coping methods to offer – whether from traditional psychotherapy or completely original methods he came up with. I made more progress in 5 years with Kris than 15 years of working with multiple therapists.

These days, I am happy, normal, well-adjusted, and content. I no longer have panic attacks. I very, very rarely ever have any issues with OCD, and I have been doing this well at least two years now. I am extremely grateful for the life I have. I am extremely grateful for Kris’s friendship and help without which I very likely would have killed myself.

Kris has never ceased to amaze me with his ability and intelligence, and I will always be thankful that he helped me out of such dark times in my life. If you have any question as to whether or not Kris will be able to help you, please take it from me, he is absolutely worth it.

Reed Chappel
Early Kris Follower

I first became aware of Serge and Kris’ information in 2003, while living for a year in South Korea. It was a transition year for me, as I was moving away from a life as a Chiropractor, and allowing life to guide me where it would. I had been introduced to Seth about eight years earlier and had become very familiar with the concepts and ideas shared from that aspect of consciousness. I had also had some exposure with Abraham and quite a bit with Elias as well.

I had found that the information shared by these sources, had began a transformation of who I believed I was and how I saw myself and the world around me. As I began reading the transcripts of the material that was shared from Kris, I noticed a continuation and in many instances, an expansion, of the themes that I had become familiar with through these earlier sources of information I was associated with.

At one point I was asked by my roommate, who was also a good friend and a spiritual seeker for many years as well, how I saw the information that Kris was sharing, what seemed to be the goal that Kris was moving toward. I answered that I recalled that one of the other sources had said that the information shared was meant to make the transition that we were all experiencing on the planet, less likely to bring us struggle and stress, and that the other major source seemed to be focused on how to make our physical existence as nice as we could.

I said the difference in what Kris had begun to share, was that even though at the heart of things we were all soul and eternal in nature, still we had to experience, within physical reality, lives that many times were largely filled with struggle and strife and unpleasant emotions and thoughts, including the trauma of old age, disease and death. That these three, and in particular old age and death, were experienced by all, regardless of how full of material things our life had become, and the struggle inherent in them was foreign to the soul, which by nature was eternal. I said that the information Kris was now sharing, was about how to once again become aware of ourselves as the actual ‘us’, the soul, and as part of that, leave the dream experience that we term physical reality, behind us.

That question was asked about five years ago. Since then, the material that Kris has shared has been of a very deep, diverse and far reaching quality. It has brought large changes to my life, and has provided me with an actual experience of how the world around a person shifts and changes, as these deep movements become part of the experience of self.

I would heartily recommend to any individual that has an interest in deep spiritual and self understanding, to avail themselves to the information and wisdom that Kris contains and shares so compassionately with all he comes into contact with.

Chuck Crom

At one time, finding myself seeking answers to such questions as to the meaning of life, God and where I might fit in, and for solutions to life’s daily struggles and details, I consider myself very fortunate to have discovered authentic, sincere and meaningful information on these subjects offered by Kris, who communicates with us through Serge in this unique and wonderful way.

As everybody’s “well wisher” Kris’ pragmatic approach has taken us on an ever deepening journey over the years, of self exploration towards our Higher and Divine selves and beyond, through such things as adventures in consciousness and spirituality; engaging and creative workshops as well as having the opportunity to gain further personal clarification through private sessions.

To assist us in exploring these rich and diverse concepts and paradigms Kris utilises powerful meditations alongside other tools; captivating and enjoyable storytelling is offered; the dream self and different states are explored and techniques practiced to our advantage; aspect psychology and it’s beneficial therapy made available to us to take advantage of and we gain some clarification on the subject of ancient wisdom, to name but a few of the journeys!

As changes to the self and our experiences often result, the ride is not always the most comfortable as we encounter our own resistance, but making use of these resources available to us and with the association and support of the others in the sessions Kris’ heartfelt and intelligent contribution can have life changing and definitely life enhancing repercussions!

Nora Cowherd

I had my first amazing session with Kris in 2006. It was very powerful! Now, twelve years later, his congenial and familiar greeting and consideration for me as I joined in the International Sessions, has been nothing but astonishing.

The wealth of information presented by Kris deeply moves and touches all who experience his energy and presence. The material he shares is imbued with such clarity and grace that it expands our ability to conceptualize the actual nature of our reality, its creation and our beingness to the utter depths of our ability to perceive and comprehend. Kris gently but so fervently nudges our imaginations into those inexplicable concepts and feelings that we as yet, have no words to describe.

The depth of our connection and the import of the information Kris shares is unrivaled in metaphysical and reality creation circles. Of all the essences that speak, well, other than Seth, who I deem to be an equal to Kris, Kris far surpasses all the current ‘speakers’ hands down, in content, and presentation. I am unable to express how much of an affinity and familiarity I feel with him. What a wonderful gift to speak for him!

Thank you so much, Serge for sharing your incredible journey and for sharing Kris with the world!

Kathleen Garvey

Okay, about Kris and Serge. Where to start?

I have been listening to Kris for almost ten years now (2004-2014). When I say ‘listening to’ I really mean conversing with. It’s my experience that even if we don’t say a word outwardly, we are each in deep, personal conversation with Kris whenever we attend a session, or even hear or read one. It’s clear that this engagement is multidimensional and straddles space, time, and even belief systems!

Kris has taught me that our job is to innocently desire it, passionately imagine it, and bravely take the first few steps towards it… and then allow the Universe to joyfully kick in and join us in this eternal dance of creation.

Kris has offered literally dozens of powerful spiritual tools and techniques over the years and I have benefited personally from many of them. Simple, startling little techniques that transform consciousness, perception, and then of course, our experience of reality.

He has given almost as many meditations in that time – guided visualizations – or as we call them, Adventures In Practice. Typically people remember about half of these amazing hypnotic inductions. (Perhaps because they take us way beyond our usual way of thinking about Who We Are and how the Universe works… and when our little brains get stretched that much it can make us sleepy!)

But seriously, the knowledge I have gained listening to Kris is frankly almost unbelievable. He has given me – and all of us – insights into ourselves and the nature of the Universe that consistently blow my mind, in the best possible way.

In the past I have listened to lots of different channelled sources and philosophers and philosophies and Kris outshines them all by a long shot. This sounds like hyperbole I know, but it’s just the plain truth from my perspective. You be the judge.

Of course I can’t give Kris, or anyone other than mySelf, credit for the transformations in my consciousness that have occurred. Kris is always keen to remind us that however enlightening the information we may offer ourselves, we have to personally take action and do the work. Nobody can do this for us.

For me Kris has always been a very personable entity and the experience of listening and conversing with him never fails to broaden my horizons and lift my spirits. Whether being cosmic or comic, he (she, they) always has a twinkle in his eye and half a smile on his lips.

Half the reason for this is Serge himself, who is a very charming and dynamic personality in his own right. In summary, my friendship with Serge and Kris has changed my life in a myriad of multidimensional ways.

John Hawkins